Box 1

File 1 – 1/12/1983 Legislature Special Session- Gov. Bill Clinton Arkansas Gazette

File 2 – Arkansas Democrat January 18, 1980

“Mr. Clinton’s Second Inaugural”

“Traditional Service Starts Inauguration Day” (2 copies)

“3500 Attend Inauguration of Clinton”

File 3 – The Washington Post

1/18/1993 “Fanfare for a New Beginning”

1/19/1993 “An Avalanche of Faith, Hope and Sincerity”

1/20/1993 “The Festival of Hugs and Hope”

1/20/1993 “The Inauguration: President Clinton”

1/21/1993 “He Could Have Wailed All Night”

1/21/1993 “High-Stepping on the Avenue on Inauguration Day” (photo)

1/21/1993 “The Cloudless Calm of an Extraordinary Day”

1/21/1993 “Our President…Our Neighbor”

1/22/1993 “On Cloud Nine at the Stardust Ball”

File 4 – 1/19/1996 “Lindsey could be labeled unindicted co-conspirator” Log Cabin Democrat

1/19/1996 ‘Republicans skeptical of FBI investigation into lifted files” Log Cabin Democrat

1/20/1996 “‘Dear Mr. Hale’ The key to a conviction?” Arkansas Democrat Gazette

File 5 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette August 21-31, 1998

8/21/1998 “U.S. Missiles strike back”

8/21/1998 “Lewinsky fills grand jury in on affair”

8/21/1998 “‘Paleo-conservative’ League of the South touts secession”

8/21/1998 “Reno likely to step up Gore fundraising inquiry”

8/21/1998 “European allies support Clinton’s use of force to deter terrorism”

8/21/1998 “White House juggles missile strikes, grand jury testimony”

8/21/1998 “Ties to Sudan, Afghanistan thin for U.S.”

8/21/1998 “Missile strikes briefly ease Lewinsky-affair tension in White House”

8/21/1998 “Arkansas’ delegation in Congress supports president on attacks”

8/21/1998 “Taliban’s fervor fits bin Laden”

8/22/1998 “Pakistani paper says bin Laden ready for war”

8/22/1998 “$10,000 chunks make Clinton fund grow fast”

8/22/1998 “Trie’s trial delayed until Feb. 1”

8/22/1998 “U.S. struck fast to beat out bin Laden”

8/22/1998 “Taliban scoffs at strikes, urges revenge”

8/22/1998 “Sudan’s president vows vengeance for U.S. missile strikes”

8/22/1998 “Clinton’s gifts to Lewinsky are center of testimony”

8/22/1998 “Costs of Starr’s query unclear”

8/22/1998 “Day’s ahead will test nation’s grace and truth”

8/23/1998 “Man seeking Clinton had loaded guns in car”

8/23/1998 “Clinton troubles provide cover for defiant GOP fund-raisers”

8/23/1998 “Clinton targets terrorist funds, bans dealings”

8/23/1998 “Clinton weathers most momentous week in his presidency”

8/23/1998 “Clinton takes day off after stressful week”

8/23/1998 “Contributors to the Clinton Legal Expense Trust”

8/23/1998 “Lawmakers want to go on record on scandal”

8/23/1998 “Clinton-Starr legal battles seen as ‘disaster’ for the presidency”

8/23/1998 “Gore treads carefully on fund-raising trail”

8/24/1998 “U.S. won’t cry if bin Laden dies, Cohen says”

8/24/1998 “Yeltsin dismisses premier, Cabinet”

8/24/1998 “Lewinsky could pocket $4 million for book deal”

8/24/1998 “Clinton urged to make up with Democrats”

8/25/1998 “Lawmakers ‘amen’ Gingrich idea to wait on impeachment talk”

8/25/1998 “Bin Laden targeted Clinton, sources say”

8/25/1998 “Egypt holding alleged terrorist chief”

8/26/1998 “President Clinton signed an executive order….”

8/26/1998 “Gephardt calls Lewinsky case ‘reprehensible’”

8/26/1998 “Women disappointed, but most support Clinton despite scandal”

8/26/1998 “Starr that Texans knew little resembles White House portrait”

8/26/1998 “Where is this nation headed?”

8/27/1998 “President Clinton, who heads for a Moscow summit…”

8/27/1998 “Linda Tripp, whose secret tape recordings prompted the Monica…”

8/27/1998 “Libya OKs Hague trial of sky bombing suspects”

8/27/1998 “Law students to use words of Clinton for ethics debate”

8/27/1998 “Reno starts 90-day inquiry into Gore fund raising”

8/27/1998 “Weapons inspector in Iraq resigns post”

8/27/1998 “Some liberals join a growing chorus: Clinton ought to go”

8/27/1998 “Clinton team to fight Starr report”

8/27/1998 “Starr appeals judge’s killing of tax charges against Hubbells, 2 others”

8/27/1998 “Metroplan plans streetcar link to Clinton presidential library”

8/27/1998 “Woman alleging Hale payments went before panel, lawyer says”

8/28/1998 “Kenya hands 2 tied to blast over to U.S.”

8/28/1998 “Six in Congress stand behind isolated Clinton”

8/28/1998 “Tripp reportedly was told about Maryland taping law”

8/28/1998 “By 4-to-1, law ethics class would sanction Clinton for lies about affair”

8/28/1998 “Supporters rally behind president in Massachusetts City”

8/29/1998 “Pres. Clinton said Friday he will nominate former Wyoming…”

8/29/1998 “For 4th time, Lindsey testifies to grand jury”

8/29/1998 “Clinton speaks of forgiveness, being wronged”

8/30/1998 “Best of Deering in August”

8/30/1998 “Newt plays good cop”

8/30/1998 “Attacks on Clinton’s family nasty, mean-spirited”

8/31/1998 “Clinton tells Democrats of regrets over speech”

File 6 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette September 2-10, 1998

9/2/1998 “Clinton gives Russians pep talk but no money”

9/2/1998 “Judge alludes to ‘contempt’ in Jones case”

9/2/1998 “Burton: ‘I apologize in advance’”

9/2/1998 “House is likely to resist request for IMF bailout”

9/2/1998 “Democrats in Senate wait and see on Clinton”

9/2/1998 “Russia will cling to reforms, Yeltsin promises Clinton”

9/3/1998 “Russian summit yields no solution”

9/3/1998 “Clinton:  Will juggle job, personal journey”

9/3/1998 “Clinton sought Lewinsky’s rehiring, testimony shows”

9/4/1998 “Top Senate Democrats rake Clinton over coals”

9/4/1998 “Clinton touts peace, basks in applause in N. Ireland”

9/4/1998 “British, Irish OK laws to hit terrorism hard”

9/5/1998 “Clinton’s ‘sorry’ comes 3 weeks after TV regret”

9/5/1998 “FEC suggests Clinton repay matching funds”

9/5/1998 “Susan McDougal’s trial opens Tuesday”

9/5/1998 “Clinton touts economic pact with Irish”

9/6/1998 “Election season blows in, fills GOP’s sails”

9/6/1998 “Child-care advocates see boom waning in Washington”

9/6/1998 “N.H. Democrats noticing Gephardt more”

9/6/1998 “Scandal has some Democrats suggesting Clinton resignation”

9/6/1998 “Panel seeks exemption from House rules as it reviews Clinton”

9/6/1998 “Critic of Clinton sets up ‘war room’ on punishment”

9/6/1998 “Place faith in peace, Clinton tells Irish”

9/7/1998 “Clinton act too glaring for censure, Lott says”

9/7/1998 “Legislators face full plate amid Clinton woes”

9/8/1998 “Congress, Clinton await Starr’s report”

9/9/1998 “Yeltsin lies low, keeps them guessing”

9/9/1998 “Phone bill clear as mud? U.S. to grab shovel”

9/9/1998 “U.S. dispatches mediator to Mideast in attempt to wrangle West Bank pact”

9/9/1998 “Reno starts 90-day inquiry into Clinton campaign spending”

9/9/1998 “Prosecutor paints McDougal crime of passion; defense sketches set-up”

9/9/1998 “Maryland governor rebuffs Clinton, skips education speech”

9/10/1998 “Congress gets report from Starr”

9/10/1998 “36 boxes under lock and key”

9/10/1998 “President Clinton nominated career diplomat B. Lynn Pascoe…”

9/10/1998 “Stock woes sap support of privatizing”

9/10/1998 “Senate rejects GOP speedup of missile shield for U.S.”

9/10/1998 “Clinton allots aid for Kosovo refugees”

9/10/1998 “McDougal: Following orders”

9/10/1998 “House Democrats tell Clinton, ‘No Surprises’”

9/10/1998 “Excerpts from Clinton speeches Wednesday in Florida”

9/10/1998 “Grim mood dominates White House”

9/10/1998 “House leaders’ comments”

9/10/1998 “GOP pushes for tax cut funded by budget surplus”

File 7 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette Complete text of the Independent Council Kenneth Starr’s Report and President Clinton’s response September 11, & 12, 1998

9/11/1998 “Report likely to build perjury case”

9/11/1998 “Sources: Clinton’s lies cited”

9/11/1998 “Northwest, pilots reach an accord”

9/11/1998 “Critic confesses illicit affair”

9/11/1998 “Net firms gear up for release”

9/11/1998 “Washington tentatively awaits report”

9/11/1998 “Report on Nixon offers precedents, but times are more partisan”

9/12/1998 “Starr report: Sex and lies”

9/12/1998 “Clinton says, ‘I have sinned,’ asks Americans’ forgiveness”

9/12/1998 “Diplomat’s nomination hits snag”

9/12/1998 “House rejects letting Clinton see report before its release”

9/12/1998 “Most anchormen squelch steamy quotes”

9/12/1998 “Text of Clinton remarks”

9/12/1998 “2 top Southern Baptist leaders turn up heat on Clinton’s pastor”

9/12/1998 “Explicit sexual details in report upsetting to some Americans”

9/12/1998 “Newspapers add pages, print report”

9/12/1998 “Lewinsky remains out of camera’s eye”

9/12/1998 “Clinton’s job rating slips in statewide poll”

9/12/1998 “Lewinsky version of affair gushes with puppy love for Clinton”

9/12/1998 “Clinton’s friends at home hope he can survive storm”

9/12/1998 “Scandal won’t stop presidential library”

9/12/1998 “Key players left in lurch for two hours as copiers cranked out ‘historic’pages”

9/12/1998 “Steadfast Gore standing loyally at Clinton’s side”

9/12/1998 “Independent counsel’s report to the House”

9/12/1998 “President Clinton’s response to the Starr report”

File 8 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette September 13-30, 1998

9/13/1998 “Clinton’s lawyers rip Starr ‘smear’ job”

9/13/1998 “Perjury charges a clear target”

9/13/1998 “In hometown of vice president, most residents behind Clinton”

9/13/1998 “Should he stay or should he go?”

9/13/1998 “On radio Clinton tells of drug-fighting grants”

9/13/1998 “President Clinton. Approved 363-63”

9/13/1998 “Developer aided military all life after failing physical for WWII”

9/13/1998 “Editors defend printing Starr’s report”

9/13/1998 “Editorial opinion balances outrage against disappointment at evidence”

9/13/1998 “First lady unwavering in support of president”

9/13/1998 “Capital Bar and Grill customers dismissive of Ken Starr’s report”

9/13/1998 “Black Caucus strongly defends Clinton”

9/13/1998 “Thornton gives Asa Hutchinson ’74 perspective”

9/13/1998 “Colleagues view Hyde as most capable to lead impeachment inquiry”

9/13/1998 “Pardon possible in resignation but not if Clinton is convicted”

9/13/1998 “Lewinsky asked Jordan about Clinton marriage, report says”

9/13/1998 “Clinton’s actions led to frank family talks”

9/13/1998 “Evidence in Starr’s report weak, pathetic, former prosecutor says”

9/13/1998 “Report to Congress far removed from Whitewater case”

9/14/1998 “Dump legal ‘hairsplitting,’ lawmakers urge Starr Report”

9/15/1998 “Drop ‘legal hurdle,’ Dickey tells Clinton”

9/15/1998 “Clinton foes, friends pack judiciary panel”

9/16/1998 “Pres. Clinton signed an executive order…”

9/16/1998 “U.S. may see what Clinton told grand jury”

9/16/1998 “First lady urges more to join Peace Corps”

9/16/1998 “President won’t scrap spin on sex relations, admit perjury, aides say”

9/17/1998 “Clinton sees no call for him to resign”

9/17/1998 “GOP weighs tax slice, test of Clinton’s clout”

9/17/1998 “Starr’s report”

9/17/1998 “Publisher’s say no to book by Lewinsky”

9/17/1998 “Fallout for other grand juries unlikely, analysts say”

9/17/1998 “Aides, Lewinsky’s ‘Meanies,’ tried hard to keep the two apart”

9/18/1998 “House panel delays decision on tape release”

9/18/1998 “Proceedings also a test of Congress”

9/18/1998 “House votes for small part of IMF funds; agency in limbo”

9/18/1998 “House Republicans see ‘assault’ on Hyde, call for FBI inquiry”

9/18/1998 “Report examines ‘white privilege’”

9/18/1998 “Gingrich tries to appear above the scandal fray while calling GOP shots”

9/18/1998 “Asking president to resign his post not easy for editors”

9/19/1998 “TV to show how Clinton gave testimony”

9/19/1998 “’92 Campaigners tell of hurt”

9/19/1998 “White House didn’t leak Hyde story, editor says”

9/19/1998 “Resignation calls faintest from public”

9/19/1998 “Representative impeached as judge calls for removing Starr from office”

9/19/1998 “Arkansas Postcard Past-December, c. 1982”

9/20/1998 “Paula Jones of Long Beach, Calif…”

9/20/1998 “Clinton conveys soft side on tape, lawyers disclose”

9/20/1998 “D.C. insiders recount Clinton-Starr hatred”

9/20/1998 “U.S. embassy bombings put terrorism in U.N. spotlight”

9/20/1998 “Insiders”

9/20/1998 “Feelings”

9/20/1998 “Testimony”

9/20/1998 “Approval not likely to dive, experts say”

9/20/1998 “Clinton, Gore speak to supportive groups”

9/20/1998 “Ruling may shield 2 Clinton donors”

9/20/1998 “Groups”

9/20/1998 “White House aides struggle to keep Clinton supporters”

9/20/1998 “Ken Starr’s passions”

9/20/1998 “Isn’t public humiliation enough of a punishment for common behavior?”

9/20/1998 “Cartoon”, page 3J

9/20/1998 “Editorial Page”, 4J

9/20/1998 “Religion always was the center of Kenneth Starr’s life”

9/21/1998 “Spill all now, ally urges Clinton”

9/21/1998 “Newspapers calling for President Clinton to resign”

9/21/1998 “Clinton testimony: Changes over 8 months”

9/21/1998 “Rehnquist truly leads Supreme Court”

9/21/1998 “Clinton still ‘family’ at College Station church”

9/21/1998 “Low crimes call for resignation”

9/22/1998 “Clinton toes fine line in testimony”

9/22/1998 “As testimony airs, Clinton touts terrorism fight at U.N.”

9/22/1998 “Special section of Clinton text sexually explicit”

9/22/1998 “Videotape a life raft? Clinton walks plank but stays out of drink”

9/22/1998 “Tripp swayed Lewinsky to save dress”

9/22/1998 “Attorney’s ask judge to unseal Jones file”

9/22/1998 “Clinton’s testimony makes TV history”

9/22/1998 “Love notes show Lewinsky’s pain, pleasure in liaison”

9/22/1998 “‘Rehash’ to ‘whupped dog,’ Arkansans’ views on tape differ”

9/22/1998 “Clinton tape lacked punch, Republicans say”

9/22/1998 “Delay of Clinton testimony angered Starr prosecutors”

9/22/1998 “Jordan likely knew about Clinton, Lewinsky affair, she says”

9/22/1998 “President Clinton’s grand jury testimony”

9/23/1998 “White House attacks Starr report omission”

9/23/1998 “Clinton backs Japan; Mandela backs Clinton“

9/23/1998 “Lewinsky e-mail had starring role in investigation”

9/23/1998 “Starr papers add details to portrait of Tripp”

9/24/1998 “Impeachment drive rolling forward”

9/24/1998 “Wright faults the personal failings of Clinton, praises his presidency”

9/24/1998 “First lady turning tide for Clinton on Capitol Hill, lawmaker says”

9/24/1998 “Clinton lawyers look into deal with Jones”

9/24/1998 “Feminists steadfast in support for Clinton”

9/24/1998 “Airing testimony helped Clinton, state delegation says”

9/24/1998 “Boyhood pal asks Clinton to resign”

9/26/1998 “Panel OKs releasing document deluge”

9/26/1998 “State’s Baptists expected to chastise Clinton for sin”

9/26/1998 “Reform Party delegates take president to task”

9/26/1998 “House votes to keep 90% of surplus till Social Security saved”

9/26/1998 “More time approved for budget”

9/26/1998 “‘Sid Vicious’ to Republicans, Blumenthal difficult to sum up”

9/26/1998 “Jones will settle civil suit against Clinton for $1 million”

9/26/1998 “Some fear foreign policy taking back seat to Clinton scandal”

9/26/1998 “Clinton’s autumn better than summer”

9/26/1998 “Lawmaker sits out Clinton lunch”

9/26/1998 “Democrats map strategy for elections”

9/27/1998 “Paula Jones firm on terms for Clinton”

9/27/1998 “GOP tax cut clears House”

9/27/1998 “Clinton issues order on cancer therapy trials”

9/27/1998 “Clinton’s ability to lead unaltered, Arkansans say”

9/27/1998 “Clinton easy target for late-night jokesters”

9/28/1998 “3 say it’s too early for Clinton deal”

9/28/1998 “Jones’ attorneys expect settlement soon but no apology”

9/28/1998 “Admitting affair liberated him, Clinton tells backers”

9/28/1998 “After 7 years’ silence, Thomas fires back at critics”

9/28/1998 “Anti-terrorism funds under scrutiny”

9/28/1998 “September 29, 1998- Evidence strong enough for inquiry, Hyde says”

9/28/1998 “Many scoff at Clinton’s fading memory”

9/28/1998 “Fort Smith grand jury looking at Hale cash hears Scaife”

9/28/1998 Editorial Page

9/28/1998 “Voices”

File 9 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette October 1-15, 1998

10/1/1998 “U.S. finishes up year with surplus: $70 billion left”

10/1/1998 “President Clinton has canceled plans to visit India and Pakistan….”

10/1/1998 “First lady says more women need authority”

10/1/1998 “Fliers”

10/1/1998 “Independent counsels’ inquiries cost more than $40 million”

10/1/1998 “Impeachment test from Loft different for Clinton, Nixon”

10/1/1998 “House GOP reveals plan for impeachment process”

10/1/1998 “Attorneys for Jones file brief”

10/2/1998 “Democrats in a stew on inquiry”

10/2/1998 “President Clinton has rejected a request from Israeli Prime Minister….”

10/2/1998 “14th –straight smaller defense budget clears Congress”

10/2/1998 “Clinton offers Jones $700,000, lawyers say”

10/3/1998 “President Clinton is to attend his 25-year class reunion….”

10/3/1998 “Latest batch of documents enriches story”

10/3/1998 “U.S. warns Yugoslavia to meet demands or face NATO wrath”

10/3/1998 “Democrats want parameters put on investigation”

10/3/1998 “GOP trims items in spending bills that could trigger veto”

10/3/1998 “Tripp looked out for Lewinsky, and exposed her”

10/3/1998 “Clinton keeps woes in mix on the road”

10/4/1998 “U.S. judge intensifies leak study of Starr”

10/4/1998 “Details lacking, but rich nations vow to ally against global recession”

10/4/1998 “Lewinsky’s private moments offered for mass consumption”

10/5/1998 “Hyde: Senate lacks two-thirds to oust Clinton”

10/5/1998 “President Clinton will meet at the White House Friday with….”

10/5/1998 “Names and faces, President Clinton’s sex scandal……”

10/5/1998 “McCurry walked tight rope with press”

10/5/1998 “Conservative lawyer beat Tripp to Starr with Lewinsky tip, paper says”

10/7/1998 “Democrats work to limit investigation of Clinton”

10/7/1998 “Kosovo peace could need GIs”

10/7/1998 “GOP working on passable tax-cut package”

10/7/1998 “Clinton, Gore lobby Democrats to hold line on impeachment”

10/7/1998 “Opposing chief investigators display contrasting styles”

10/7/1998 “Clock ticking, Congress hurries bills on spending”

10/10/1998 “Clinton touts new policing funds”

10/10/1998 “Thought gifts to Espy OK, grower says”

10/10/1998 “Airing impeachment hearings thorny issue for TV”

10/10/1998 “Lawyer eats own words on affidavit”

10/10/1998 “Clinton to open West Bank summit”

10/10/1998 “Congress weighs deterring religious torment abroad”

10/11/1998 “GOP, Clinton inch toward deal on school cash”

10/11/1998 “Starr’s church grounded in Bible, redemption”

10/11/1998 “Lawyer linked to early tip on Clinton affair”

10/11/1998 “Clinton stays off stump, adopts ‘Rose Garden’ style”

10/11/1998 “Tripp’s job history troubled, records show”

10/11/1998 “How Arkansas’ congressmen voted”

10/11/1998 “Clinton and the Bubba Factor”

10/11/1998 “A tale of two Presidents”

10/11/1998 “Letting the lie go untested could make presidents potentates, people servants”

10/11/1998 “Apologizing in advance can cover a multitude of sins”

10/11/1998 “The original ‘gate’ was nothing like nation’s current scandal”

10/12/1998 “Both sides try to define budget fight”

10/12/1998 “Israelis ready to reject plan on pullback”

10/12/1998 “Clinton counsel warns of peril in inquiry”

10/13/1998 “Congress votes to keep government open”

10/13/1998 “Clinton sex life a private matter”

10/14/1998 “Clinton side: Perjury is beside point”

10/14/1998 “Clinton says monitors, airstrike threat to put peace within reach”

10/15/1998 “Bargainers nailing down budget deal”

10/15/1998 “How board sifts crashes draws fire”

10/15/1998 “Starr advised him, Jones lawyer says”

File 10- Arkansas Democrat Gazette October 16-31, 1998

10/16/1998 “Inquiry part of history, Hutchinson tells pupils”

10/16/1998 “Cash offer to settle Jones suit collapsing”

10/17/1998 “President Clinton welcomes House Minority Leader…”

10/17/1998 “Mideast talks make little progress in day 2”

10/17/1998 “Willey’s attorney takes Jones on again”

10/18/1998 “Paula Jones now seeks $2 million”

10/18/1998 “Albright boldness shows up in her jewelry as well as words”

10/18/1998 “Clinton striving to bridge Mideast gap”

10/18/1998 “GOP senator blasts Clinton education reform”

10/18/1998 “GOP unlikely to reap huge gains from Clinton scandal, analysts say”

10/18/1998 “FBI discloses discoveries about embassy bombings”

10/18/1998 “Starr investigating contacts of developer, Clinton accuser”

10/18/1998 “Clinton had blood connections, some claim”

10/19/1998 “Leaders extend Mideast talks, pursue full deal”

10/20/1998 “Leaders extend talks after attack at Israel bus stop”

10/20/1998 “Jones asks 8th Circuit to revive suit”

10/20/1998 “Excerpts of documents in Jones vs. Clinton suit”

10/20/1998 “Jones’ papers draw thousands to Web site”

10/20/1998 “Clinton says no to $2 million for Paula Jones”

10/20/1998 “Bristow to take day off from campaign to represent trooper in Jones’ suit”

10/20/1998 “Prosecutors in McDougal case rest; defense due to start today”

10/20/1998 “Editorial Page

10/21/1998 “President Clinton will travel to Cape Canaveral, Fla…”

10/21/1998 “Judges weigh harassment for aptness in Jones case”

10/21/1998 “$520 billion compromise passes House, off to Senate”

10/21/1998 “New staff chief at White House knows pitfalls”

10/21/1998 “Mike McCurry doesn’t appear to be feeling…”

10/21/1998 “Tyson Foods financed Espy trip, jury is told”

10/21/1998 “FBI whistle-blowers sue administration”

10/21/1998 “Mideast”

10/21/1998 “Ridiculing Clinton a no-no, military leaders remind troops”

10/22/1998 “Vice President Gore, campaigning in Cedar Rapids…”

10/22/1998 “Court urged to reinstate Hubbell case”

10/22/1998 “Clinton side, panel clash on legal rules”

10/22/1998 “Clinton vetoes U.N. dues payment tied to abortion amendment”

10/22/1998 “Clinton signs $520 billion bill”

10/22/1998 “Mideast”

10/23/1998 “Foes can’t seal deal at summit after late clash”

10/23/1998 “U.S. alerted early of plot at embassy”

10/23/1998 “Home church forgives Clinton”

10/24/1998 “Historic accord climaxes Clinton-mediated parley”

10/24/1998 “115 in prison for federal court perjury, echoing Clinton’s fix”

10/26/1998 “Senator plays Clinton scandal as trump card in tight N.C. race”

10/27/1998 “Wright releases 900 more pages in Jones’ suit”

10/28/1998 “Forum addresses Social Security”

10/29/1998 “Starr paid out hourly rates of $300, $400”

10/29/1998 “NY tycoon takes back Jones offer”

10/29/1998 “Clinton urges that election not be a referendum to his behavior”

10/29/1998 “Clinton seeks delay of defamation case”

10/31/1998 “Judge saw news items as red flag”

10/31/1998 “Clinton stumps for N.Y. Senate hopeful”

File 11- Arkansas Democrat Gazette November 1-15, 1998

11/1/1998 “Paula Jones gets $1 million check-with strings attached”

11/1/1998 “Clinton on radio urges election of Democrats to help education”

11/2/1998 “Asa Hutchinson weighs inquiry role”

11/2/1998 “Executive privilege claim up for decision”

11/2/1998 “Clinton stumps in black Baptist church”

11/4/1998 “$1 million offer invalid, Jones’ lawyers contend”

11/4/1998 “Democrats fair well in midterm”

11/6/1998 “Hyde puts ball in Clinton court as hearings near”

11/6/1998 “Gregory Peck, ‘Fats’ Domino honored”

11/6/1998 “81 questions for President Clinton”

11/6/1998 “Institute, Dallas lawyers bowing out of Jones case”

11/7/1998 “Clinton looks at $97 million for groups trying to oust Saddam”

11/7/1998 “Clinton dedicates NW Arkansas airport”

11/7/1998 “Edwards”

11/7/1998 “Moynihan calls 2000 last year”

11/7/1998 “Clinton, first lady extol Bumpers as bill to honor Central High is signed”

11/8/1998 “Clinton: Brady law to apply at gun shows”

11/9/1998 “Public view part of Clinton inquiry, Livingston says”

11/9/1998 “Not scared of U.S. attacks, Iraq says”

11/10/1998 “Judge wanted Jones to settle Clinton suit”

11/10/1998 “Experts rehash impeachment arguments”

11/10/1998 “High court decision clears way for Starr to question Lindsey”

11/10/1998 “Release of tapes to reveal mysteries of Lewinsky’s voice”

11/11/1998 “Clinton, Gore wager barbecue on border battle”

11/11/1998 “Starr gave Huang immunity”

11/11/1998 “Republicans draft memo on Starr’s ‘positive points’”

11/11/1998 “Ex-aide cautioned Espy about ‘ethical problem’”

11/11/1998 “Iraqis courting fellow Arab states if U.S. uses force”

11/13/1998 “Names and faces”

11/13/1998 “Book agent: ‘I take blame’ for Tripp tapes”

11/14/1998 “In the news”

11/14/1998 “Saddam stands pat as Clinton offers way out”

11/14/1998 “Starr sends Willey file to Congress”

11/14/1998 “Jones settles for $850,000”

11/14/1998 “Hubbell indicted as Starr takes a third shot”

11/14/1998 “Text of settlement in lawsuit”

11/15/1998 “How much will Jones, lawyers get?”

11/15/1998 “Afghan raid targeted Saudi, henchmen, White House says”

11/15/1998 “Saddam offer to resume checks ‘unacceptable,’ U.S. says as planes leave”

11/15/1998 “Hubbell indictment may hold peril for Hillary Clinton”

11/15/1998 “The Scheme, Indict”

File 12- Arkansas Democrat Gazette November 16-30, 1998

11/16/1998 “Jones case proved to be quicksand for media”

11/16/1998 “Iraq must keep its word or face guns, Clinton says”

11/16/1998 “Paula Jones said, ‘I feel that I have won,’…”

11/16/1998 “Starr’s motives inspected as Clinton case goes to panel”

11/17/1998 “U.S. watches Iraq, waits”

11/17/1998 “Lewinsky cuts deal for tell-all book”

11/17/1998 “Pledge to support Saddam’s foes not an easy task”

11/17/1998 “McDougal’s boss shopped for luxuries, defense argues”

11/17/1998 “Latest round, same game”

11/18/1998 “Congress gets more from Starr”

11/18/1998 “Clinton consults economic advisers before trip”

11/18/1998 “Gore-speech furor distracts summit”

11/18/1998 “Lewinsky’s taped confidences sound across U.S.”

11/18/1998 “Conductor’s wife angry, made up McDougal charges, lawyer says”

11/18/1998 Editorial Page

11/18/1998 “Voices”

11/19/1998 “Starr testimony to hit at pattern of abuses, lies”

11/19/1998 “4 names added to witness list on impeachment”

11/19/1998 “Ex-White House aide says he advised Espy to quit”

11/19/1998 “Clinton to pressure Japan to begin economic reforms”

11/20/1998 “Starr testifies, defends his tactics”

11/20/1998 “Hilary Rodham Clinton, the first lady, on a tour of storm-ravaged…”

11/20/1998 “Clinton attorney appears to get under Starr’s skin”

11/20/1998 “Government just shrugs, say ailing gulf veterans”

11/20/1998 “Social Security fix nowhere in sight”

11/20/1998 “Malaysians deplore Gore’s actions”

11/20/1998 “U.N. team keeps low profile in Iraq”

11/20/1998 “Despite hostile questions, Starr keeps cool, control”

11/20/1998 “House”

11/20/1998 “Starr testifies in Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearings”

11/20/1998 “Two Starr-crossed Arkansans describe legal ‘ordeals’”

11/20/1998 “Members of House panel engrave sharp party lines”

11/21/1998 “North Korea expands missile program, puts region on edge”

11/21/1998 “Clinton: ‘Disturbing signs’ in N. Korea”

11/21/1998 “States OK $206 billion tobacco deal in largest U.S. civil settlement”

11/21/1998 “Clinton was treated like a crime victim”

11/21/1998 Editorial Page

11/21/1998 “Panel readies more witnesses”

11/22/1998 “Panel eyeing pre-yule vote, sources say”

11/22/1998 “Clinton use visit to warn N. Korea”

11/22/1998 “Clinton cautious about Iraq’s latest blocks”

11/22/1998 “Clinton speech violated church’s tax status, group says”

11/22/1998 “Reno must decide soon if Gore query gets independent counsel”

11/22/1998 “Clinton says he suffers over affair privately, seeks to ‘put it right’”

11/22/1998 “Clinton detractors, defenders cite Alexander Hamilton’s words, deeds”

11/23/1998 “Livingston seeks fast House vote on impeachment”

11/23/1998 “Clinton flexes U.S. muscle”

11/23/1998 “ABC reaps Starr, Lewinsky interviews”

11/23/1998 “Espy jurors must draw lines of impropriety”

11/23/1998 “Bill Clinton’s legacy”

11/23/1998 “Letters”

11/24/1998 “McDougal acquitted in California”

11/24/1998 “Committee hears lawyer for Willey”

11/24/1998 “Reno likely to reject independent counsel inquiry of Gore fund raising”

11/24/1998 “Clinton vows to help Guam move toward self-government”

11/25/1998 “Acquittal fuels McDougal verve to face LR case”

11/25/1998 “Plan to create policy panel on Cuba criticized”

11/25/1998 “Should have controlled Tripp better, Starr says”

11/25/1998 “Investigation of Gore over, Reno rules”

11/25/1998 “Clintons promise Web site to aid adoption”

11/28/1998 “Clinton asserts testimony ‘not false and misleading’”

11/28/1998 “Retired officers to testify about Clinton”

11/28/1998 “Answers”

11/28/1998 “President Clinton’s answers to Judiciary Committee’s questions”

11/29/1998 “GOP slams ‘word games’”

11/29/1998 “Third Hubbell indictment returns to square one- Whitewater deal”

11/29/1998 “Hard road in presidential runs leads to soft-money detours”

11/29/1998 “President arranges Gaza trip to address Palestinian leaders”

11/30/1998 “Clinton must own up, panel Republicans say”

File 13- Arkansas Democrat Gazette December 1-15, 1998

12/2/1998 “Panel expands Clinton inquiry”

12/2/1998 “Auditors: Clinton, Dole misused funds”

12/2/1998 “Arkansan pegged to lead Gore’s bid for presidency”

12/2/1998 “Clinton pledges to help fight AIDS”

12/5/1998 “Tide turning against Clinton in full House”

12/5/1998 “Clinton flying home for funeral of longtime friend Maurice Smith”

12/5/1998 “Starr acted ‘within rules’ on Lewinsky”

12/5/1998 “Democrats not likely to shy from challenging Gore bid”

12/5/1998 “Must vote on PLO charter, Israel cautions Palestinians”

12/5/1998 “Lewinsky agrees to British interview”

12/6/1998 “House seen as likely to approve impeachment”

12/6/1998 “President remembers Smith for his support”

12/6/1998 “Clinton seeks handgun wait to stop ‘rash acts of violence’”

12/6/1998 “Albert Gore Sr. dies with son at his side”

12/6/1998 “Peace Corps budget increase got lift from ex-volunteers in D.C.”

12/6/1998 “A counsel on ’96 funds is unlikely, sources say”

12/6/1998 “Hawks in Congress quiz leaders over decision not to attack Iraq”

12/6/1998 “President Clinton’s eulogy for Maurice Smith”

12/6/1998 “Social Security gets a forum at White House conference”

12/6/1998 “Conference offers candid talks to hash out a solution”

12/7/1998 “Lott foresees Senate trial for Clinton”

12/8/1998 “Lawyers for Clinton tip their hand”

12/8/1998 “Reno rejects new counsel, investigation”

12/8/1998 “Flags at half-staff for Gore”

12/8/1998 “Twists, turns of Social Security debate can confuse”

12/8/1998 “Mideast”

12/8/1998 “Judiciary vote would send impeachment articles to House floor”

12/9/1998 “Clinton shifty, his team admits”

12/9/1998 “President Clinton signed an executive order authorizing raises…”

12/9/1998 “Clinton wants politics out of Social Security debate”

12/9/1998 “Clinton, others hailed for Ulster peace pact”

12/9/1998 “U.S. agrees to give trip to Mideast a Netanyahu spin”

12/9/1998 “Pentagon says budget must grow”

12/9/1998 “Mr. President: ‘Please Do Not Quit’”

12/9/1998 “Transcriptions of testimony to House Judiciary Committee”

12/9/1998 “Dickey among 30 Republicans White House hopes to win over”

12/9/1998 “Does a new Congress mean death to old one’s impeachment vote?”

12/9/1998 “Broadcast networks disregard Clinton’s defense in hearings”

12/9/1998 “Judge agrees to delay fund-raisers trial; part of case dropped”

12/10/1998 “Clinton’s counsel upstaged”

12/10/1998 “President Clinton will light the Christmas tree in Manger Square…”

12/10/1998 “Clinton defense winds up; GOP going for blood”

12/10/1998 “Clinton ready to offer Social Security plan”

12/10/1998 “Panel Republicans draft articles of impeachment”

12/10/1998 “Charles Ruff testifies before House committee”

12/10/1998 “GOP may show parts of Clinton testimony”

12/11/1998 “Panel reaches ‘moment of truth’”

12/11/1998 “Debate begins on impeaching the president”

12/11/1998 “Committee hears final words on Clinton”

12/11/1998 “FEC ignores auditors, won’t press Clinton, Dole to repay ’96 ad funds”

12/11/1998 “President Clinton will meet with Argentine President…”

12/11/1998 “3 Tripp friends, attorney testify in wiretap case”

12/11/1998 “Excerpts from testimony before House Judiciary Committee”

12/11/1998 “Globe-trotting Clinton can’t count on tradition of critics’ silence”

12/12/1998 “Votes go for impeachment”

12/12/1998 “President takes to TV; panel doesn’t listen”

12/12/1998 “Clinton cites his ‘agony’ touts censure”

12/12/1998 “Pressure mounts on fence-sitting Dickey”

12/12/1998 “Impeachment debate echoes days of Watergate turmoil”

12/12/1998 “Possibility of impeachment tinges mood at White House”

12/12/1998 “‘Concern for law’ prime consideration, Asa Hutchinson says”

12/12/1998 “The four articles of impeachment”

12/12/1998 “Text of Clinton statement”

12/13/1998 “Abusing office caps charges for Clinton”

12/13/1998 “With Clinton away, aides press on”

12/13/1998 “House to vote on 4 articles OK’d by panel”

12/13/1998 “White House threat hits ‘political basement,’ Dickey says”

12/13/1998 “Farmers to get $2.4 billion in emergency aid”

12/13/1998 “GOP senator calls on Clinton to lead Social Security rescue”

12/13/1998 “Clinton request for child care to be in range of $20 billion”

12/13/1998 “Lewinsky wrong about bullying, Starr says”

12/13/1998 “Congress pauses to pay tribute after death of Florida governor”

12/13/1998 “Clinton news greeted with cheers, boos, yawns”

12/13/1998 “3 witnesses dispute Clinton’s testimony”

12/13/1998 “The four articles of impeachment”

12/13/1998 “Undecided voters in House can sway impeachment vote”

12/13/1998 “The resolution of censure”

12/13/1998 “The Impeachment Crisis”

12/13/1998 “Clinton starts mission to rescue peace pact from Mideast turmoil”

12/14/1998 “House GOP closes ranks against bid to censure Clinton”

12/14/1998 “Senate leeway vast in conducting trial”

12/14/1998 “Carry out Wye pact, Clinton urges”

12/14/1998 “What to expect this week”

12/15/1998 “Gore scolds GOP as steam builds for impeachment”

12/15/1998 “Under Clinton gaze, Palestinians revoke pledge to destroy Israel”

12/15/1998 “House GOP seeks late Thursday vote on impeachment”

12/15/1998 “At 1868 trial Johnson team split hairs, too”

12/15/1998 “Dickey keeps options on vote on Clinton open”

12/15/1998 “First lady hails Palestinian women”

File 14- Arkansas Democrat Gazette December 16-30, 1998

12/16/1998 “Numbers going against Clinton as big vote nears”

12/16/1998 “Clinton visit bears no fruit”

12/16/1998 “Fund-raising inquiry shows China aim-technology”

12/16/1998 “Clintons visit biblical Bethlehem, pray in place of Jesus’ birth”

12/16/1998 “Polls could turn on Clinton; impeachment progress not angering public”

12/16/1998 “Word from parliamentarian could affect impeachment vote”

12/17/1998 “U.S. missiles thrash Iraq”

12/17/1998 “Clinton cites foiled search for weapons”

12/17/1998 “Airstrikes delay debate on 4 articles”

12/17/1998 “Dickey rues ‘no-win situation’”

12/17/1998 “McLarty sure Clinton can juggle two issues”

12/17/1998 “Illinois lawmaker holds gavel for House debate”

12/17/1998 “Berry says he’ll vote against impeachment of Clinton”

12/18/1998 “In the news: President Clinton released $102.2 million…”

12/18/1998 “Impeachment mill grinding again”

12/18/1998 “Impeachment debate puts damper on lawmakers’ holiday plans”

12/19/1998 “House plays its hand today”

12/19/1998 “If Clinton loses vote, trial awaits”

12/19/1998 “Clinton toils at presidential tasks”

12/19/1998 “How members of the House say they’ll vote on impeachment”

12/19/1998 “Text of Dickey’s speech on House floor”

12/19/1998 “Livingston keeps lower profile on eve of impeachment vote”

12/21/1998 “Senators vow speedy action without venom”

12/21/1998 “President Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea, were confronted outside church…”

12/21/1998 “Senate trial could be streamlined or graphically detailed”

12/21/1998 “Clinton, Starr share billing as Time’s Men of the Year”

12/22/1998 “Polls surge for Clinton, sink for GOP”

12/22/1998 “Gore pitches Senate censure as ‘fair’ solution”

12/22/1998 “Some question U.S. airport security”

12/22/1998 “Legal challenges to impeachment seen as long shot”

12/23/1998 “Old hands to go to bat for Clinton”

12/23/1998 “Christmas party at the White House”

12/23/1998 “Democrats ask Asa Hutchinson to relinquish trial role”

12/23/1998 “Byrd to wield clout in impeachment trial”

12/25/1998 “Scholars don’t expect much from ‘wounded lame duck’”

12/25/1998 “Clinton pardons 33 criminals”

12/26/1998 “Senate sands shifting toward censure”

12/27/1998 “Clinton, Congress prepare to walk budget tightrope”

12/27/1998 “‘Team Tripp’ resolves to give her a makeover, reveal ‘new Linda’”

12/27/1998 “Clinton must keep lid on foreign conflicts while on trial in ‘99”

12/27/1998 “Clinton aims to toughen drunken-driving laws”

12/27/1998 “Clinton faces battle to regain reputation after leaving office”

12/29/1998 “Anesthesia fight pits doctors vs. nurses”

12/29/1998 “Barbara Walters looks at Monica Lewinsky…”

12/29/1998 “Clinton, Lewinsky top news story of 1998”

12/29/1998 “December 30, 1998- Lott: Try Clinton without witnesses”

12/29/1998 “Time to combat violence against children, Clinton says”

12/29/1998 “1 in 6 spend $1 million on bids for Congress”

End of Box 1

Box 2

File 1 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette January 1-20, 1999

1/3/1999 “President Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea, got up early Saturday…”

1/3/1999 “Clinton would lift military spending by $100 billion”

1/3/1999 “Bumpers looks back”

1/3/1999 “Sentiment grows for swift Senate trial”

1/4/1999 “January 4, 1999-Clinton touts $1,000 long-term care tax credit”

1/4/1999 “Senators say speech may conflict with trial”

1/5/1999 “Dorothy Rodham of Little Rock, mother of first lady…”

1/5/1999 “Tide shifting against plan for short trial”

1/5/1999 “Elizabeth Dole mulls possible presidential bid”

1/5/1999 “Clinton seeks to expand contact between U.S. and Cuba”

1/5/1999 “GOP praises long-term care proposal”

1/5/1999 “Sedate language expected in Senate

1/6/1999 “4 U.S. jets fire on, miss Iraqi MiGs”

1/6/1999 “Procedure unclear as trial nears”

1/6/1999 “Conflict issue centers on Hutchinsons”

1/6/1999 “Must get inmates off drugs, Clinton says”

1/6/1999 “Clinton budget to propose more bases”

1/6/1999 “GOP offer Illinoisan speaker post”

1/6/1999 “Arkansans in Washington join forces for benefit of home state”

1/6/1999 “Iraq threatens region, Clinton tells Jordan’s king”

1/7/1999 “Up in air on rules, Senate puts Clinton on trial today”

1/7/1999 “Clinton forecasts $76 billion surplus”

1/7/1999 “Medicare reform panel far from final pact”

1/7/1999 “Lincoln’s 1st onus impeachment-related”

1/7/1999 “Questions and answers on impeachment trial”

1/7/1999 “Letters: ‘Where Bill would shine?’ ‘President ought to resign’”

1/8/1999 “Senate opens impeachment trial”

1/8/1999 “Passes to watch trial scarce as hen’s teeth”

1/8/1999 “GOP seeks harmony on budget plan”

1/8/1999 “Willey friend indicted, faces obstruction of justice charges”

1/8/1999 “Clinton wistful in White House talk”

1/8/1999 “Hoe supporters sport blue ribbons for Clinton”

1/8/1999 “Tripp claims she saw billing records from Rose Law Firm in Foster’s safe”

1/8/1999 “Push begins for after-school funds”

1/9/1999 “Senate reaches procedure to call witnesses”

1/9/1999 “President Clinton wants to put about $7 billion over a six-year period….”

1/9/1999 “U.S. doubles damage tally in Iraq strikes”

1/9/1999 “Savings eyed in the closing of U.S. bases”

1/9/1999 “Budget includes Medicare payment cuts, care providers told”

1/9/1999 “White House: FDA underfunded, overworked”

1/9/1999 “U.S. senators remain divided on thorny issues about trial”

1/9/1999 “Chamber’s dignity, history inspired ‘nonpartisan’ deal”

1/9/1999 “Mostly older, white, male, jurors of Clinton little resemble populace”

1/9/1999 “Democrat concedes Clinton conviction maybe improbable, but not impossible”

1/9/1999 “Judge’s lies prompted ’89 Senate to impeach”

1/10/1999 “Witness issue a burr under Senate saddle”

1/10/1999 “Southerners predominate among House ‘managers’”

1/10/1999 “Kissinger secretly offered to help China against Soviets”

1/10/1999 “Budget time puts crew at Capitol to the test again”

1/11/1999 “Senate trial needs witnesses, Hatch says”

1/11/1999 “President Clinton dined with one of his jurors…”

1/11/1999 “Retirement savings accounts weighed”

1/11/1999 “Reno reaches 2nd in length of term at post”

1/12/1999 “Papers fly as lawyers gird for trial”

1/12/1999 “U.N. arms inspection chief vows team to be back in Iraq”

1/13/1999 “House prosecutors hone arguments”

1/13/1999 “U.S. plans to assume lower profile in talks on final peace accord”

1/13/1999 “Drop 1868 rules, open debates, 2 say”

1/13/1999 “Flynt accuses Clinton prosecutor of perjury”

1/13/1999 “Clinton’s $850,000 check in the mail to Paula Jones”

1/13/1999 “Hubbell asks court to throw out third indictment in Whitewater”

1/14/1999 “President Clinton has renominated James Hormel…”

1/14/1999 “Nation’s needs take priority, president says”

1/14/1999 “On trial eve, Clinton offers nonchalance”

1/14/1999 “President proposes $2 billion in benefits for disabled workers”

1/14/1999 “U.S. fires on sites in Iraq for 3rd day”

1/14/1999 “Senators carry ‘burden of history,’ claim impartiality”

1/15/1999 “Clinton impeachment trial begins”

1/15/1999 “Cold drizzle, no mementos par for the day”

1/15/1999 “Conspiracy of crimes’ presented”

1/15/1999 “Clinton to meet with new Venezuelan leader”

1/15/1999 “Clinton, ignoring trial, devotes day to speech, crime issues, budget”

1/15/1999 “Excerpts from prosecutor’s case”

1/15/1999 “Rules remain work in progress as trial begins”

1/15/1999 “Senate won’t bend rule on still photos”

1/15/1999 “Prosecutors distort facts in attempt to make case”

1/16/1999 “Clinton trial grows ‘repetitious’”

1/16/1999 “Attorney General Janet Reno, ending the investigation into lawyer and lobbyist…”

1/16/1999 “Walking senators offer impressions of first day, trial’s impact”

1/16/1999 “Tripp admits to Clinton lawyer that she misled book agent”

1/16/1999 “Conservatives press senators; liberals plan Clinton rallies”

1/16/1999 “Attorneys: Clinton not liable for debt to first Jones lawyers”

1/16/1999 “Movement afoot to invite Clinton to testify in impeachment trial”

1/16/1999 “Senators unmated for TV talk shows”

1/17/1999 “Clinton prosecutors close with witness push”

1/17/1999 “Votes of 8 Democratic senators not locked up”

1/17/1999 “Trial complicates political picture in GOP”

1/17/1999 “$700 billion budget surplus seen over decade”

1/17/1999 “Clinton focuses on his State of the Union speech”

1/18/1999 “Call witnesses and reap wrath, Democrats warn”

1/18/1999 “Gore walks line of backing boss, running own race”

1/18/1999 “Family ties tangle Clinton trial”

1/19/1999 “Clinton backers conceding fight to bar witnesses”

1/18/1999 “Education, taxes to top Clinton talk”

1/20/1999 “Clinton envisions ‘limitless’ U.S.”

1/20/1999 “Attorney for Clinton pounces on evidence”

1/20/1999 “Union strong, president tells lawmakers”

1/20/1999 “Clinton sees sunny future for U.S. even as darkness lurks in his path”

1/20/1999 “Bush plays on presidential themes”

1/20/1999 “Clinton’s address wins over delegates from home state”

1/20/1999 “Democrats here cheer Clinton”

1/20/1999 “GOP: Trial won’t tear country apart”

1/20/1999 “Clinton’s Social Security fix hangs on $4 trillion budget surplus”

1/20/1999 “‘Not guilty’ pleads woman who rebutted Willey story”

1/20/1999 “Handful in GOP snub Clinton speech”

1/20/1999 “President Clinton addresses economy, Social Security, education”

1/20/1999 “Excerpts from Charles Ruff’s defense presentation”

1/20/1999 “Law team of 7 for Clinton kept growing with scandals”

1/20/1999 “Tight-lipped defender exacts total control”

File 2 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette January 21-31, 1999

1/21/1999 “Clinton defense drives home points”

1/21/1999 “Bumpers goes to bat for president”

1/21/1999 “Target date for missile defense put off 2 years, White House says”

1/21/1999 “U.N. envoy nominee faces ethics charges”

1/21/1999 “Clintons, Gores pitch Social Security plan to Buffalo crowd”

1/21/1999 “Fed boss cool to linking benefits, stocks”

1/21/1999 “‘Facts don’t fit the big picture’ senators told”

1/23/1999 “Byrd to offer Senate way out of ‘sad and sorry time for our country’”

1/23/1999 “Clinton: Germ, cyber terror readiness needed”

1/23/1999 “Starr seeks court order to compel Lewinsky to answer prosecutors”

1/23/1999 “GOP fearful trial is hurting party”

1/24/1999 “Clinton to tour storms’ havoc in LR, Beebe”

1/24/1999 “Judge’s order on Lewinsky shakes up impeachment trial”

1/24/1999 “Shadow legal team led fight against Clinton”

1/24/1999 “GOP braces for fight in Congress over income tax cut”

1/24/1999 “Missile-defense quest marks an about-face in policy under Clinton”

1/24/1999 “Forge ‘continent of life,’ pope urges”

1/24/1999 “Vote to dismiss of call witnesses doesn’t require debate, Lott says”

1/24/1999 “Excerpts from impeachment trial”

1/25/1999 “’Very sad,’ Clinton says on tornado tour”

1/25/1999 “Former President Bush says he has “tried to stay out of all the Washington  mess…”

1/25/1999 “Lewinsky would be ‘strong witness,’ Asa Hutchinson says”

1/25/1999 “Number of people in U.S. on welfare down 44% since ‘94”

1/25/1999 “Ruling on Lewinsky may create constitutional conflict”

1/25/1999 “Paula Jones attends Clinton speech in Beebe”

1/26/1999 “Republican plan gaining support in Clinton trial”

1/26/1999 “Senator burns left hand on reading lamp in car”

1/26/1999 “Clinton seeks help to cut welfare rolls”

1/26/1999 “Chief justice rejects request to halt interviews of witnesses”

1/27/1999 “Court sends Hubbell case back to court”

1/27/1999 “Senators consider witnesses”

1/27/1999 “U.S. admits missile went astray, hit Iraq residential area”

1/27/1999 “Saddam threatens retaliation as Clinton orders military to respond aggressively”

1/27/1999 “Lewinsky has eyes on future, leaves D.C.”

1/28/1999 “Senate rejects dropping case against Clinton”

1/28/1999 “ ‘Facts’ plan by GOP still sticking point”

1/28/1999 “Clinton warns against ‘rash actions’ on surplus”

1/28/1999 “Doles buying digs vacated by Lewinsky, mom”

1/28/1999 “Local law clerk’s affidavit describes Clinton demeanor during deposition”

1/28/1999 “Clinton team focuses on keeping Senate Democrats lined up against removal”

1/29/1999 “Democrats lose 3 Senate votes on procedures”

1/29/1999 “President Clinton has invited President Jerry John Rawlings…”

1/29/1999 “A week later, Bumpers frets over his speech”

1/29/1999 “Backing Iraqi opposition groups wrongheaded, U.S. general says”

1/29/1999 “Social Security idea praised, buried”

1/29/1999 “Cohen in Illinois, touts military plan”

1/29/1999 “Experts mull plan to allow split verdict in the Senate”

1/29/1999 “Many in party scold Feingold for Senate vote”

1/30/1999 “Senators awaiting Lewinsky”

1/30/1999 “6 nations set deadline to end war in Kosovo”

1/30/1999 “Reno rejects independent counsel for Ickes”

1/30/1999 “Lincoln one of few mum on impeachment”

1/30/1999 “Judge OKs Starr request on secrecy of evidence”

1/31/1999 “Bob Dole, the former Kansas senator, and his wife, Elizabeth…”

1/31/1999 “Senators: Witnesses for history, not politics”

1/31/1999 “Clinton plan behind the curve, some educators say”

1/31/1999 “Clinton seeks $14 million to foster wage equality”

1/31/1999 “Oklahoma governor credits GOP with cutting welfare rolls”

1/31/1999 “Clinton reschedules trip because of Senate trial”

1/31/1999 “Deposition discrepancy surfaces against House majority whip”

1/31/1999 “Starr weighs grand jury indictment of Clinton, allies say”

File 3 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette February 1-15, 1999

2/1/1999 “Videotaping of Lewinsky kicks off trial week”

2/1/1999 “Monica Lewinsky’s yet to be published book, Monica’s Story….”

2/1/1999 “One Republican says he wants to go to live witnesses at once”

2/1/1999 “Lawmakers to battle it out on tax cut”

2/1/1999 “Private eye got Willey’s phone calls”

2/1/1999 “Criminal case against president may resolve constitutional issue”

2/2/1999 “Lewinsky retells all to lawyers in Clinton case”

2/2/1999 “$1.77 trillion budget plan sets up ‘big government’ fight with GOP”

2/2/1999 “Congressman calm, intense for deposition”

2/2/1999 “President Clinton issued his annual Black History Month proclamation….”

2/2/1999 “U.S. considers sending troops to monitor Kosovo”

2/2/1999 “President Clinton’s fiscal 2000 budget (caption)”

2/2/1999 “Lawmakers: Indict Clinton after he leaves office”

2/2/1999 “Tennessean takes center ring in the ‘circus’”

2/3/1999 “Jordan yields no ‘bombshells’ as tape rolls”

2/3/1999 “Lewinsky video sends senators fast-forwarding”

2/3/1999 “Clinton seeks $10 million for agencies to research hard-to-gauge racial bias”

2/3/1999 “Rumor-monger reputation leads to Blumenthal’s videotaping stint”

2/3/1999 “House managers may face election woes”

2/4/1999 “Senate unlikely to call witnesses”

2/4/1999 “Loose lips in Senate’s ship, but who’s talking?”

2/4/1999 “‘Finding of fact’ short of support; last deposition in”

2/4/1999 “Congress told Kosovo might entail 4,000 GIs”

2/4/1999 “Protest planned if Arafat attends prayer breakfast”

2/4/1999 “Prosecutor in Clinton re-election inquiry to quit”

2/4/1999 “Drug coverage would further strain Medicare finances”

2/4/1999 “Plan by Hatch draws odd foe-pal Bork”

2/5/1999 “Senate rejects Lewinsky appearance”

2/5/1999 “Enough already, spectator yells”

2/5/1999 “Peace talks yes, NATO presence never, says Serbs”

2/5/1999 “Clintons decry article on daughters”

2/5/1999 “Lawyer claims lying irrelevant in Cisneros case”

2/5/1999 “Critically ill Hussein returns home from U.S.”

2/5/1999 “Transcript shows Lewinsky sharp, soft on president”

2/5/1999 “Plea to ‘heal the breach’ fills 47th prayer breakfast”

2/6/1999 “Board opens tech fields to UALR”

2/6/1999 “Lewinsky parries questions”

2/6/1999 “Student-loan plan to face fight”

2/6/1999 “Tale of affair, anguish, betrayal unfolds in testimony”

2/6/1999 “Arkansas writer backs Blumenthal testimony on Clinton”

2/6/1999 “Asa Hutchinson denies link to ex-Clinton adviser Morris”

2/6/1999 “Let independent counsel law die, bar association president says”

2/6/1999 “Woman’s lawyer confirms NBC interview”

2/7/1999 “White House, prosecutors duel with tapes”

2/7/1999 “Jordan hands reins of power to prince; king at death’s door”

2/7/1999 “ ‘No background check, no gun. No exceptions,’ Clinton urges”

2/7/1999 “Congressman aims to guard retirees from benefit cuts in Social Security”

2/7/1999 “Clinton favors more big-airport landings”

2/7/1999 “First woman U.S. president is among us, experts say”

2/7/1999 “U.S. Navy offers better pay, food to entice recruits”

2/7/1999 “Senate duo seeking bipartisan censure; 17 drafts circulating”

2/7/1999 “Chief Justice enforces protocol, keeps trial moving”

2/8/1999 “World leaders head to funeral of King Hussein”

2/8/1999 “Senators weigh censure as support for perjury charge sinks”

2/8/1999 “U.S. asserts right to bomb terrorist hosts”

2/8/1999 “Senators seek inquiry of perjury allegation against Blumenthal”

2/8/1999 “Hussein nurtured close ties to U.S. in nearly 46 years as Jordan’s king”

2/8/1999 “Bumpers plans no defense duty”

2/8/1999 “First lady urges fight against overpopulation”

2/8/1999 “Leaders provide beacon of bipartisan harmony in Senate trial”

2/9/1999 “Senators get ready for final act”

2/9/1999 “Starr told he will be target of inquiry”

2/9/1999 “Clinton aide denies he fed ‘stalker’ term to lunch companion”

2/9/1999 “Trie cites publicity, wants jury screened”

2/9/1999 “Clinton aims at halving U.S. drug use by 2007”

2/10/1999 “Senators lock public out of trial”

2/10/1999 “Clinton set to tap diplomat as U.N. envoy”

2/10/1999 “First lady criticizes China’s 1-child rule”

2/10/1999 “With senators sitting as judges, Rehnquist a serene moderator”

2/11/1999 “3 GOP senators go over to Clinton”

2/11/1999 “Clinton asks for enlarged AmeriCorps”

2/11/1999 “Clinton team, Congress duel on troops for Kosovo”

2/11/1999 “‘Rule of law’ should be applied to Starr, Iowa senator asserts”

2/13/1999 “Clinton Acquitted”

2/13/1999 “Clinton calls for ‘renewal’”

2/13/1999 “President apologizes for ‘burden’ on the nation”

2/13/1999 “At peace with votes, Senators say”

2/13/1999 “2,200 Marines on standby for Kosovo”

2/13/1999 “Starr could prosecute Clinton”

2/13/1999 “Web sites, chat rooms abuzz with acquittal of Clinton”

2/13/1999 “Five years later, investigations keep shadowing Arkansans”

2/13/1999 “Hyde admits he thought of avoiding impeachment”

2/13/1999 “Lesson should not be forgotten, Bumpers says”

2/13/1999 “Clinton just grew stronger in polls as scandal wore on”

2/13/1999 “Stepson’s acquittal thrills Kelley”

2/13/1999 “Case offers all Americans hope about system, Jones’ lawyers say”

2/14/1999 “Clinton weighing next move”

2/14/1999 “As year unfolded, impeachment became reality for Clinton, U.S.”

2/14/1999 “‘Reflex response’ isn’t cooperation, aide says”

2/14/1999 “Clinton maps troop strategy in Kosovo strife”

2/14/1999 “Clinton headed to Mexico to talk about drug war”

2/14/1999 “Clinton’s legacy to Arkansas”

2/14/1999 “Independent counsel law under fire”

2/14/1999 “Clinton Center focuses on childhood, not trial”

2/14/1999 “Yearbook tagged Lewinsky ‘most likely to have name in lights’”

2/14/1999 “Women have been Clinton’s biggest asset, downfall”

2/14/1999 “Case studies of the Clinton curse”

2/14/1999 “History books will tell of Clinton but just how much is uncertain”

2/14/1999 “Foes sought to ‘smear’ Clinton from start, analysts say”

2/14/1999 “First lady gained popularity, respect as scandal deepened”

2/14/1999 “Marriage vows look at Clinton’s union”

2/14/1999 “A tale of two countries”

2/14/1999 “A year-long drunk over, Now the hangover begins for scandal-addicted nation”

2/14/1999 “Starr inquiry/Clinton acquitted”

2/14/1999 “Old Washington hand finds trial a soap opera writ large”

2/15/1999 “Hurt runs deep among family, aides of Clinton”

2/15/1999 “Clintons lead delegation to Mexico for summit on drugs, corruption”

2/15/1999 “Republican wrath likely to be turned on vice president”

File 4 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette February 16-28, 1999

2/16/1999 “Clinton: Mexico ‘improved’ in drug war”

2/16/1999 “Clinton, pope among nominees for Nobel Prize”

2/17/1999 “Judge raises contempt specter for Clinton”

2/17/1999 “Hillary Rodham Clinton said in a statement that she will give….”

2/17/1999 “Impeachment backlash not main worry, Asa Hutchinson”

2/17/1999 “U.S. troops would stay until Kosovo achieved self-rule, Albright says”

2/17/1999 “Clinton seeking $956 million in Mitch aid”

2/17/1999 “Judge may explore Starr’s delay in trial for Jubbell Contempt”

2/18/1999 “President Clinton will again nominate Bill Lann…”

2/18/1999 “Legal experts ponder Clinton contempt case”

2/18/1999 “Tucker loses bad-juror bid for new trial”

2/18/1999 “Monica Lewinsky’s book detailing he affair with President Clinton…”

2/18/1999 “Anti-terror wins touted, but failures expected”

2/18/1999 “Clinton promotes Social Security plan”

2/18/1999 “Loan to India OK, White House decides”

2/18/1999 “U.S. urges restraint on Jerusalem status”

2/19/1999 “President pushes plan, presses flesh”

2/19/1999 “2 in Clinton Cabinet expected to be ruled in contempt”

2/20/1999 “Kosovo peace hopes dim; NATO set to strike”

2/20/1999 “Clinton assaulted her, Arkansan claims”

2/20/1999 “No objections; Clinton contempt falls in Wright’s court”

2/22/1999 “Albright hedges on airstrikes against Serbia”

2/22/1999 “Distrust to loom over Clinton, GOP talk”

2/22/1999 “Bipartisan spirit will lead House to ‘balance,’ new speaker says”

2/22/1999 “Plan to restore Everglades not effective enough, critics say”

2/23/1999 “Babbitt, Rubin in contempt for handling of Indian lawsuit”

2/23/1999 “U.S. commercial satellite not going to China, White House decides”

2/24/1999 “Congress’ leaders back governors on tobacco”

2/24/1999 “Lawmakers wary of sending troops to Kosovo”

2/25/1999 “President Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

2/25/1999 “Lawmakers: Counsel law needs to die”

2/25/1999 “$4.5 million backs Clinton”

2/25/1999 “Odds for Kosovo peace rated ‘zero’ minus U.S.”

2/25/1999 “Senate OKs upswing in military benefits”

2/25/1999 “Broaddrick airs Clinton sex assault allegation on Dateline

2/26/1999 “China post not luring Arkansans”

2/26/1999 “GOP Arkansan gives $10,000 for Clinton defense”

2/26/1999 “GOP wrestles with tax proposals”

2/26/1999 “Albright testifies about N. Korea missiles”

2/26/1999 “Livingston’s talk ends 21-year House career”

2/27/1999 “Lawyer: Starr team slips on polygraphs”

2/27/1999 “Senator regrets radio remarks on Broaddrick”

2/27/1999 “Commission on Medicare asks for time”

2/27/1999 “Panel hears testimony defining what voter ‘is’”

2/27/1999 “Clinton weighs the world, offers foreign policy aims”

2/27/1999 “Tim Hutchinson calls for condemning China”

2/28/1999 “New rules standardize child safety seat”

2/28/1999 “Bill aims to steer schools out of federal red tape”

File 5 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette March 1-15, 1999

3/1/1999 “President Clinton relaxed at the borrowed Park City…”

3/2/1999 “President Clinton, on vacation in Park City, Utah, picked…”

3/2/1999 “Relaxing in Utah”

3/2/1999 “Won’t quit Hale trial, judge says”

3/2/1999 “Clinton’s enemy is his history”

3/2/1999 “Hillary’s candidacy is far from a given”

3/3/1999 “White House: Snuff out independent counsel law”

3/3/1999 “Lewinsky: Sexual attraction nothing bad”

3/3/1999 “Linda Tripp is returning to the Pentagon…”

3/3/1999 “Hubbell may get access to Starr’s materials”

3/3/1999 “Lawmaker: White House immigration-amnesty plan illegal”

3/6/1999 “Ruling on Starr sets McDougal’s limits”

3/6/1999 “Clinton has icy meeting with Italian”

3/6/1999 “38 in Starr inquiry want legal bills paid”

3/6/1999 “Clinton again touts Lee for civil rights job”

3/6/1999 “Nations weigh approach to outcast North Korea”

3/6/1999 “Kosovar Albanians could sign peace plan within days, Dole says”

3/6/1999 “May those in scandal ‘get help,’ Clinton says”

3/7/1999 “McDougal returns to LR legal arena against Starr team”

3/7/1999 “All Albanian factions lined up for peace plan”

3/7/1999 “First lady gauges support on possible foe’s home turf”

3/7/1999 “Slip-ups in nuclear security acknowledged”

3/7/1999 “Clinton pushes teacher hiring in radio speech”

3/7/1999 “Transcript of Susan McDougal’s aborted grand jury appearance”

3/8/1999 “Lewinsky didn’t foresee affair fallout”

3/8/1999 “Texas’ Gov. Bush names panel in 1st step for a presidential run”

3/8/1999 “Lott: Heed Congress or no Kosovo funds”

3/8/1999 “Clinton to start tour of Central America without hurricane aid”

3/8/1999 “Ex-Clinton aide ‘felt like dupe’ for fending off ‘bimbo eruptions’”

3/8/1999 “Lewinsky road show begins with bookstore tour in Britain”

3/9/1999 “Monica Lewinsky, escorted by bagpipers into Harrods…”

3/9/1999 “Reno argues Starr review in her realm”

3/9/1999 “Fretful McDougal back in court “

3/9/1999 “Clinton in Nicaragua offers $956 million in disaster aid”

3/9/1999 “U.S. fires scientist suspected in theft of nuclear secrets”

3/10/1999 “McDougal trial gets down to case today”

3/10/1999 “Lamar Alexander says he’s in president’s race”

3/10/1999 “Budgeting concerns turn back bill on Clinton’s Hope home”

3/10/1999 “Clinton calls U.S. troops good Samaritans”

3/11/1999 “President Clinton will award former Sen. George…”

3/11/1999 “Playing of crackly audiotape opens McDougal trial”

3/11/1999 “Milosevic unswayed by U.S. Kosovo pitch”

3/11/1999 “Hope home spruced up for Clinton”

3/11/1999 “Ex-CIA chief knocks Clinton’s Iraq policy”

3/11/1999 “Bar association president testifies Independent Counsel Act should die”

3/11/1999 “Hyde targets forfeiture laws”

3/11/1999 “Congress inclined to enact an airline ‘passenger bill of rights’”

3/11/1999 “Clinton rues role U.S. played in Guatemala”

3/14/1999 “Clinton caps trip to state at dinner praising Bumpers”

3/14/1999 “U.S. weighing approach to poor, hostile nation”

3/14/1999 “Clinton ‘disturbed’ by reports of police misconduct”

3/15/1999 “McDougal strategy weighed”

3/15/1999 “Data helped China, White House says”

File 6 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette March 16-31, 1999

3/16/1999 “Starr’s team blindsides McDougal”

3/16/1999 “Kosovo Albanians accept peace accord”

3/16/1999 “Gephardt backs Gore as 2000 bid takes shape”

3/16/1999 “Starr asks court to reconsider case against Hubbell”

3/16/1999 “Fund-raiser liable, prosecutor says”

3/16/1999 “Clinton ranked top foreign policy president”

3/16/1999 “Congress considers missile defense bills”

3/16/1999 “Clinton meeting with sub-Saharan officials”

3/17/1999 “Attorney General Janet Reno will ‘reluctantly’ oppose…”

3/17/1999 “Jurors hear taped replies by first lady”

3/17/1999 “Spy charges intensify China debate”

3/17/1999 “Paula Corbin Jones and her husband have separated…”

3/17/1999 “Clinton drops resistance to anti-missile system”

3/17/1999 “First lady’s ’98 deposition focused on S&L, ties to McDougals”

3/18/1999 “Senate 97-3 urges building missile shield”

3/18/1999 “Clinton asks Irish leaders to rekindle trust”

3/18/1999 “Oil-for-food in Iraq OK, senators told”

3/18/1999 “Clinton aide: Don’t punish China for arms espionage”

3/18/1999 “Another Starr aide quits counsel’s office”

3/18/1999 “Scrap independent counsel law, Reno urges”

3/19/1999 “President Clinton will visit Slovenia in June to salute…”

3/19/1999 “Testimony:  Indictment of first lady drafted in ‘96”

3/19/1999 “Warning to Serbs worries GOP leaders”

3/19/1999 “House joins call for shield from missiles”

3/19/1999 “Clinton orders study of nuclear labs’ security”

3/19/1999 “U.S. fears much of loans to Russia made quick exit”

3/19/1999 “Appeals Court OKs investigation of Starr by Justice Department”

3/19/1999 “Senate rejects bid to choke off funds for independent counsels”

3/19/1999 “Judge drops one charge against Hubbell”

3/19/1999 “Albanians sign peace plan; Serbs remain defiant”

3/20/1999 “U.S. must act in Kosovo, Clinton says”

3/20/1999 “Clinton cozies up to press corps with conference”

3/20/1999 “First lady sits with authors to discuss inspiring books”

3/21/1999 “Thousands flee attack on rebels in Kosovo”

3/21/1999 “Grand jurors ammo in Starr vs. McDougal”

3/21/1999 “First lady, daughter off to visit N. Africa”

3/22/1999 “Arkansans split along party lines over budget”

3/22/1999 “U.S. gives Kosovo peace final try”

3/23/1999 “Starr team pressed him to lie in ’95, witness says”

3/23/1999 “NATO arms trained on Kosovo”

3/23/1999 “Hale refused plea deal; trial begins today”

3/23/1999 “U.S. draws up trade war list to fight beef ban”

3/23/1999 “Clinton: NATO backs airstrikes; if Milosevic rejects final appeal”

3/23/1999 “First lady finds fans, supporters in Egypt”

3/24/1999 “Wheels turning on hitting Serbs, Clinton tells U.S.”

3/24/1999 “McDougal talks, says president didn’t lie”

3/24/1999 “Spectators, reporters pack LR courtroom as McDougal testifies”

3/24/1999 “Stock deal raised red flag, Hale ex-employee testifies”

3/24/1999 “First lady condemns all ‘calls to violence’”

3/24/1999 “Milosevic sounds war alarm as NATO orders airstrikes”

3/24/1999 “Arkansas’ senators differ on resolution to bomb Yugoslavia”

3/25/1999 “NATO bombs Serbia”

3/25/1999 “McDougal testifies Starr sought claim of affair”

3/25/1999 “Testimony ‘absurd,’ Nelson says”

3/25/1999 “Watergate counsel testifies at hearing”

3/25/1999 “GOP pushes $1.3 billion aid bill through”

3/25/1999 “Neighbors of Kosovo stay alert for action”

3/26/1999 “McDougal tale different now, prosecutor says”

3/26/1999 “Jury convicts Hale, wants him locked up for 21 days”

3/26/1999 “First lady Hilary Rodham Clinton consoles a baby Thursday…”

3/26/1999 “Bombing focus shifting to Serb army support structure”

3/26/1999 “Ex-Britain premier backing U.S.”

3/26/1999 “Grand juror drops secrecy, declares Clinton indictable”

3/27/1999 “NATO pounds Belgrade targets”

3/27/1999 “Doubters ask: Can bombs alone work?”

3/27/1999 “Women hurt by extremism, first lady says”

3/27/1999 “U.S. to introduce U.N. resolution accusing China of rights abuses”

3/27/1999 “Milosevic chose war, Clinton tells Serbs”

3/28/1999 “McDougal must watch demeanor”

3/28/1999 “Whitewater players have similar recollections”

3/28/1999 “Social Security questions naggingly divisive”

3/28/1999 “Senator: Plan would protect benefits trust”

3/28/1999 “Clinton vows to continue fight, rules out ground-troop use”

3/28/1999 “World gets glimpse of Chelsea Clinton”

3/29/1999 “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and daughter, Chelsea…”

3/29/1999 “First lady, daughter retreat to Sahara”

3/30/1999 “Nerves fray as Starr aide cross-examines McDougal”

3/30/1999 “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton gets a kiss from a Berber girl….”

3/30/1999 “McLarty papers join pageant programs, letters in history storehouse”

3/30/1999 “Both Republicans, Democrats are rotten”

3/31/1999 “Starr’s team fumes at ruling on key witness”

3/31/1999 “Stop bombing first, he says; NATO refuses, sticks to guns”

3/31/1999 “National press ignoring latest Clinton ‘scandal,’ reporter contends”

3/31/1999 “Clinton visit helps tourism at Hope center”

3/31/1999 “Killing of Albanians weakens Serb claim on Kosovo, U.S. says”

3/31/1999 “Stay the course”

3/31/1999 “Says he wants to be vaccinated against the ‘Melissa’ virus…”

3/31/1999 “Why are we involved?”

3/31/1999 “Plenty of time to finish assignment”

3/31/1999 “Another player in the melodrama”

File 7 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette April 1999

4/1/1999 “Friend affirms McDougal’s portrait of relentless prosecution”

4/1/1999 “‘HillaryNo.Com’ a hit, mayor says”

4/1/1999 “Clinton sees himself living in New York”

4/1/1999 “Lewinsky inquiry cost more than $6 million, auditors say”

4/2/1999 “Scoundrels in office have firm foothold”

4/2/1999 “Let Clinton lead the troops”

4/2/1999 “Try this presidential quiz”

4/2/1999 “Avoid Slick Willie term”

4/2/1999 “Altering U.S. behavior”

4/3/1999 “McDougal witness, prosecutor spar”

4/4/1999 “Chinese general linked to funds for Clinton campaign”

4/6/1999 “McDougal case testimony wraps up”

4/6/1999 “NATO steps up bombing as clouds abate”

4/6/1999 “Thousands attend White House egg roll”

4/7/1999 “Cease-fire assertion fails to halt airstrikes”

4/7/1999 “U.S. base on Cuba will house 20,000 Kosovar Albanians”

4/7/1999 “McDougal’s ‘sincere beliefs’ don’t count, judge says”

4/7/1999 “Legislators say Green lied about Democratic campaign fund-raising”

4/7/1999 “Russia, Greece bitter about U.S., NATO intervention in Kosovo”

4/8/1999 “McDougal vilified, touted in lawyers’ closing words”

4/8/1999 “Clinton advises China critics to back off for premier’s visit”

4/8/1999 “Starr to testify on independent council law”

4/8/1999 “Bill increasing authority of drug czar stalls in Senate committee”

4/8/1999 “U.S. names Serbs who could face prosecution”

4/8/1999 “Raging propaganda war entangles NATO Pentagon”

4/8/1999 “Bombing cost puts GOP in quandary”

4/8/1999 “Red Cross seeks Albanian interpreters”

4/8/1999 “Yugoslavs close borders, stem refugee exodus”

4/9/1999 “McDougal team, prosecutors on tenterhooks”

4/9/1999 “Clinton, premier discuss differences on Taiwan, rights”

4/9/1999 “Yellow ribbons, letters to support McDougal vex some in Camden”

4/10/1999 “Juror with law book throws McDougal trial into a spin”

4/10/1999 “Day’s twist inspires hand-wringing, bets”

4/10/1999 “Clinton leads push for patients’ rights”

4/10/1999 “Nine lawmakers press Clinton to reconsider use of ground troops”

4/13/1999 “Clinton cited for contempt”

4/13/1999 “Other charges leave jurors at an impasse”

4/13/1999 “McDougal, kin, pals party hardy”

4/13/1999 “Ministers ponder how to keep alive 700,000 in Kosovo”

4/13/1999 “Clinton praises U.S. air warriors”

4/13/1999 “The complete text of Judge Susan Webber Wright’s opinion, order”

4/14/1999 “Serb forces cross border, battle Albanians”

4/14/1999 “Judge’s Clinton ruling right call, lawyers say”

4/14/1999 “Russia firm in opposing NATO raids”

4/14/1999 “Congress bows to Clinton on Kosovo policy, for now”

4/14/1999 “Starr to urge senators to let independent counsel law expire”

4/14/1999 “U.S. judge rules against Hubbell in 3rd indictment”

4/14/1999 “Clintons fork over $89,951 for ’98 taxes, 17% of their $504,109 income”

4/14/1999 “2 charges still pending on McDougal”

4/15/1999 “Inquiry law futile, Starr tells senators”

4/15/1999 “House adopts budget sure to roil Clinton”

4/15/1999 “Hilary Rodham Clinton is writing another book, this time detailing how she…”

4/15/1999 “Quayle declares bid in race for presidency”

4/15/1999 “Retirement plan offers $300 tax credit”

4/17/1999 “Former fund-raiser to get subpoena”

4/18/1999 “Starr inquiries may go to Justice Department”

4/19/1999 “Starr lames LR for acquittal”

4/19/1999 “Milosevic must go, Clinton says”

4/19/1999 “President Clinton, proposing legislation to protect the elderly…”

4/20/1999 “Hillary Clinton starts campaignlike swing”

4/24/1999 “President and other heads of state are introduced at the opening…”

4/24/1999 “D.C. summit on war marks anniversary”

4/24/1999 “NATO feels the presence of Russians”

4/24/1999 (caption)”President Clinton listens during opening statements Friday…”

4/25/1999 “Embargo on oil runs into snags at NATO”

4/25/1999 “Clinton’s legacy, fate of Kosovo are intertwining”

4/25/1999 “President Clinton pauses at his seats as French President…”

4/26/1999 “Monica Lewinsky’s publicist says the former White House….”

4/26/1999 “NATO pledges to defend allies near Yugoslavia”

4/26/1999 “First lady Hilary Rodham Clinton joined Cherie Blair…”

4/28/1999 “Clinton unveils plan for new gun controls”

4/28/1999 “Reservists get call to active duty”

4/28/1999 “Surgeon, DNA scientist receive national medals”

4/28/1999 “Guns grab focus of safe school debate”

4/28/1999 “Focus turns to three teens stopped near school attack”

4/29/1999 “Congress rejects declaring war or pulling troops”

4/30/1999 “Lewinsky story nets prize for Newsweek reporter”

File 8 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette May 1999

5/3/1999 “Willey’s credibility focus of latest Starr case”

5/3/1999 “Clinton jokes with White House press”

5/4/1999 “Release of GIs won’t stop bombing, Clinton says”

5/4/1999 “Starr team’s ‘runaway train’ victimized Steele, defense says”

5/5/1999 “Clinton’s ‘hands were all over me,’ Willey says at trial”

5/5/1999 “Dole, Clinton camps to be billed”

5/6/1999 “Willey tells of fear of Clinton’s lawyer”

5/6/1999 (picture) “Clinton, in Germany, meets with former POWs”

5/6/1999 “Clinton, in Germany, exhorts U.S. troops to thwart ‘evil’”

5/6/1999 “Kosovar refugees reach Fort Dix”

5/6/1999 “Pounding by NATO continues”

5/7/1999 “House OKs $13.1 billion for Kosovo operation”

5/7/1999 “FBI man: Starr didn’t give agents leeway to nail more Arkansans”

5/7/1999 “Russia shapes terms; now it’s up to Milosevic”

5/7/1999 “Clinton hears refugees recall terror”

5/7/1999 “3 captives beaten with rifles, punched, kicked, Pentagon says”

5/12/1999 “2 Arkansans tied to China cash”

5/12/1999 “Campaign”

5/15/1999 “Senate approves gun show checks”

5/15/1999 “Clinton, Chinese leader try to repair damaged ties”

5/15/1999 “Both parties see leverage in financing of airstrikes”

5/15/1999 “Hillary Clinton speaks with Kosovo refugees, tells of U.S. aid package”

5/17/1999 “Lawyers say Trie gave funds for access”

5/17/1999 “Russians shrug off impeachment”

5/18/1999 “Trie guilty only ‘if ambition is a crime,’ defense says”

5/18/1999 “Tucker told to pay $1 million in restitution”

5/18/1999 “Bold in war, Barak cautious in politics”

5/18/1999 “Clinton vows backing for Barak, reissues call for talks with Arafat”

5/19/1999 “$15 billion OK’d for Kosovo, storm aid”

5/19/1999 “GOP aims to make its own all U.S. House seats in state”

5/19/1999 “Dole, Mitchell head panel urging death of Independent Counsel Act”

5/19/1999 “Apaches likely to remain on sidelines, Clinton says”

5/20/1999 “Pork-salted war bill taps Social Security reserves, has few fans”

5/20/1999 “Clinton orders inquiry into 6 rocket flubs”

5/20/1999 “Jordan’s new king asks congressmen for aid”

5/20/1999 “Yeltsin’s man gets easy OK in Duma”

5/20/1999 “Allies diverge on path to end of fighting”

5/20/1999 “Asa Hutchinson’s bill would ban ‘soft money’”

5/21/1999 “Senate approves youth crime measure”

5/21/1999 “Gore breaks tie on sales at gun shows”

5/21/1999 “Book airs recent classified documents, worries officials”

5/21/1999 “House vote sends bill on anti-missile defense system to Clinton”

5/21/1999 “New INS rule eases claims to residency”

5/21/1999 “First lady is close to forming exploratory panel, sources say”

5/21/1999 “Shootings ‘pierced soul’ of U.S., Clinton tells Littleton mourners”

5/21/1999 “Senate votes 64-36 to fund Balkan war, pet projects at home”

5/22/1999 “Airstrikes breaking Serb will, allies say”

5/22/1999 “Tire pleads guilty to 2 counts”

5/22/1999 “Democrats push for juvenile justice bill”

5/22/1999 “Panel’s subpoena catches up to Trie outside LR court”

5/22/1999 “Starr lawyers want charge against Hubbell reinstated”

5/23/1999 “Lawmaker delved deep to lay bare China spying”

5/23/1999 “Steele juror calls evidence ‘persuasive’”

5/24/1999 “British official suggests bombs won’t be enough”

5/24/1999 “New rules to let states fund family leave”

5/25/1999 “First lady says that after D.C. she’ll live in NY”

5/25/1999 “Lawmakers seek quick ruling on legality of bombing”

5/26/1999 “Tightening lab security, Clinton says”

5/26/1999 “Won’t retry McDougal on contempt counts, Starr says”

5/26/1999 “Huang to say he’s guilty in plea deal”

5/26/1999 “GOP House leaders break with NRA on bill”

5/26/1999 “Espionage report further impairs U.S.-China links”

5/27/1999 “Vote revealed holes in tax backers’ ‘perfect strategy’”

5/27/1999 “Hubbell is big fish Starr not likely to let off hook”

5/27/1999 “U.N. tribunal to cite atrocities, sources report”

5/27/1999 “Senate freezes base closings; Pentagon frets”

5/27/1999 “Clinton approval ratings slips to 53% in poll”

5/27/1999 “Ex-defense chief delivers Clinton note to N. Korea”

5/27/1999 “First lady talks of ‘painful’ experience”

5/27/1999 “House measure guards Social Security funds”

5/28/1999 “Indictment lets Serbs know source of suffering, Clinton says”

5/29/1999 “Kashmir conflict raises nuclear concern”

5/29/1999 “If first lady runs, she could face ‘nasty battle’ against NY mayor”

5/29/1999 “Clinton poll ratings drop as war raises Americans’ anxiety”

5/30/1999 “Forbes spends $10 million in earliest-ever presidential ad blitz”

5/30/1999 “Clinton speech champions environment”

5/31/1999 “First lady ‘still thinking’ about Senate seat”

5/31/1999 “Maryland prosecutors seek Tripp tapes”

5/31/1999 “‘Three-headed White House’ has aides taking sides over goals”

5/31/1999 “Clintons plan to live in NY, first lady says”

File 9 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette June 1-15, 1999

6/1/1999 “President includes Kosovo in reflections on Memorial Day”

6/2/1999 “Hubbell pleads innocent in alleged cover-up of land deal”

6/2/1999 (picture) “President Clinton applauds Arthur Sawe…”

6/2/1999 “Examine violence fed to kids in entertainment, Clinton orders agencies”

6/2/1999 “First lady talks to potential campaign staff”

6/2/1999 “$3billion welfare pool sits mostly untouched”

6/3/1999 “China trade sure to spark lively debate in Congress”

6/3/1999 “Students urge Hillary Clinton to ‘run’ for NY Senate seat”

6/3/1999 “Judges reinstate perjury charge against Hubbell”

6/3/1999 “Gun buyers should be 21, Clinton says”

6/3/1999 “Envoys lay peace plan before Milosevic”

6/3/1999 “‘Saddened’ Clinton offers condolences, prayers, help”

6/4/1999 “Milosevic bends, OKs peace plan”

6/4/1999 “First lady to take next step to Senate”

6/4/1999 “Clinton pushes to keep close trade relations with China”

6/4/1999 “Washington hopeful, but skeptical of deal”

6/5/1999 “First lady officially says she’ll explore run for N.Y. Senate seat”

6/5/1999 “Clintons go on the air to push gun control”

6/5/1999 “Berry aide may challenge Dickey”

6/5/1999 “Clinton bypasses Senate, names gay businessman U.S. ambassador”

6/5/1999 “Arkansas’ delegation cautiously hopeful for Kosovo peace”

6/6/1999 “Time running out on law for independent counsel”

6/7/1999 “President honoring vow to change, ministers say”

6/7/1999 “Clinton ups foreign security request”

6/8/1999 “President Clinton plans to nominate Delano Lewis…”

6/8/1999 “Mental illness called ‘last stigma’”

6/8/1999 “Paula Jones’ husband files for divorce”

6/9/1999 “Movie theaters put ‘restricted’ back in R rating”

6/9/1999 “Clinton to pitch plan for Medicare to pay some medicine costs”

6/9/1999 “Hastert calls for GOP unity in House”

6/9/1999 “Defense bill riders in Senate could control Balkan policy”

6/9/1999 (picture) “President Clinton leads President Arpad Goncz…”

6/9/1999 “After 8 powers OK plan, generals turn to details of pullout”

6/10/1999 “Deal signed to end war in Balkans”

6/10/1999 “President Clinton and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak…”

6/10/1999 “Kasich would let workers risk part of Social Security”

6/10/1999 “Clinton blasts racial profiling, wants data kept”

6/10/1999 “NRA diluted gun bill, Democrats say”

6/10/1999 “Huckabee says he’d ‘love to host’ New York’s Giuliani”

6/10/1999 “Bill blocks labor-union leanings in federal contracts”

6/10/1999 “NATO plans five sectors for Kosovo; Russians out”

6/10/1999 “House hails Kosovo peace deal but still debates cutoff of funds”

6/11/1999 “NATO halts Yugoslav bombardment”

6/11/1999 “Hilary Rodham Clinton, the first lady, has postponed a trip later this month…”

6/11/1999 “Mississippi governor reveals divorce plans”

6/11/1999 “Clinton vows to ‘finish job, build peace’”

6/11/1999 “Perilous mission awaiting ground troops, Cohen says”

6/11/1999 “Letter from Clinton wins House support for Kosovo mission”

6/11/1999 “Frightened Serbs flee before Albanians return”

6/12/1999 “Kremlin says troop arrival ‘unfortunate’”

6/12/1999 “Mayors prod House speaker to push for tighter gun laws”

6/13/1999 “Clintons face Starr report, no indictment, insiders say”

6/13/1999 “Report hints at secret smallpox stores”

6/13/1999 “U.S. downplays Russian presence”

6/14/1999 “Russians block British forces as tension rises”

6/14/1999 “Russian peace role evolving, U.S. says”

6/15/1999 “NATO troops push forward”

6/15/1999 “President Clinton will travel to a half dozen states by the end of July…”

6/15/1999 “U.S., Russia to hold Kosovo talks”

6/15/1999 “Prohibition on casino ads illegal, high court rules”

6/15/1999 “Report blasts pace of security upgrade at U.S. nuclear labs”

6/15/1999 “Hillary Clinton setting up campaign fund”

6/15/1999 “Senate won’t contest Chinese trade status”

6/15/1999 “Fund-raiser arraigned on conspiracy charge”

6/15/1999 “GOP splits gun, youth crime legislation”

6/15/1999 “Gore slams NRA for trying to stop tougher gun laws”

6/15/1999 “Serbs leaving; peacekeepers find 81 graves”

6/15/1999 “S. Korea reports sinking N. Korea boat”

File 10- Arkansas Democrat Gazette June 16-30, 2009

6/16/1999 “Baptists blast Clinton over gay proclamation”

6/16/1999 “Suit claiming library funds illegal taxes goes to trial”

6/16/1999 “Gore to announce candidacy”

6/16/1999 “India tries to cut guerrillas’ supply lines”

6/16/1999 “U.S. planes observe standoff of 2 Koreas”

6/17/1999 “Candidate Gore offers his ‘moral leadership’”

6/17/1999 “Rescind decree on gay pride, Baptists urge”

6/17/1999 “Social Security bill blocked in Senate”

6/17/1999 “GOP senator, president reach recess-appointments agreement”

6/17/1999 “Senate panel OKs terms of nuclear waste proposal”

6/17/1999 “Clinton faces 3 big diplomatic challenges on European journey”

6/18/1999 “Troop pullout sets off fear of retaliation”

6/18/1999 “Gore ‘all for’ Senate run by first lady”

6/18/1999 “U.S. backs tough terms to lift ban on Iraqi oil sales, but Russia objects”

6/18/1999 “French leader sides with Clinton on plan to deny Belgrade aid”

6/18/1999 “Russia’s role in Kosovo still unresolved”

6/18/1999 “China not impressed with U.S. envoy’s report on airstrike”

6/18/1999 “Private sex life, political upshot”

6/18/1999 “Clinton calls Berry from Paris, urges support for gun control”

6/19/1999 “President Clinton blocked plans to relocate the American…”

6/19/1999 “Agreement gives Russian troops role in Kosovo”

6/19/1999 “House kills gun control bill”

6/19/1999 “World powers discuss Kosovo, back easing 33 nations’ debts”

6/20/1999 “Gore trying to shake off No. 2 image in campaign”

6/20/1999 “Russia blocks world leaders’ stand against aid to Milosevic”

6/20/1999 “Milosevic keeps critic on board to delay crisis”

6/21/1999 “Russia, U.S. considering arms treaty”

6/21/1999 (picture) “President Clinton looks on before the final communiqué…”

6/21/1999 “U.S. asks Philippines to extradite indicted donor to Clinton”

6/21/1999 “President rejects talk that 1st lady may move”

6/21/1999 “Yeltsin gives Russian report on JFK assassination to U.S.”

6/21/1999 “Energy chief rejects call for new agency”

6/21/1999 “Clinton visit feather in cap to Slovenia”

6/22/1999 “State would benefit from aviation bill”

6/22/1999 “Slovenia hailed as model for Serbia”

6/22/1999 “U.S. to pull out 300 warplanes in NATO action”

6/23/1999 “Kosovo rebel takes hard line on arms accord”

6/23/1999 “Senate OKs paying U.N. almost $1billion owed by U.S.”

6/23/1999 “Former Sen. Pryor tells of journey to Albania to aid Kosovo refugees”

6/23/1999 “Clinton offers campaign support to Democrats backing gun control”

6/23/1999 “GOP lawmakers shoot down bid for new gun control provisions”

6/23/1999 “‘More needs to be done’ to secure nuclear labs”

6/23/1999 “In camps, Clinton told by refugees of torture, killings”

6/24/1999 “First lady listed as Starr witness for Hubbell trial”

6/24/1999 “Anti-Saddam groups need guns, not office gear, committee hears”

6/24/1999 “Hillary Clinton on cover: What led NY to ax site for party?”

6/25/1999 “Monica Lewinsky has been questioned by Maryland…”

6/25/1999 “House votes to make police seizure of property harder”

6/25/1999 “High court disbars Hollingsworth”

6/25/1999 “Golly, Mr. President, it’s wrong Golisano”

6/26/1999 “Clinton shifts attention back to home front”

6/26/1999 “Situation in Kosovo ‘a ticking time bomb’”

6/26/1999 “N. Korea denies access to American arrested last week, U.S. says”

6/27/1999 “Law that gave nation Starr at death’s door”

6/27/1999 “White House alerted to stolen nuclear secrets in July 1995”

6/27/1999 “Judge orders Starr to turn over Tripp tapes”

6/27/1999 “Gore, Clinton camps talk of friction”

6/27/1999 “‘Macedonia is hanging by a thread’”

6/28/1999 “Senators fault White House in spy case”

6/28/1999 “Plan to use surpluses to fix Social Security”

6/28/1999 “U.S. bill for airstrikes put at up to $4 billion; aftermath costly, too”

6/29/1999 “Guilty plea expected from Hubbell”

6/29/1999 “President Clinton will meet with Australian Prime Minister John Howard…”

6/29/1999 “$1.1 trillion surplus fires up president”

6/29/1999 “Slash debt, aid Social Security, Medicare, he says”

6/29/1999 “Clinton scoffs at talk of 2002 Senate bid”

6/29/1999 “Kosovars give up arms to NATO in peace move”

6/29/1999 “Gore would wage new cancer war”

6/30/1999 “Clinton includes drug coverage in Medicare plan”

6/30/1999 “Hubbell plea punctuates end of independent counsel law”

End of Box 2

Box 3

File 1 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette July 1-15, 1999

7/1/1999 “Hubbell pleads guilty, concludes Starr war”

7/1/1999 “He gets 1 year of probation; inquiry focus on state end”

7/1/1999 “Panel OKs Clinton’s U.N. pick”

7/1/1999 “Starr: ‘The agreed-upon disposition is just and appropriate’”

7/1/1999 “Hubbell: ‘Finally, it’s over for everyone…life begins again’”

7/1/1999 “Hubbell tax debt huge but tough to collect”

7/1/1999 “Complex story behind Hubbell plea”

7/1/1999 “Budget surplus less than Clinton reckons, Congress’ experts say”

7/2/1999 “Democratic contributor acquitted of illegal giving”

7/2/1999 “HMOs mull Medicare cuts, group says”

7/2/1999 “Palestinians have right to choose, Clinton says”

7/2/1999 “Reporter’s tough questions reaps compliments from the president”

7/2/1999 “Clinton denies friction with Gore over issues”

7/2/1999 “Russia asserts post-Cold War power, pushes role in Kosovo”

7/2/1999 “Foundation in ‘early stages,’ laying groundwork for new Clinton library”

7/2/1999 “Prosecutors: Hubbell arrears hard to figure”

7/2/1999 “Whitewater dries up”

7/2/1999 “Clinton continues his deceptive practices”

7/4/1999 “Starr leaves, but legacy remains”

7/4/1999 “Has no regrets, says counsel’s chief deputy”

7/4/1999 “Questions arise over travel costs as first lady mulls Senate race”

7/4/1999 “Lawyers penalized after Whitewater inquiry”

7/4/1999 “Whitewater Investigation Time Line”

7/5/1999 “Captured mountaintop stronghold, India claims”

7/5/1999 “House GOP touts tax incentive plan to help poor”

7/5/1999 “Tour to take close look at poverty in America”

7/5/1999 “Assumptions behind surpluses worry some”

7/5/1999 “President Clinton and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif…”

7/5/1999 “Pakistani forces to withdraw, U.S. official says”

7/7/1999 “Clinton pushes for investment in Delta region”

7/7/1999 “Ballistic missile system has kinks, critics, fans”

7/7/1999 “Barak takes the helm, pledges to seek peace”

7/7/1999 “First lady files papers, opens ‘listening tour’”

7/7/1999 (picture) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton talks during the AFL-CIO…”

7/7/1999 “GOP bill includes tax relief for people caring for elderly”

7/7/1999 “Bin Laden got millions from Saudis, sources say”

7/7/1999 “Sanctions imposed on Afghan Taliban”

7/7/1999 “Rebels vow to fight till death in Kashmir”

7/7/1999 “At a glance”

7/8/1999 “Mrs. Clinton courts voters in New York”

7/8/1999 “GOP proposes to cut top tax on capital gains to 15%”

7/8/1999 “$1 trillion surplus pie in sky, experts say”

7/8/1999 “Clinton keys on jobs, housing during visit to Indian reservation”

7/8/1999 “Veterans Affairs head said to be job-hunting”

7/8/1999 “Sierra Leone leader, rebel sign accord”

7/8/1999 “‘Travelers’ ready to blaze trail again”

7/9/1999 “Hillary Clinton apparently crossed off Arkansas long ago”

7/9/1999 “Businesses should invest in youths, Clinton says”

7/9/1999 “Nation unprepared for terrorist strike, says ex-CIA chief”

7/10/1999 “Barak not ready to act on accord”

7/10/1999 “Proposal would trim income taxes”

7/10/1999 “Clinton speech ushers in debate on HMO rules”

7/10/1999 “Farmer, last of civil rights Big Four, dies”

7/10/1999 “India shoves guerrillas from sectors of Kashmir”

7/10/1999 “Clinton speech ushers in debate on HMO rules”

7/11/1999 “Clinton, Gore coming to LR for fund-raiser”

7/11/1999 “Chants for, against first lady overwhelm campaign stop”

7/11/1999 “Missions strain U.S. military that is shrinking”

7/12/1999 “Legislators hear: Prescription coverage, yes; tax cuts, maybe”

7/12/1999 “Clinton opposing GOP tax cuts”

7/12/1999 “Global economics leaving the poor behind, U.N. report finds”

7/12/1999 “Summit”

7/14/1999 “President Clinton will discuss gun control”

7/14/1999 “Railway drifter sought in deaths of 8 surrenders”

7/14/1999 “Paula Jones’ plastic surgeon demanded sex, aide claims”

7/14/1999 “House GOP tax relief package a mistake, Clinton says”

7/14/1999 “U.S. will push for peace in Africa”

7/14/1999 “Barak wants U.S. to lessen Mideast role”

7/14/1999 “Lincoln leery of her party’s ‘patients’ bill of rights

7/14/1999 “NATO may halve its forces in Bosnia”

7/14/1999 “Islamic militants shell key Kashmir road while putting back”

7/15/1999 “Clinton hopes to ease route to food stamps”

7/15/1999 “Clinton’s initial fund-raiser for Gore comes Aug. 6-8 at LR”

7/15/1999 “Clinton meets today with Israel’s Barak”

7/15/1999 “China inquiry hindered by missteps, report says”

7/15/1999 “Republicans to attach deduction for Medicare drugs to tax cut bill”

File 2 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette July 16-31, 1999

7/16/1999 “Senate passes no-sue version of HMO law”

7/16/1999 “Barak assures Clinton he’ll implement Middle East accords”

7/16/1999 “House votes to raise salary of Congress’ double president’s”

7/17/1999 “Bush bests Gore in cash raised in state”

7/17/1999 “HMO bill does little for most”

7/17/1999 “President’s Clinton reappoints Federal Reserve Chairman”

7/17/1999 “Clinton plan to rebuild schools has state in line for $191 million”

7/17/1999 “George Brown, oldest member of the U.S. House, dead at 79”

7/17/1999 “Albright stresses U.S. role in peace after seeing Barak”

7/18/1999 “Cohen cancels Albania trip, fears attacks”

7/18/1999 “Clinton warns against GOP tax cuts”

7/20/1999 “President, Barak see eye to eye”

7/20/1999 “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, considering a run for a U.S. Senate seat…”

7/20/1999 “Welcoming soccer champs President Clinton is presented a U.S. Women’s…”

7/20/1999 “Search measures in JFK Jr. crash typical, experts say…”

7/21/1999 “Barak promises Israeli pullback from West Bank”

7/21/1999 “Clinton Avenue to go the whole 9 yards, board decides”

7/21/1999 “Clinton urges nation’s lawyers to advance civil rights”

7/22/1999 “GOP deal would put debt rider on tax cut”

7/22/1999 “Clinton vows to veto ‘risky’ GOP tax cuts”

7/22/1999 “F-22 doomed if delayed, official says”

7/22/1999 “Clintons to attend memorial Mass for JFK Jr.”

7/23/1999 “$792 billion tax cut clears House”

7/23/1999 “Clinton Avenue foes not thorough yet”

7/23/1999 “Clinton urges smaller cut to help Medicare survive”

7/23/1999 “Cohen gave OK for Navy to carry out burial at sea”

7/23/1999 “Clinton’s attorney recalls year of ‘Lewinsky typhoon’”

7/24/1999 “President Clinton and his family plan a fifth summer vacation…”

7/24/1999 “Conviction of Schaffer is restored”

7/24/1999 “Monarch of Morocco dies at 70”

7/24/1999 “On word of threat, FBI closes doors to tourists”

7/24/1999 “JFK Jr., like father, said to have had every gift but years”

7/24/1999 “Clinton wrong on JFK Jr. trips to White House”

7/24/1999 “Hopeful blasts Starr’s plan to give speech to think tank”

7/25/1999 “Tax bills give help in billions to business”

7/25/1999 “Residents of N.Y. area take stock of Clintons”

7/25/1999 “Gore touts EPA plan to improve air quality index health warnings”

7/25/1999 “Democrats plan push for soft money”

7/25/1999 “Thousands gather at palace gates to mourn Moroccan king”

7/25/1999 “Giuliani visit to mark trend of fund raising outside district”

7/25/1999 “Bill phases in business meal credit”

7/26/1999 “Leaders honor Hassan”

7/26/1999 “Relationship with press on again for Clinton”

7/26/1999 (picture) “President Clinton talks to reporters after his news conference Wednesday…”

7/26/1999 “Despite strained ties, U.S. firms step up lobbying on China trade”

7/26/1999 “U.S., China start to heal policy rifts”

7/26/1999 “Prospects for peace high in Middle East”

7/26/1999 “Clinton team rules out tax bill compromise”

7/26/1999 “Political campaigns see influx of new donors, cash”

7/27/1999 “U.S., Russia add second hot line as tensions ease”

7/27/1999 “‘Emergency’ tag lets Congress skirt limits”

7/27/1999 “Senate GOP vows tax-cut veto showdown”

7/27/1999 “Congress out to heal veteran care system”

7/27/1999 “President urges Assad to negotiate with Israel”

7/28/1999 “LR board does U-turn on Clinton Avenue”

7/28/1999 “NY mayor stumps in Clintons’ territory”

7/28/1999 “Hale off the hook after payment inquiry”

7/28/1999 “House accepts retaining China as trading partner”

7/28/1999 “U.S., Russia to talk nuclear arms reduction”

7/28/1999 “First lady stresses topics important to potential N.Y. voting blocs”

7/28/1999 “Hubbell could erase guilty plea to tax charge if Starr loses appeal”

7/29/1999 “Giuliani runs flag up pole, stirs flag”

7/29/1999 “Logjam over gun bill breaks open in Senate”

7/29/1999 “President would lose Senate race, poll says”

7/29/1999 “Sheriff bills for security at Clinton event”

7/29/1999 “Fighter pilot in line for NATO command”

7/29/1999 “Heed Bosnian mistakes, Kosovo told”

7/29/1999 “Giuliani nets $200,000 on Southern trip”

7/30/1999 “Court lies cost Clinton $90,686”

7/30/1999 “Compromise on tax-cut bill fails in Senate”

7/30/1999 “2 bills seek lower drug prices”

7/30/1999 “Russia hopes to restore forces”

7/30/1999 “Text of Judge Wright’s ruling on what Clinton must pay”

7/31/1999 “Tripp indicted for taping calls”

7/31/1999 (picture) “President Clinton addresses students at a high school in Sarajevo…”

7/31/1999 “Tax relief wins vote of Senate”

7/31/1999 “Panel eases NASA cuts, but budget remains off-course”

7/31/1999 “Firm unsure if it will ‘live with’ or appeal Clinton sanction, Jones lawyer says”

7/31/1999 “Leaks about NATO commander’s early departure ‘distress’ Clinton”

7/31/1999 “Summit chiefs foresee peace, united Europe”

File 3 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette August 1-15, 1999

8/1/1999 “Tax-cut gridlock could draw in voters””

8/1/1999 “Hubbell, Trie cases handed to judges Clinton appointed”

8/1/1999 “Clinton affair ‘sin of weakness,’ first lady says”

8/1/1999 “House drops bill provision on privacy”

8/1/1999 “Clinton to cite new data to inspire finishing ‘the job of welfare reform’”

8/1/1999 “First lady keeps mum on Giuliani”

8/2/1999 “Congress gridlock deepens”

8/2/1999 “Monica Lewinsky suffered scrapes and bruises Sunday…”

8/2/1999 “Hatch criticizes link of judges and friends”

8/2/1999 “Hubbell: Starr staff asked of Clintons’ sex life”

8/3/1999 “Lawmakers to craft farm aid bill”

8/3/1999 “First lady ties Clinton’s infidelity to childhood conflict”

8/3/1999 “NY council out to limit flag flying at City Hall”

8/3/1999 (picture) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton listens to Maria Gomez…”

8/3/1999 “Talk magazine celebrates kickoff”

8/3/1999 “Judge tells how cases assigned”

8/3/1999 “Comic to warn Kosovo kids of land mines”

8/3/1999 “Airports in NY, LA can offer Cuba flights soon, legislator says”

8/6/1999 “$792 billion tax cut squeaks by”

8/6/1999 “Clinton due in LR to swell Gore coffers”

8/6/1999 “Clinton names 2 lead architects for library, designer for exhibits”

8/6/1999 “Arkansan questioned in ’96 race takes Fifth”

8/6/1999 “Holbrooke confirmed as U.N. ambassador”

8/6/1999 “Health-care proposal gets bipartisan push”

8/6/1999 “GOP to ‘spend what’s left’ of surplus, lawmaker says”

8/6/1999 “Endowment for arts survives Senate vote”

8/6/1999 “Hatch wants inquiry into case assignments”

8/7/1999 “Clinton in state for work, some play”

8/7/1999 “Tax cut wrangle is tip of surplus-battle iceberg”

8/7/1999 (picture) “President Clinton gets a hug from a young supporter Friday…”

8/7/1999 “Clinton urges government to revive U.S. after drought”

8/7/1999 “Kremlin called ’63 Oswald letter fake”

8/7/1999 “Hillary Clinton denounces GOP tax plan”

8/7/1999 “Searcy man leads Gore campaign”

8/7/1999 “Starr investigation an inquiry looking for a crime, Hubbell tells bar association”

8/7/1999 “Congress redrawing battle lines in fight to kill F-22 programs”

8/7/1999 “Clinton, GOP heading toward showdown over tax cut bill”

8/8/1999 “Clinton, Gore team up at fund-raiser”

8/8/1999 “Revisiting Delta, Clinton offers promise”

8/8/1999 “Nation’s governors gather in St. Louis”

8/8/1999 “Must keep eye on Saddam, analysts say”

8/8/1999 “Lawyers debate role of truth in law”

8/8/1999 “Clinton, Gore hit downtown streets to talk, raise cash”

8/8/1999 “Huckabee backs Congress’ tax cut plan”

8/9/1999 “President caps trip with visit to ‘home church,’ LR café”

8/9/1999 “Clinton warns tax plan would raise interest rates”

8/9/1999 “GOP leaders seek to avoid repeat of government shutdowns in ‘95”

8/9/1999 “U.S. forms group to fight propaganda”

8/10/1999 “Starr pledges to conclude investigation before vote”

8/10/1999 “Clinton attacks Congress while GOP home touting tax-cut plan”

8/10/1999 “Talks at conference ease minds of GOP governors”

8/11/1999 “Lewinsky ‘immature,’ Starr says on Today

8/11/1999 “U.S. urges India, Pakistan to renew talks to ease tension”

8/12/1999 “Clinton-Gore visit cost city but was also a moneymaker”

8/12/1999 “Steele’s legal fees not government’s problem”

8/12/1999 (picture) “Presidential recognition “

8/13/1999 “President Clinton signed a law pledging $10 million over…”

8/13/1999 “Donations to Clinton fund drying up”

8/13/1999 “Barak wants to move past interim deals to final peace”

8/13/1999 “Fund-raiser pleads guilty to violations”

8/13/1999 “First lady takes look at $1.7 million home”

8/14/1999 “Deal seeks halt to test of missile”

8/14/1999 “Veterans honor sailors killed in ’44 explosion”

8/14/1999 “Pentagon revises ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’”

8/15/1999 “GOP lawmaker recalls White House scandal, role in impeachment”

File 4 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette August 16-31, 1999

8/16/1999 “Young Democrats seek new hurrahs”

8/16/1999 (picture) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton greets a possible future neighbor…”

8/16/1999 “Clintons go house-hunting in NY area”

8/16/1999 “Test gun buyers, Reno says”

8/16/1999 “Rwanda, Uganda fight it out in Congo”

8/17/1999 “Starr report to cap year of hubbub”

8/17/1999 “U.S. weighs response as nuclear rivals clash”

8/17/1999 “Clintons might be able to afford house after all”

8/17/1999 “Giuliani says GOP to gain in delayed race”

8/17/1999 “Budget cuts imperil soldiers, Clinton says”

8/17/1999 “Fighting escalates in Congo”

8/17/1999 “U.S. denies urging Israeli pullback”

8/17/1999 “Don’t make waves, gays advise new U.S. envoy”

8/18/1999 “Starr told Justice can’t finish his work”

8/18/1999 “Negotiators agree to draft prisoner-release list”

8/18/1999 “First lady to attend Texas fund-raiser”

8/18/1999 “Pres. Clinton signed an $8.4 billion spending bill to underwrite…”

8/19/1999 “Report saying teen drug use fell in 1998 fuels optimism”

8/19/1999 “Judges vote 2-1 to keep Starr’s investigation open”

8/19/1999 “Bush asked about drug use in past 7 years; he says no”

8/19/1999 “Arkansan is selected chief sleuth”

8/19/1999 “Tripp seeks dismissal of wiretap indictment”

8/20/1999 “Bush to questioners: No drug use in past 25 years”

8/20/1999 “Stalled legal nominee White House counsel”

8/20/1999 “Even if Starr quits, his influence will be felt in final report”

8/20/1999 “Clintons plan full slate on birthday jaunt”

8/21/1999 “Clinton lends fund-raising hand to wife”

8/21/1999 “Questions linger about Sudan bombing”

8/22/1999 “Huckabee commuted 19 terms”

8/23/1999 “Race for cash first, Senate second”

8/24/1999 “Palestinians gain right of freer travel in talks”

8/24/1999 “AMA backs House plan for patients in HMOs”

8/24/1999 “Bret”

8/25/1999 “Clintons win case on appeal”

8/25/1999 “Bill would slow release of files”

8/25/1999 “Clinton and cocaine? ‘Never’”

8/25/1999 “Terrorists slow to take Clinton clemency offer”

8/28/1999 “Clintons traveling to NY in search of campaign cash”

8/28/1999 (picture) “Prince Andrew of Great Britain waves to reporters Friday…”

8/29/1999 “Starr, Justice Department fighting ruling on leaks, sources say”

8/29/1999 “Tax cuts risky for education, Clinton says”

8/30/1999 “Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern…”

8/30/1999 “In New York state, Clintons raise $400,000 for first lady’s campaign”

File 5 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette September 1-15, 1999

9/1/1999 “Graduate program sketched out for Clinton presidential library”

9/1/1999 “House hunt almost over for Clintons, sources say”

9/1/1999 “Clinton library team to get together in LR”

9/2/1999 “’97 library tax plan sprung on officials”

9/2/1999 “Fate of IMF loans to Russia uncertain, U.S. official says”

9/2/1999 “Clinton fund sent letter to Lewinsky’s dad”

9/2/1999 “Library architects see rainbow’s end in LR weed patch”

9/2/1999 “Rep. Hutchinson in lineup for weekend GOP gabfest”

9/3/1999 “Albright intervenes in Middle East”

9/3/1999 “Clintons sign papers on $1.7 million home”

9/4/1999 “Mideast foes reach pullback deal”

9/4/1999 “House-hunting Clintons get to buy with a little help from their friend”

9/4/1999 “Clinton seen as ‘master’ fund-raiser”

9/4/1999 “Panel of judges could pick Starr’s successor if he quits”

9/4/1999 “Naval base near Puerto Rico embroiled in political war”

9/4/1999 “Clinton clemency offer may hurt first lady”

9/5/1999 “Starr battle over, Hubbell must answer to IRS”

9/5/1999 “First lady favors ending clemency offer”

9/5/1999 “Clinton expresses confidence in Reno”

9/5/1999 “GOP tax cuts would ‘squander our surplus,’ Clinton says”

9/5/1999 “Hubbell owes $63, 274, state claims”

9/5/1999 “Hubbell tells his side via Web site”

9/8/1999 “Cisneros pleads guilty to lies to FBI”

9/8/1999 “12 of 14 Puerto Ricans accept Clinton conditions for clemency”

9/8/1999 “Clinton to ask Russia for slight changes in pact”

9/9/1999 “Counsel pursuing influence peddling questions Clinton”

9/9/1999 “Clinton passes milestone: Most traveled president”

9/9/1999 “GIs wouldn’t join U.N. in East Timor”

9/9/1999 “Yeltsin”

9/10/1999 “Clinton rolls out anti-crime grants”

9/10/1999 “State due $987,854 fro police”

9/10/1999 “GOP abandons drive for mammoth tax cut”

9/11/1999 “Cell doors open for 11 Clinton gave clemency”

9/11/1999 “Indonesia hints it may allow peacekeepers”

9/11/1999 “GOP weighs business credits to keep tax-cut push alive”

9/11/1999 “Clinton, China’s Jiang meet, target rifts”

9/11/1999 (picture) “President Clinton, daughter Chelsea and New Zealand…”

9/12/1999 “Clemency offer widens divide between Congress, Puerto Rico”

9/13/1999 “U.S. to have role in peacekeeping force”

9/13/1999 “No sign son used drugs, ex-President Bush says”

9/14/1999 “Hillary Clinton isn’t considering plastic surgery…”

9/14/1999 “Court sides with Starr in leaks case”

9/14/1999 “LR native, businessman jumps from I-430 bridge”

9/15/1999 “House OKs overhauling campaigns”

9/15/1999 “Senate vote blasts Clinton as hearings on clemency begin”

9/15/1999 “U.S. attorney taken off Waco siege case”

9/15/1999 “Bill OK’d for sanctions on arms aid to Iran”

9/15/1999 “Missile transfers may draw U.S. sanctions”

9/15/1999 “Peacekeepers need practice, Clinton says”

File 6 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette September 16-30, 1999

9/16/1999 “House OKs doubling pay for president”

9/16/1999 “GOP lambastes Clinton for Russia aid”

9/16/1999 “GOP tax bill awaits Clinton’s avowed veto”

9/16/1999 “U.S. sees pluses in E. Timor”

9/16/1999 “Defense bill OK’d by House revises Energy Department”

9/17/1999 “Clinton keeps grip on pages on clemencies”

9/17/1999 “Congress OKs raise for itself”

9/17/1999 “First lady’s brothers drop business venture in ex-Soviet republic”

9/17/1999 “Clinton OKs sending GIs to E. Timor”

9/18/1999 “Clinton relaxes sanctions in effect against N. Korea”

9/18/1999 “Justice Ginsburg, 66, has surgery for cancer”

9/18/1999 “GOP leaders agree to break cap, pour cash into programs”

9/19/1999 “Glitch in tax code could force 1 million to pay more next year”

9/19/1999 “Debate lingers on effect of U.S. troops, money for Haiti”

9/21/1999 “Clinton views Floyd flooding vows ‘family’ aid”

9/22/1999 “Clinton urges stronger U.N. effort to end atrocities”

9/22/1999 “Clemency of 14 not tied to politics, Clinton says”

9/23/1999 “Surplus tempting budgeters in capital”

9/23/1999 “Senate sends popular $288.9 billion defense bill to Clinton”

9/24/1999 “Senator vows to ‘go to war’ over air base”

9/24/1999 “President vetoes bill to cut taxes”

9/24/1999 “President Clinton met in Washington with Palestinian leader…”

9/24/1999 “Bush plan would stress modernizing U.S. defense”

9/24/1999 “White House unveils plan to stamp out money laundering”

9/24/1999 “U.S. officials quietly resigned to Kosovo’s eventual secession”

9/24/1999 “Bill to trim requests on social spending advances in House”

9/25/1999 “Clintons hope to make new deal to buy house in New York”

9/25/1999 “U.S. will likely send more soldiers to support peacekeepers, official says”

9/25/1999 “Clinton veto threatens tax-credit bill”

9/26/1999 “First lady brings old friends into game”

9/26/1999 “Clintons sought ex-aides’ help on house, sources say”

9/27/1999 “Foes bent on keeping Clinton in scandal light”

9/28/1999 “Republicans bend budget promises as time runs low”

9/28/1999 “Record surplus projected, but U.S. debt still growing”

9/28/1999 “Tripp sues White House, Pentagon over privacy issues”

9/29/1999 “Clinton writes end to Jones lawsuit”

9/29/1999 “Congress approves stopgap bill”

9/29/1999 “Clinton gives thanks for ‘unmerited forgiveness’”

9/29/1999 “Lawmaker wants facts on encounter”

9/30/1999 “President Clinton signed legislation that will double…”

9/30/1999 “Arkansas has big role in D.C. budget show”

9/30/1999 “U.S. seeks Iran’s help in finding terrorists”

9/30/1999 “Deputy counsel interviews to be Starr’s successor”

File 7 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette October 1-15, 1999

10/1/1999 “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, moving ahead with plans….”

10/1/1999 “President taking up for air base”

10/1/1999 “Cohen, Clinton call for inquiry into Korean War slaughter stories”

10/1/1999 “Clinton says pals feared hassles from house deal”

10/1/1999 “Clinton agreed to testify at Cisneros trial”

10/1/1999 “Disputes keep spending bills bottled up”

10/1/1999 “Clinton offers to free world’s poorest nations from debt owed to U.S.”

10/1/1999 “Closings may put blind out of work”

10/1/1999 “1 Senate vote kills rural health rider”

10/2/1999 “House says yes to $8.7 billion for farm reliefer”

10/2/1999 “Hopefuls court support of Christian Coalition”

10/2/1999 “Starr spent $7 million investigating Clinton during impeachment period”

10/2/1999 “Reply sought to Starr complaint”

10/6/1999 “Budget has Republicans squirming”

10/6/1999 “Delta delegation seeks to cultivate federal fields”

10/6/1999 “Pentagon to use pay package in defense bill to lure recruits”

10/8/1999 “First lady files candidacy paper”

10/8/1999 “Clinton prods Senate to OK test ban treaty”

10/8/1999 “Bargainers settle on a spending bill Clinton can OK”

10/9/1999 “Clinton asks Senate to table test-ban pact bound for sure defeat”

10/9/1999 “Clinton move stymies GOP nuclear labs security plan”

10/9/1999 “Clinton dedicates U.S. Embassy, stresses Canada’s unity, strength”

10/10/1999 “Suit throws language at Clinton library bid”

10/10/1999 “Candidates dig in mud to see what rivals can sling”

10/10/1999 “Clinton rips Senate on nominations”

10/14/1999 (picture) “President Clinton acknowledges greetings…”

10/14/1999 “Senate refuses to let U.S. join nuclear-testing ban”

10/14/1999 “$8.7 billion farm bailout a record, clears Congress”

10/15/1999 “Partisan GOP ‘reckless’ in ban vote, Clinton says”

10/15/1999 “Aide to replace Starr next week, sources say”

10/15/1999 “Pres. Clinton nominated Air Force Gen. Joseph Ralston…”

10/15/1999 “Sen. Hutchinson plays key role in vote downing test ban treaty”

10/15/1999 “Clintons make deal with mortgage company”

10/15/1999 “Democrats rally around vote”

File 8 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette October 16-31, 1999

10/16/1999 “White House calls Ray ‘dubious’ choice to succeed Starr”

10/17/1999 “Faubus drew FBI eyes in Red scare era, files show”

10/17/1999 “Steve Forbes, a Republican presidential candidate blamed President…”

10/17/1999 “Fund-raisers won’t ID Clinton library donors”

10/17/1999 “Clinton: Help disabled to work”

10/17/1999 “Poll: Popularity drops for first lady, Giuliani”

10/18/1999 “Vice President Gore, who adamantly defended his boss…”

10/18/1999 “Crime rate is lowest since ’69, FBI says”

10/18/1999 “U.S. will honor conditions of treaty, Albright says”

10/18/1999 “GOP, Democrats trade shots over test ban defeat”

10/19/1999 “Clinton veto brings GOP to the table”

10/19/1999 “Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first lady, said she won’t make her…”

10/19/1999 “Robert Ray succeeds Starr at independent counsel post”

10/19/1999 “Pledges top $20 million for library”

10/19/1999 “Panel’s support of bombing draws fire”

10/20/1999 “Republicans, Clinton budge on spending”

10/20/1999 “Giuliani hired Ray in 1988, left before he started work”

10/20/1999 “Puerto Rico governor rejects bombing range plan”

10/20/1999 “Gun control on the back burner in Congress”

10/21/1999 “President Clinton joined a ceremony on the White House lawn…”

10/21/1999 “Dole drops out of GOP race for president”

10/21/1999 “Report: Clemency offer raises threat to security”

10/21/1999 “Clinton to meet Barak, Arafat in Norway”

10/21/1999 “Budget talks begin amid party posturing”

10/22/1999 “Senate OKs partial-birth abortion ban”

10/22/1999 “GOP hustling on overdue spending bills”

10/22/1999 “Dickey, among targets in House, unrolls ‘poll’”

10/22/1999 “School vouchers for poor axed from education plan”

10/22/1999 “Pizza ad mocks Clinton’s Senate race effort”

10/22/1999 “Needed to hit Belgrade quick, hard, brass say”

10/22/1999 “Bradley offers $9.8 billion plan to lift children out of poverty”

10/22/1999 “Gore would further restrict offshore drilling”

10/23/1999 “President Clinton signed into law a record $8.7 billion package…”

10/23/1999 “Fund-raising Clinton a mainstay for Gore”

10/24/1999 “‘Honored to be in race,’ Mrs. Clinton says”

10/24/1999 “Clinton, GOP debate Social Security surplus as means to repay debt”

10/25/1999 “Sen. Hutchinson learns ‘how to play the game’”

10/25/1999 “Gephardt rejects talk of override on defense bill”

10/26/1999 “President signs bill, averts split in party”

10/26/1999 “First lady’s birthday doubles as fund-raiser”

10/26/1999 “U.S. offers tolerance to Afghan militia if bin Laden ousted”

10/26/1999 “Clinton orders drug cost study, criticizes industry ads”

10/26/1999 “Chafee, voice of reason in Senate, dies at 77”

10/27/1999 “President Clinton signed legislation”

10/27/1999 “GOP yields to add lawmakers’ salaries to universal budget cut”

10/27/1999 “U.S. has stake in Mideast aid, Cohen asserts”

10/28/1999 “President Clinton will travel to Rhode Island…”

10/28/1999 “Debater Gore says Clinton let him down”

10/28/1999 “Clinton aide asked that hat be passed illegally, fund-raiser alleges”

10/28/1999 “Clinton vows to help state keep ARKids First children insured”

10/28/1999 “House approves ban on assisted suicide”

10/28/1999 “$123 billion surplus finds both sides seeking credit”

10/28/1999 “Protesters stone Israeli soldiers”

10/28/1999 “Gunmen kill premier, seven others in Armenia”

10/29/1999 “Republicans push last spending bill through the House”

10/29/1999 “40,000 fewer cops to hit streets than Clinton program promised”

10/29/1999 “Trie, Huang profit through cooperating

10/29/1999 “Over Arab protests, Mauritania forges diplomatic ties with Israel

10/29/1999 “Helms won’t get documents on nominee

10/29/1999 “Clinton says his woes harm Gore campaign

10/30/1999 “Medical privacy rules don’t shield paper files

10/30/1999 “Senate OKs bill to extend $8.5 billion in tax breaks

10/30/1999 “Bo Diddley made sure Hillary Rodham Clinton had quite a day…”

10/30/1999 “Clinton willing to see delegation about base

10/30/1999 “Study shows how VA treats hepatitis”

10/30/1999 “Indisposed to sling mud from stump, Bradley says”

10/30/1999 “Bill on Caribbean, Africa trade falters in pivotal vote in Senate”

10/30/1999 “Court block on EPA smog, soot rules upheld”

File 9 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette November 1-15, 1999

11/1/1999 “GOP gambles Social Security will be safe”

11/1/1999 “Oslo talks Clinton’s bid for history”

11/2/1999 “Fund-raiser Trie gets home detention”

11/2/1999 “GOP spending tab seen as topping fiscal ’99 by 5.8%”

11/2/1999 “Clinton calls China, revives talks on trade”

11/2/1999 “Clinton won’t ‘rule out anything’ to aid Mideast peace effort”

11/2/1999 “Federal judge to rule if CIA must report budget total”

11/2/1999 “Clintons close deal on house in New York”

11/3/1999 “President Clinton will mark Tuesday’s 10th anniversary…”

11/3/1999 “Spending gets OK in Senate”

11/3/1999 “Peacemaking ‘revitalized,’ Clinton says”

11/3/1999 “Clinton runs late to meet royalty, Mideast leaders”

11/3/1999 “Did Asians expect political favors?”

11/4/1999 “Congress overruns ’97 limits on budget”

11/4/1999 “U.S. prodded state to clarify ARKids ‘eligibility’”

11/4/1999 “President, GOP spar on budget after veto”

11/4/1999 “U.S. will allow oil sales to Serbia if supervised free elections are held”

11/4/1999 “Congress’ work far from finished as session wanes”

11/5/1999 “Health care bill’s progress shows how power politics is played”

11/5/1999 “Usury limit likely to end in state soon”

11/5/1999 “With president on way, tiny Hermitage spruces up”

11/5/1999 “Republicans, White House hash out foreign aid differences”

11/6/1999 “Town rolls out the red crop for Clinton”

11/6/1999 (picture) “President Clinton laughs with Randy Clanton…”

11/6/1999 “Buses of fans crowd into Hermitage for once-in-a-lifetime look at president”

11/6/1999 “GOP, Clinton put heads together in budget talks”

11/6/1999 “First lady touts D.C. agenda at scene of rampage in LA”

11/6/1999 “Clinton to hold town meeting on Net”

11/6/1999 “Subsidy changes irk White House”

11/6/1999 “Bates gave photos, letters, files to Wisconsin historical society”

11/6/1999 “Delegation lauds legacy of civil-rights pioneer”

11/6/1999 “Lawmakers tie diverse items to bankruptcy bill”

11/6/1999 “House votes to lift payout by Medicare”

11/6/1999 “LR traffic halted for Clinton motorcade”

11/7/1999 “Parade, Hillary’s Choice”

11/9/1999 “Clinton sketches goals for Europe”

11/9/1999 (picture) “President Clinton speaks at Georgetown University in Washington”

11/9/1999 “Taxpayers might pay Espy’s legal fees”

11/9/1999 “First lady touts Senate candidacy in TV ad”

11/9/1999 “Bradley jabs Gore on health care”

11/9/1999 “Clinton logs on for town meeting in cyberspace”

11/10/1999 “Little Rock 9 recognized for heroism”

11/10/1999 “President Clinton signed a bill renaming the Old Executive Office…”

11/10/1999 “Senators vote to lift lowest pay”

11/10/1999 “Illegal-leak claims against Starr rejected”

11/10/1999 “Taliban leader: U.S. could feel God’s wrath”

11/10/1999 “New hurdles at budget talks dampen adjournment hopes”

11/10/1999 “Recipients’ Arkansas ties prompt Congress to let White House hold medal ceremony”

11/11/1999 “Clinton, Congress close budget gap, strike teacher deal”

11/11/1999 “Court rejects Smaltz bid to block Schaffer new-trial hearing”

11/11/1999 “Event offers Clinton chance to reminisce”

11/11/1999 “Greek protests delay, curtail Clinton trip”

11/11/1999 “Senate OKs bill to stiffen drug penalties”

11/11/1999 “First lady finds echoes of Senate race in Israel”

11/11/1999 “U.S. wants Israel to halt radar sales to China”

11/11/1999 “Albright declares nuclear test ban treaty ‘down but not out’”

11/11/1999 “Trie gains immunity, will testify about foreign campaign cash”

11/12/1999 “President Clinton confirmed Thursday that he will visit…”

11/12/1999 “White House, GOP look for $6.5 billion to pay for budget deal”

11/12/1999 “Presidential seal can’t grace T-shirt”

11/12/1999 “First lady caught in push for statehood”

11/12/1999 “Congress, administration agree to revamp organ donor system”

11/12/1999 “Clinton seek delay in suit on house buy”

11/12/1999 “Clinton pays tribute to nation’s veterans at Arlington service”

11/13/1999 “Rockets fired at U.S. Embassy”

11/13/1999 “Tyson trip free of pressure, Espy testifies for Schaffer”

11/13/1999 “Clinton-Jones suit’s effect judged dubious on sex-harassment cases”

11/13/1999 “Survivors tell Pentagon officials of village slaughter in Korean War”

11/13/1999 “Plan to pay for new teachers, but districts face problems”

11/13/1999 “U.S. tagged as provoker in Chechnya”

11/13/1999 “Espy’s selection as President Clinton’s agriculture secretary…”

11/13/1999 “First lady rebukes wife of Arafat for charging Israel used poison gas”

11/13/1999 “Clinton backs fight, reforms in Indonesia”

11/13/1999 “U.S. warns Afghanistan of U.N. sanctions if bin Laden isn’t handed over”

11/14/1999 “S. Korea trying to extend missile range, U.S. learns”

11/14/1999 “Medicare spending surprises experts-it drops 1 percent”

11/14/1999 “GOP likely to merge last 5 spending bills”

11/15/1999 “Turkey sees promise in Clinton’s visit”

11/15/1999 “Teams struggle to save victims of Turkish quake”

11/15/1999 “Stalemate on spending nearing end”

11/15/1999 “Dialogue on Cyprus reopened”

11/15/1999 “Bin Laden eludes U.S., recruits for holy war”

File 10- Arkansas Democrat Gazette November 16-30, 1999

11/16/1999 “U.S.-China trade deal reached”

11/16/1999 “Buchanan blasts GOP, China in LR”

11/16/1999 (caption) “Clinton administration”

11/16/1999 “N.Y. leader of Democrats tells first lady to prioritize”

11/16/1999 “U.S. to investigate oil deal with Iran”

11/16/1999 “White House, GOP claim win in dues fight”

11/16/1999 “Afghans protest sanctions, burn U.N. office”

11/16/1999 “Clinton pledges to help Turkey”

11/16/1999 “Land dispute in West Bank halts pullback of Israelis”

11/16/1999 “White House, lawmakers sic IRS on enemies, documents show”

11/17/1999 “GOP seeks shrunken cut in budget to close deal”

11/17/1999 “Presidential nominations of 4 Arkansans approved”

11/17/1999 “Giuliani not invited to Conservative event”

11/17/1999 “Tripp looks to Web site, ads for defense fund”

11/17/1999 “Clinton tours muddy tent camp, consoles quake survivors”

11/17/1999 “Thousands view killing of woman by Taliban”

11/18/1999 “Bargainers reach deal on budget, 0.38% cut”

11/18/1999 (picture) “Clintons touring Europe”

11/18/1999 “Chechnya, missiles high on summit list”

11/18/1999 “Independent counsel says court can decide Hale’s travel request”

11/19/1999 “House agrees on budget bill; now it’s up to Senate”

11/19/1999 “World leaders berate Yeltsin; he barks back”

11/19/1999 “White House organ donation plan snags on Capitol Hill”

11/20/1999 “$390 billion spending bill clears Congress”

11/20/1999 “Clinton visit to Greece stirs tumult”

11/20/1999 “Bush criticizes China, Russia in foreign policy outline”

11/20/1999 “Judge grants Tripp pretrial hearing”

11/20/1999 “World leaders sign arms-limiting treaty”

11/21/1999 “Clinton tries to end ill will”

11/21/1999 “Congress leaves lots unattained”

11/21/1999 “Clinton extends declassification deadline”

11/21/1999 “4 Caspian nations sign accord”

11/21/1999 (picture) “President Clinton joins Uzbekistan President Islam Kerimov…”

11/21/1999 “Clinton enters British-Greek sculpture fight”

11/21/1999 “Clinton criticizes Bush on foreign policy stance”

11/22/1999 (picture) “President Clinton listens to Italian premier…”

11/22/1999 “Share wealth, Clinton says”

11/22/1999 “Security high as Clinton makes first trip to Sofia”

11/22/1999 “Campaign key to majority, GOP says”

11/23/1999 “Proposed rules seek to remedy repetitive-stress injuries at work”

11/23/1999 “‘You too shall overcome,’ Clinton tells Bulgarians”

11/23/1999 “Buchanan as president would talk to Iran, Iraq”

11/23/1999 (caption) “Kathleen Willey, who became a household name…”

11/23/1999 “13 charged in violence after Clinton protest”

11/23/1999 “A land between governments, Kosovo struggling to recover”

11/24/1999 “‘Forgive,’ Clinton beseeches Kosovars”

11/24/1999 “Skeletons lurk in war chests of candidates”

11/24/1999 (picture) “In the running Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

11/24/1999 “‘Yes, I intend to run,’ states Hillary Clinton”

11/24/1999 (picture) “Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

11/24/1999 “Disbar Tucker, panel filing says, cites ‘dishonesty’”

11/24/1999 “Clinton to speak about library ideas”

11/25/1999 “President Clinton says he can get along without…”

11/25/1999 “Secretary of State Madeline Albright…”

11/25/1999 “Roger Clinton, 43, an entertainer and bandleader and President Clinton’s brother…”

11/25/1999 “Clinton sees progress in bombing-range flap”

11/28/1999 “Roger Clinton, President Clinton’s half brother…”

11/28/1999 “ABC’s This Week-Topic: Hillary Rodham Clinton throws hat into race”

11/28/1999 “CBS’ Face the Nation-Topics: U.S. Senate race from New York: Clinton legacy”

11/28/1999 “CNN’s Late Edition-Hillary Clinton campaign adviser”

11/28/1999 “Protestant party breaks deadlock on Ulster accord”

11/30/1999 “Monica Lewinsky of New York, whose affair with…”

11/30/1999 “Clinton inks $390 billion budget”

11/30/1999 (picture) “President Clinton gives a thumbs up…”

11/30/1999 “Bomb search delays trade talks”

11/30/1999 “Clinton to skip Panama Canal ceremony”

File 11- Arkansas Democrat Gazette December 1-15, 1999

12/1/1999 “President Clinton raised the possibility he would travel…”

12/1/1999 “William Perry, President Clinton’s envoy in talks with North Korea…”

12/1/1999 “Protests disrupt world trade talks”

12/2/1999 “Trade talks open despite riots”

12/2/1999 (picture) “President Clinton is staying in Seattle…”

12/2/1999 “Battle in Seattle paints U.S. with egg on its face”

12/2/1999 “FDA control of tobacco stirs debate in court”

12/2/1999 “Instant checks halt sale of 160,000 guns in year”

12/2/1999 (picture) “President Clinton confers with Michael Moore…”

12/2/1999 “Freer markets best for U.S., Clinton says”

12/2/1999 “How hopefuls stand on world trade body”

12/3/1999 “Protests still churn in Seattle”

12/3/1999 “Dip into Social Security funds foreseen”

12/3/1999 “IRA backers, Protestant rivals meet at table as new Cabinet”

12/4/1999 “Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first lady, picked veteran…”

12/4/1999 “President Clinton joined Ed Rendell, Philadelphia’s outgoing mayor…”

12/4/1999 “Judge grants Tyson exec a new trial”

12/4/1999 “U.S. to support offer easing Iraq sanctions”

12/4/1999 “Clinton should atone for deeds, Starr says”

12/4/1999 “Judge drops filing against 9, questions court assignments”

12/4/1999 “U.S. overtures to Iran get cold shoulder”

12/4/1999 “Clinton ends Navy bombing of island”

12/4/1999 “$640 million loan payment to Russia delayed by IMF”

12/5/1999 “Clinton gives bonus for progress”

12/6/1999 “No deal better than bad deal, labor says”

12/7/1999 “The ‘right to remain silent’ up for review”

12/7/1999 “Time can’t end Pearl Harbor blame war”

12/7/1999 “First lady awaiting security for NY move”

12/8/1999 “Chances to get out few amid Grozny bombing”

12/8/1999 “Strengthen military, McCain urges U.S.”

12/8/1999 “Lincoln requests Clinton’s help to keep LR Air Force Base viable”

12/8/1999 “Social Security low-balling life-expectancy, panel says”

12/8/1999 “Doctors have moral duty to fix errors, Clinton says”

12/8/1999 “Drug policy chief supports treatment over prison time”

12/8/1999 “Syria’s president serious about peace with Israel, Albright says”

12/8/1999 “U.S. asks to interview Cuban refugee boy’s dad”

12/8/1999 “HUD set to intervene in gun-control lawsuits”

12/8/1999 “Airline takes on air of defeat as troubles pile up in Afghanistan”

12/8/1999 “Seattle police chief resigns after turmoil of trade talks”

12/8/1999 “Russian premier defies Clinton warning on war”

12/9/1999 “President takes stock: Hurt ‘self-inflicted’”

12/9/1999 (picture) “President Clinton laughs during a news conference…”

12/9/1999 “Clinton won’t cut U.S. aid to Russia”

12/9/1999 “Gore ducks tax vow after lambasting Bradley on stance”

12/9/1999 “‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ called a failure”

12/9/1999 “Nonstop shelling traps residents of Grozny

12/9/1999 “Dad won’t meet with U.S., Castro says

12/9/1999 “Israel, Syria to resume peace talks

12/9/1999 “Clinton boasts aides’ diversity, told of 7 slights

12/10/1999 “Earle readies for return of Clinton

12/10/1999 “Yeltsin lifts nuclear fist in rebuke to Clinton

12/10/1999 “Thousands honor 6 firefighters killed in warehouse

12/10/1999 “Alliance pressures U.S. to take missiles off ‘hair-trigger’ alert”

12/10/1999 “Barak works to sell Israelis on peace accords”

12/10/1999 “Seven Marines missing at sea after helicopter crashes”

12/10/1999 “Clinton to tout health-care, economic programs on visit”

12/10/1999 “Clinton talk at chamber may address library plans”

12/10/1999 “Russia tightens noose around Chechen capital”

12/11/1999 “Clinton sees library as ‘beacon of hope’”

12/11/1999 “Dedication in Earle beats LR to punch”

12/11/1999 “Remarks at LR buoy promoters of downtown”

12/11/1999 (caption) “President Clinton laughs Friday after donning an Earle…”

12/11/1999 “Clinton was talking about plans for his presidential library that…”

12/11/1999 “Lewinsky to testify in wiretapping case”

12/11/1999 “Russia deploys 10 new missiles 1 day after Yeltsin criticizes Clinton”

12/12/1999 “Foundations outshine government for Delta”

12/12/1999 “‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy not working, Clinton agrees”

12/12/1999 “Pitcher of clemency for Puerto Ricans tagged a terrorist chief”

12/12/1999 “Canal hand-over won’t harm U.S.”

12/12/1999 “President touts successes in remarks to LR chamber”

12/12/1999 “Text of President Clinton speech”

12/12/1999 “Giuliani Senate bid must beat NYC jinx”

12/13/1999 “Clinton campaign figure to testify before panel”

12/13/1999 “Congress pushes for smaller high schools”

12/13/1999 “‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ still valid, top aide says”

12/14/1999 “President Clinton cancelled a fund-raising trip to Texas…”

12/14/1999 “Carter takes lead for U.S. at canal rite”

12/14/1999 “Legal group asks Arkansas high court panel to disbar Clinton”

12/14/1999 “3 independent counsel lawyers testify for Tripp in wiretap case”

12/14/1999 “Review of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ ordered”

12/15/1999 “President Clinton signed into law a measure designed…”

12/15/1999 “U.S., Panama observe canal transfer”

12/15/1999 “Tripp tapes admissible, judge rules in Maryland”

12/15/1999 “Detainees believed linked to bin Laden group”

12/15/1999 “White House ‘scandal spokesman’ job to vanish”

12/15/1999 “Russians test missile; U.S. told to back off”

12/15/1999 “Clinton vows to keep Panama Canal safe, open to global trade”

File 12- Arkansas Democrat Gazette December 16-31, 1999

12/16/1999 “President Clinton will go before a joint session…”

12/16/1999 “Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has all but announced….”

12/16/1999 “Didn’t think donations were illegal, Huang says”

12/16/1999 “Israel-Syria talks get off to edgy start”

12/16/1999 “Allure of NLR north bank has developers lining up”

12/16/1999 “Tripp’s bridge-club buddies aid prosecutor”

12/16/1999 “Let doctors prescribe marijuana, Gore says”

12/16/1999 “Board approves 8-foot fence for Clintons’ home in NY”

12/16/1999 “Suspected terrorists arrested”

12/16/1999 “Germany to sell shares to pay Nazi-era labor compensation”

12/16/1999 “Talk of peace begins; however not everyone is ready to cooperate”

12/17/1999 (caption) “Monica Lewinsky leaves”

12/17/1999 “‘Terrified’ to learn of taping by Tripp, Lewinsky testifies”

12/17/1999 “FBI files: Clinton unquizzed abut links to 3”

12/17/1999 “Foes agree to attempt peace talks”

12/17/1999 “Activists urge Clinton to go further ahead on gay rights”

12/17/1999 “Somaliland longs for full-fledged role on world stage”

12/18/1999 “Hints point to delaying Tripp trial”

12/18/1999 “Law lets disabled who work maintain health benefits”

12/18/1999 “Man accused of heading up terrorist plot questioned”

12/19/1999 “Elections next year a verdict on Clinton”

12/19/1999 “Clinton urges unity in school religion debate”

12/20/1999 “Year later, lawmaker in spotlight”

12/20/1999 “Failed at public relations, Starr says”

12/20/1999 “Venezuela fears more than 5,000 died in flooding”

12/20/1999 “Be on lookout for terrorists, Americans told”

12/20/1999 “Pakistan arrests 200 Afghans in crackdown”

12/20/1999 “Leader calls for fight on terrorism”

12/21/1999 “Man charged in bomb parts may be linked to terrorist ring”

12/21/1999 “Adviser says no specific threats seen”

12/21/1999 “New rules to trim emissions, sulfur in gas”

12/22/1999 “Clinton unveils rules on vehicle emissions”

12/22/1999 “Senator to block nominees”

12/22/1999 “Calendar incites nagging worries about terrorism”

12/23/1999 “Hillary Clinton, a likely candidate for a Senate seat…”

12/23/1999 “Democrats follow GOP lead on fund raising”

12/23/1999 “Giuliani, Hillary Clinton fire up rhetoric burners”

12/23/1999 (picture) “Feeding the hungry”

12/23/1999 “Foe just ‘nibbling’ at issues, Gore says”

12/23/1999 “Americans get Clinton’s assurance, more terrorism alerts”

12/23/1999 “Iran opens border, trade to Afghans”

12/24/1999 “President Clinton plans to embark on his annual…”

12/24/1999 “Terrorism fears spur scrutiny of mail”

12/24/1999 “U.S. delivers water purifiers to Venezuela”

12/24/1999 “Clinton accuser seeks files from FBI in suit”

12/24/1999 “2 convicted in Arkansas pardoned by president”

12/24/1999 “2 GOP congressmen call for Lockhart resignation”

12/24/1999 “Bomb warning in chat room leads to arrest”

12/24/1999 (picture) “Freddie Meeks, 80, holds his 3-week old granddaughter…”

12/24/1999 “Canadian slips kept Algerian free despite terrorism alerts”

12/24/1999 “Clinton calls former aide ‘politician’”

12/25/1999 “Jet stops in Afghanistan on 2nd day of hijacking”

12/25/1999 “In the news-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is preparing…”

12/25/1999 “Terrorism warnings: Be alert, don’t panic”

12/25/1999 “President, daughter, do last-minute buying”

12/25/1999 (picture) “President Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea…”

12/25/1999 “‘Baby Jesus isn’t coming’ to Venezuela”

12/26/1999 “Hijackers demand India release prisoners”

12/26/1999 “‘Go back to Arkansas,’ Giuliani suggests”

12/26/1999 “$900 million in grants to help homeless get off streets”

12/26/1999 “Father’s defeat helped set path for fun by son”

12/26/1999 “Hope, conflict heard around world on Christmas”

12/26/1999 “Nepal suspends officials at airport after hijacking”

12/27/1999 “U.N. cant’ sway hijackers”

12/27/1999 “Stars, pyrotechnics to shine brightly as White House welcomes 2000”

12/28/1999 “President Clinton, the most widely traveled U.S. president…”

12/28/1999 “Politics may spur price controls on drugs”

12/29/1999 “Capital gala touted as safe spot to ring in new year”

12/29/1999 “Venezuela embraces U.S. soldiers”

12/30/1999 “Critics chip at Clinton’s economizing claims”

12/30/1999 “Clinton asks housing aid so poor can move to jobs”

12/30/1999 “Hijacking jeopardizes peace talks”

12/31/1999 “President Clinton, after a month without golf…”

End of Box 3

Box 4

File 1 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette January 2000

1/1/2000 “Clinton calls on U.S. to embrace the future”

1/1/2000 “U.S. seeks facts on Putin, sees him as more stable negotiator”

1/1/2000 “Clintons offer preview of century time capsule”

1/2/2000 “Clinton sees America as light for 2000”

1/3/2000 “Israel and Syria ready for round of talks in U.S.”

1/3/2000 “$10 million targeted for gun research”

1/3/2000 (picture) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

1/3/2000 “Foreign policy on upswing, officials say”

1/4/2000 “President Clinton, who will be 54 when he leaves office…”

1/4/2000 “Syria, Israel in U.S. to talk peace”

1/4/2000 (picture) “President Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak…”

1/4/2000 “GOP backs bits of plan for tax relief”

1/5/2000 “Israel, Syria reaffirm ‘commitment’ at Clinton session”

1/6/2000 “Peace deal will cost U.S.”

1/6/2000 (picture) “President Clinton laughs”

1/6/2000 “Congress gets ready to rumble for control”

1/6/2000 “Clintons move into New York home, the first they’ve owned since 1982”

1/6/2000 “GOP, Democrats, Clinton outline agendas for year”

1/6/2000 “Gore accused of distortion”

1/6/2000 “Elian belongs ‘with his father,’ U.S. says”

1/6/2000 “U.S. sees enemy lasers as threat to satellites”

1/6/2000 “Israelis, Syrians tackle two issues in peace pursuit”

1/7/2000 “Clinton to cast ballot in NY”

1/7/2000 (picture) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

1/7/2000 “Front-runner Bush pledges ‘tax cuts’”

1/7/2000 “Pentagon set to foot bill for housing”

1/7/2000 “Clinton tries to pep up Israel-Syria talks”

1/9/2000 “U.S. delays truck flow; Mexico cries foul on pact”

1/9/2000 “Organizers halt protests, await ruling on Cuban boy”

1/9/2000 “$35 million raise posed for family planning”

1/9/2000 “Israel-Syria talks achieve little, but U.S. still hopeful”

1/9/2000 “Bradley accuses Gore of ‘scare tactic’ in health-care critique”

1/9/2000 “Humanitarian groups urge U.S. to ease policy on Sudan”

1/10/2000 “Is an Arkansas race in Slater’s future?”

1/10/2000 “Clinton re-enters Israel-Syria talks as round nears end”

1/11/2000 “Israel, Syria still lack deal as talks break”

1/11/2000 “President urges vote for trade with China”

1/11/2000 “Army inquiry targets abuse before gay private’s death”

1/11/2000 “Clinton to ask for more transportation cash”

1/11/2000 “Fund-raisers’ cases sent to Clinton judges”

1/12/2000 (caption) “Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose likely opponent…”

1/12/2000 (picture) “President Clinton stands at Hopi Point…”

1/12/2000 “U.S. plan would give Colombia $1.6 billion”

1/12/2000 “U.S. pushes for censure of China’s rights records”

1/12/2000 “Clinton budget seeks bigger ABM arsenal”

1/12/2000 “Four areas given monument status”

1/12/2000 “Barak confident in pitching land for peace”

1/13/2000 “Clinton plan would add tax credits”

1/13/2000 “First lady trades jokes with Letterman”

1/14/2000 “Government will buy back up to $30 billion of U.S. debt”

1/14/2000 “Candidates say voters seeking a ‘fresh start’”

1/15/2000 “President Clinton chose Republican Gov. Marc Racicot…”

1/15/2000 “White House incentives steer anti-drug themes into TV shows”

1/15/2000 “Federal budget drafters ignoring spending caps”

1/15/2000 “Clinton hails drug firms’ help in elderly benefit goal”

1/15/2000 “Pentagon admits woes with defense test”

1/15/2000 “High court to take up partial-birth abortions”

1/17/2000 “$1 billion increase urged for biomedicine”

1/18/2000 “Race relations spark Bradley-Gore debate”

1/18/2000 “46,000 protest Confederate flag in S.C.”

1/19/2000 “Clinton pitches gun-control plan”

1/19/2000 (picture) “President Clinton…”

1/19/2000 “First lady vows ‘rest of my life’ to spouse”

1/19/2000 “Barak, Arafat agree to speed up talks”

1/20/2000 “Questions for Mrs. Clinton get personal”

1/20/2000 “Clinton touts $110 billion health plan”

1/21/2000 “Clinton seeks dollars for college students”

1/21/2000 “Clinton, Arafat meet to hasten peace talks”

1/21/2000 “Missile defense system fails”

1/21/2000 “Both parties in Congress likely to focus on national debt, little else”

1/22/2000 “Cuban boy’s grandmas fly to NY, seek his return”

1/22/2000 “Gennifer Flowers’ suit adds Mrs. Clinton’s ‘war room’”

1/22/2000 “Clinton seeks $2.8 billion for more scientific research”

1/22/2000 “Court to say if law covers state workers”

1/23/2000 “U.S.-N. Korea talks to target missile dispute”

1/23/2000 “N.C. Congress members ask Clinton for more flood relief”

1/23/2000 “First lady’s Senate bid seen as part of family soap opera”

1/24/2000 (caption) “President Clinton plans to ask…”

1/24/2000 “Clinton, GOP in step on health, debt, guns”

1/24/2000 “As Congress returns, GOP set for action”

1/25/2000 “Supreme Court affirms states can limit campaign donations”

1/25/2000 “Close wage gap, Clinton urges Congress”

1/26/2000 “Mandatory meeting set between Cuban boy, his grandmothers”

1/26/2000 “Lawmaker protests delay of teacher exam scores”

1/26/2000 “Pakistan, Taliban reject U.S. urging to oppose terrorism”

1/26/2000 “Surplus projection soars to $1.9 trillion”

1/27/2000 “Bush, McCain bare teeth at N.H. debate”

1/27/2000 “Bradley hits Gore’s abortion rights record”

1/27/2000 “Cuban boy visits with grandmothers”

1/28/2000 “Last speech echoes ’91 for Clinton”

1/28/2000 “First lady took booked jet, congressman says”

1/28/2000 “Candidates cautious on abortion”

1/28/2000 “Starr inquiry was ‘bogus,’ Clinton says”

1/29/2000 “Clinton seeks mayors’ aid to push agenda in speech”

1/29/2000 “Bush likens rival, Clinton on tax cut”

1/29/2000 “Clinton speech covers list, lawmakers agree”

1/30/2000 “Clinton’s gun-control plan may benefit Gore”

1/30/2000 “American political advisers spread campaign spin, media savvy abroad”

1/30/2000 “‘Don’t leave little guys out’ of trade, Clinton tells world leaders”

1/30/2000 “Barak, Arafat schedule talks to speed accord”

1/31/2000 “Albright turns heat on Russia over Chechnya”

1/31/2000 “Medicare drug compromise mulled”

1/31/2000 “Israel, Palestinians begin new talks”

File 2 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette February 2000

2/1/2000 “Clinton to put LR River Rail in ’01 budget”

2/1/2000 “House GOP aiming at ‘marriage penalty’”

2/1/2000 “Economic boom makes big bang in history, keeps chugging along”

2/1/2000 “Albright laments Chechens in cross fire”

2/2/2000 “House OKs Taiwan-military bill despite veto threat”

2/2/2000 “Gore edges Bradley, adds 2nd victory”

2/2/2000 “Cohen OKs new policies and training about gays”

2/2/2000 “Clinton to visit India; Pakistan stop uncertain”

2/2/2000 “IRA guns may crash new regime”

2/3/2000 “Senate OKs 3-year rise in hourly wage, sets up fight”

2/3/2000 “Pentagon budget likely clay in Congress’ hands”

2/3/2000 “Judges dump special case-assigning”

2/3/2000 “Panel OKs tax relief for couples”

2/3/2000 “Senate OK’s legislation tougher on bankruptcy”

2/5/2000 “Scandal ties turn up at Tucker’s new job”

2/5/2000 “U.S. rejects release of Russian tanker”

2/5/2000 “Clinton wants crackdown on tobacco, guns”

2/5/2000 “Man must grow as globe shrinks, Clinton says”

2/6/2000 “Colombia aid stirs doubt”

2/6/2000 “Trie sneaked foreigner into White House”

2/6/2000 “Ready to wage hard-hitting campaign, Hillary Clinton says”

2/7/2000 “Clinton readies swan song plan of $1.84 trillion”

2/7/2000 “White House studies tapping oil reserves”

2/7/2000 “Seized Russian tanker bore Iraqi oil, tests say; Oman to deal with ship”

2/7/2000 “Hillary Clinton makes run for Senate from N.Y. official”

2/7/2000 “Health-care reforms stirring”

2/8/2000 “Wheels turning in complaint against Clinton”

2/8/2000 “First lady steps out of husband’s shadow”

2/8/2000 “Plan includes $500 million for Arkansas”

2/9/2000 “34 years later, medic in Vietnam War gets Medal of Honor”

2/9/2000 “Budget light on tax cuts appalls GOP”

2/9/2000 “Sen. Hutchinson floats loan bill for poultry farmers”

2/10/2000 “5 arbiters gave to Clinton, party”

2/10/2000 (picture) “On the inside”

2/10/2000 “Clinton to make contentious FEC-post pick”

2/10/2000 “Preservation of WWII camps budgeted”

2/10/2000 “Spouse tax cut due for vote”

2/10/2000 “Steps in dealing with an ethics complaint filed with the Arkansas Supreme Court…”

2/10/2000 “Disciplining Clinton for Jones’ case is in hands of state’s highest court”

2/10/2000 “Complaint filer: It’s about integrity”

2/10/2000 “Judge to review complaint about cases given to Clinton appointees”

2/11/2000 “House bill would lighten married pairs’ tax loads”

2/11/2000 “Clinton to be served formal complaint, foundation says”

2/11/2000 “Clinton raising funds for issue ads”

2/11/2000 “Senate votes to dump nuclear waste in Nevada”

2/11/2000 “$130 million more to help poor heat homes”

2/12/2000 (caption) “President Clinton will hold his first news conference…”

2/12/2000 “FBI inquiry papers show Gore changing responses”

2/12/2000 “Colombian strategy may dislocate 10,000”

2/12/2000 “‘I’m running’ finally passes Giuliani’s lips”

2/12/2000 “Parkers pay price for presidential visit”

2/12/2000 “Eisenhower, Clinton alike, says Ike’s kin”

2/12/2000 “Senate’s minority leader attends LR fund-raisers”

2/12/2000 “GOP leader: Five on ethics panels should recuse from Clinton case”

2/13/2000 “Bush, McCain adjust tactics as S.C. push hits high gear”

2/13/2000 “Clinton proposes paid-leave program”

2/13/2000 “GOP trusts U.S. families more than government, Jeb Bush says”

2/14/2000 “Governor: Out of loop in steering state GOP”

2/14/2000 “Delegates say Clinton’s budget a plus for state”

2/14/2000 “Pentagon pushes for benefits upgrade”

2/14/2000 “Surpluses present new arena for budget battles”

2/15/2000 (caption) “President Clinton…”

2/15/2000 “Clinton supports repeal of Social Security earnings limit”

2/15/2000 “Senate Republicans blocking Hispanic judges, Clinton says”

2/15/2000 “Tornadoes rip Georgia, killing 22”

2/16/2000 “Congress skeptical of Colombian policy”

2/16/2000 (caption) “President Clinton meets Tuesday…”

2/16/2000 “Clinton, experts, hacker confer on Web security”

2/17/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

2/17/2000 “Ethics filing lists president’s testimony as evidence”

2/17/2000 “Clinton talks, laughs with press”

2/17/2000 “Congressman denounces Syria’s Assad vehemently”

2/17/2000 “Congressman denounces Syria’s Assad vehemently”

2/17/2000 “Hsia case steered ‘at suggestion’ of judge”

2/17/2000 “Committee OKs plan to lift earnings limit”

2/17/2000 “Text of complaint before Supreme Court against President Clinton”

2/18/2000 “Judge says U.S. shouldn’t fear global courts”

2/19/2000 “Holiday lauds 1st president only”

2/19/2000 “Gore uses phone call to address Africa summit, avoid crossing picket line”

2/20/2000 “President announces new grants”

2/20/2000 “Clinton targets tax shelters in proposal”

2/20/2000 “State’s gift to hopefuls in line with race”

2/21/2000 “GOP campaign quickens pace, goes to Michigan”

2/21/2000 (caption) “Catherine A. Cornelius, a third cousin of President Clinton’s”

2/21/2000 “Groups rate lawmakers on standing with issues”

2/21/2000 “Democrats walk tightrope over China trade”

2/22/2000 “Claws come out quickly at Gore-Bradley debate”

2/22/2000 “Historians appraise presidents”

2/22/2000 “Military buying is faster, but gouging persists”

2/23/2000 “High court debates rights of Hubbell under immunity”

2/23/2000 “CIA report: Deutsch, successor both erred in security breach”

2/23/2000 “Hospitals would have to fess up”

2/25/2000 “U.S. wants uranium out of Yugoslavia”

2/25/2000 “Senate approves Iran sanctions bill”

2/25/2000 “Farmers hurt by heavy snow, ice in line for U.S. disaster relief loans”

2/25/2000 (caption) “Vice President Gore”

2/26/2000 “U.S. to study Iraqi aid, Clinton says”

2/26/2000 “Some senators skeptical of aid for Colombia”

2/26/2000 “TV film shows bound bodies in mass grave”

2/26/2000 “Republican leader fights confirmation of Hispanic jurist”

2/27/2000 “Clinton, GOP tout own education pushes”

2/29/2000 “Congress under gun to enact HMO reform”

2/29/2000 “McCaffrey vows to aid Arkansas’ drug war”

2/29/2000 “McCain hones strategy with attack on Robertson”

File 3 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette March 2000

3/1/2000 (captions) “Defense Secretary William Cohen…”

3/1/2000 “President Clinton created the President’s Council on the Future”

3/1/2000 “Was in ‘over my head,’ Clinton friend Trie says”

3/1/2000 “Chinese, U.S. brass meet, swap warnings over Taiwan”

3/1/2000 “Development scheme for Delta firming up”

3/1/2000 “Bill to uncap Social Security earnings proceeds”

3/2/2000 “Bill to lift wage cap on benefits advances”

3/2/2000 “Ex-fund-raiser Trie calls allegations ‘the big joke’”

3/3/2000 “Rivals focus on religion, reputations”

3/3/2000 “Clinton says action overdue on gun control”

3/3/2000 “Fewer Democrats back trade benefits for China”

3/4/2000 “Bradley lays out foreign policy, says U.S. too crisis-driven”

3/5/2000 “Gifts for governors old custom in state”

3/6/2000 “Clinton joins thousands honoring Selma march”

3/6/2000 “Mrs. Clinton marches despite hecklers”

3/6/2000 “Target drug aid for poorest elderly, GOP says”

3/6/2000 “Party underdogs dig in their heels, hammer at foes”

3/7/2000 “Chinese military warns of ‘blood-soaked battle’ if Taiwan goes too far”

3/7/2000 “2 prosecutors join 6-year Whitewater inquiry”

3/8/2000 (caption) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton”

3/8/2000 “Clinton to visit Pakistan, urge democratic rule”

3/8/2000 “Clinton calls for passage of gun bill”

3/8/2000 “GOP plan cuts taxes on estates, businesses”

3/8/2000 “Barak, Arafat try to hash out ways to revive peace talks”

3/9/2000 “Arkansan helps Internet site put spin on politics”

3/9/2000 “President is pressing to lift minimum wage”

3/9/2000 “Palestinians, Israelis make key concessions”

3/9/2000 “Gore, Bush vie for McCain supporters”

3/9/2000 “Revived NRA aims for House to keep pro-gun majority”

3/9/2000 “Gore vs. Bush looks a sure bet; GOP confronts primary wounds”

3/10/2000 “House ties wage rise to tax cut”

3/10/2000 “Ending long debate, Senate OKs appointment of two judges”

3/10/2000 “Plan aims to break up gridlock on taxiways”

3/10/2000 “House committee OK’s $9billion aid package”

3/11/2000 “2 in GOP: Blueprint on budget a winner”

3/11/2000 “Judge opens files on White House e-mail”

3/11/2000 “Key attorney for ex-leader of Pakistan slain in office”

3/12/2000 “Continued bloodshed in divided Kosovo has peacekeepers at odds”

3/13/2000 “Arkansans mull U.S.-China deal on trade status”

3/13/2000 “President condemns Heston commercial, and NRA fires back”

3/13/2000 “Whitewater prosecutor set to file final reports”

3/13/2000 “Bangladesh students burn effigy of Clinton”

3/13/2000 (caption) “An injured protester”

3/14/2000 (caption) “Chelsea Clinton”

3/14/2000 “Huckabee says Clinton snub to Arkansans will cost Gore”

3/14/2000 “Clinton, NRA trade volleys over gun control”

3/14/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

3/14/2000 “Clinton team misdirected soil funding, agency told”

3/17/2000 “Clinton seeking ethics complaint delay”

3/17/2000 “Investigation unearths no crime in FBI file flap at White House”

3/17/2000 “Bill gives landowners quicker access to federal courts”

3/17/2000 “Tax audits not tied to politics, report says”

3/18/2000 “Clinton granted extension in ethics complaint”

3/18/2000 “Clinton claims ‘victory’ in pact with gun maker”

3/18/2000 “E-mails too jumbled to search, White House say”

3/18/2000 “U.S. eases import ban to mend ties with Iran”

3/18/2000 “Iran welcomes lifted U.S. ban on luxuries”

3/19/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

3/19/2000 “Clinton aims to slow arms race in S. Asia”

3/20/2000 “Security fears force president to skip stop in Bangladesh town”

3/20/2000 “Ray: Clinton isn’t off hook”

3/20/2000 “U.S. seeks renewal of ties, trade with Iran”

3/21/2000 “Clinton urges peace, hope in Asia”

3/21/2000 (caption) “Chelsea Clinton”

3/21/2000 “Put brakes on Ritalin use, first lady says”

3/21/2000 “Clinton sets visit with Assad; Israeli-Palestinian talks resume”

3/22/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

3/22/2000 “Can’t regulate tobacco as drug, high court says”

3/22/2000 “Clinton supports India’s stance”

3/22/2000 “Mid-East talks start again as delegates gather at U.S. base”

3/22/2000 “‘Ethnic cleansing’ in Kashmir kills 40 as Clinton goes to India”

3/23/2000 “Senate also votes to kill pay ceiling”

3/23/2000 “Congress fight may kill aid bill”

3/23/2000 “House OKs bill on nuclear waste dump”

3/23/2000 “Local governments join campaign for safer guns”

3/23/2000 “Extremists vow death to Clinton”

3/23/2000 (picture) “President Clinton”

3/23/2000 “President promotes environment in India”

3/24/2000 “Lost e-mail of Gore stirs U.S. inquiry”

3/24/2000 “Clinton notes progress on women’s equality”

3/25/2000 “Harassment of gays not rare in military, Pentagon study finds”

3/25/2000 “Iraq bankrolling base for terrorists, U.S. says”

3/25/2000 “Source: Bin Laden ill, discussed Clinton”

3/26/2000 “Can’t win war, a blunt Clinton tells Pakistanis”

3/26/2000 (picture) “President Clinton”

3/26/2000 “Indian soldiers kill 5 suspects in Sikh deaths, blow up houses”

3/27/2000 “Clinton, Assad end talks without pact”

3/27/2000 (picture) “President Clinton”

3/28/2000 “Relatives must abide by ruling or U.S. will return Cuban boy”

3/29/2000 “GOP bill in Senate targets marriage tax-penalty”

3/29/2000 “Senior citizens to get ‘freedom to choose’ to earn over $17,000”

3/30/2000 “Clinton broke privacy law, judge rules”

3/30/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

3/30/2000 “Dad to come to U.S. for Elian, Castro says”

3/30/2000 “Testimony questionable, dismiss Tripp wiretap case, attorney asks”

3/30/2000 “Pentagon reins in Corps of Engineers’ military leadership”

3/30/2000 “Aghast when told ’96 campaign took illegal donations, Clinton says”

3/31/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

3/31/2000 “Economy added years to Medicare, Clinton says”

3/31/2000 “House OKs $13 billion for Kosovo, Colombia, hurricane relief”

3/31/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

3/31/2000 “Clinton says flag painful but doesn’t urge removal”

3/31/2000 “White House testimony on e-mail irks lawmaker”

File 4 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette April 2000

4/1/2000 “Starr investigation cost a record $52 million”

4/1/2000 “White House ready to deal on China”

4/2/2000 “Quit wasting time, Clinton tells Congress”

4/2/2000 “U.S. military’s ‘casualty aversion’ strategy raises eyebrows”

4/2/2000 “House GOP moving bill on tax data”

4/3/2000 “Bush, Gore brace for long campaign”

4/3/2000 “Lawyer calls allegations that Elian’s dad is unfit parent ‘outrageous’”

4/3/2000 “Plans for surplus key to election, Clinton says”

4/3/2000 “Politics not behind lack of investigation”

4/4/2000 (2 captions) “President Clinton”

4/4/2000 “Tab for Clinton trip to Asia sets record”

4/4/2000 “Court denies government say in abortion case”

4/4/2000 “White House appeals Willey ruling”

4/5/2000 “Clinton blasts aid delay by Senate”

4/5/2000 “House would strip agency of transplant power”

4/5/2000 “Starr offers small praise before criticism of Clinton”

4/6/2000 “Greenspan warns of market ‘imbalances’ in White House talk”

4/6/2000 “Clinton library suit hits court today”

4/6/2000 “Clinton to drop in at Fayetteville”

4/6/2000 “2-year inquiry finds secretary of labor did not break laws”

4/6/2000 “House again passes ban on technique for abortion”

4/7/2000 “Leak of Tripp file brings no charges”

4/8/2000 “Battle shaping up as 2001 budget advances”

4/8/2000 “States told to fix improper Medicaid cuts”

4/8/2000 “Clinton signs bill on Social Security cap”

4/9/2000 (caption) “Hillary Rodham Clinton”

4/9/2000 “U.S. opposing export benefits for poor nations”

4/9/2000 “Peacefully or not, Elian to be yielded, U.S. says”

4/9/2000 “Parties differ on how surplus should benefit taxpayers”

4/10/2000 “Clinton briefly visit state to see sick friend”

4/10/2000 “China trade bill backers optimistic”

4/10/2000 “Clinton travels to states to push for gun safety”

4/11/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

4/11/2000 “Clinton case ‘open,’ independent counsel says”

4/11/2000 “Virginia group revives complaint on first lady”

4/11/2000 “Barak dashes to U.S. for day of talks”

4/11/2000 “Israel leader resisting U.S. push to cancel sale of planes to China”

4/12/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

4/12/2000 “Congress passes bill on assets”

4/12/2000 “Clinton, Barak talk peace without result”

4/12/2000 “House OKs gun bill aimed at criminals”

4/13/2000 “Clinton presses for gun-sale limits”

4/13/2000 “Senate, White House strike deal on transplant policy”

4/13/2000 “Israel welcomes visiting Chinese leader”

4/14/2000 “Editors’ questions put president on defensive”

4/14/2000 “Plan to refill coffers in war on meth fails”

4/14/2000 “Congress approves $1.83 trillion budget”

4/14/2000 (caption) “President Clinton pauses Thursday”

4/14/2000 “Bush holds meeting with gay Republicans”

4/14/2000 “No. 1 maker ‘clarifies’ agreement on gun sales”

4/14/2000 “Cut in marriage penalty tax gets blocked”

4/15/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

4/15/2000 “Elian’s case batted back to the courts”

4/15/2000 “White House lobbying on China under review”

4/15/2000 “Delay annoys White House; uphold law, Clinton says”

4/16/2000 “U.S. leaders weigh Taiwan’s request”

4/16/2000 “Elian’s father denies abuse claims”

4/16/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

4/16/2000 “Giant sequoias get federal protection”

4/17/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

4/17/2000 “Giuliani outpaces Mrs. Clinton in cash”

4/17/2000 “Navajos hope Clinton visit helps get nation online”

4/18/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

4/18/2000 “Protestors tie up part of D.C.; 600 are arrested”

4/18/2000 “White House rejects worships for Taiwan”

4/18/2000 “Clinton announces aid for technology-poor”

4/18/2000 “Crowd keeps vigil, awaits ruling on Elian”

4/19/2000 “Clinton library group holds hand out for funds”

4/19/2000 “Panel wants to hear judge on assigning of Clinton-linked cases”

4/20/2000 “Those who lived, lost dedicate bombing site”

4/20/2000 “Hearing in matter of Willey letters set”

4/21/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

4/21/2000 “Taking Elian called a go with Reno”

4/22/2000 “Prosecutors quiz Clinton, Gore on ‘96”

4/22/2000 “Clinton’s response in disbarment request beats deadline”

4/23/2000 “Elian taken in pre-dawn raid”

4/24/2000 “Arkansan: Foreign aid in interest of America”

4/25/2000 “White House GOP duel over raid”

4/25/2000 “White House e-mail inquiry widens”

4/25/2000 “Effects of missile defenses feared”

4/26/2000 “Elian, dad move; raid defended”

4/26/2000 “President helps out impeachment backer”

4/26/2000 “Budget office report puts cost of missile defense at $60 billion”

4/27/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

4/27/2000 “Clinton in LR for memorial, dedication”

4/27/2000 (picture) “President Clinton jokes”

4/27/2000 (picture) “President Clinton greets”

4/28/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

4/28/2000 “President: Bates ‘a brave woman’”

4/28/2000 “Law school renamed for Clinton’s old friend”

4/28/2000 (caption) “President Clinton laughs with Williams H. Bowen”

4/28/2000 “Cancer of the prostate could sideline Giuliani”

4/28/2000 “U.S. hands Russia proposal to revise 1972 missile treaty”

4/28/2000 “Senate likely to delay vote on Taiwan”

4/28/2000 “Hillary Clinton: Would finish term”

4/28/2000 “Fine print in bill opens retirement funds to creditors”

4/28/2000 “Clinton library takes shape on paper”

4/28/2000 “UALR law school’s new namesake earns most praise for tireless work in education”

4/29/2000 “President answers ethics beef”

4/29/2000 “Russia proposes deal on N. Korean threat”

4/30/2000 (caption) “President Clinton authorized federal disaster…”

4/30/2000 “Chamber to set up fund for Nazis’ slaves”

File 5 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette May 2000

5/1/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

5/1/2000 “Gore says Cold War froze Bush in the past”

5/1/2000 “Police say they look for nonviolent ways to remove children”

5/1/2000 “Hearings about raid to seize Elian might never happen, senator says”

5/1/2000 “Loophole hides ‘soft money’ donors”

5/2/2000 “Some notes on e-mail privileged, White House says”

5/3/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

5/3/2000 “Consumer groups, unions object to tightening laws on bankruptcy”

5/3/2000 “After war at odds with Clinton, Clark’s leaving NATO subdued”

5/3/2000 “White House drops e-mail case claim”

5/3/2000 “Ex-U.S. attorney hired to investigate judge”

5/3/2000 “Clinton should be investigate, ex-prosecutor”

5/3/2000 “White House would add to scrutiny over gene-modified food”

5/4/2000 “Space let to archive eight years of Clinton”

5/4/2000 “Cardinal O’Connor, 80, dies peacefully in NYC”

5/4/2000 “Priests, legislator, join hands on Vieques”

5/4/2000 “Schedule to turn over e-mail nets GOP scoff”

5/4/2000 “Democrats seek $500,000 donations”

5/5/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

5/5/2000 “First lady exposes gap in electorate”

5/5/2000 “Gore casts Bush as gun-lobby pawn”

5/5/2000 “Ex-counsel shoulders blame for e-mail lapse”

5/5/2000 “Clinton: Home-schooling works, but students must prove progress”

5/6/2000 “Judge limits Lewinsky testimony in Tripp case”

5/6/2000 “Politicians to attend O’Connor rites”

5/7/2000 “IRA vows to yield arms”

5/7/2000 “Wedding bells for friend call Clintons to state”

5/7/2000 “Government to demand listeria test”

5/7/2000 “Report faults CIA in security inquiry”

5/7/2000 (caption) “President Clinton assists”

5/8/2000 (picture) “Former Sen. David Pryor”

5/8/2000 “Clintons raise $100,000 in LR”

5/8/2000 “Partial data from FBI point to dip in ’99 crime”

5/8/2000 (picture) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Clinton”

5/9/2000 “Group blasts Clinton replay in ethics flap”

5/9/2000 “Gore to address VFW in stop at Jacksonville”

5/10/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and Costa Rican…”

5/10/2000 “Big guns are drawn in fight for China deal”

5/10/2000 (caption) “President Clinton…”

5/10/2000 “Forest roads to be banned in proposal by Clinton”

5/10/2000 “Missile defense on track, general says”

5/10/2000 “White House: Elian shouldn’t be ‘exploited’”

5/10/2000 “National seminar to highlight Delta’s woes”

5/11/2000 “Medicare would cover drug costs under plan”

5/11/2000 “Clinton eases access to AIDS drugs”

5/11/2000 “Giuliani, wife discuss separation agreement”

5/11/2000 (picture) “President Clinton laughs at a comment by Betty Dizik…”

5/12/2000 (caption) “President Clinton said at a White House gathering…”

5/12/2000 “Border judges want bolstering”

5/12/2000 “Clinton takes cudgel to Bush”

5/12/2000 “Giuliani won’t say if race still worth it”

5/12/2000 “Senate sends Africa trade bill to Clinton”

5/12/2000 “Parties weigh plans to add drug coverage”

5/15/2000 “Kathleen Willey, who accused President Clinton…”

5/15/2000 “Obuchi, ex-leader of Japan, dies at 62”

5/15/2000 “Democrats predict Giuliani out; GOP says no”

5/16/2000 (caption) “President Clinton, honoring 139 police officers…”

5/16/2000 “First lady won’t face state action”

5/16/2000 “High court keeps lid on Vincent Foster photos”

5/17/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

5/17/2000 “Clinton flies to see wife nominated”

5/17/2000 “Veteran White House reporter quits UPI”

5/17/2000 (caption) “Hillary Clinton gets her husband’s backing as she steps up”

5/17/2000 “U.S. House rejects bill to overhaul budgeting”

5/18/2000 (caption) “Michael Joseph Lee of Belle Harbor, N.Y…”

5/18/2000 “Kosovo”

5/20/2000 “Giuliani out of race, cites cancer”

5/20/2000 “Clinton to tour FDR library, study archives”

5/20/2000 “Senate panel ratifies defense bill 27-0”

5/20/2000 “Chen takes office oath, faces placating China”

5/21/2000 “Barak cancels U.S. trip”

5/21/2000 “Protests, building coalitions set stage for vote on China”

5/21/2000 “Giuliani stand-in loses no time taking aim at first lady”

5/21/2000 (caption) “Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan…”

5/21/2000 “Clinton pushes use of defibrillators”

5/21/2000 “Proposed missile defense could put U.S. in peril, report says”

5/21/2000 “Panel approves $1 billion to destroy Russian weapons”

5/23/2000 “Panel moves to disbar Clinton”

5/23/2000 (picture) “President Clinton”

5/23/2000 “Clinton, Mbeki talks focus on AIDS drugs”

5/23/2000 “Complaint cites testimony on 2 occasions”

5/23/2000 “Clinton no lone soul in disbarment lineup”

5/23/2000 “Proceedings against Clinton anger state Senate leader”

5/23/2000 “Director of state’s lawyer discipline panel resigns”

5/24/2000 “Clinton’s case one of a kind, scholars say”

5/24/2000 “Senate to vote on judges, FEC nominee”

5/24/2000 “China trade bill gains support as House debate begins”

5/24/2000 (picture) “President Clinton”

5/24/2000 “Program would promote enterprises in poor areas”

5/24/2000 “Democrats lick chops: Barbecue to net $26 million”

5/24/2000 “Clinton friend: Flap inspires other cities to try for library”

5/25/2000 “China bill coasts through House”

5/25/2000 “Tripp wiretapping charges dropped”

5/25/2000 “Army to test laser weapon designed to protect Israel”

5/25/2000 “4 on pro-disbarment panel marked Democratic ballots”

5/26/2000 “China trade bill bumps into trouble in Senate”

5/26/2000 “First lady notes skepticism over quest for Senate seat”

5/26/2000 “White House: 1st summit will not resolve differences”

5/26/2000 “Tripp’s privacy violated, report says”

5/26/2000 “Charlie Trie finishes home detention, community service”

5/27/2000 “Appeals Court won’t intervene in Clinton suit”

5/27/2000 “Clinton focuses more on projects than next career”

5/27/2000 “Clinton says ocean areas need saving”

5/27/2000 (caption) “As the surf crashes”

5/28/2000 “Clinton wants mandatory nutritional labels on meats”

5/29/2000 “Gore plays up Vietnam service in appeal to veterans”

5/29/2000 “Portugal’s on fast track, Clinton to find”

5/29/2000 “Cohen”

5/30/2000 “Nation pays tribute to fallen servicemen”

5/30/2000 “Analysts predict budget fight in fall”

5/31/2000 “Clinton touring Europe to talk trade, defense”

File 6 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette June 1-15, 2000

6/1/2000 “Clinton: Will share technology with allies”

6/2/2000 “No asylum hearing for Elian”

6/2/2000 “Clinton warned of new arms race”

6/3/2000 “Plan to add Clinton site doesn’t faze folks on lake”

6/3/2000 “Clinton exhorts Europe to embrace Russia”

6/3/2000 (caption) “President Clinton greets…”

6/3/2000 “Reno blocks counterintelligence plan”

6/4/2000 “Clinton, Putin off to friendly start, but no first names”

6/4/2000 “Clinton aims grants to help train teachers in computers”

6/5/2000 “No agreement on missile defense”

6/5/2000 (caption) “President Clinton (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin…”

6/5/2000 (caption) “Linda Tripp…”

6/5/2000 “Checks halted 204,000 gun sales in 1999”

6/6/2000 (caption) “Under the visages…”

6/6/2000 “Russia Duma cool to Clinton”

6/6/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

6/6/2000 “Putin requests Vatican’s help”

6/6/2000 “Barak may offer more territory in settlement”

6/7/2000 “Arafat to visit Clinton in D.C.”

6/7/2000 “Order to add clinical trials to Medicare”

6/7/2000 “Bush says missile defense must be included in treaty”

6/7/2000 “FBI chief’s 1997 memo stirs debate on Gore fund raising”

6/7/2000 “Clinton, Jordan’s king confer on Mideast”

6/8/2000 “Senate leaves cutting nuclear arsenal to next president”

6/8/2000 “Senators act to guard China trade bill”

6/8/2000 “Clinical trials enter Medicare lineup”

6/9/2000 “Senate rejects patients-rights bill”

6/9/2000 “Some Gore e-mail likely gone forever”

6/9/2000 “Senate group seeks records on Elian raid”

6/9/2000 “Bush vows to bring D.C. reform, civility”

6/9/2000 (caption) “President Clinton….”

6/9/2000 “S. Korean, Clinton confer about summit in North next week”

6/10/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

6/10/2000 “House passes bill to kill estate tax”

6/10/2000 “CIA more tolerant of homosexuality among its personnel”

6/10/2000 “Clinton, Zedillo watch as gulf division pact is inked”

6/10/2000 “Putin won’t press N. Korea on missile program during visit”

6/11/2000 (caption) “Hillary Rodham Clinton”

6/11/2000 “Ethics experts’ views differ on Clinton case”

6/11/2000 “Clinton adds 4 sites to list of monuments”

6/11/2000 “Clinton takes step to expand family leave”

6/11/2000 (caption) “While attending”

6/11/2000 “Lawyer disbarment in Arkansas, 1990-99”

6/12/2000 “Justice referral vowed for Gore, Clinton, Reno under new chief”

6/12/2000 “U.S. wants exemption for GIs from U.N. war court”

6/13/2000 “Goal-setters get together for ‘pep rally’”

6/14/2000 “Drug plan from GOP fleshed out”

6/14/2000 “6 put on leave, investigators named in loss of nuclear files”

6/14/2000 “OPEC’s reluctance to increase production sends oil prices higher”

6/14/2000 “Gore says he recalls problems with e-mail”

6/14/2000 “Korea leaders begin summit on high note”

6/14/2000 “Lawyer picked to argue case to disbar Clinton”

6/15/2000 “Korean leaders agree to seek peace, unity”

6/15/2000 “Senate OKs CIA official to new nuclear weapon agency”

6/15/2000 “Won’t shed Tripp case, judge decides”

File 7 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette June 16-30, 2000

6/16/2000 “Daley in, Coelho out as point man for Gore team”

6/16/2000 “House trims study funds for vehicles”

6/16/2000 “House kills monument curbs”

6/16/2000 “Albright bound for Middle East again”

6/16/2000 “Europe, Helms pressuring U.S. over war crimes court”

6/17/2000 (caption) “Musical president”

6/17/2000 “Travel office inquiry wraps up”

6/17/2000 “China vote in Senate not likely before July”

6/17/2000 “Missing hard drives with nuclear secrets found in ‘secure’ area”

6/17/2000 “GOP blasted for dropping upgrade plan”

6/17/2000 “Koreas pull plug on border propaganda after summit”

6/18/2000 “GOP presses for spending package”

6/18/2000 “GAO faults missile defense plan, paper says”

6/18/2000 “Plans for Medicare drug benefits wedge sides further apart”

6/20/2000 “U.S. relaxes trade embargo put on N. Korea in ‘50s war”

6/20/2000 (caption) “President Clinton stresses”

6/20/2000 “Clinton uses Texas trip to court Hispanic voters”

6/21/2000 “Senate OKs measure on bias-related crimes”

6/21/2000 “White House office tracks Internet users”

6/21/2000 “Clinton may let successor decide on missile shield”

6/21/2000 “House reverses decision on tobacco suit funding”

6/21/2000 “Formal inquiry targets gas price gouging”

6/22/2000 “President Clinton”

6/22/2000 “$1 trillion growth seen ahead for U.S. surplus”

6/22/2000 “George Stephanopoulos”

6/22/2000 “Thai woman to plead guilty to illegal campaign contributions”

6/22/2000 “Medal of Honor given to 22 Asian-Americans”

6/22/2000 “Bush favors inquiry into gas prices, says White House at fault”

6/23/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and Senate…”

6/23/2000 “First lady suspected, not charged in firings”

6/23/2000 “Gore struggling to get traction in early polls”

6/23/2000 “Senate OKs $12 billion spending bill”

6/23/2000 “Senate rejects prescription drug plan”

6/24/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

6/24/2000 “LR files show city over budget on Clinton library”

6/24/2000 “Clinton administration behind SEC investigation, Lazio campaign claims”

6/25/2000 “Prescription plan doubled”

6/25/2000 “Death toll from war inaccurate but lasting”

6/25/2000 “Navy to resume bombing on Vieques”

6/25/2000 “Bush in ’92 asked dad to help oilmen”

6/25/2000 “Teacher recalls Hillary’s formative years in Park Ridge”

6/27/2000 “Budget surplus forecast at $1.87 trillion”

6/27/2000 “High court stands by Miranda rule”

6/28/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

6/28/2000 “Reno says little about Gore”

6/28/2000 “Appeals court denies new trial for Schaffer”

6/28/2000 “Diane Blair, Clinton friend, dead at 61”

6/28/2000 “Senate chiefs remove item tripping up China vote”

6/28/2000 “Attempts to get Navy off Vieques intensify”

6/29/2000 “Park fund subsidized by taxes”

6/29/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

6/29/2000 “GOP prescription bill squeaks through House; Clinton promises veto”

6/29/2000 “Senate panel OKs couples’ tax cut”

6/29/2000 “President: Gore likely to win race despite polls”

6/29/2000 (caption) “President Clinton said”

6/29/2000 “Political-donor bill advances in Senate”

6/29/2000 “Elian flies home to Cuba”

6/29/2000 “Mideast talks yield no common ground”

6/29/2000 “Abortion law ‘undue burden,’ high court says”

6/30/2000 (caption) ‘President Clinton”

6/30/2000 “Political donors face disclosure”

6/30/2000 “GOP may retool partial-birth abortion ban”

6/30/2000 “Snyder: Prescription bill ‘won’t work’”

File 8 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette July 1-15, 2000

7/1/2000 “LR officials say funding for library legal, knotty”

7/1/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/1/2000 “Panel sues to disbar Clinton”

7/1/2000 “Lott vows to fight Cuba trade legislation”

7/1/2000 “Bill on drug-war aid, Kosovo sent to Clinton”

7/1/2000 “Clinton takes aim at wife’s rival”

7/1/2000 “White House turns over e-mail tapes to counsel”

7/2/2000 “Reports: China helps Pakistan develop missiles”

7/2/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/3/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/3/2000 “The real William Jefferson Clinton”

7/4/2000 “Tucker restitution order struck”

7/4/2000 “2 more judges recuse from Clinton disbarment case”

7/5/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/5/2000 “Public service at core of master’s program”

7/6/2000 “President announces Mideast summit”

7/6/2000 “Another judge recuses incase to disbar Clinton”

7/7/2000 “Ex-Starr aide faces trial in news leak”

7/7/2000 “Barak to go to summit carrying concessions”

7/7/2000 “Prosecutors, Riady camp negotiate plea”

7/7/2000 “Re-evaluating the Clinton years”

7/8/2000 “Officials unravel how Clinton library land is funded”

7/8/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/8/2000 “Accusation is ex-Starr aide lied to judge”

7/8/2000 “Third-party candidates hurt Gore”

7/8/2000 “Clinton delays Aug. 5 execution”

7/9/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and Tunisian”

7/9/2000 “Mrs. Clinton, Gore camps deny tension”

7/9/2000 “Clinton OKs entry of 80,000 refugees”

7/9/2000 “Clinton trying to engineer peace pact”

7/10/2000 “Coalition crumbles around Barak”

7/10/2000 “U.S. leaders ponder failed missile test”

7/10/2000 “Clinton sets stage for Mideast summit”

7/11/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/11/2000 “Clinton taps Arkansan to head VA”

7/11/2000 “Former Starr aide blames ex-colleagues for misleading judge”

7/12/2000 “Disbarment of president has a judge”

7/12/2000 “Israeli, Palestinian leaders meet”

7/13/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/13/2000 “Israel scraps sale to China”

7/13/2000 “Plans for estate, marriage tax cuts progress”

7/14/2000 (caption) “President Clinton signed legislation…”

7/14/2000 “Trial of ex-Starr press aide begins with accusations of flip-flop stories”

7/14/2000 “Vietnam, U.S. sign trade deal”

7/14/2000 “Clinton: Gore tops list of nation’s No. 2 men”

7/14/2000 “‘Let go of the past,’ Clinton tells old foes”

7/14/2000 “Democrats urge delay on missile-shield issue”

7/14/2000 “Senate poised for vote on estate-tax repeat”

7/14/2000 “Witness: Officials balked on e-mail”

7/15/2000 “Senate votes 59-39 to get rid of estate tax bit by bit”

7/15/2000 “FBI: Bakaly admitted to ‘risky game’”

7/15/2000 “China trade bill runs into great wall of Senate”

7/15/2000 “Clinton redoubles peace effort amid ‘intractable issues’”

7/15/2000 “U.S., China see Taiwan issue as urgent”

File 9 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette July 16-31, 2000

7/16/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/16/2000 “Pace quickens as Clinton meets with Barak, Arafat”

7/17/2000 “Clinton says Mideast talks are toughest of presidency”

7/17/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/18/2000 “Marrieds get closer to tax cut in Senate”

7/18/2000 “Clinton uses pending departure as leverage”

7/18/2000 “Offered judge truth, ex-Starr aide testifies”

7/18/2000 “Judge cites murk by White House in e-mail case”

7/19/2000 “Poll: 47% in state favor disbarment of Clinton”

7/19/2000 “Senate for ‘marriage penalty’ end”

7/19/2000 “Bush defends his governorship, says D.C. can learn from Lone Star State”

7/19/2000 “Showdown at Mideast talks could delay Clinton trip”

7/19/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/19/2000 “Bid to block monument designations fails”

7/20/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/20/2000 “In poll matchup Clinton loses, Hutchinson keeps Senate seat”

7/20/2000 “Mideast summit to keep plugging”

7/20/2000 “Negotiators ironing out tax break for couples”

7/20/2000 “Gore calls Burton letter ‘partisan political attack’”

7/20/2000 “House passes bipartisan defense bill”

7/20/2000 “China trade bill faces likely delay”

7/20/2000 “House OKs retirement plan changes”

7/20/2000 “With Clinton late, Japan left to fret over G-8 meeting”

7/20/2000 (picture) “President Clinton”

7/21/2000 “Clinton gives pledge to Okinawa”

7/21/2000 (caption) “President Clinton visited the memorial to the soldiers…”

7/21/2000 “U.S. to reduce its ‘footprint,’ president says”

7/21/2000 “GOP ‘marriage penalty’ tax relief heads toward final passage”

7/21/2000 “Albright fills in for Clinton at talks”

7/21/2000 “Memorial recalls time U.S. shells fell ‘like rain’”

7/22/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/22/2000 “Tax-relief bill for marrieds sent to Clinton”

7/22/2000 “G-8 leaders bask in prosperity, fret over oil”

7/22/2000 “Military to improve gay policy training”

7/22/2000 “Rights record hinders drug aid”

7/22/2000 “Clinton, Putin discuss N. Korea’s missile intentions”

7/23/2000 (picture) “President Clinton speaks Saturday…”

7/23/2000 “Next round: Clinton vs. ex-nun”

7/23/2000 “G-8 summit comes to a close”

7/23/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/23/2000 “Clinton’s courtroom adversary known for her persistence”

7/23/2000 “‘Be good neighbors,’ Clinton tells U.S. troops on Okinawa”

7/23/2000 “Japanese replica of Clinton’s boyhood home draw for tourists”

7/24/2000 “Clinton returns to Mideast talks”

7/24/2000 “More blacks must vote in state for Gore’s sake”

7/24/2000 (picture) “President Clinton crosses…”

7/25/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

7/25/2000 “‘Realistic chance’ to keep Clinton at peace talks”

7/25/2000 “Clinton releases transcript from fund-raising inquiry”

7/26/2000 “Middle East peace talks fall apart after 14 days; ‘they couldn’t get there’”

7/26/2000 (caption) “President Clinton…”

7/27/2000 (caption) “Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

7/27/2000 “GOP, Clinton scuffle over tax cuts, surplus”

7/27/2000 “Senate takes up China trade bill”

7/28/2000 “Unpaid van rental bill takes White House to courthouse”

7/28/2000 “House OKs cut in tax on benefits”

7/28/2000 “White House could restore e-mails faster, experts testify”

7/28/2000 “GOP opts to not push tax cut, spending through House before recess”

7/29/2000 (caption) “Chelsea Clinton…”

7/29/2000 “After peace talks, Clinton adopts pro-Israeli stance, praises Barak”

7/29/2000 “Fallback plan would cover medicine for poorest elderly”

7/29/2000 “Lied about FBI files, aide admitted”

7/29/2000 “Bush stumps in Springdale”

7/30/2000 “Arafat puts his own spin on summit”

7/30/2000 “Hillary Clinton blames Arafat for summit collapse”

7/30/2000 “New EPA rules rile state’s lawmakers”

7/31/2000 “Clinton plan to buy back guns still on”

End of Box 4

Box 5

File 1 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette August 2000

8/4/2000 “Closing speech also stresses role as D.C. outsider”

8/4/2000 “With Congress away, Clinton appoints civil-rights enforcer”

8/5/2000 (caption) “President Clinton…”

8/5/2000 “U.S. trying to get Barak, Arafat back to the table”

8/5/2000 “Clinton to veto tax cut for the married”

8/5/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and first lady…”

8/5/2000 “Clintons go on vacation for weekend”

8/5/2000 “Bush hits campaign trail flush with convention buzz”

8/6/2000 “Tax-break plan would help few of state’s elderly”

8/6/2000 “Marriage tax cut vetoed by Clinton”

8/6/2000 “Clinton to tour wildfire areas, speak to crews”

8/7/2000 “President: Wife’s foes out to confuse voters”

8/8/2000 “It’s a ‘miracle,’ says Gore pick”

8/8/2000 “Judge sets hearing date for Tucker”

8/9/2000 “Gore sees Kennedy parallel”

8/9/2000 “Clinton sees ‘eerie’ sweep of wildfires, thanks firefighters”

8/9/2000 “NY donors No. 1 source of Lieberman Connecticut campaign funds”

8/10/2000 (caption) “President Clinton….”

8/10/2000 “Clinton signs bill that increases military spending by $20 billion”

8/10/2000 (caption) “President Clinton awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom…”

8/10/2000 “Clinton gives Medal of Freedom to LR’s Clark, Jackson, 13 more”

8/10/2000 “Bush tips hat to Lieberman but says race is with Gore”

8/10/2000 “Lieberman to join Hillary Clinton’s campaign”

8/10/2000 “Gore, Lieberman forced to confront their differences”

8/11/2000 “Clinton library may fix up span”

8/11/2000 “Some fear Gore not getting lead role in LA”

8/11/2000 (caption) “President Clinton appears…”

8/11/2000 “White House workers sneak porn past Web filters again”

8/11/2000 “Clinton apologizes again for having affair”

8/11/2000 (caption) “President Clinton reflects…”

8/11/2000 “Decision near on buying Clinton library retreat site on Lake Hamilton”

8/12/2000 “Gore courts women’s vote, touts tax cut, copes with Clinton past”

8/12/2000 “Gore is challenged over Clinton’s acts”

8/13/2000 (caption) “President Clinton..”

8/13/2000 “Stars come out as Clintons take spotlight in LA”

8/13/2000 “Polls suggest nation ready for Clinton exit”

8/13/2000 “Leaving their homeland, families, they sought freedom”

8/13/2000 “Clinton’s stand on Elian rooted in Forth Chaffee crisis, some say”

8/14/2000 “Democrats want nation’s focus on Gore”

8/15/2000 “Clinton touts 8 years, Gore”

8/15/2000 (caption) “President Clinton…”

8/15/2000 “Clinton films 3rd by his TV friends”

8/16/2000 “Delegates say Gore no Clinton, still good”

8/16/2000 “Arkansas delegates sag from partying, then get pep talk”

8/17/2000 “Bush archivist to head work on Clinton files”

8/17/2000 “Ex-aide of Gore warns Bush’s push to win Arkansas a thrust at Clinton”

8/17/2000 “Clinton should get out of Gore’s spotlight, Kerrey says”

8/18/2000 “It’s official: Clinton now a New Yorker”

8/18/2000 “Grand jury weighing Clinton perjury case”

8/18/2000 (caption) “President Clinton registered to vote in New York…”

8/18/2000 “3 Arkansans tight with White House spread its message”

8/18/2000 “Tripp case switched to Clinton appointed”

8/21/2000 “Clinton inks bill creating AIDS fund”

8/21/2000 “Albright, Tenet at odds over release of CIA documents”

8/21/2000 “‘Second truck’ talks work for peace”

8/21/2000 “Sierra Leone: U.S. assistance welcome, long time in coming”

8/21/2000 (caption) “President Clinton celebrate his 54th birthday Sunday…”

8/22/2000 “Clinton does math: Schools to bust seams”

8/23/2000 (caption) “Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first lady…”

8/23/2000 “Ray spent nearly $742,000 on consultants”

8/24/2000 “Reno: No independent counsel for Gore”

8/24/2000 “Clinton releases drug aid to Colombia”

8/24/2000 “Clinton fund for legal bills running short”

8/25/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and Vicente Fox…”

8/25/2000 “Visiting Fox draws praise, qualms from Bush, Gore”

8/25/2000 “Clinton’s journey to Africa weighted with symbolism”

8/25/2000 “Top Clinton administration officials face questioning no missing e-mail”

8/25/2000 “Estate tax repeal bill on Clinton’s desk”

8/26/2000 “Clinton kin accept offer for lake land”

8/26/2000 “Gore ‘not so sure’ annals will be unkind to Clinton”

8/26/2000 “Clinton leaves for Africa, will stop in Egypt”

8/26/2000 “Ex-counsel to testify in missing e-mail case”

8/26/2000 “Flowers suit deemed past deadline, dropped”

8/26/2000 “Wildfire threatens homes near reservation”

8/26/2000 “Critic: Forest plan is dangerous”

8/26/2000 “Clinton moving vigorously to leave environmental mark”

8/26/2000 (caption) “William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation”

8/27/2000 (caption) “President Clinton reviews Nigerian troops…”

8/27/2000 “Clinton prods Nigeria”

8/27/2000 “Clinton starts Web site to fill teacher shortage”

8/27/2000 (caption) “President Clinton acknowledge Speaker of the House…”

8/27/2000 “Clinton to visit Egypt, back leader’s peace effort”

8/28/2000 “AIDS preventable, Nigerians told”

8/28/2000 (caption) “President Clinton greets the children…”

8/28/2000 “Heifer Project weighs move”

8/28/2000 (caption) “President Clinton…”

8/29/2000 (caption) “President Clinton…”

8/29/2000 “President not notified of e-mails, court told”

8/29/2000 “Burundi peace falters; Clinton urges factions to end war”

8/30/2000 “Colombia to seek trade in Clinton visit”

8/30/2000 “Peace aim of aid, Clinton tells Colombians”

8/30/2000 (caption) “President Clinton walks toward Air Force One…”

8/30/2000 “Clinton again to coax Israelis, Palestinians”

8/31/2000 (caption) “President Clinton hugs Colombian President…”

8/30/2000 “Clinton pumps $1.3 billion into Colombian drug fight”

File 2 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette September 2000

9/1/2000 “President vetoes estate-tax repeal bill”

9/2/2000 “President backs off shield plan on missiles”

9/2/2000 “No tears shed over independent counsel exit”

9/2/2000 “Gore, Russian prime minister sign plutonium-disposal accord”

9/2/2000 “U.S. helps rid Russia of nuclear waste”

9/3/2000 “Congress to run on election mode”

9/3/2000 “Scholars: A pardon of Clinton tempting”

9/3/2000 “Hillary Clinton intercedes for Israeli spy”

9/3/2000 “Candidates script speeches to get raves, rise out of public”

9/4/2000 “Clinton: Diplomatic cost of unsure missile defense too high”

9/5/2000 “Barak sets timer for treaty ticking”

9/6/2000 “GOP fears Democrats will put up budget roadblock”

9/6/2000 “Leaders, protesters come to NYC, agendas in hand”

9/6/2000 “Delay likely for next test of inceptor”

9/6/2000 “Odds against Mideast peace accord”

9/7/2000 “Summit opens; poverty, defense, peace on agenda”

9/7/2000 “Lawyer wants judge’s yes or no on disbarment case”

9/7/2000 “Clinton warns Barak, Arafat of coming end to historic opportunity”

9/7/2000 “Chelsea Clinton a first-lady fill-in as mom stumps”

9/7/2000 “Estate-tax veto override seen as unlikely”

9/8/2000 “House lacks votes to undo Clinton veto on estate tax”

9/8/2000 “Security Council votes to beef up peacekeeping”

9/8/2000 (caption) “President Clinton…”

9/8/2000 “Republican push stopgap Medicare drug plan”

9/8/2000 “Arafat spurns Clinton plan on Jerusalem”

9/8/2000 “Iran’s Khatami demands U.S. apology for past policies”

9/9/2000 “Human-diginity call caps summit”

9/9/2000 (caption) “Chinese President Jiang Zemin poses with President Clinton”

9/9/2000 “Impeachment prosecutors’ PAC puts off fund-raiser honoring Starr”

9/10/2000 (caption) “President Clinton helping raise money…”

9/10/2000 “Looming election tempts Congress to fatten budget”

9/10/2000 “Staff from Arkansas plan for post-Clinton era”

9/10/2000 “McCain attacks pork-barrel spending”

9/10/2000 “Clinton bids $1.6 billion to aid West, thin forests”

9/11/2000 (caption) “President Clinton is awaiting an administration…”

9/11/2000 “Lee to admit to one count, discuss tapes, sources say”

9/11/2000 “Barak yields on holy site”

9/11/2000 “Lazio says shaking Arafat’s hand OK”

9/12/2000 “Pardon No. 179 for Schaffer? White House won’t say”

9/12/2000 (caption) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, a candidate for the U.S. Senate…”

9/12/2000 “Court snag scuttles expected release of N.M. scientist”

9/13/2000 “Clinton-headlined D.C. event seeks $100,000-plus for Ross”

9/13/2000 “China trade bill fights way in Senate”

9/13/2000 “Clinton wins her New York primary handily”

9/13/2000 “GOP leaders of Congress, Clinton talk cuts, surplus”

9/14/2000 “Book details Clinton’s ordeal in 1998”

9/14/2000 (picture) “Bill Clinton”

9/14/2000 “Chance of disbarment trial set this year ’50-50’”

9/14/2000 “Scientist Lee goes free, gets judge’s apology”

9/14/2000 “Senate enters final stretch in passing China trade bill”

9/14/2000 “First lady, Lazio spar in initial N.Y. debate”

9/14/2000 “Money from lawyer tied to Clinton veto”

9/14/2000 “House sustains veto or marriage-penalty tax bill”

9/15/2000 (caption) “President Clinton will visit Vietnam…”

9/15/2000 “Clinton also sees Lee as victim”

9/15/2000 “White House will release latest overnight guest list”

9/15/2000 “Senate OKs bill increasing aid to rural counties”

9/15/2000 “Indian leader raises nuclear issue with Congress”

9/16/2000 “Clinton will delve into Lee’s case but doesn’t see ethnicity as factor”

9/16/2000 “Clinton lauds Indian’s nuclear restraint”

9/16/2000 “Report: Army Engineers unbent by White House”

9/16/2000 “House Democrats balk, but still vote for GOP debt plan”

9/16/2000 “Whitewater summary unlikely to spell ruin for Clintons”

9/16/2000 “LR filing seeks a quick ruling for library site”

9/16/2000 “The Hillary! Debates”

9/17/2000 “Clinton nominee to head Corps vows cooperation”

9/17/2000 “Clinton spotlights nursing homes”

9/17/2000 “Criticism unites Iran, U.S. in talk on Afghans”

9/18/2000 (caption) “President Clinton marked the 213th anniversary…”

9/19/2000 “Clinton, others accused of war crimes”

9/19/2000 “Timor backlash likely, Cohen warns”

9/20/2000 “Vote of Senate ends restraints on China trade”

9/20/2000 “Smaltz opposes probation for Schaffer”

9/20/2000 “Israel calls timeout in talks; bad move, Palestinians say”

9/20/2000 “CIA admits role in destabilizing Chile”

9/20/2000 (caption) “President Clinton talks to reporters…”

9/21/2000 (picture) “Whitewater: The land and the lawyers”

9/21/2000 “Whitewater investigation ends”

9/21/2000 “Hillary Clinton says she’s glad it’s finally over”

9/21/2000 “Gore vows to stand up to ‘big oil’”

9/22/2000 “Senators fattening poverty bill with pork”

9/22/2000 “Accuser sues Clintons, says release of letters violated her privacy”

9/22/2000 “Schaffer seeks to halt Monday’s sentencing”

9/22/2000 “Treasury chief backs Gore oil idea, despite earlier stance”

9/22/2000 “Belgrade court sentences Clinton to 20 years”

9/22/2000 “Spending bills at a crawl in Congress”

9/22/2000 (caption) “President Clinton, surrounded by representatives of conversation…”

9/23/2000 “Clinton releases oil from reserve”

9/23/2000 “White House releases list of overnight guests”

9/23/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and Dutch Prime Minister…”

9/23/2000 “Reno requests internal study of Lee case”

9/23/2000 “White House hesitant to offer Mideast plan”

9/23/2000 “Temple event viewed as Gore fund-raiser by staff, e-mails show”

9/23/2000 “Open oil reserve, Gore urges; then Clinton does so; GOP cries foul”

9/24/2000 “Clinton: Politics not behind oil release”

9/24/2000 “Presidential pardon sought for Wen Ho Lee”

9/25/2000 (caption) “President Clinton, making the rounds at campaign…”

9/25/2000 “Cheney: Oil move is Clinton bid to lift Gore”

9/25/2000 “Tyson exec to be sentenced today”

9/25/2000 “Hillary Clinton, Lazio strike a deal”

9/25/2000 “Ray: Decision on Clinton to follow term”

9/26/2000 (caption) “President Clinton, winding up three days…”

9/26/2000 “Schaffer sentenced to 1 year, $5,000 fine”

9/27/2000 “House OKs stopgap spending bill”

9/27/2000 “House renews domestic violence act”

9/27/2000 “Officials unveil plan to reopen Pennsylvania Avenue”

9/27/2000 “Clinton, GOP wrangle over drug proposals”

9/28/2000 “Thousands rally in Belgrade for Milosevic’s opponent”

9/29/2000 “Bill laced with cash for state faces veto”

9/29/2000 “Pierre Trudeau, Canada’s leader for 16 years, dies”

9/29/2000 “Judge OKs federal tobacco suit minus Medicare claim”

9/29/2000 “Rail bill is ready for Senate, but inner-city spending dies”

9/29/2000 “Senate OKs bill to keep agency doors open”

9/29/2000 “Congress’ hands tied over abortion pill, Sen. Hutchinson says”

File 3 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette October 2000

10/1/2000 (caption) “President Clinton is to meet in Washington…”

10/1/2000 “Financial woes loom over Clinton Birthplace Foundation”

10/1/2000 “Congress gets ore time to pass new foreign tax break rules”

10/1/2000 “Clinton firm on education spending”

10/1/2000 “Helpful donor gave money, much more”

10/3/2000 (caption) “President Clinton will meet with the prime…”

10/3/2000 “Stage set for gaffes or glory”

10/3/2000 “Senate OKs energy, water spending”

10/3/2000 “Albright to meet Barak, Arafat, talk peacemaking”

10/4/2000 (caption) “Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Senate candidate…”

10/4/2000 “Land-conservation bill clears House”

10/5/2000 “Lawyer changes testimony on White House e-mail discrepancies”

10/6/2000 “Mobs sack Belgrade power hubs”

10/6/2000 “U.S. military won’t step in, Clinton says”

10/6/2000 “U.S. tries new tack on China arms exports”

10/6/2000 “Whereabouts of Milosevic not known”

10/6/2000 “House, Senate Republicans agree on prescription drug imports”

10/6/2000 “Sen. Hutchinson: Bill would bring $1.1 billion to state”

10/7/2000 “Judge clears ex-Starr aide in leaks case”

10/7/2000 (caption) “President Clinton on Friday signed…”

10/7/2000 “U.S. allies plan to free Yugoslavia of sanctions”

10/7/2000 “Judge: Won’t testify in Clinton disbarment

10/8/2000 (caption) “President Clinton vetoed a $23.6 billion”

10/9/2000 (caption) “President Clinton used his weekly radio…”

10/9/2000 “Clinton tells of regrets, triumphs as president”

10/9/2000 “Campaign strategists see big stakes in small states”

10/9/2000 “Clinton, Lazio clash over soft-money ban”

10/9/2000 “Clinton urges Mideast summit”

10/10/2000 “Barak backs off ultimatum”

10/10/2000 “Meeting to focus on end of N. Korea terrorist acts”

10/10/2000 (caption) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

10/10/2000 “Palestinians say U.S. fueling Israel fire”

10/10/2000 “Clinton pushes for summit in Egypt, ponders attending”

10/11/2000 “President signs bill normalizing trade with China”

10/11/2000 (caption) “As Speaker of the House…”

10/11/2000 “N. Korean envoy conciliatory in visit”

10/12/2000 “Senate sends auto safety bill to Clinton”

10/12/2000 “Clinton notes sacrifice Pulaski made for liberty”

10/12/2000 “Defense bill bolsters care of veterans”

10/12/2000 “Clinton: Conservation bill provides ‘legacy’”

10/13/2000 “Bomb tears U.S. ship; 6 die”

10/13/2000 “Senate approves spending bills adding up to $160 billion”

10/13/2000 “House sends bankruptcy revamp to Senate; veto threatened”

10/13/2000 “Secret pact by Gore allowed Russia to send arms to Iran”

10/13/2000 “N. Korea-U.S. thaw hints at Clinton visit”

10/13/2000 “Clinton calls on Mideast to cease fire”

10/13/2000 “U.S. dispatches experts to investigate explosion”

10/14/2000 “Hillary Clinton admits using White House list”

10/14/2000 “Journalism student recalls asking Clinton, ‘Boxers or briefs?’”

10/15/2000 “Sides say risk is high, agree to talk in Egypt”

10/15/2000 “Peace efforts in Mideast need prayers, Gore says”

10/15/2000 “White House mulls lessons of past Mideast summit”

10/15/2000 “Costly Colombian drug war inspires few allies”

10/16/2000 “Medicare, taxes, IRAs still on plate for Congress”

10/16/2000 “Executive orders likely as Clinton’s term ends”

10/16/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and Secretary of State…”

10/16/2000 “Clinton heads to Egypt summit”

10/16/2000 “Congress quick to OK safety bill”

10/17/2000 “Congress, Clinton wrestle over workplace safety”

10/17/2000 “Behind campaign roar, plans quietly laid for transfer of power”

10/18/2000 “Gore, Bush draw sharp differences”

10/18/2000 “Leery foes icily agree to urge end to violence”

10/19/2000 “Cuba trade bill goes to Clinton”

10/19/2000 “Ray won’t prosecute but says first lady’s travel office testimony ‘false’”

10/19/2000 “Fallen, missing sailors mourned at home port”

10/20/2000 “House speaker defers to Clinton, withdraws genocide resolution”

10/21/2000 (caption) “President Clinton signed legislation Friday…”

10/21/2000 “House GOP wants long-term care tax break, prods Clinton”

10/21/2000 “Clinton salutes Carnahan in Missouri memorial”

10/21/2000 (caption) “Katie Couric”

10/21/2000 “House report blasts Reno; critics call it partisan hatchet job”

10/21/2000 “Sen. Hutchinson in demand for TV’s news shows these days”

10/21/2000 “U.S., Jordan to sign free-trade agreement with labor conditions”

10/21/2000 “Arab leaders bent on peace at summit despite calls for holy car”

10/23/2000 (caption) “Hillary Clinton, the first lady…”

10/24/2000 “State to get $592 million, Slater says”

10/24/2000 “Gore ‘obstacle to reform,’ Bush claims”

10/25/2000 “Gore whirls into LR with high-fives”

10/25/2000 “Colin Powell throws full weight behind Bush presidential quest”

10/25/2000 “Clinton touts third surplus in a row, record $237 billion”

10/25/2000 “U.S., Jordan settle on free-trade deal”

10/25/2000 (caption) “President Clinton listens…”

10/25/2000 “Bush says an attack by Clinton will come down on Gore’s head”

10/26/2000 “President, GOP near tax-relief, wage deals”

10/26/2000 “Suit puts Clinton library designs on hold”

10/26/2000 “Mideast foes cool to Clinton offer”

10/26/2000 “Russian deal not secret, senators told”

10/27/2000 “Bush claims legacy of Clinton ‘fruitless’”

10/27/2000 “House defies veto threat, passes tax, minimum-wage bill”

10/27/2000 “Judge orders Tyson exec: Report to prison in January”

10/27/2000 “Clinton threatens to veto spending bill over GOP immigration terms”

10/28/2000 “$39.9 billion in spending set for veto”

10/28/2000 “Gore, Bush in tug of war for key states”

10/28/2000 (picture) “On the inside”

10/28/2000 “Clinton works to energize black voters for Gore”

10/28/2000 (picture) “President Clinton waits in a doorway for his introduction…”

10/29/2000 (caption) “President Clinton…”

10/29/2000 “Bush, Gore crank up negativity”

10/29/2000 “White House marks 200 years”

10/29/2000 “Congress OKs temporary spending bill”

10/29/2000 “Ghost of Lewinsky haunts election”

10/30/2000 (caption) “President Clinton, saying domestic violence…”

10/30/2000 “White House e-mail case to go on beyond election”

10/30/2000 “Clinton, Congress hold out hope of deal”

10/30/2000 “GOP ends calls linking first lady to terrorism”

10/31/2000 “President Clinton, who told Esquire magazine…”

10/31/2000 “Clinton vetoes congressional pay raise”

File 4 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette November 2000

11/1/2000 “Clinton: Interest groups behind GOP resistance”

11/1/2000 (caption) “President Clinton speaks…”

11/1/2000 “Clinton signs defense bill; military pay to go up 3.7%”

11/1/2000 “Trick-or-treaters put bite on Clinton home”

11/1/2000 “Larger e-mail snag pops up at White House”

11/1/2000 “Clinton plans weekend stop in Arkansas”

11/2/2000 “Senate, Clinton say finish budget after vote; House balks”

11/2/2000 “Poll: Arkansans leery of political party labels”

11/4/2000 “Court sees drawing, told key parts of Clinton library…”

11/4/2000 “Clinton headed to LR for rally, meeting ahead of Election Day”

11/5/2000 (caption) “President Clinton will not go…”

11/5/2000 “Experts: Hard to top Clinton on vote trail”

11/5/2000 “Clinton, Bush slate stops in Arkansas for last go at voters”

11/5/2000 “Clinton rejects bill outlawing leaks of nondefense state secrets”

11/5/2000 “Clinton: Speed up health-care appeals”

11/6/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and state…”

11/6/2000 “Clinton pushes for Ross”

11/6/2000 (caption) “President Clinton gets…”

11/7/2000 “Hillary Clinton has to hold N.Y. trend one more day”

11/7/2000 “Clinton to spend day on the sidelines”

11/8/2000 “Bush pulls down victory in Arkansas”

11/8/2000 “Hillary Clinton wins seat from N.Y., makes history”

11/8/2000 “Counting agonizing for Bush and Gore”

11/8/2000 “Clinton exhorts state to cast ‘deciding’ votes”

11/9/2000 “Day 2… and still counting”

11/9/2000 “Arafat to visit Clinton as violence persists”

11/9/2000 “Hillary Clinton takes spotlight”

11/10/2000 “Arkansas Times: Hillary!”

11/10/2000 “Arafat says he’d attend summit led by Clinton”

11/11/2000 “First lady: Time to get rid of Electoral College”

11/12/2000 “President Clinton, who had planned to depart…”

11/12/2000 “Arkansas politics produced usual party ups and downs”

11/12/2000 “Clinton honors Cole, breaks ground for new memorial”

11/12/2000 “Clinton’s Yosemite plan ready; so are foes”

11/12/2000 “Presidential transition requires time, extensive planning”

11/12/2000 “Judge to hear GOP’s plea is Clinton appointee”

11/13/2000 (caption) “President Clinton shown golfing…”

11/13/2000 “Coattails or luck, Clinton big winner in races for Congress”

11/13/2000 “Clinton plans for life after White House”

11/13/2000 (caption) “President Clinton”

11/14/2000 (caption) “Pres. Clinton has signed a law…”

11/14/2000 “Judge rules it’ll be a park, so LR can take land for Clinton library”

11/15/2000 “Clinton sees how LBJ got U.S. deep into war”

11/15/2000 (caption) “Aboard Air Fore One…”

11/15/2000 “Clinton in Vietnam will take back seat to national soccer team”

11/16/2000 “LR man vows to fight ruling on taking his land for library”

11/16/2000 “Clinton opposition to war not an issue in visit to Vietnam”

11/17/2000 “Congress can rise above partisan rancor, insiders say”

11/17/2000 “Thousands line Hanoi streets, welcome Clinton to Vietnam”

11/18/2000 “Don’t let past be trap, Clinton urges Vietnam”

11/18/2000 “11th Circuit includes 4 Bush appointees, 4 others by Clinton”

11/18/2000 “Clinton offers, asks for help to trace MIAs”

11/19/2000 (caption) “President Clinton walks past workers…”

11/19/2000 “Trip turns ‘new page’ in relations”

11/19/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and first lady…”

11/19/2000 “Clinton meets young victims scarred by an old war”

11/19/2000 “‘It was….almost surreal’”

11/19/2000 “Bill Clinton looks back: ‘It was…almost surreal’”

11/19/2000 (caption) “President Clinton and Vietnamese President Tran Duc Luong”

11/19/2000 (caption) “Clinton announces plans to run for governor in 1978”

11/19/2000 (caption) “Hillary Clinton wipes a tear as Bill Clinton….”

11/20/2000 (caption) “Hillary Clinton, joining the president…”

11/20/2000 “Vietnam War hostility now gone, Clinton says”

11/20/2000 “Clinton: Deeper weapons cuts ‘quite possible’”

11/21/2000 “GOP objects to Clinton plan to keep roads out of forests”

11/21/2000 (caption) “President Clinton consoles…”

11/21/2000 “Attorney, Clinton adviser dies at 61”

11/23/2000 “President Clinton is sending a high-level delegation…”

11/24/2000 “President Clinton granted a full pardon…”

11/27/2000 “Clinton readies ‘midnight regulations’”

11/27/2000 “Indian activist to get clemency review”

11/29/2000 “First lady wants to pen tell-all book”

11/29/2000 (caption) “President Clinton issued a major-disaster”

11/30/2000 (caption) “President Clinton will finally complete…”

11/30/2000 “Paula Casey calling it quits Jan. 1 as prosecutor”

11/30/2000 “Arkansas’ 6 electoral votes definitely for Bush, electors say”

File 5 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette December 2000

12/1/2000 “Clinton says Gore win sure with new count”

12/2/2000 “Clinton asks Congress to devote ‘will, wallet’ to fight world AIDS”

12/4/2000 “Clinton plans on entering GOP territory”

12/5/2000 “Independent counsel re-calls Lewinsky”

12/5/2000 “Clinton establishes ‘Yellowstone of the sea’”

12/6/2000 “First lady the talk of the Hill on 1st day of ‘school’”

12/8/2000 “Clinton streamlines flight control, creating unit in FAA”

12/8/2000 “President decides to delay Texan’s federal execution”

12/9/2000 “Heifer Project lining up land buys”

12/9/2000 “Clinton gets to Nebraska, unloads foreign policy suggestions”

12/9/2000 “President reveals a few departing thoughts”

12/10/2000 (caption) “Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first lady…”

12/10/2000 “McDougal seeks Whitewater conviction pardon from Clinton”

12/10/2000 “Clinton pushes education spending package”

12/10/2000 “War on drugs in Colombia goes private, criticized in U.S., abroad”

12/10/2000 “Congress wary of casting final die”

12/10/2000 “Clinton unveils LR library design”

12/10/2000 (caption) “President Clinton unveils the site design…”

12/11/2000 “Clinton to order study of child immunization”

12/12/2000 “Lawmakers, Clinton forge budget plan”

12/12/2000 “Clinton signs bill to restore natural flow in Everglades”

12/12/2000 “Order means no trial for Clinton this year in disbarment case”

12/13/2000 “Don’t quit on peace, Clinton says”

12/14/2000 (picture) “First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

12/15/2000 “Clinton cuts demands in immigration talks”

12/15/2000 “Clinton ends Europe tour with appeal for the poor”

12/15/2000 (caption) “President Clinton confers with Prime Minister Tony Blair…”

12/16/2000 “Congress OKs final four bills for ’01 budget”

12/16/2000 “FBI ranks march in Washington”

12/16/2000 “Cash advance on book by first lady draws fire”

12/17/2000 “Clinton pays last tribute to his late legal adviser”

12/17/2000 “Political battles mired last Congress’ progress”

12/17/2000 “Israelis, Palestinians considering possibility of resumption of talks”

12/19/2000 (caption) “President Clinton told French President…”

12/19/2000 “1st lady has book critics in a tizzy”

12/19/2000 “Laura Bush, Mrs. Clinton have tea”

12/20/2000 (caption) “President Clinton isn’t saying exactly…”

12/20/2000 (caption) “President Clinton talks to reporters as he says goodbye…”

12/20/2000 “Bush meets Clinton, calls on Gore in D.C.”

12/20/2000 “Clinton to overhaul medical privacy”

12/20/2000 “Clinton pocket veto kills bankruptcy bill”

12/20/2000 “Bush pressed to support census sampling”

12/20/2000 “GOP reaction muted on Hillary Clinton book deal”

12/21/2000 (caption) “President Clinton speaks Wednesday to employees…”

12/21/2000 “President issues rules on health privacy”

12/22/2000 “Clinton ponders pardons as Schaffer holds breath”

12/22/2000 “Clinton fashions legacy with legions of rules”

12/23/2000 “Schaffer, 58 others get pardons”

12/23/2000 “Clinton limo bears D.C.-booster plates”

12/24/2000 (caption) “President Clinton signed an executive order…”

12/24/2000 “Mideast peace talks fail, but Clinton holds out hope”

12/24/2000 “Cabinet half full, Bush cooling heels”

12/24/2000 (caption) “President Clinton meets with Palestinian and Israeli delegations”

12/28/2000 (caption) “President Clinton signed legislation aimed mainly…”

12/28/2000 “Clinton puts fist black on appeals court”

12/29/2000 (caption) “President Clinton, who vetoes the original bill…”

12/29/2000 “$1.9 trillion 10-year surplus projected”

12/29/2000 “Clinton won’t visit N. Korea; further progress up to Bush”

12/31/2000 “Clinton declares disaster in 22 counties”

12/31/2000 “Clinton the new kid on stately D.C. block”

12/31/2000 “Bush to find White House bare, traces of Clinton expunged”

12/31/2000 “Strong role seen likely for Cabinet”

File 6 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette January 2001

1/1/2001 (caption) “President Clinton

1/1/2001 “U.S. signs pact to form world court

1/1/2001 (caption) “President Clinton gives a thumbs up…

1/2/2001 “Arafat due in D.C., will talk to Clinton

1/3/2001 (caption) “Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat…

1/3/2001 “Bush appoints a Democrat, fills Cabinet

1/3/2001 “Arafat seeks an opening in meeting with Clinton

1/3/2001 “Split takes hold today in Senate”

1/3/2001 “Arafat faces fight at home on peace plan”

1/4/2001 “Ross, Hillary Clinton take oath as freshmen”

1/4/2001 (caption) “President Clinton and daughter Chelsea hold the Bible…”

1/6/2001 “Clinton bars new roads in national forests”

1/6/2001 “Sen. Clinton to form PAC, paper reports”

1/6/2001 (caption) “President Clinton leaves Friday for a short trip…”

1/6/2001 “Clinton creates panel to guard U.S. secrets”

1/6/2001 “Clinton urges Senate to revisit nuclear treaty soon”

1/6/2001 “Clintons’ décor could cost millions”

1/7/2001 (caption) “President Clinton sent to Congress…”

1/7/2001 (caption) “President Clinton visits the new panda”

1/7/2001 “Clinton sees two new pandas at zoo”

1/7/2001 “Some see Bush’s talk of recession as effort to avoid dad’s mistake”

1/7/2001 “Clinton’s 4th load of records lands in LR”

1/7/2001 “Arkansas’ Rhodes scholars”

1/8/2001 “Bush advised to pardon Clinton, ‘end whole thing’”

1/8/2001 (caption)President Clinton will unveil a statue of FDR…”

1/9/2001 “Names and faces”

1/10/2001 “California asks Clinton to help ease power woes”

1/11/2001 “Clinton to address state Legislature”

1/11/2001 (caption) “President Clinton shown making remarks…”

1/12/2001 “Riady to pay $8.6 million fine for Clinton gift”

1/12/2001 “Lincoln wins finance panel seat”

1/12/2001 “Sen. Clinton put on health, pension panel”

1/12/2001 “Clinton: U.S. regrets No Gun Ri bloodshed”

1/12/2001 “No room for public at Clinton’s speech, lawmakers told”

1/13/2001 “President sees risks in tax cuts”

1/13/2001 “Billy Graham bows out of Bush inauguration”

1/13/2001 “Clinton to be treated for lesion on back”

1/13/2001 “Clinton to bestow medal upon Teddy Roosevelt”

1/13/2001 “Group seeks to put eye on Clinton e-mail move”

1/13/2001 “Clinton could add items to agenda for LR visit”

1/14/2001 “Clinton to rent 56th-floor suite in New York”

1/15/2001 “Bush hopes to overturn forest rules”

1/15/2001 “Clinton exit near, talks in Mideast stuck on low heat”

1/15/2001 “Ex-presidents to cost U.S. $2.5 million in ‘01”

1/16/2001 “New presidential limo more spacious”

1/17/2001 (caption) “President Clinton had the most curable form…”

1/17/2001 “Arkansas takes 2nd stage in D.C. inaugural activities”

1/17/2001 “Clinton in LR today to give last state speech as president”

1/17/2001 “Clinton gives black Civil War hero, Teddy Roosevelt Medals of Honor”

1/18/2001 (caption) “A beaming President Clinton…”

1/18/2001 “President ends where he began”

1/18/2001 (caption) “President Clinton points out the site for his…”

1/18/2001 “Clinton gives 1 million more acres protection”

1/18/2001 “Clinton, Bush teams quarrel over surplus”

1/18/2001 “Questions asked of President Clinton”

1/18/2001 (caption) “President Clinton hugs Rep. Jimmy “Red” Milligan…”

1/19/2001 “Clinton addresses nation, says, ‘America has done well’”

1/19/2001 (caption) “President Clinton suspended for another six months the 1996…”

1/19/2001 “NLR site wins nature center”

1/19/2001 “Jesse Jackson reveals affair, illegitimate child”

1/19/2001 “Prosecutor in Clinton case asked to close shop”

1/20/2001 “Clinton legal mess ends”

1/20/2001 (caption) “President Clinton, shown relaxing Thursday night…”

1/20/2001 “Clinton eases sanctions on Yugoslavia”

1/20/2001 “Clinton promises jet fighter to Israel”

1/20/2001 “Clinton’s deal seen as yielding something for everyone”

1/20/2001 “Judge Proctor’s consent order in Clinton case”

1/20/2001 “Tripp fired from Pentagon job”

1/20/2001 “Clinton White House decorator looks back”

1/20/2001 “After years of loyalty, Socks goes out to pasture”

1/21/2001 (caption) “President Bush embraces his father…”

1/21/2001 “‘I’ve tried to give as good as I’ve got,’ Clinton says”

1/21/2001 “Arkansas leaves center stage but looks for boon from Clinton years”

1/21/2001 “McDougal pardon ends long Whitewater ordeal”

1/21/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton”

1/21/2001 “The Clinton Paradox”

1/21/2001 “Clinton wades into a crowd of well-wishers recently at the Palmer Hotel…”

1/21/2001 “Clinton speaking before a White House portrait of George Washington…”

1/21/2001 “Clinton closes his presidency with an uncertain legacy”

1/21/2001 (caption) “Bill Clinton speaking at a rally in Little Rock during his first…”

1/21/2001 (caption) “Clinton plays in the Dover, N.H., High School band in January…”

1/21/2001 “Clinton pardons Susan McDougal”

1/21/2001 “Clinton’s last day full of bittersweet emotion”

1/21/2001 “Clinton leaves with clean slate”

1/22/2001 “To Forgive Would Be Divine”

1/22/2001 (caption) “Kenneth Star…”

1/22/2001 “Slick Willie slides again”

1/23/2001 “Bush puts brakes on Clinton efforts”

1/24/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton is the center…”

1/24/2001 “Clinton lawyer doesn’t rule out seeking legal fees reimbursement”

1/24/2001 “Pardons include all but one convicted in Smaltz inquiry”

1/24/2001 “Missing W’s on keyboards likely a joke on Bush’s staff”

1/25/2001 (caption) “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

1/25/2001 “Senate OKs 2 more in Bush Cabinet”

1/25/2001 “Report: Pardon saved Arizonan a guilty plea”

1/25/2001 “Clinton’s new calling”

1/25/2001 “The Clinton presidency”

1/26/2001 “Gore to teach course, write book with wife”

1/26/2001 “Political, financial motives raised in Clinton’s pardon of financier”

1/26/2001 (caption) “President Clinton accepts a saxophone from Denise Rich…”

1/26/2001 “Clintons stocked up on lavish gifts on way out”

1/26/2001 “Chicago mayor criticizes Clinton’s exit”

1/27/2001 (caption) “Jim Kennedy, the Clinton White House press aide…”

1/27/2001 “Clintons didn’t have wish list, friends say”

1/27/2001 “Clinton shorted $6 because of lost W-2”

1/27/2001 “Bush crew sees no fun in pranks by Clinton aides”

1/27/2001 “West Virginia governor blasts Clinton pardon”

1/28/2001 “A lesson on legacy”

1/28/2001 (caption) “Bill Clinton”

1/28/2001 “What impact does a former president have on his town?”

1/28/2001 “His state may not appreciate Clinton, but Ireland certainly does”

1/29/2001 “Flurry of pardons draws flak as Clinton exits”

1/30/2001 “Clinton pardon galvanizing, McCain says”

1/30/2001 “Bush: Pardons Clinton gave must stand”

1/30/2001 “Clinton offers to investigate damage claims, Bush refuses”

1/30/2001 “A pardon deserved”

1/30/2001 “Pardons on the sly”

1/30/2001 “Just who is Bill Clinton?”

File 7 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette February 2001

2/1/2001 “11th-hour pardons belie Clinton campaign talk”

2/1/2001 “2 congressional panels to review Rich pardon”

2/1/2001 “Swanky ‘penthouse’ for Clinton irks GOP”

2/1/2001 “Of gifts to Clintons drawing fire, few came from Arkansans”

2/2/2001 “Reports: $100,000 speech fee for Clinton”

2/2/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton reaches into a crowd…”

2/2/2001 “Other than governor, state’s officers report few gifts”

2/2/2001 “Pardons for the course”

2/3/2001 (caption) “Former President…”

2/3/2001 “Clintons to pay for gifts; group to help lease office”

2/3/2001 “Notes expand official’s role in pardon”

2/3/2001 “Court of Appeals erases Schaffer conviction”

2/4/2001 (caption) “Al Gore…”

2/5/2001 “Clinton took gifts not meant for him, donors say”

2/5/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton plays the saxophone…”

2/6/2001 “Clintons: Will send back gifts not theirs”

2/6/2001 “Professor: Dickey’s impeachment vote drew Democrats’ wrath”

2/6/2001 “Clinton event hitting broker in phone bank”

2/7/2001 “NY penthouse melded into Clinton library”

2/7/2001 “Clinton unaware of inquiry before pardoning magnate, aides say”

2/7/2001 “December Gore-Clinton clash ‘tense, cathartic,’ aides claim”

2/7/2001 “Clinton will be like no other ex-president, scholars say”

2/8/2001 “Rent rises on offices for Clinton”

2/8/2001 “Clintons give $28,000 worth of gifts back”

2/8/2001 “High court will weigh Clinton site financing”

2/9/2001 “Rich pardon called sleazy in hearing”

2/11/2001 “Rich’s ex-wife gave Clinton library $450,000, sources say”

2/12/2001 “Clinton could be impeached again, senator says”

2/12/2001 “Firm’s chief apologizes for inviting Clinton”

2/13/2001 “Ashcroft hints at OK to inquiry into pardon”

2/13/2001 “Clinton sees Harlem space as option”

2/14/2001 “Clinton foundation subpoenaed”

2/14/2001 “Harlem welcomes Clinton”

2/14/2001 “Panel hunts link between library, Rich pardon cause”

2/14/2001 (caption) “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton used her first speech…”

2/14/2001 “Rich isn’t it? Pardon us, but…”

2/15/2001 “Subponea of donor list distresses nonprofits”

2/15/2001 “Sen. Clinton gets panel’s OK on book deal”

2/15/2001 “Scholars: One case shouldn’t spoil right to pardon”

2/15/2001 “Bush not eager for Clinton investigations”

2/15/2001 “U.S. attorney checks for evidence of payoff in pardon by Clinton”

2/15/2001 “Financial firm cancels Clinton talk”

2/16/2001 “Burton subpoenas ex-Clinton aides”

2/16/2001 “Israel entangled in Rich pardon, attorney says”

2/16/2001 “NYC rejects two Clinton lease offers on Harlem office”

2/16/2001 “Gore v. Clinton”

2/17/2001 “Clinton works out deal for Harlem office spot”

2/18/2001 “Patching a legacy”

2/18/2001 “Gift rules for public servants up for scrutiny again”

2/18/2001 “Clinton defends pardons of Rich, Green”

2/19/2001 “Whitewater legal fee tally years away”

2/19/2001 “Clinton aides say 3 attorneys didn’t advocate pardons”

2/19/2001 “Clinton was toughest on crime, study says”

2/19/2001 “Clinton’s brother arrested on DWI charges”

2/20/2001 “Clinton controversies fail to perturb Oracle”

2/20/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton greets people…”

2/20/2001 “My reasons for the pardons”

2/22/2001 (caption) “Roger Clinton, former President Clinton’s brother…”

2/22/2001 “Clinton foundation plots tactics”

2/22/2001 “Kin to Clintons returns money for pardon work”

2/23/2001 “Some Clinton fund donors unveiled”

2/23/2001 “Hillary Clinton says brother let her down”

2/23/2001 “Panel wants all; LR’s Rutherford called to D.C.”

2/23/2001 “1st Bush news briefing touches on pardons, FBI”

2/23/2001 “‘I love him, but..’: First family foibles as old as the office”

2/24/2001 “Commutations for 4 Jews targeted”

2/24/2001 “Pardoned Arkansan sees no impropriety”

2/24/2001 “Hillary Clinton’s brother used White House linkage”

2/25/2001 “Roger Clinton irked pals denied pardons”

2/25/2001 “Rich calls Clinton pardon ‘humanitarian’”

2/26/2001 “Huckabee joins peers in criticizing pardons”

2/27/2001 “Panel: Judge didn’t err in assigning cases”

2/28/2001 “Bush addresses Congress, touts his budget plan”

2/28/2001 “Deal near on Clinton donor lists”

2/28/2001 “U.S. judges uphold Tucker’s 1996 Whitewater convictions”

File 8 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette March & April 2001

3/1/2001 “Panel gets look at Clinton library’s top donors”

3/1/2001 “2nd Rodham helped pair get pardons”

3/2/2001 “Opposed Rich pardon, ex-Clinton aides say”

3/3/2001 “Six to search Clinton library list for ‘straw donors’”

3/4/2001 “Library fund-raiser pushed for pardon”

3/5/2001 “Clinton considers talking about pardons in private”

3/5/2001 (picture) “Bill Clinton”

3/6/2001 “Donor data handed in”

3/8/2001 “Roger Clinton under scrutiny”

3/9/2001 “High court sort of backs LR in taxpayer’s lawsuit”

3/10/2001 (picture) “Bill Clinton”

3/10/2001 “Pardons inquiry comes up empty”

3/11/2001 “West Wing under Bush a tight ship, aides say”

3/11/2001 “Florida paper’s recount gives Gore edge”

3/11/2001 “Pardon-scam inquiry centers on 2 Arkansans”

3/12/2001 “Pardoning procedure under scrutiny”

3/13/2001 “LR stands by strategy to fund Clinton library”

3/15/2001 (caption) “Clinton in Denmark”

3/15/2001 “Legal fund for Clinton tapers off”

3/15/2001 “Bush says ‘energy crisis’ behind carbon dioxide about-face”

3/15/2001 “Arkansan: Clinton brother in firm accused of trying to sell pardon”

3/17/2001 “White House moves to suspend forest rules”

3/19/2001 “Studies differ on best voting machines”

3/20/2001 “Clinton’s $514,148 for NYC office tops among senators”

3/21/2001 “Bush considers rolling back mining law”

3/21/2001 (caption) “President Bush signed a repeal of workplace regulations…”

3/22/2001 “Bush voids Clinton drinking-water rule”

3/25/2001 “Soft money touches small-town Arkansas”

3/25/2001 “Conservatives target Clinton holdovers”

3/28/2001 “Bush chides Clinton, touts ‘urgent’ tax cut”

3/30/2001 “Sen. Clinton to co-sponsor bill on pardons, libraries”

4/4/2001 “Jail conditions horrible, McDougal tells crowd”

4/27/2001 “Denise Rich, who made large donations to Democrats…”

File 9 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette May & June2001

5/1/2001 “Independent counsel files final Whitewater report”

5/3/2001 “Clinton could make $1 million from tour”

5/4/2001 (caption) “Roger Clinton, 44, the brother of former President Clinton…”

5/4/2001 “Bush to rework Clinton forest policy”

5/5/2001 “Judge picks to irk Democrats”

5/11/2001 “Dirt-digging on Clintons snags Olson”

5/11/2001 “Clinton pushes U.S.-China ties in speech”

5/14/2001 (picture) “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

5/15/2001 (caption) “Roger Clinton…”

5/17/2001 “Clintons’ assets on form are less than legal bills”

5/18/2001 (caption) “Clinton egged in Poland”

5/20/2001 “Don’t call him for his looks, ‘cause Rutherford would rather talk Elvis”

5/20/2001 (picture) “What do the King and the former president…”

5/21/2001 “Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Clinton…”

5/21/2001 “Bush tips hat to Democrats in Notre Dame speech”

5/21/2001 “Cartoon with Rudy Giuliani”

5/23/2001 “Olson, ’93 anti-Clinton link not found, Ray says”

5/30/2001 “Active in drama, dance, opposed drunken driving”

6/3/2001 “Clinton: All the way from Mr. President to plain ole Bill”

6/3/2001 “Clinton library project held up by lawsuit”

6/12/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton is resuming fund-raising…”

6/18/2001 “Report: Roger Clinton part of pardon investigation”

6/18/2001 “Roger Clinton case expands”

6/19/2001 “Brother act This week’s Clinton scandal

6/21/2001 “Park Service determines 3 of 19 presents are Clintons’”

6/22/2001 (caption) “Clinton in Little Rock”

6/22/2001 “Clinton honors medical director”

6/22/2001 (caption) “Volunteers with AmeriCorps…”

6/25/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton, writing on the opinion…”

6/26/2001 (caption) “Who’s better at working a room, former Pres. Clinton…”

6/29/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton…”

6/29/2001 “Roger Clinton got cash; Gambino file studied”

6/30/2001 “Won’t talk, Roger Clinton says”

6/30/2001 “Clinton weighed private Social Security”

End of Box 5

Box 6

File 1 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette July-December 2001

7/1/2001 “Clinton brothers saw same plea, lawyer says”

7/3/2001 “Denise Rich, the socialite songwriter…”

7/10/2001 (caption) “Roger Clinton…”

7/12/2001 “Cottages, lodge in works for Clinton retreat”

7/16/2001 “Clinton museum OK in post-presidency era”

7/16/2001 “Clinton’s Birthplace Museum finds niche after favorite son steps down”

7/18/2001 “Executive seeks money back from Sen. Clinton”

7/20/2001 “Sen. Clinton meets press, touts disease tracking”

7/20/2001 “Clinton loses foothold in D.C. as office closes”

7/20/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton and his wife…”

7/20/2001 “Clinton to speak in LR about his library”

7/22/2001 “LR looking for renters for Clinton library site”

7/22/2001 (picture) “Bill Clinton”

7/22/2001 “Clinton’s new neighbors see mix of good, bad in his move to Harlem”

7/22/2001 “War on three fronts: Combat, politics and the media”

7/22/2001 (caption) “President Clinton awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom…”

7/24/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton and his wife…”

7/27/2001 “LR tax suit fouls state plans”

7/30/2001 “Bill Clinton renews role in spotlight”

7/30/2001 (picture) “Bill Clinton”

7/31/2001 “Harlem crowd welcomes new neighbor Clinton as sign of area’s …”

7/31/2001 “Long an icon of urban blight, Harlem emerges from hard times”

7/31/2001 (caption) “President Clinton applauds…”

7/31/2001 (caption) “Clinton finds a moment…”

8/2/2001 “Chronocling Clinton years a lifetime job”

8/2/2001 “Clinton to ride wave of popularity into LR to advance library plan”

8/2/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton…”

8/2/2001 (caption) “David Alsobrook, director of the Clinton Presidential…”

8/3/2001 “‘The heartbeat will be here’”

8/3/2001 (caption) “Former President Bill Clinton…”

8/3/2001 “Clinton: Library a ‘gift’ for Arkansas”

8/3/2001 (caption) “Bill Clinton called his presidential library ‘the heartbeat…’”

8/3/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton…”

8/3/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton chats Thursday…”

8/4/2001 (caption) “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton…”

8/4/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton…”

8/4/2001 “Clinton aims at erasing world’s divides”

8/4/2001 “Fight on safety panel nomination ‘not over’”

8/4/2001 “Clinton packs a lot into short tour”

8/4/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton encourages people…”

8/4/2001 (caption) “Before leaving Little Rock…”

8/5/2001 “City welcomes former president with little fanfare”

8/5/2001 (caption) “With a small contingent of Secret Service agents…”

8/7/2001 “Source: Clinton book deal tops $8.5 million”

8/7/2001 (picture) “Bill Clinton”

8/10/2001 “Clinton retreat gets final OK from Hot Springs planners”

8/11/2001 “Hot Springs releases Clinton trading cards”

8/11/2001 (caption) “Dick Kelley, former President Clinton’s stepfather, talks…”

8/12/2001 “The read on Clinton’s editor: Kitschy schlump devoted to writers”

8/19/2001 “Lewinsky settles into new role as designing businesswoman”

8/23/2001 “Library fund of Clinton’s ended ’00 at $13.8 million”

8/28/2001 “Clinton park detailed in bid”

8/28/2001 (caption) “Skip Rutherford, president of the William J. Clinton Presidential…”

9/8/2001 “Clinton library trips on past”

9/8/2001 “Panel recommends city dicker on Clinton park”

10/2/2001 (picture) “Former President Clinton”

10/2/2001 “Justices ostracize Clinton”

10/2/2001 “Chelsea Clinton settled into Oxford University Monday…”

10/25/2001 “FEC rejects call to cite Sen. Clinton bid”

10/26/2001 “Salmonella mailed to Clinton’s office”

10/27/2001 “White House removes Clinton mining-industry hurdle”

11/23/2001 “U.S. attorney’s departure renews focus on probes of Clinton pardons”

12/6/2001 (caption) “Linda Tripp…”

12/6/2001 “Clinton library on its way”

12/6/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton hugs an unidentified woman…”

12/6/2001 “Favorite son inaugurates center’s site”

12/6/2001 “Clinton says he wants ‘whole record out’”

12/6/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton shovels…”

12/6/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton (top photo)…”

12/9/2001 (caption) “Former President Clinton and former…”

12/9/2001 “Clinton strolls along an itemized Memory Lane”

12/9/2001 (picture) “Former President Bill Clinton”

12/9/2001 (picture) “Ellyn and Jim Polchek, Ralph Appelbaum and former President Clinton”

12/9/2001 (picture) “Kaki Hockersmith and Max Mehlburger with former President Clinton”

12/9/2001 (caption) “Former President Bill Clinton visits…”

File 2 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette January-June 2002

1/4/2002 (2 copies) “Clinton dog Buddy killed by car in N.Y.”

1/4/2002 (caption) “Bill Clinton plays…”

1/22/2002 “Hillary Clinton earns acclaim in first year”

1/23/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton…”

1/23/2002 “LR downtown excites Clinton”

1/23/2002 “Humans need to bridge gaps, Clinton says”

1/23/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton speaks Tuesday night…”

1/23/2002 “Chelsea Clinton boasts sleek look”

1/31/2002 “Bill Clinton’s still running”

2/6/2002 “Bill to reveal donors to presidential libraries clears House”

2/6/2002 “Bill”

2/12/2002 “Chelsea continues her education, in and out of class”

2/13/2002 “Sen.-elect Clinton’s gift haul ‘disturbing,’ lawmaker says”

2/25/2002 “Exhibit tells much about Clinton”

2/27/2002 “Clinton exhibit nears end at Cox Building”

3/2/2002 “Clinton center, city sign 99-year lease”

3/10/2002 “After White House years, life goes on”

3/13/2002 “Report rip Rich pardon maneuvers”

3/14/2002 “Report: Clinton’s brother made haul”

3/16/2002 “Ex-independent counsel vies for senate”

3/21/2002 “$70 million Whitewater inquiry ends”

3/21/2002 “In the wake of Whitewater”

3/23/2002 “Chelsea Clinton turning heads in London”

3/23/2002 (caption) “Chelsea Clinton…”

4/1/2002 “Clinton regrets Rich pardon for ‘damage to my reputation’”

4/15/2002 “Clinton benefits, burdens aspirants”

4/15/2002 (picture) “Clinton”

4/20/2002 “Clinton draw seen as ‘icing on the cake’”

4/20/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton”

4/20/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton stops to greet friends”

4/20/2002 “Clinton helps Ross raise $94,200 in appearance at Arlington Hotel”

4/21/2002 “Clinton shares thoughts, plans”

4/21/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton pauses…”

4/21/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton greets…”

4/22/2002 “Clinton hopes library leaves mark”

5/1/2002 (caption) “The proposed Clinton Presidential Library…”

5/1/2002 “Drawings show scope of Clinton Library”

5/3/2002 “Pamphlet’s images offer vivid detail of Clinton library”

5/8/2002 “Clinton, Whitewater continue to fascinate”

5/9/2002 “Clinton complex stymied”

5/10/2002 “Clinton has plan for Middle East”

5/12/2002 “Unions demand every job at library”

5/15/2002 “City can’t have bridge, man says, since he owns it”

5/18/2002 “Bridge”

5/19/2002 “Library chief upbeat on talks with AFL-CIO”

5/21/2002 “Clinton library suit gets 2nd shot in court”

5/23/2002 “Union, library still in talks”

5/29/2002 “NLR buys bridge land for $100,000; seller gets provisos for other acres”

5/29/2002 “State rejects Clinton library bid for $3.5 million in tax rebates”

5/31/2002 “Clinton library, local union sign pact”

6/4/2002 “Friction on library dries up union cash”

6/4/2002 “Clinton conference to draw expert panel”

6/5/2002 “Clinton visits Hot Springs…”

6/6/2002 “Earthmovers dig in, begin Clinton library construction”

6/6/2002 “47% in poll view Sen. Clinton negatively”

6/7/2002 “Union acquiesces on library but won’t give to DNC”

6/7/2002 “Amendment OK’d to raise rate cap for nonbank lenders”

6/7/2002 (picture) “Clinton”

6/8/2002 “Lewinsky excused from N.Y. jury duty”

6/12/2002 “GAO: Cost of mischief by Clinton staff $20,019”

6/12/2002 “Appeals court reinstates two civil counts against Clinton”

6/13/2002 “Archivists visit Clinton site in Hope”

6/15/2002 “Book advance, $9.2million for speeches put Clintons in lofty bracket”

6/15/2002 “Clinton’s presidency disappoints UA panel”

6/15/2002 “The Clinton legacy”

6/15/2002 “Trashing the White House”

6/21/2002 “Inquiry into Clinton clemency for 4 swindlers yields no charges”

6/21/2002 “Sans law license, Bill Clinton has UA Law Review article”

6/25/2002 “Clinton lags far behind wife in work on memoirs”

6/25/2002 “Clinton lags far behind wife in work on memoirs”

6/27/2002 “Clinton birthplace bill receives OK”

6/30/2002 “Clinton legal bills, still unpaid, raise eyebrows, questions”

6/30/2002 “Former President Clinton received more than $9 million in honoraria…”

File 3 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette July-December 2002

7/10/2002 “Presidential libraries spur 2nd thoughts”

7/10/2002 (caption) “Former Pres. Clinton…”

7/18/2002 “Efforts to attract conventions to LR tap Clinton factor”

7/18/2002 (picture) “Clinton”

7/19/2002 “Clinton foundation sues to get tax break”

7/25/2002 “Clinton checks on library progress”

7/25/2002 (picture) “Former Pres. Clinton greets…”

7/25/2002 (picture) “For the first time…”

7/25/2002 “Clinton at dinner helps Fisher raise funds”

7/25/2002 “Former President Clinton tours LR library site”

7/25/2002 (caption) “Former Pres. Clinton talks to reporters…”

7/27/2002 “Let taxpayers foot legal tab, Clintons say”

7/29/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton, defending himself…”

8/3/2002 (caption) “Former Pres. Clinton, who tried to broker…”

8/7/2002 “The public be dunned” (original and 1 copy)

8/8/2002 “Clintons, 36 line up to recoup legal costs”

8/10/2002 “2nd peek at Clinton library set”

8/16/2002 “Clintons help Fisher win July money race”

8/18/2002 “Memories of presidential tour flow at party for Clinton alumni”

8/27/2002 “Clinton brings out state party faithful to cheer candidates…”

9/6/2002 “Clinton library vicinity is envisioned on paper”

9/19/2002 “Lewinsky, others seek relief from legal bills”

9/19/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton and his wife…”

9/19/2002 “Primaries mixed for Clinton alumni”

9/23/2002 “38 seek government payment of Whitewater-related expense”

9/24/2002 “Clinton building legacy of political power”

9/24/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton speaks at a rally…”

10/5/2002 “Lead architect for Clinton library visits LR, shares his passion for site”

10/20/2002 “Black Hall of Fame welcomes Clinton”

10/20/2002 (picture) “Clinton”

10/21/2002 “Fisher can pull upset in election, Clinton believes”

10/21/2002 (picture) “Clinton”

10/22/2002 “Clinton lauds vision of Fulbright policies at statue dedication”

10/22/2002 “Going it alone against Iraqis could hurt U.S., Clinton says”

10/26/2002 “Clinton still Democrats’ torchbearer”

10/26/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton talks with…”

11/13/2002 “Flowers’ defamation lawsuit against Sen. Clinton revived”

12/4/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton tells…”

12/4/2002 “Democratic leaders hear from Clinton”

12/6/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton chats with…”

12/6/2002 “Exhibit takes Clinton back”

12/6/2002 (caption) “Former President Clinton said the holidays…”

12/11/2002 “Resurrecting a stale Bill Clinton vendetta”

12/11/2002 “Clinton Library II”

12/11/2002 “Another Clinton Library?”

12/11/2002 “Bring on the house of hate”

File 4 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette April – August, 2003

4/4/2003 “Clinton’s attorney: House weakened presidency

4/27/2003 “Clinton gear groomed for library

4/27/2003 (caption) “Skip Rutherford…

5/24/2003 (caption) “Clinton greets supporters

5/24/2003 (caption) “Surrounded by union ironworkers…

5/24/2003 “Clinton signs last beam of library

7/13/2003 “Golf-loving former President Clinton…Improving his lie

7/13/2003 (caption) “President Clinton, teeing off at…

7/13/2003 (caption) “President Clinton, following through…

7/13/2003 (caption) “Clinton, who can hit…

File 5 – Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new book, Living History in book stores

6/4/2003 “Hillary describes Clinton’s confession of Lewinsky affair” (plus one copy)

6/22/2003 “Two views of Clinton vs. history “

7/26/2003 “Clinton wields hot pen in LR”

8/3/2003 “Top of the Rock”

8/3/2003 High Profile

8/3/2003 “A private book-signing in Little Rock draws friends of author, who is also…”

File 6 – President Bill Clinton Political Cartoons

8/22/1998 Editorial Page

8/23/1998 Perspective (4 copies)

8/23/1998 “It’s Hell being a friend of Bill…”

8/30/1998 “Best of Deering in August”

8/30/1998 Editorial Page

7/14/1999 Editorial Page

7/5/2000 Editorial Page

7/12/2000 Editorial Page

11/21/2000 Voices

1/ 21/2001 Editorial Page

1/22/2001 Voices

1/22/2001 Editorial Page

1/25/2001 Voices

2/5/2001 Voices

2/5/2001 Editorial Page

2/8/2001 Editorial Page

2/10/2001 Voices

2/13/2001 Editorial Page

2/14/2001 Editorial Page

2/15/2001 Editorial Page

2/23/2001 Editorial Page

2/24/2001 Editorial Page

2/26/2001 Voices

3/3/2001 Voices

3/6/2001 “Dunagin’s People”

3/9/2001 Opinion

3/9/2001 “Dunagin’s People”

3/12/2001 “Dunagin’s People”

6/20/2003 Opinion

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