Ivor Parker was a World War II veteran and served in the Army Air Forces.  He was assigned to the 10th Air Force and for a period of time was stationed in Assam, India.  His brother, Philip M. Parker, was also in the Army Air Forces and was stationed for a period of time on the Aleutian Islands between Kiska and Attu.  Ivor, and his brother, Philip, are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Meade Parker.


Box 1

File 1 – Newspaper Clippings on Ivor and Philip Parker

File 2 – Licenses and Permits

File 3 – Views Thru The Camera – Photo Booklets

File 4 – Album of Delhi Guide – Guide Book to New Delhi, India

File 5 – Collection of World War II Photos

File 6 – Military Buttons

File 7 – Military Patches

File 8 – Foreign Currency

File 9 – Military Medals

File 10 – State of Illinois Service Recognition Certificate

File 11 – Presidential Recognition Letter From President Harry Truman

File 12 – Army Air Forces Certificate of Appreciation For War Service

File 13 – Pointers Pup – World War I Allied Newsletter, August 4, 1943

File 14 – Atabrine Express – World War II Allied Newsletter, November 22, 1945

End of Box 1

End of Collection