Box 1

File 1 – Information on the Four Witt Brothers

File 2 – Photos

Envelope 1 – 8″x10″ Black /White Photo AJ (Andrew Jackson) Witt Sheriff of Faulkner County, AR 1882-1886

Envelope 2 – 8″x10″ Black/ White Photo 4 Witt Brothers Left to Right –  AJ Witt, Bill Witt, James Thomas “Tom” Witt, and John Witt c. 1990

Envelope 3 – 5″x7″ Funeral Notice for Susie B. Witt, young wife of John Preston Witt youngest of 4 Witt Brothers

Envelope 4 – 8″x10″ Black/ White Photo: 1-daughter, Addie Witt; 2-Josephine Fredonia Spires Hutto Witt (grandmother of Fred S. Little); 3-infant daughter Floy Kimbrough Witt (Mother of Fred Little); 4-Julia Witt Allgood

Envelope 5 – 1 3.5″x5″ Oval Black/White Photo (8″x10″ Matted) Andrew Jackson Witt, oldest of 4 Witt Brothers Mayor of Conway, Faulkner, County, AR 1880-1910

Envelope 6 – 1 5″x7″ Black/ White Photo Floy Witt at the Controls of Airplane Conway, AR 1908

Envelope 7 – 4″x5.5″ Matted Black/ White Photo Wm. Horner (W.H.) Witt – 1848-1922 father of Lela and Julia Witt c. 1990s

Envelope 8 – 5″x7″ Black/ White Photo (matted 5.5″x7.5″) Daughters of William Horner Witt Top – Julia Allgood 2nd Row – Fred And Freeda Gifford Children of Mollie Witt Gifford Front Row – Lela Dunaway Photo c. 1888

Envelope 9 – 6″x 6.75″ Black/ White Matted Photo 3 of the 4 grown daughter of WM Uriah Horner Witt (1848-1922) L to R –  Lela Witt Dunaway (Married Louis Sharpe                            Dunaway), Julia Witt Allgood (Married Dr. S.E. Allgood), Mellie Witt Gifford (Married Fred Boone Gifford) Photo Mid 1890s in Conway, Faulkner, Co.,AR

Envelope 10 – This newspaper article is a copy of The Log Cabin Democrat of Conway, Arkansas dated January 17, 1896.  It provides a short biography of James Thomas “Tom” Witt, one of The Four Witt Brothers.Newspaper article that provides a short biography of James Thomas “Tom,” Witt, January 17, 1896

Envelope 11 – 8″x10″ Black/White Photo L to R- James Thomas (Tom) Witt and his daughters Addie Witt (1874-1931) Floy Kimbrough Witt (1890-1968) photo made on vacation in Hot Springs, AR c. 1898

Envelope 12 – 3”x5” Black/white matted photo, L to R – Bobbie Louise Freeman (1900-1904), Edwin C. Freeman Jr. (Jan. 10, 1899-1933), and Louis Sharpe Dunaway Jr.

Envelope 13 – 7.25″x9.75″ Black/ White Photo Interior Office of The Plunkett-Jarrell Wholesale Grocery Co. Conway, AR Lady (2nd from left) Floy Kimbrough Witt (1890-1968) Her first job as secretary at Plunkett-Jarrell. She was the only child of James Thomas (Tom) Witt and Fredonia Spires Hutto

Envelope 14 – 8″x10″ Black/White Photo Exterior of Plunkett-Jarrell Wholesale Grocery Co. Conway, Arkansas Lady center front row- Floy Kimbrough Witt(1890-1968) her first job at Plunkett-Jarrell. She was the only child of James Thomas (Tom) Witt and Josephine Fredonia Spires Hutto

Envelope 15 – 5″x7″ Black/White Photo L to R- Dr. Bucholtz, Hendrix College Professor Floy Witt and Professor Denny (sitting), a suitor of Ms. Witt at the time Photo 1913 or 1914 in Conway, AR

Envelope 16 – 5″x7″ Black/White Photo Miss Floy Witt, Shortly before her marriage to Dr. Jess Edward Little, M.D. of Little Rock (but a Native of Greenwood, AR)

Envelope 17 – Newspaper clipping from front page of The Log Cabin Democrat, Conway, AR, May 6, 1915 covering the May 5, 1915 wedding of Floy Kimbrough Witt to Jess Edward Little, M.D.

Envelope 18 – 5″x7″ Black/White Photo L to R -Dr.Louis Sharpe Dunaway, Jr. and Allen Witt Dunaway Children of Louis Sharpe Dunaway and Lela Witt, daughter of William Uriah Horner Witt.  In front of Dunaway Home in Conway, AR c.                              1922

Envelope 19 – 5″x7″ Group Photo Black/White Sitting-Dr. Jess Edward and son, Fred Sabastian Little, age 3 Standing-L to R. Addie Witt Gould Little, of Conway, AR (half sister to Floy), Floy Witt Little, Jess Edward Little, Jr. age 10 1/2 and Paul Little II, age 12, sons of Floy and Dr. Jess Little Summer, 1922 at Residence 212 N. 21st Street, Fort Smith Arkansas

Envelope 20 – 3.5″x5″ Black/White Photo L to R Cousins of Jerry Witt Julia Jane Dunaway, Floy Witt Little, Freeda Gifford, Hortense Poe and Jerry Witt. Mt. Ida, AR 7/28/1960

Envelope 21 – 3.5″x5″ Oval, Matted Black/White Photo John Preston Witt, youngest Witt Brother (1852-1923) Settled in Hope, AR and operated furniture store. c.1915

Envelope 22 – 4″x6.5″ Matted, Black/White Photo Louis Sharp Dunaway and wife Lela Witt Dunaway, A daughter of Wm.Uriah Witt Photo 1910

Envelope 23 – 4.5″x5″ Matted, Black/White Photo Lela and Louis Sharp Dunaway, Sr. and Sons Louis, Jr. age 5 and Allen Witt, age 3 Conway, AR  1905

Envelope 24 – 4″x5.5″ Matted, Black/White photo Home of “Jack” AJ (Andrew Jackson) Witt (1846-1910).  Home built during 1880s at 800 block of Faulkner Street, Conway, across the street from the Faulkner County Court House. Photo date unknown

Envelope 25 – 4″x5.5″ Matted, Black/White Photo Lela Witt and Louis Sharpe Dunaway

File 3 – Jeremiah Witt and His Brother In the American Civil War (These are notes for the book, Escape from the Maple Leaf by Col. Jerry V. Witt, USA. Retired – 1985.)

File 4 – Copy of Minutes of Quitman Lodge #22 of Good Templars 1860-1861

File 5 – Progeny of John and Emma Blackwood Dunaway, undated

File 6 – Arkansas Hutto Family Outline, August 2002

File 7 – The Huguenots of France, undated

File 8 – Witt Hotel, Conway, Arkansas, undated

File 9 – John Witt married Ann Daux (born 1647), Charles City Co. Virginia, Ann Daux became “The Mother” of the Witt family of America, Received 2003

File 10 – Correspondence, undated

File 11 – Reproduced photographs

Envelope 1 – 8”x12” The 1922 Bear Squad – Arkansas State Normal School now UCA, 1922

Envelope 2 – 8”x8” Hendrix High School, which operated as Hendrix Academy in Conway, Arkansas, 1894

End of Box 1


Box 2 – Large Flat Box

Item 1 – Photo 15”X 20 ¼”, Freed Hutto Day, on the steps of the State Capital in Little Rock, Arkansas (Spring 1928)

End of Box 2

End of Collection