W.H. Newton of Palmyra (Lincoln County) was elected Owen Township Justice of the Peace for years 1892-1894 and 1896-1898.  From 1908-1910, Newton served as County Assessor.  His papers consist mostly of titles and abstracts for land he purchased in 1893 from a farmer, Thomas James Irwin. In addition, there are correspondence between W.H. Newton and his cousin, Representative Calvin A. Newton, W.H. Newton’s commissions to serve as an elected official, and tax receipts for several years after 1900.

This collection is arranged chronologically from 1862 to 1914.

Tracings:  Lincoln County, Politics and Government, Thomas James Irvin, W.H. Newton


Box 1

File 1 – “Titles to Land Belonging to Thomas James Irvin, 1862-1864.”

File 2 – “Abstract of Title for Thomas James Irvin, 1893.”

File 3 – “Deeds of Trust and Loan Papers for Thomas James Irvin, 1893.”

File 4 – “Warrenty Deeds of W.H. Newton, 1893-94.”

File 5 – “Commissions of W.H. Newton’s Two Appointments to Justice of the Peace (1892 and 1896) and County Assessor (1908).”

File 6 – “Correspondence Between W.H. and Arkansas Representative Calvin A. Newton, William F. Kirby and Z. Stone, 1907.”

File 7 – “Tax Receipts for 1901, 1904, 1906, 1908, 1910, 1911, 1913, and 1914; Stock Certificate for One Share of Southern Investment and Co.”

End of Box 1

End of Collection