Dr. Dalske was a UCA professor of biology.  He participated each year in the Fast Movers group; faculty and staff members who moved UCA students into their dorms during the beginning of each fall semester.  Dr. Dalske was very involved in the American Red Cross and served as a member of their board.  In 1999 he was named the Faulkner County Chapter of the American Red Cross “Volunteer of the Year.”  He was an avid runner and after his death his colleagues held a memorial run on his behalf.

Dr. Dalske’s collection consists of several newspaper articles related to his achievements at UCA and the community.  Additionally, his collection contains letters, photographs and newspaper articles related to his death and memorial service.


Box 1

File 1 – Howard Fred Dalske, November 3, 1944-December 27, 2001, Memorial Program with Floppy Disc Included

File 2 – The Echo, January 24, 2002, article-“Runners Remember Dalske”

File 3 – Fred Dalske Memorial Run, 32 Photographs, January 17, 2002

File 4 – Newspaper Articles On Dr. Fred Dalske, 1999-2001

File 5 – Letters from Those Who Admired Dr. Dalske

End of Box 1

End of Collection