Box 1

File 1 – Obituary and photocopy of a photograph of Lillian Keasler

File 2 – Scrapbook page: Photograph of 4 men; reverse side: Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, c. 1929

File 3 – Scrapbook page: Mementos from Aztec Fraternity Banquet; reverse side: Photograph of a man, a Christmas card, and miscellaneous newspaper cutouts, c. 1929

File 4 – Scrapbook page: Photograph of a man, 2 drawings; reverse side: Photograph of a man and dog, notes from unidentified person(s) , c. 1929

File 5 – Scrapbook page: Program for Aztec Fraternity French Café Dinner; reverse side: newspaper photograph and cutouts, drawings, c. 1929

File 6 – Scrapbook page: Photograph of a man, wrapper and notes from chocolates he sent to Lillian Keasler, c. 1929

File 7 – Scrapbook page: Cutout photos of Coach Estes, baseball player Leck Hall, and football player Sid Coleman; reverse side: notes from unknown persons, c. 1929

File 8 – Scrapbook page: Newspaper picture of a women’s basketball team; reverse side: Drawings and a poem from unknown persons, c. 1929

File 9 – Scrapbook page: Drawings to Lillian Keasler by Ira Reed Eubanks; reverse side: Picture of an unknown man, c. 1929

File 10- Scrapbook page: Drawing by an unknown person; reverse side: Cigarettes with the names Virgil Keeley and Paul(?) Schultz (removed to prevent deterioration), copy of cigarettes, c. 1929

File 11- Scrapbook page: Christmas cards; reverse side: Picture of Nolen Irby, letter to Lillian Keasler (removed from envelope and unfolded), c. 1929

File 12- Scrapbook page: Valentines from Ira Reed Eubanks; reverse side: notes from unknown persons, c. 1929

File 13- Scrapbook page: Photographs of unknown people; reverse side: Poem for Lillian from Ira Reed Eubanks, c. 1929

File 14- Cover of a scrapbook from Arkansas State Teachers College; reverse side: Photograph of Lillian Keasler c. 1929

File 15- Scrapbook page: Pictures of buildings of Arkansas Teachers College, c. 1929

File 16- Scrapbook page: Pictures of buildings in Conway; reverse side: addresses of acquaintances, c. 1929

File 17- Scrapbook page: Invitation and program for ASTC Graduate Recital; reverse side: Program for Arkansas Inter-school Contest and Program for a Bullfight in Spanish (removed from page and unfolded), c. 1929

File 18- Scrapbook page: Toy money; reverse side: Newspaper articles concerning ASTC, c.1929

File 19- Scrapbook page: Handbook of ASTC and activity tickets for fall and spring terms; reverse side: Photographs and newspaper pictures, c. 1929

File 20- Scrapbook page: Photographs of women and newspaper cutouts, c. 1929

File 21- Scrapbook page: Program and headdress from an Aztec Fraternity Banquet, c. 1929

File 22- Scrapbook page: Valentines cards; reverse side: Miscellaneous mementos, c. 1929

File 23- Scrapbook page: Miscellaneous photographs and newspaper cutouts; reverse side: Newspaper articles and a handwritten note from unknown person, c. 1929

File 24- Scrapbook page – Cutouts from The Echo, c. 1929

File 25- Scrapbook page – Miscellaneous photographs; reverse side: Candy wrappers from Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit and Baby Ruth, matchbook, advertisement for S.H. Churchill & Co., c. 1929

File 26- Scrapbook back cover; reverse side: Newspaper article

End of Box 1

End of Collection