Mr. Fausett was a professional photographer and the first Master of Photography in Arkansas. He lived from January 29, 1901 to May 9, 1979.  He married Alice Spencer on April 26, 1935.  They lived at 335 Western Avenue in Conway for many years.  His photography studio was located on Parkway Street in Conway.  He also had a studio in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Tracings:  Sam Fausett; Fausett, Sam; Photographers in Arkansas; Arkansas Photography

*Also see M02-13, Box 3 for photo of home


Box 1

File 1 – Certificates, Diplomas, and Awards, 1938-1970’s

File 2 – Album: Sam Fausett’s Certificates of Merit for photographer service, 1938-1949

File 3 – Sam Fausett’s brother (Captain Horace E. Fausett and wife Lolleen Campbell-Fausett), lost at sea, married only 9 days

Envelope 1 – Captain Horace E. (Dick) Fausett, brother or Sam Fausett died at age twenty six, 5” x 7”, January 18, 1942

Envelope 2 – Horace “Dick” Fausett, brother of Sam Fausett of Conway, AR, c. 1942

Envelope 3 – Copy of letter and newspaper clippings detailing a survivor’s eyewitness account of  “The Lady Hawkins” torpedo disaster, February 15, 1942

File 4 – Personal records of William “Billy” H. Fausett (father of Sam Fausett), Hensley, Arkansas in Pulaski County

File 5 – Memorabilia and newspaper clippings, 1970’s-1985

File 6 – Correspondences, 1955-1983

File 7 – Diploma on plaque, undated

File 8 – Distinguished Service Award, 1951

File 9 – Professional Photographers of America Inc. Award, undated

File 10 – Sam Fausett Scholarship Fund established, 1980-1983

File 11 – Sam Fausett obituary, memorials, and scholarship

End of Box 1

End of Collection