Series I

Box 1

File 1 -Amount of Additional Public Funds Required to Raise the Average Arkansas Teachers’ Salary to the Average Salary in the Six Surrounding States for the 1971-73 Biennium -1971

File 2 -Providing free tuition for Veterans at State-Supported Institutions of Higher Learning -1971

File 3 -Arkansas State Hospital, Little Rock and Benton Units, Staff and Workload Statistics. -November 29, 1971

File 4 -Cash Funds of the Various State Agencies. -November 29, 1971

File 5 -Investment of Idle Cash Funds by Various Cities, Counties, and School Districts of Arkansas. -November 29, 1971

File 6 -Fee System as a Means for Compensating Public in Arkansas. -1971

File 7 -Attorneys employed by State Offices, Departments, Institutions and Agencies on a full time or part time basis during the 1969-71 Biennium. -November 23, 1971

File 8 -Tax Sheltered Annuities. -November 23, 1971

File 9 -Method of Naming the Director of Employment Security in Various States -1971

File 10 -Expenditures of Various School Districts Per Child in Average Daily Attendance. -January 10, 1972

File 11 -Emergency Transportation Services- June 13, 1972

File 12 -Insurance for Public School Students Participating in School Athletic Programs: A Summary of State Practices -June 13, 1972

File 13 -Review of Impact on Assessment Laws and Procedures in Arkansas of the Recent Federal Court  Decision in Alabama Declaring the Administration of the Property Tax in said state to be in Violation of the due process and equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution -June 14, 1972

File 14 -Investigation of Studies of State Agencies Over Past Five Years (Proposal 56 by Senator Virgil Fletcher -July 13, 1972

File 15 -Comparison of Salaries and other Allowances and Benefits for Members of the State Police Agencies of the Various States -July 13, 1972

File 16 -Data on Workmen’s Compensation Claim of State Employees as requested by proposal no. 75 by Senator Gathright -July 13, 1972

File 17 -Comparison of Hourly Wage Currently Being Paid to State Highway Department Hourly Wage Employees to Authorized as Requested by Proposal No. 88 by Representative James E. Harris -August 16, 1972

File 18 -Efforts of the Various States and Provinces of Canada with Respect to State Control and Operation of Pari-Mutuel Race Tracks -August 16, 1972

File 19- Homestead Exemption Laws of Various States. -August 16, 1972

File 20-A State Program of Occupational Safety and Health Under the Guidelines of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act. -September 1972

File 21- Comparison of State Legislation Regulating private employment agencies, as Requested by Proposal No. 96 by Senator Robert Harvey -September 15, 1972

File 22 -Legislative Compensation -September 13, 1972

File 23 -Cost of Construction and Operation of a State Veteran’s Home -September 18, 1972

File 24 -Feasibility of Maintaining Arkansas Highways by contracting Maintenance Jobs to Private Firms -October 4, 1972

File 25 -Law in Arkansas and other Sates Regarding the adequacy of notice required to be given to the public of rate filings or proposed increases in Motor Vehicle Insurance -October 4, 1972

File 26 -Notice of Grounds of Cancellation of Motor Vehicle Insurance -October 9, 1972

File 27 -Comparison of Arkansas and Federal Income Tax Laws – October 9, 1972

File 28 -The Extent to Which Physicians and Other Medical Providers in the State are Participating in the XIX Medicaid Program -October 10, 1972

File 29 -Recycling Waste Paper in Arkansas and other States -October 25, 1972

File 30 -Fees Charged in Arkansas and Other States for Use of State Parks, Camping and Other Facilities -October 25, 1972

File 31 -Advertising Expenditures by Public Utilities -November 1, 1972

File 32 -Consumer Representative on Occupational and Professional Licensing Boards -November 6, 1972

File 33 -Regulation of Flammable Clothing -November 27, 1972

File 34 -Study of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas board and its effect on the liquefied petroleum industry -November 28, 1972

File 35 -Bill Introduction Deadlines in the Legislatures of Illinois and Oklahoma -January 2, 1973

File 36 -Photographic Drivers Licensing Systems in the Various States -January 12, 1973

File 37 -Community Junior Colleges: State Board of Higher Education. -August 3, 1973

File 38 -Community Junior Colleges: with Correction -1973

File 39 -Juvenile Corrections: Group Home Concept -August 27, 1973

File 40 -Establishment of an Arkansas Federal Legislative Office in Washington D.C. -September 13, 1973

File 41 -Educational Requirements for Law Officers in Arkansas and Other States. -September 20, 1973

File 42 -Inheritance Rights of Illegitimates. -October 4, 1973

File 43 -Unsolicited Sales or Advertising Made by Telephone -October 11, 1973

File 44 -Metropolitan Police and Law Enforcement Systems -October 9, 1973

File 45-Testing, Educational Requirements and Evaluation of Law Enforcement Officers -October 24, 1973

File 46 -Medicaid for the Medically Needy -October 26, 1973

File 47 -Budget Procedures -November 2, 1973

File 48 -Feasibility of Constructing a State Office Building in Fort Smith. -November 5, 1973

File 49 -Workmen’s Compensation for Public School Employees -December 4, 1974

File 50 -Uniform Classification and Compensation Plan as it Relates to the Workmen’s Commission -December 4, 1973

File 51 -Feasibility of the State of Arkansas Using Recycled Paper -December 7, 1973

File 52 -SREB Veterinary Aid -December 6, 1973

File 53 -A Case Study of the Five Governmental Agencies Prepared by the Arkansas Legislative Council Research Department -December 27, 1973

File 54 -The Feasibility and Cost of the State Providing Hearing Aids to Welfare Patients -January 30, 1976

File 55 -A Study of Early Childhood Programs and Services in the State and of the Need for New and/or Expanded Programs and Services for Pre-School Children-February 1, 1976

File 56 -The Feasibility Combining the Little Rock and Benton Units of the State Hospital at Benton and Establish a Dental School to be housed at the Present Facilities of the Little Rock Unit of the State Hospital -March 1, 1976

File 57 -Funding Resources for Community Mental Health Centers – March 5, 1976

File 58 -Test for Venereal Disease at the Time of a Pap smear is taken. – March 5, 1976

File 59 -Arkansas Dealer Preference Law -March 23, 1976

File 60 -Laws Governing Arkansas State Police -March 31, 1976

File 61 -Sick Pay Income Tax Exemption -April 1, 1976

File 62 -Methods of Selecting County Boards of Election Officials in Arkansas and Other States -April 5, 1976

End of Box 1


Series I

Box 2

File 1-Granting Courts Authority to Make Those Convicted of Property Destruction Pay the Victim Damages in Lieu of a Fine or imprisonment -April 15, 1976

File 2 -Jury Selection. -April 19, 1976

File 3 -Feasibility of Requiring the Department of Health to comply with the Administrative Procedure Act. -April 26, 1976

File 4 -The Hot Check in Arkansas and Other States -April 28, 1976

File 5 -Constitutional Considerations for Proposed Wiretapping Legislation -May 3, 1976

File 6 -Ineligibility for Parole Persons Convicted of Aggravated Robbery -May 3, 1976

File 7 -The concept of an Out Patient Surgery Center: A Survey -May 7, 1976

File 8 -Possession of Handguns, Knives, Clubs, and Other articles Capable of Being Used as Weapons against People -May 4, 1976

File 9 -Changes in Duties of Elected Constitutional Officers -May 17, 1976

File 10 -A Study of the Border Tax Law on Motor Fuels in Arkansas -May 27, 1976

File 11 -Feasibility of a Full Time Professional Property Appraiser in each County in Arkansas – May 10, 1976

File 12 -Rabies Vaccination in Arkansas -June 9, 1976

File 13 -Collecting Small Debts -June 14, 1976

File 14 -The Administration of Paroles -July 1, 1976

File 15 -Feasibility of Enacting Laws to Prescribe Exact and Mandatory for Certain Criminal Offenses -July 1, 1976

File 16 -Employment of Graduate of Arkansas State Supported Institutions -July 9, 1976

File 17 -Arkansas Campaign Finance Laws -August 23, 1976

File 18 -Arkansas a Study of the Feasibility of Establishing a district Livestock Show at Russellville-August 2, 1976

File 19 -Printing of the Acts -August 18, 1976

File 20 -Publication of Administrative Rules and Regulations -August 27, 1976

File 21 – The Arkansas Use Take Law: Issues and Information -August 27, 1976

File 22 -Funding Emergency Medical Services -September 18, 1976

File 23 -Surety and Performance Bond Coverage for Public Employees in Arkansas -September 18, 1976

File 24 -Employment of Veterans -September 15, 1976

File 25 -The Work and Pre-Release Programs of Arkansas Department of Correction -September 23, 1976

File 26 -Rural Fire Protection in Arkansas -September 28, 1976

File 27 -Kentucky “Sunset on Forms” program -October 6, 1976

File 28 -Regulation of Grain Dealers and Grain Warehouse -October 12, 1976

File 29 -The Feasibility of Establishing a State Commission with Broad Authority to Protect the Consuming Public against Unethical Warranty Practices -October 18, 1976

File 30 -Licensure of Nurses -October 15, 1976

File 31 -Uniform Alcoholism and Intoxication Treatment Act -October 19, 1976

File 32 -Annual Renewal Fees for Licensing or Semi-Retired Plumbers -October 19, 1976

File 33 -Florida Administrative Procedure Act -October 22, 1976

File 34 -The California Mosquito Abatement Program – October 20, 1976

File 35 -Publishing of Newsletters, Weekly Reports and Similar Publications -October 22, 1976

File 36 -Advance Refunding: Issues and Information -October 15, 1976

File 37 -New Programs Initiated in the State within the Past Five Years -December 15, 1976

File 38 -Taxation of Intangibles: A Survey -December 10, 1976

End of Box 2

End of Series I


Series II

Box I

File 1 -Taxation of Service under State Sales -September 4, 1970

File 2 -Occupational and Professional Licensing Boards -October 19, 1970

File 3 -Search Warrant Law in Arkansas -October 9, 1970

File 4 -Collective Bargaining for Public Employees -October 13, 1970

File 5 -Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Coverage for Working Executives of Corporations -October 13, 1970

File 6 -Censorship or Restriction of Motion Pictures -October 15, 1970

File 7 -Income Tax Depreciation Allowances and Other Tax incentives provide Industries complying with Pollution control laws and regulations – October 16, 1970

File 8 -Workmen’s Compensation Claims: Time Lapse from Initial Hearing to Final Award-October 16, 1970

File 9 -Arkansas Tax Shelter Annuity Law -October 16, 1970

File 10 -Plumbing for Factory Built Housing -October 16, 1970

File 11 -Review of Recent Efforts in the Various States to Promote Equity in Property Taxes -December 1, 1970

File 12 -The Licensing and Regulation of Social Workers in Selected States -June 30, 1971

File 13 -Summary of Efforts of the Various States to restrict the use of Nonreturnable Containers -June 16, 1971

File 14 -Relieving the Real Property Tax Burden on the Elderly Persons with Limited Incomes -June 17, 1971

File 15-Year-Round Public Schools -August 6, 1971

File 16 -State Motor Pool -August 6, 1971

File 17 -Studies Conducted by State Agencies over the Past Ten Years -August 6, 1971

File 18 -Administration of the State Withholding Tax Suspense Account -August 6, 1971

File 19 -Pre-inaugural Staff Office and Others Allowances for Governors in Arkansas and Various States -August 6, 1971

File 20 -Coordination and Control of Higher Education in the Several States -August 5, 1971

File 21 -Summary of State Practices in Furnishing Sate-Owned Aircraft for Travel by the Governor -August 5, 1971

File 22 -Motor Vehicle Inspection Law of Arkansas and Selected in Regard to Enforcement Procedures and Safety Standards -September 27, 1971

File 23 -Laws, Regulations, and Practices in Arkansas and other states relating to the authority responsibility and liability of teachers -October 27, 1971

File 24 -Public Welfare Program in Arkansas -November 29, 1971

File 25 -Legislative Review of Administrative Rules and Regulations -November 23, 1971

File 26 -Financial Assistance to Students Attending Private Institutions of Higher Learning -January 12, 1972

File 27 -Utilization of Electronic Data Processing Systems for Legislative Services in the Various States -March 3, 1972

File 28 -Public welfare Program in Arkansas -Case Studies -March 3, 1972

File 29 -Removal of Judges in Arkansas and the Several States -March 7, 1972

File 30 -Obligation of the State to Educate Mentally Deficient Persons – March 28, 1972

File 31 -Review of Tax Appeal Procedures in Arkansas and Surrounding States -March 28, 1972

File 32 -Arkansas Law Regarding Conflicts of Interest of Public Officials -March 28, 1972

File 33 -Statistical Data for Arkansas and Surrounding States Related to Per Capita Income, Relative Tax Burden of Resident Number of State Employees, Average Salaries of State Employees, Cost of Tax Collection And etc. -March 31, 1972

File 34 -Deduction of Federal Income Tax in Commuting State Income Tax and Resulting Loss of Revenue to State -May 5, 1972

File 35 -No Fault Insurance Plans Enacted and Proposed -May 4, 1972

File 36 – Laws of the various states regarding Authority of Game Wardens to arrest persons hunting on private property without permission of the owner and regarding the authority of the States to revoke a person’s Hunting License for Such an offense -May 5, 1972

File 37 -Federal Grant information System -August 15, 1972

File 38 -Summary of efforts of Various States to restrict the use of Nonreturnable Containers -August 16, 1972

File 39 -State Police overtime compensation laws of Arkansas and other States -September 15, 1972

File 40 -Arkansas Law Relating to Kidnapping -September 22, 1972

File 41 -Procedures of Various States for Acquiring Easements for Scenic, Hiking, Historical and other recreational trails -September 22, 1972

File 42-A Study of the Laws concerning the exemption and excusing of jurors and of the laws regulating the frequency of Meeting Grand Juries in Arkansas -September 27, 1972

File 43 -The Use of a decal or other system of identification in the administration of ad valorem property tax assessment of mobile homes in Arkansas and Ten Other States -November 29, 1972

File 44 -State Legislation Affecting the education of Handicapped Children -January 8, 1973

File 45 -Community Antenna Television Systems: A Survey of CATV Systems in Arkansas and Various States -July 2, 1973

File 46 -How Other States Asses Land and Timber for Ad Valorem Tax Purposes -August 1, 1973

File 47 -Assistance to Disaster Areas -August 31, 1973

File 48-Feasibility of Licensing and Bonding Persons engaged in the Business of Buying or Selling Livestock for Resale in Arkansas -September 14, 1973

File 49 -The Bank Holding Company -A Survey -October 3, 1973

File 50 -Physician’s Assistants -October 4, 1973

File 51 -Continuing Review of Executive Expenditures by Legislative Committees -October 9, 1973

File 52 -Summary of State Little Laws Relative to Disposable Containers -October 12, 1973

File 53 -Regulating the operation of Music Festivals and other Mass gatherings; A summary of State Laws -October 11, 1973

File 54 -Fire Prevention in the State of Arkansas -October 19, 1973

File 55 -Laws and Practices Governing Filing Fees for Primary Elections in Arkansas and Surrounding States -October 18, 1973

File 56 -Laws and Practices Governing Filing fees for Primary elections in Arkansas and surrounding states -REVISED -July 30, 1974

File 57 -The Assigned Risk Pool System -December 10, 1973

File 58 -Land Use and Resource Management -January 1, 1974

File 59 -Report on the Office of Attorney General -February 14, 1974

End of Box 1


Series II

Box 2

File 1-Establishment of Bikeways in Various States and regulations pertaining to the uses of Bicycles on Public Highway Sand Streets -January 15, 1974

File 2 -Protective Legislation against Insurance Insolvencies -March 19, 1974

File 3 -Continued Feasibility Study of the State of Arkansas Implement Year-Round School Programs -March 20, 1974

File 4 -Incarceration, Custody, and Care of Persons Convicted of Serious and Dangerous Crimes -March 22, 1974

File 5 -Recycling Waste Paper -April 8, 1974

File 6 -Health Insurance Coverage for Newborn Babies -April 8, 1974

File 7 -The State Central Computer System -April 18, 1974

File 8 -The Effects of Equal Rights Amendment on Arkansas Law -July 19, 1974

File 9 -Regulation of Aircraft Insurance -August 9, 1974

File 10 -State Owned Mineral Interests -August 27, 1974

File 11 -State Owned Mineral Interests -October 2, 1974

File 12 -“Gray Market” placement of Babies for Adoption -August 29, 1974

File 13 -Medical School Admissions Policies in Arkansas and other States -September 19, 1974

File 14 -State Laws Governing Court Referral of Persons to Alcohol Treatment Programs -September 20, 1974

File 15 -Encouraging Physicians to Practice in Areas of Greatest Need. -September 23, 1974

File 16 -Comparison of Arkansas Student Loan Program with New Mexico and other States -September 20, 1974

File 17 -The Licensing and Regulating of Electronic Products Repairman in Several States -September 20, 1974

File 18 -The Impact of 2, 4-D, and similar agricultural Chemicals upon Agriculture and Forestry -September 23, 1974

File 19 -Maximum Interest Rates -October 3, 1974

File 20 -State Veteran’s Homes -October 22, 1974

File 21 -State Laws Concerning Codes of Ethics, Conflicts of Interests of Public Officials, and the Regulation of Lobbyists -October 22, 1974

File 22 -State Housing Finance Authorities: A Survey -October 25, 1974

File 23 -Control of Gregarious Birds -July 15, 1975

File 24 -Security for House and Senate Chambers in Arkansas and Other States -August 1, 1975

File 25 -Medical Malpractice: A Survey -October 15, 1975

File 26 -Abortion Laws -October 20, 1975

File 27 -Consolidation of Cities, Counties, and Towns into a Single County Government -December 16, 1975

File 28 -Acupuncture Laws in Other States -February 20, 1976

File 29 -Allowing the Elderly to Use State Parks at Reduced Rates -February 24, 1976

File 30 -The Influence of Interest Rate s on the Availability of Funds for Financing the Purchase of Homes, Mobile Homes, and Motor Vehicles -May 26, 1976

File 31 -Medical School Admissions Policies in Arkansas and Other States -July 16, 1976

File 32 -Regulating the Sale, Leasing and Servicing of Portable Fire Extinguishers -July 2, 1976

File 33 -Review of Land Title Legislation -July 1, 1976

File 34 -Minimum Standards for Admissions to State-Supported Institutions of Learning in Arkansas and other States -July 14, 1976

File 35 -Juvenile Services for Troubled Youth in Arkansas and other States – August 6, 1976

File 36 -Electronic Funds Transfer Systems: A Survey -August 9, 1976

File 37 -Registration and regulation of persons engaged in Lobbying activities before the general assembly -August 16, 1977

File 38 -State Income Taxation of Private and Public Retirement Annuities -October 12, 1977

End of Box 2

End of Series -End of Collection