Per the Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry at UCA’s website the group is “… a mission of the United Methodist Church on the University of Central Arkansas campus in Conway, Arkansas. We provide ministry opportunities that seek to provide the student, faculty, and administrator a means to enhance their knowledge of the committed Christian life.  As we are reflections of our risen Savior Jesus Christ, our purpose is to: Cultivate Christian leaders committed to proclaiming the gospel message throughout the world, discipleship as a way of life, and excellence in all endeavors.”


Box 1

Item 1 – Photo Album

–  5×7” b/w photo of the new Wesley Foundation Student Center at Bruce and Western Ave. on Arkansas State Teachers College Campus, Conway, Arkansas with

– 1961-1962 newspaper articles

– color photos from 1992-93 activities sponsored by Wesley Foundation.

Item 2 – Photo Album

-400 color photos (most sized 4×6” – 60 are identified and dated)

Item 3 – Photo Album

– 510 color photos – unidentified

Item 4 – Photo Album

– 358 color photos – unidentified


* There are extra photo pages for future additions

End of Box 1