Franz Ziereis was the Commandant of Mathauson and overseer of many German Concentration Camps.  He worked closely with Hitler on many occasions, and was known as one of the most brutal Commandants of the Reich.  He is personally held accountable for 40,000 prisoners that perished in the first four months of 1945.  Below is a listing of camps under his orders.

Amstetton                                  Klagenfurt-Junkerschule              Passau II             Wieher Neudorf

Ebensee                                    Linz I                                         Passau III            Wiener Neustadt

Eisenerz                                    Linz II                                        Pegau

Floridsdorf                                  Linz III                                       Saurer-Werke

Grossraming                              Loebolpass                                Schloss Endt

Gunzkirchon                              Loiblpass-Nord                            St. Lambrecht

Gusen I                                     Mauthauson                                St. Valentin

Gusen II                                    Melk                                          Steyr-Munichholz

Gusen III                                   Mittelbach                                   Ternberg

Heinkelwerke-Schwochat            Passau I                                     Wels


Box 1

File 1 – Information on Franz Ziereis (Information obtained via Internet search engines)

File 2 – Original Copies World War II Interrogation record of Franz Ziereis (Papers are brittle and have been placed in confinement sleeves, no photocopies are allowed, but photocopies of originals are in File 2)

Duplicate copies of this transcribed confession have been placed with the Holocaust Museum records of Franz Ziereis.  Although there are several different Interrogation records of Franz Ziereis; this is the only record which holds a confession of his actions.

End of Box 1

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