Box 1

File 1 – Introduction to Historic Preservation in the Interior Design Program at the University of Central Arkansas by Antoinette Johnson Instructor in Interior Design- 2007

File 2 –UCA Interior Design Program –Intro to Historic Preservation Class Spring 2007 Semester Project –Conway Caboose w/ 2 Power Point CD –By Bonnie Yarber

File 3 –Historic Preservation –Historic Structure Research Project – The Frauenthal Building 904 Front St. Conway, Ark. Researchers Arianna Richter and Meredith Brown Instructor: Antoinette Johnson -2007 (with Power Point Presentation and Oral Interview Cassette Tape

File 4 –Preservation and rehabilitation Plan for the Grand Theater of Conway, Arkansas –presented by Vanessa McAdow (With 2 Power Point CD) -2007

File 5 –Honor’s Core IV: Historic Preservation –The Pine Street Community by Karen Boyd -2007

File 6 –Historic Preservation- The Past, Present, and Projected Future of Pine Street – by Lauren Knetzer

File 7 –Historic Preservation –The Pine Street Community by Ryan McCormack   -April 17, 2008

File 8 –Intro to Historic Preservation –Pine Street Rehabilitation Plan by Geoffrey Write –May 23, 2008

File 9 –Historic Preservation –Plunkett-Jarrell Building Preservation Plan by Ashli Peoples and Sarah Pleas –Spring 2008 (With Oral interview Cassette)

File 10 –The Historic Plan for the Something’s Brewing Coffee Shop 1156 Front Street as prepared, researched, & designed by Sarah Mason and Trish Edwards.

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Box 2

File 1 –UCA Interior Design Program Historic Preservation Class McAlister Hall by Clarissa Vaughn Spring 2007 with 2CD oral interview and Power Point Presentation

Item 1 – UCA Interior Design Preservation Class Historical Preservation Project Presidents Home –by Kylie Marshall –Spring 2007 with 2 CD

Item 2 –UCA Interior Design Preservation Class Historical Preservation Project Wingo Hall by Brittney Taylor Spring 2007

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