The collection consists of a total of 84 pamphlets and typescript lists, dated 1917-1972, from the Arkansas Department of Education. The pamphlets are publications of the department which address school laws and regulations, certification of school personnel, and courses of study.  The type- scripts are lists of state high school ratings for 1917-1925.

The government of Arkansas first became involved in education in 1829 when the Territorial Legislature passed a law requiring county judges to appoint an education trustee in each township.  The counties maintained supervision until a trend toward centralization began in 1851.  After the Civil War the need for state support of education was recognized and the first millage tax was passed by the Legislature.  In 1867 a state superintendent of public instruction was appointed and the following year (1868) the State Board of Education was created.  The latter was to have general control of all educational affairs.  The board went through many changes during the ensuing years in its effort to reorganize education in Arkansas and create a stable financial base.  By 1928 the State Department of Education had joined forces with the board and together they established the present structure of education in the state.

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Box 1

File 1 – Arkansas Educational Directory – 1935-1942

File 2 – Arkansas Educational Directory – 1942-1956

File 3 – Course of Study for Elementary Grades – 1930

File 4 – Course of Study for High Schools – 1920

File 5 – Issue and Reissue of State and County Teachers’ Certificates, 1929 and 1932

File 6 – List of Accredited High Schools – 1927-1933

File 7 – List of Accredited High Schools – 1933-1940

File 8 – List of Accredited High Schools – 1940-1946

File 9 – List of Accredited High Schools – 1946-1951

End of Box 1



Box 2

File 1 – List of Accredited High Schools – 1951-1957

File 2 – Policies, Regulations, and Criteria for Accrediting Secondary Schools – 1947

File 3 – Ratings of High Schools – 1917-1920

File 4 – Ratings of High Schools – 1920-1923

File 5 – Ratings of High Schools – 1923-1925

File 6 – Regulations Governing Certification of Teachers, Administrators and Supervisors 1934-1972

File 7 – School Laws of Arkansas, 1947

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