This collection contains interviews done by students of an American Nations II class in Spring 2010 taught by Dr. Lorien Foote.  The interviewees are people that lived through the Vietnam War Era.

Arrangement:  The collection is arranged alphabetically according to interviewee’s last name.


Box 1

File 1 –

Interviewee:  Adams, Scott

Interviewer:  Kate Adams


File 2 –

Interviewee:  Altes, Ricky

Interviewer:  Kaitlin Fitzpatrick


File 3 –

Interviewee:  Baker, Don

Interviewer:  Amy Baker


File 4 –

Interviewee:  Berry, John

Interviewer:  Steven Davis


File 5 –

Interviewee: Bradford, Dan

Interviewer:  Abby McAdams


File 6 –

Interviewee:  Brashears, Dr. Don E.

Interviewer:  Chelsea Brashears


File 7 –

Interviewee:  Brooks, Dr. Ricky

Interviewer:  Stefany Moss


File 8 –

Interviewee:  Brooks, Sandra Joyce

Interviewer:  Brach Williams


File 9 –

Interviewee:  Bryant, Jimmy

Interviewer:  Ranee’ Davis


File 10 –

Interviewee:  Butler, Vickie

Interviewer:  Chelsea Bollinger


File 11 –

Interviewee:  Carpenter, Michelle

Interviewer:  Jace Stephens


File 12 –

Interviewee:  Casteel, Pam

Interviewer:  Brittany Beltrani


File 13 –

Interviewee:  Cooper, Norvel

Interviewer:  Ashley Ladd


File 14 –

Interviewee:  Cross, Kenneth

Interviewer:  Kelly Cross


File 15 –

Interviewee:  Cullins, Judy

Interviewer:  Brooke Honea


File 16 –

Interviewee:  Davis, Danny

Interviewer:  Meagan Davis


File 17 –

Interviewee:  Dean, Louise

Interviewer:  Kristopher Little


File 18 –

Interviewee:  Dodson, Patricia

Interviewer:  Melissa Rainbolt


File 19 –

Interviewee:  Ellis, Linda Kay

Interviewer:  Jonathan Wright


File 20 –

Interviewee:  Flucas, Monroe Jr.

Interviewer:  Sia Peterson


File 21 –

Interviewee:  Fulgham, Mary Jo

Interviewer:  Kristin Ellis


File 22 –

Interviewee:  Gatrell, Larry

Interviewer:  Katie Gatrell


File 23 –

Interviewee:  Gill, Alison

Interviewer:  Bryce Gill


File 24 –

Interviewee:  Hammond, Tyrone

Interviewer:  Briana Hammond


File 25 –

Interviewee:  Hartz, Francis Lee

Interviewer:  Stephen Clem


File 26 –

Interviewee:  Hensley, Larry

Interviewer:  Jenn Hynum


File 27 –

Interviewee:  Hobbs, Wayne

Interviewer:  Jason Riley


File 28 –

Interviewee:  Howard, Richard

Interviewer:  Amber Wood


File 29 –

Interviewee:  Irico, Carl Michael

Interviewer: Mark Irico


File 30 –

Interviewee:  Jackson, Melvin

Interviewer:  Bob Hay


File 31 –

Interviewee:  Jacobs, Patsy

Interviewer:  Katie Wood


File 32 –

Interviewee:  Jeffus, Roy

Interviewer:  Ellen Jeffus


File 33–

Interviewee:  Jenkins, Larry

Interviewer:  Cassie Jenkins-Porterfield


File 34 –

Interviewee:  Keel, Ann

Interviewer:  Marissa Kerr


File 35 –

Interviewee:  Lambert, Frank

Interviewer:  James Gibson


File 36 –

Interviewee: LaRocca, Marc

Interviewer:  Lauren Messer


File 37 –

Interviewee:  Lewis, Thomas

Interviewer:  Kerry Lewis


File 38 –

Interviewee:  Lucas, James Daniel

Interviewer:  Hannah Dollar


File 39 –

Interviewee:  Matthews, Eugene

Interviewer:  B.J. Matthews


File 40 –

Interviewee:  Metzer, Teddi

Interviewer:  Carma Corzine


File 41 –

Interviewee:  Norris, Ed

Interviewer:  Heather Wright


File 42 –

Interviewee:  P., Tim (illegible)

Interviewer:  Dustin Hom


File 43 –

Interviewee:  Parker, Rebecca

Interviewer:  Lindsey Parker


File 44 –

Interviewee:  Pettit, Carl

Interviewer:  Sam Pettit


File 45 –

Interviewee:  Pierce, Tony

Interviewer:  Keiley Pierce


File 46 –

Interviewee:  Rawos, Vicky

Interviewer:  Kordevis Davis


File 47 –

Interviewee:  Roberson, Judith

Interviewer:  Jake Bunch


File 48 –

Interviewee:  Roger, Henry Nelson III

Interviewer: Angela Barnum


File 49 –

Interviewee:  Smiley, Margaret Jean

Interviewer:  Kayla Berry


File 50 –

Interviewee:  Taylor, Sandra

Interviewer:  Lauren Potts


File 51 –

Interviewee:  Turnbull, Opal Bernice

Interviewer:  Cassie Leford


File 52 –

Interviewee:  Whitledge, Helen

Interviewer:  Micah Whitledge


File 53 –

Interviewee:  Williams, Ocie

Interviewer:  Jasmine Shantrice Haggins


File 54 –

Interviewee:  Young, Clarence

Interviewer:  Kearia Mack


End of Box 1

End of Collection