The Arkansas Vista Materials consist of letters, research notes, photographs, and other information which Marvin Schwartz used to research, write, and publish his book entitled In Service to America: A History of VISTA in Arkansas, 1965-1985.

The research material contains notes, published accounts, and personal insights of the VISTA program, its numerous activities in towns and counties across the state of Arkansas, and the activities of the VISTA volunteers.  The publishing information covers the grants application that were both submitted and accepted to finance his research and publication costs, correspondences between Schwartz and the University of Arkansas Press, and other general information.


The collection is divided into three series:

Series I – Research Materials (Notes on individuals and agencies active in VISTA in Arkansas, Materials on Texarkana, Pulaski County, and Eastern Arkansas; Federal, State, and Local Documents and Oral Histories)

Series II – Book Publishing Data (Book description and progress reports, AEH Grant Application and Letters, and general publishing data)

Series III – Photographs – Negatives and Photographs



Series I – Research Materials

Box 1

File 1 – Notes for complete chapters, index of notes for file 1 thru file 8

File 2 – Notes for completed chapters

File 3 – Notes for completed chapters

File 4 – Notes for completed chapters

File 5 – Notes for completed chapters

File 6 – Notes for completed chapters

File 7 – Notes for completed chapters

File 8 – Notes for completed chapters

File 9 – Texarkana VISTA Project

File 10- Notes on Texarkana and VISTA volunteers

File 11- Newspaper Articles ‑ VISTA in Texarkana

File 12- Texarkana:  Committee for Representative Government

File 13- Texarkana:  Model Cities

File 14- Southwest Arkansas Development Council (SWADC)

File 15- Pulaski County:  Design Cooperative of Arkansas

File 16- VISTA in Eastern Arkansas:  Newspaper Articles

File 17- Mississippi County’s United People’s Coop, FBI Reports, Respect, Inc., and Committee on Police Relations, Wynne, Ark

File 18- Original Art:  Black and White’s Opportunities, 1954-1974 and “Militant” by Don Meyer

File 19- Federal Publication:  Committee on Labor and Public Welfare

End of Box 1



Series I – Research Materials

Box 2

File 1 – VISTA Volunteer Handbook and pamphlets


File 3 – Arkansas:  State of Transition

File 4 – Poverty Reports on Arkansas

File 5 – Magazines on Poverty

File 6 – Cassette tape:  Richard J. First

File 7 – Cassette tape:  Ollie Neal

File 8 – Cassette tape:  Floyd Sexton

File 9 – Cassette tape:  Bruce Neft and Texarkana, Arkansas 1969-1970

End of Box 2

End of Series I



Series II – Book Publishing Data

Box 1

File 1 – Manuscript description, progress reports, volunteer questionnaire, and general letters

File 2 – Grant Application to Ark. Endowment for Humanities, Sponsor and grant information, and related letters

File 3 – Mini-Grant Application to A.E.H., Project Status Report, Final Evaluation Report, and related letters.

File 4 – Publishing information and correspondence, with University of Arkansas Fayetteville Press, and related letters

End of Box 1

End of Series II



Series III – Photographs

Box 1

File 1 – Photographs of Individuals associated with Vista, (A-F)

Env 1 – Steve Anderson

Env 2 – Jerry Cronin

Env 3 – Rex and Neva Erickson

Env 4 – Christel Brellochs

Env 5 – Joe Bruch

Env 6 – Earl and Cheri Anthes

Env 7 – Joan Baez’s letter to Governor Bumpers

Env 8 – Willie B. Berry and Bruce Neft

Env 9 – Dr. Dan Blumenthal making house calls

Env 10- Tony Bozynski

Env 11- Roselyn Carter and Rex Erickson?

Env 12- Goforth Coleman

Env 13- Jerry Cronin and Jesse Ware

Env 14- Beverly Feinstein?

Env 15- Mrs. “Willie” Ferguson

Env 16- Corrinne Cass

Env 17- Joe Edelman and Mrs. Gothard

Env 18- Carol Brage and the Phillip’s Family

Env 19- Carol Brage and Sherry Prozzo

File 2 – Individuals associated with VISTA, (G-P)

Env 1 – Loren Ivener

Env 2 – Katherine Knight (no negatives)

Env 3 – John Lewis at a birthday party

Env 4 – Freeman McKindra

Env 5 – Estella Morris

Env 6 – Ollie Neal

Env 7 – Bobby Morgan

Env 8 – Mrs. Zelma Miller

Env 9 – Michael McCarthy

Env 10- James R. Palenscar (#1)

Env 11- James R. Palenscar (#2)

File 3 – Individuals associated with VISTA, (P-Z)

Env 1 – Linda Patrick and Mary Potter

Env 2 – Bill Peters

Env 3 – Sherry Prozzo (see also Carol Brage)

Env 4 – Joan Smith (#1)

Env 5 – Joan Smith (#2)

Env 6 – Jim Ranchino

Env 7 – Gene Richards

Env 8 – Joann Rose

Env 9 – Sandy Smegelsky

Env 10- Bob Torvestad

Env 11- Joann Utterback and David Stephens

Env 12- Joan and Tom Utterback

Env 13- Lou Vitale

Env 14- Mike Watts

Env 15- Frances Wood

File 4 – Photographs regarding VISTA operations in Lee, Mississippi and Pulaski counties; also group photographs of VISTA volunteers

Env 1 – Lee County Co-operative Clinic

Env 2 – Lee County Clinic Recruiting Poster

Env 3 – Lee County: Medical Clinic (original building and new facility)

Env 4 – Newspaper article (features: Charles Imhof, Dorrie Lynch, Eugene Richard, and Earl Anthes, plus poverty scenes

Env 5 – Design cooperative of Arkansas: Volunteers

Env 6 – Burdette Youth Recreation Program

Env 7 – Blytheville Church and Youth Organization

Env 8 – Birdsongs, Oct. 1968

Env 9 – Texarkana Volunteers (Bruce & Gail Neft, Tom & Joann Utterback, John & Carol Hoerster, David Jewett, Jack Fleck, and Vera MacAlister), Sept. 1970

Env 10- Pulaski county home (before and after)

Env 11- Mississippi County: Number nine center

Env 12- Group photo: (Vista) Dave Jewitt, Gail & Bruce Neft, Tom & Joann Utterback, John Hoerster, Carol Hoerster (Model Cities) Ben Mosely (Welfare Worker) Sharon White

Env 13- Vista staff member (Alice F. White) delivering food to the needy or elderly 1972

Env 14- Vista staff member (Alice F. White) delivering food to the needy or elderly 1972

Env 15- Respect, Inc. (Charles Imhof, Dorothea Lynch, and Gene Richards)

Env 16- Vista workers meet the Press

Env 17- Vista architects (Kozinsky, Gullaksen, and Peters)

File 5 – Photographs regarding Sweet Home and Texarkana, Poverty Scenes and general photos

Env 1 – Southern Texarkana Family assisted by Vista

Env 2 – Texarkana model cities sign

Env 3 – Sweet Home Community Center (negatives)

Env 4 – Texarkana City: general photos

Env 5 – Booklet cover: United People’s Cooperative

Env 6 – United People’s Cooperative annual report   1970

Env 7 – Building: Hall Engineering Company

Env 8 – “Court For Colored” sign

Env 9 – unidentified homes

Env 10- grave marker

Env 11- Scenes of poverty and blacks / African Americans

Env 12- Photo of two Vista workers (Charles and unidentified lady)

Env 13- Vista recruiting poster

Env 14- Poverty and blacks / African Americans

Env 15- Poverty, photo by Gene Richard Schwartz Vista, pg. 212

Env 16- Two unidentified black women

Env 17- unidentified negatives

End of Box 2

End of Collection