This collection consists of The Letter newsletters and The Cross and The Flag magazines published by Gerald L. K. Smith of Eureka Springs (Carroll County).  Born the son of a farmer of February 27, 1898 in Pardeville, Wisconsin, Mr. Smith became a minister in the Christian Church (later the Disciples of Christ).  He married Elna Sorenson on June 22, 1922.  Moving to Shreveport, Louisiana in 1929 to pastor the King’s Highway church, Reverend Smith became the organizer of U.S. senator Huey P. Long’s “Share the Wealth Society”.  He began publishing a monthly magazine, The Cross and the Flag, in 1942 and a weekly newsletter entitled the The Letter.  Not until reaching age 66 did he move to Eureka Springs in 1964.  He built a seven-story Christ of the Ozark’s statue, a four hundred foot long street of old Jerusalem for his famous Passion Play, the Christ Only Art Gallery, and the Bible museum.  Reverend Gerald L. K. Smith was noted a political organizer, a brilliant, orator in the 1930’s, a traveling speaker again communism in the 1940’s, and a visceral anti-Semite.  He died in April 15, 1976.

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Arrangement:  This collection is arranged chronologically, newsletters first, followed by magazines.

Tracings:  Smith, Gerald L. K.; Cities and Towns – Eureka Springs; The Letter; The Cross and the Flag; Politics – National; Religion – Christian Nation; Periodicals and Editors; Anti-Semitism


Box 1

File 1 – Newsletters, Jan-Sept. 1973

File 2 – Newsletters, Oct.-Dec. 1973

File 3 – Newsletters, Jan.-Mar. 1974

File 4 – Newsletters, Apr.-May 1974

File 5 – Newsletters, June 1974 – Feb. 1975

File 6 – The Cross and Flag Magazines, July-Dec. 1972

File 7 – The Cross and Flag Magazines, Jan.-Dec. 1973

File 8 – The Cross and Flag Magazines, Jan.-Dec 1974

File 9 – The Cross and Flag Magazines, Jan.-Dec 1975

File 10- The Cross and Flag Magazines, Jan.-Aug. 1976

File 11- General Materials, 1973 – Undated

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