Lawrence Weems Trussell was born February 21, 1909 and is from Fordyce, Arkansas (Dallas Co.)  He was State Senator from 1945-1953 and State Representative from 1953-1960 and 1965-1966.  He served under Governors Carl Bailey, Ben Laney, Sid McMath, and Orval Faubus.  Mr.Trussell was also a board member of two Fordyce Banks.  He practiced law in Fordyce, Arkansas with his first wife, Nora.  Mr. Trussell died March 12, 1998.


Box 1

File 1 – The Table of Contents for the Manuscript by Lawrence Weems Trussell

File 2 – Written notes and Manuscripts for the chapter on “Development of Arkansas banking and Early Banking Policies” by Lawrence Weems Trussell

File 3 – Written Notes and Manuscript for the Chapter on “Period of No Banks in Arkansas Subsequent to the National Bank Act. (1846-1866), by Lawrence Weems Trussell

File 4 –  The University of Arkansas Bulletin:  The School of Business Administration,

Vol. 26, No. 13-Oct. 1, 1932:  Are Arkansas Banks De-capitalized

Vol. 1 – No. 2, Nov. 15, 1932:  The Effects of the Depression on Arkansas’

Vol. 1 No. 3, Dec. 13, 1932:  Arkansas’ Interest in the War Debts

Vol. 1, No. 4, Jan 10, 1933:  The Domestic Allotment Plan of Farm Relief

Vol. 1, No. 5, Feb. 13, 1933:  Inflation

File 5 – The Chase Economic Bulletin – Vol. XII, April 25, 1932-No. 1, by Benjamin M. Anderson Jr.,  Ph.D.,

File 6 – The Wallstreet Review – April 30, 1932:

“Where are the Bears? In Wallstreet or Washington,” by John C. Harrington

“Proposed Banking Legislation,” by Benjamin M. Anderson Jr., Ph.D.;

“Controlled Inflation will Stimulate Recovery,” by Bertram R. Marks

File 7 – The Burroughs Clearing House, April 1933:

“What’s Ahead in Bank Legislation” -Arthur Crawford

“Metered Charges for Services” -Leo D. Kelly

“The New Bankruptcy Amendments” -Charles R. Rosenberg Jr.

File 8 – The University of Arkansas Bulletin – General Extension Service by Kenneth O. Warner

File 9a– The Written Notes for the Chapter on “Public Policies of State bank Regulation in Arkansas” by L. W. Trussell

File 9b – The manuscript for the chapter on “Public Policies of State Bank Regulations in Arkansas” by L. W. Trussell

File 10 – Miscellaneous notes and documents for the chapter on “Public Policies of State Bank Regulation in Arkansas” by L. W. Trussell

File 11 –  Banking Statues of Arkansas – Including 1929 Enactments, April 30, 1929, (Compliments of Bankers Trust Company)

File 12a – Written notes for the Chapter on “The Place of Banking in Arkansas Economy” by L.W. Trussell.  Also inside the file is a pamphlet on “The Situation that Confronts Banking- Report of the Economic Policy Commission American Bankers Association” (1931)

File 12b – Manuscript for the chapter on “The Place of Banking in Arkansas Economy”, by L.W. Trussell

File 13 – Miscellaneous Notes and Documents on the Manuscript by L. W. Trussell

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Box 2

File 1 – 8” x 10” Photographs (qty. 2)

Env 1. – Senator Lawrence Weems Trussell with Governor Winthrop Rockefeller and  unidentified person

Env 2. – Senator Lawrence Weems Trussell with an unidentified person

Also, an Arkansas Democrat Gazette article (copy), “Lawrence Weems Trussell Fordyce lawyer served in state Senate, House” by Larry Ault, an article in Pine Bluff Commercial paper (copy) “Fordyce Man Has Varied Interests, Hobbies Include Bottle Collection (Nov. 5, 1950)”

File 2 – Framed 7 3/8” x 9 1/8” photograph (on display in Archives), included in this file is a biographical sketch of Carl Bailey-31st Governor of Arkansas (1937-1941)

File 3 – Political Correspondence (1936-1938)

File 4 – Arkansas Constitutional and Statutory Provisions on Legislation (Reprinted 1938)

File 5 – The Arkansas Handbook by Dallas T. Herndon, Executive Secretary Arkansas History Commission (1949-1950)

File 6 – Bills sponsored by Lawrence Weems Trussell

File 7 – Newspaper Clippings (1936, 1939-1947, 1949)

File 8 – Election Laws Committee, newspaper clipping file (1947-1949)

File 9 – Election Laws (1947-1948)

File 10 – Governor Sid Math Inauguration Tues., Jan. 11, 1949 and a copy of biographical Sketch

File 11 – Election Code, Bar Association newspaper clippings (1947, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1952)

File 12 – Newspaper Clippings, Legislative Council (1949-1950)

File 13 – Election Laws and other Bills (1949-1952)

File 14 – Income Tax Revision, S.B. 23 (1950)

File 15 – Newspaper Clippings, Senate (1951)

File 16 – Probate Code, Act No. 255 (1951)

File 17 – Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings, House of Representative Announcements (1952)

File 18 – Governor Orval Eugene Faubus, Campaign flier and biographical sketch (1956 or later)

File 19 – Newspaper clippings, Representative (1955-1956)

File 20 – Newspaper Clippings, Thomas Sparks/Whitbeck (1968-1969)

File 21 – Transcript of remarks concerning Senator Tommy Sparks and Senator Lookadoo made by Rev. Cline D. Ellis in First Baptist Church, Fordyce, Arkansas, prior to his sermon on this Sunday morning (Feb. 23, 1969)

File 22 – Legislature Vote Record, Newspaper (1971)

File 23 – National Advisory Board Report Commercial National Bank of Little Rock, The Buffalo Hunter versus the Environmentalist (1973)

File 24 – Newspaper, Fordyce News-Advocate, a front-page photo of Lawrence Weems Trussell-2 copies (Wed., Jan. 16, 1974)

File 25 – Newspaper Headline, “Rock Group Hits Snag at Fordyce”; this concerns the British Rock Group – Rolling Stones – being charged with reckless driving in  Fordyce, Arkansas (July 5, 1975)

File 26 – Election Laws (1976)

File 27 – Manuscript for history of Tulip, Arkansas (Dallas, Co.) and its founders and families – 68 pages (c. Aug. 1965)

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End of Collection