This collection contains the genealogical history of the Avra and Ogletree family.  James Alexander Ogletree married Julia Anne Avra sometime after the Civil War.  They moved to Hamburg, Arkansas shortly after they married and later they moved to Fordyce in Dallas County Arkansas.  James fought in the Civil War with Company B of the Third Infantry Regiment, Arkansas Volunteers and in 1915 he started to receive a pension.  In the years 1867 to 1881 the couple gave birth to Alice, Hugh, Huston, Charles Beecher, Grace, Stanley, and Claud.  James Ogletree died in 1919 and Julia died in 1932 in Fordyce Arkansas.  This collection was donated by Mrs. Sarah Fishburne.


Box 1

File 1 – Alexander and Ellender Dill Avera’s Children (Born 1806 – 1834)

File 2 – Family History of James Alexander Ogletree and Julia Anne Avra

File 3 – Will and Transcription of Alexander Avera (Probated November 5, 1859 and Recorded March 5, 1860)

File 4 – James Ogletree Family Pension Applications

File 5 – Family Photographs

Envelope 1 – Julia Avra Ogletree’s home with large family Fardyce Arkansas c1890

Envelope 2 – Hugh Ogletree

Envelope 3 – Roxie Ogletree, Hugh Ogletree 1st Wife

Envelope 4 – Hugh Ogletree Son

Envelope 5 – Houston Ogletree’s children

Envelope 6 – Charles Beecher Ogletree

Envelope 7 – Photographs of Beecher’s babies including a picture of Forrest Ogletree c1900

Envelope 8 – Eva Rhodes Daughter of Grace Ogletree Rhodes

Envelope 9 – Stanley Ogletree c1890

Envelope 10 – Mattie Ogletree the wife of Claud Ogletree c1900

Envelope 11 – Claud Ogletree’s child c1905

File 6 – Photographs of unidentified family members

Envelope 1 – photograph of a young in a World War II uniform and another photograph on the same porch but of an older man

Envelope 2 – Three women standing outside of a home

Envelope 3 – Unidentified women in front of house

Envelope 4 – Adults, children, wagon and horses in front of store

Envelope 5 – Unidentified adults, children and horses in front of building

Envelope 6 – Children and teachers outside a school

Envelope 7 – Unidentified Little girl

Envelope 8 – one photograph of a baby and two photographs of the same baby and an older child

Envelope 9 – Mother and child outdoors

Envelope 10 – Students and teacher in a wooded area

Envelope 11 – Two men and children with houses in front of building

Envelope 12 – Two boys in a field

Envelope 13 – Men working on a house

Envelope 14 – Construction workers

End of Box 1

End of Collection