The records of the Arkansas Conservation Coalition (ACC) consist of its bylaws and minutes, correspondence with concerned citizens and files on certain issues that the ACC had involved itself.  These issues included various environmental concerns such as the Ouachita National Forest Plan, Lee Creek development, and the Pindall Landfill, as well as topics like city planning, hazardous and low-level radio- active waste, and wetlands preservation.

The ACC was formed in 1981 to “protect and conserve the natural and scenic qualities of our environment.”  Membership includes such organizations as the Arkansas Audubon Society, Arkansas Wildlife Federation and the League of Women Voters.  The administration of the ACC is directed by a Planning Committee consisting of five members.  These members are representatives of individual organizations within the ACC and serve for one year on a rotating basis.  The Planning Committee is responsible for setting up meetings and preparing the agendas.  In addition, the committee recommends a Coordinator for a six month term and is the spokesperson for the ACC.  The ACC is still an active organization (as of April 1989).

NOTE:  When requesting materials please specify collection number [M89‑4], series number, box and file number when available.

Arrangement:  The collection is filed with the organizational records first, followed by files pertaining to specific issues.

Tracings:  Arkansas Conservation Coalition; Arkansas Wildlife Federation; City Planning; Conservation; Ecology; Environment; Forests; Geology; Hazardous Waste; Illinois Bayou; Land Use; Natural Resources; Ouachita National Forest; State Parks; Waterways; Wildlife


Box 1

File 1 – Arkansas Conservation Coalition’s (ACC) Bylaws Major accomplishments 1981-1983, Membership lists and Petitions to join ACC

File 2 – ACC Minutes, June 1, 1981 to June 7, 1982

File 3 – ACC Minutes, August 31, 1982 to May 12, 1986

File 4 – ACC Minutes, June 9, 1986 to February 1, 1988

File 5 – Statements of Financial

File 6 – Gulf Oil Conservation Award; notification, articles and related correspondence

File 7 – Correspondence related to the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission and the appointment a member from the ACC

File 8 – Bylaws of the Natural and Cultural Resources Council and related correspondence and articles.

File 9 – Draft:  Arkansas Statewide Recreational Trails Plan and related correspondence

File 10- City Planning:  Little Rock’s Proposed Excavation Ordinance and related articles and correspondence

File 11- Crater of Diamonds State Park:  Commercial Mining Proposal; Parks and Tourism Objectives Concerning the Task Force, and related articles and correspondence

File 12- ENSCO of El Dorado:  articles pertaining to the proposed increase of PCB incineration by ENSCO

File 13- Hazardous Wastes:  Correspondence and articles on Superfund program, Diozin, and PCB

File 14- Illinois Bayou:  Correspondence and articles on Damming the North Fork of the Illinois Bayou by the Tri-County Regional Water Distribution District; Draft of resolution by Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission Regarding the Tri-County Water Supply Report.

File 15- Illinois Bayou:  Tri-County Regional Water Distribution District’s Water Supply Report

File 16- Lee Creek:  Correspondence and articles dealing with the proposed damming of Lee Creek

File 17- Ozark, St. Francis and Ouachita National Forests Land and Resources Management Plans: Correspondence

File 18- Appeal of Ouachita National Forest Plan: Correspondence

File 19- Ouachita Appeal:  Communication to Lisa Hlass of ACC. Includes correspondence and articles from concerned parties against the Ouachita N.F. Plan

File 20- Ouachita Appeal:  Notice, Statement, and Reason for appeal – copy of original document submitted into court

File 21- Ouachita Appeal:  Articles

File 22- Pindall Landfill:  Correspondence

File 23- Pindall Landfill:  Articles

File 24- Low-level Radioactive Waste Plan:  Correspondence and articles

File 25- Scenic Rivers:  Correspondences on the Wild and Scenic River Study by the Natural and Scenic Rivers Commission

File 26- Wapanocca Wildlife Refuge Management Plan: Correspondence and Information.

File 27- Wetlands:  Correspondence and articles on proposed marina on Rosenbaum Lake and dredging of Faulkner Lake

File 28- White River Navigation Project:  Correspondence

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