Beulah Griffin Mann attended the Arkansas State Normal (now the University of Central Arkansas) in 1920.  She continued to take college classes during the summer, even after her marriage to William Hutson Mann.  She received her teaching Certificate from the State of Arkansas in 1922.  Beulah Mann’s oldest child, Carolyn Mann who was born in May 1931, carved a life for herself in the teaching profession as a counselor at Cabot High School from 1963-1974.  She also received her teaching degree from the State College of Arkansas (now the University of Central Arkansas).  Carolyn died on June 15, 1974 in her parent’s home in Carlisle, Arkansas.  Carolyn’s parents soon established a scholarship fund for students at Cabot High School in their daughter’s name.  Both Beulah and Carolyn Mann were Alumni of the University of Central Arkansas.


Box 1

File 1 – Public School Certificate of Attainment, Carlisle Public High School May 3, 1916

File 2 – High School Graduation Memorabilia of Miss Beulah Griffin – 1920

File 3 – Scrapbook – Caddo Club, Arkansas State Normal School and 6” x 11 1/2” Group Photo

File 4 – Photo Album of 1920s Arkansas State Normal School and Home Life of Beulah Griffin (Mann)

File 5 – Letter and Credit Slip Signed by J. L. McAlister for work done in Study Club at Hazen, Arkansas 1923-24 School Year

File 6 – Teaching Certificates for Beulah Griffin Mann and Teaching Material 1922-1926

File 7 – Class notes of Beulah Griffin – summer 1924 Arkansas State Normal School, Conway, Arkansas

File 8 – Valentines from the 1920s

File 9 – Letters and Cards of Congratulations at Birth of Carolyn Mann, May 1931

File 10- Carolyn Mann – Daughter of Beulah Griffin Mann Baby Photos December 1931

File 11- Photos – 5” x 7” Black and White – Mann Family Portrait – C. 1931

File 12- Photos of Young Carolyn Mann – 1930s and 1940s

File 13- School Year Photos of Carolyn Mann 1940s

File 14- Graduation Photo and School Memorabilia of Carolyn Mann – 1949

File 15- 8’ x 10’ Color Photo – Miss Carolyn Mann, daughter of Mrs. Beulah Mann

File 16- 8” x 10” Black and White Photo of Carolyn Mann 1957

File 17- Two 4” x 5” Black and White Photo of Carolyn with family

File 18- Photos of Miss Carolyn Mann as an Adult

File 19- Tours taken by Carolyn Mann

File 20- School Photos of Carolyn Mann’s School Teaching Career, 1950-1974

File 21- Letters from Carolyn Mann to her brother Bill Mann 5/2/1974 and an undated letter to a friend

File 22- Carolyn Mann Dies June 15, 1974

File 23- Carolyn Mann Scholarship Committee and Recipients 1975-1989

File 24- Photos of Beulah Griffin Mann

File 25- Mann Family Photo Album

End of Box 1



Box 2

File 1 – Photos of Beulah Mann’s 100th Birthday Party

File 2 – UCA receives $1.2 Million gift from estate of Beulah Clair Griffith Mann for UCA Scholarships, 2004

File 3 – Carolyn Mann Scholarship Fund Reports – 2003-2009

File 4 – Students receiving Carolyn Mann Scholarships – 2004-2005

File 5 – Students receiving Carolyn Mann Scholarships – 2006-2007

File 6 – Students receiving Carolyn Mann Scholarships – 2008-2009

File 7 – Students receiving Carolyn Mann Scholarships – 2010-2012

File 8 – Students receiving Carolyn Mann Scholarships – 2013-

End of Box 2

End of Collection