Box 1

File 1 – U.S.S. Independence, CVL-22, World War II (Mar. 1988)

File 2 – U.S.S. Independence CVL-22 World War II – Book II: A Diverse Gathering From the Memoirs of Harold C. Bryant, Robert Goudy, Alphonse M. Hiegel, William Kindell, Raymond M. McGuire, Joseph Rodgers, and Edwin R. Seace (May 23, 1998)

File 3 – Information on the USS Independence: Light Aircraft Carrier – WWII

File 4 – Record of events surrounding the Torpedoing of the USS Independence (Nov. 1943)

File 5 – Fact Sheet on World War II

File 6 – “My Navy Story and Life on the USS Independence” by Herman Bell

File 7 – “ULITHI: Sanctuary for WWII Pacific Fleet: Its existence kept secret throughout the war, the U.S. naval base at Ulithi as for a time the world’s largest naval facility” by George Spangler

File 8 – Typhoon Cobra and Third Fleet (Dec. 1944)

File 9 – First Sunday in ADVENT, Service of Holy Communion by Chaplain L.A. Failing (December 3, 1944)

File 10 – Order of Protestant Service, Fleet Chaplain: J.W. Moore-Captain (Sun., Jul. 16, 1944)

File 11 – Crossing the Equator Ceremony (1943)

File 12 – Poems of WWII

File 13 – Last Will and Testament of Adolf Hitler alias Adolf Schickelgruber, 2 copies

File 14 – WWII Cartoons

File 15 – Log Cabin Democrat Newspaper, article on Al Hiegel (Sat., Dec. 4, 2004 and 2007)

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Box 2

Item 1-Photo album of the U.S.S. Independence.  The album contains photographs of the ship and chronicles life aboard the U.S.S. Independence during World War II.  This album is completely full, and researchers are asked to use extreme care in handling this album.

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