Box 1

Album 1 – Shows some graphic photographs of the bombing of buildings and mutilated bodies during the China/Japan war.  It also displays the true devastation of war on a country and its people, (1937-1938)

Album 2 – This is a beautifully decorated album depicting some of the Chinese building, artwork, temples, and Buddha structures.

End of Box 1


Box 2

Item 1 – 1 World War II Marine Dress Uniform (Jacket Only).  This jacket belonged to H.G. Foster’s uncle, Master Gunnery Sargent Eugene C. Scruggs, who was part of the 4th Marine Regiment that was stationed in Shanghai, China during the Sino-Japanese War that began in 1937.  Due to World War II, the war between China and Japan did not end until 1945.

End of Box 2

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