The Larkin Wright Family Papers consist of personal correspondence between Wright family members and friends and business papers.  Originally from Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Larkin Wright moved most of his family to Rosebud, Arkansas, in White County, about the time of the Civil War.  His son C. P. Wright stayed behind in Pittsylvania County.  Though Larkin Wright probably made his living as a farmer, he also had an interest in prospecting minerals.

The papers suggest that Martha Wright Brewer and James Robert Wright were the children of Larkin Wright and much of the correspondence centers on these two siblings.  The papers provide an interesting look at student life at Quitman College, a Baptist institution at Quitman, Cleburne County.

NOTE: When requesting materials, please specify collection number [M89-14] and file number.

Arrangement:  This collection is arranged chronologically in three file folders.

Tracings:  Civil War; Cities & Towns – Quitman; Colleges & Universities – Quitman College; Counties – White County; Counties – Cleburne County; Mines & Mining; Persons Mentioned in Larkin Wright Family Papers; Larking Wright – Patriarch of Wright family. Rosebud, White County, Arkansas; C. P. Wright – Son of Larkin Wright Pittsylvania County, Virginia; Martha Wright Brewer – Daughter of Larkin Wright, sister of James Robert Wright. Shiloh, Cleburne County, Arkansas; James Robert Wright –    Son of Larkin Wright, brother of Martha Wright Brewer. Eglantine, Van Buren County, Arkansas; W. T. Bromley – Cousin of Martha and James Wright Quitman, Arkansas; Tom Brewer – Son of Martha Wright Brewer; Nancy L. Bromley – Sister of Mrs. K. L. Brewer; Mrs. K. L. Brewer –       possibly Martha Wright Brewer


Box 1  

File 1 – Correspondence, 1861-1871

File 2 – Correspondence, 1872-1883

File 3 – Correspondence, 1891-1893

File 4 – Correspondence, 1894-1899 & undated

File 5 – Correspondence, 1900-1937

File 6 – Records and Documents, 1817-1837

File 7 – Legal Records and Documents, 1843-1877

File 8 – Canceled Checks, Interest Coupon of J.R. Wright – 1918, 1921, 1926

File 9 – Photos –

Env. 1 – (1) 3.5”x5.5” sepia photo – WWI Soldier in U.S. Uniform – c.1918

Env. 2 – (1) 3.25”x5.5” black/white photo – Belgium city leveled by German Bombardment c. WWI, 1918?

End of Box 1

End of Collection