Jim McKim was born November 23, 1935 in Shirley, Arkansas.  Except for a year in Colorado and another in Texas, he grew up in metropolitan Bee Branch in Van Buren County, Arkansas.  Jim graduated from South Side High School (Bee Branch) in 1953 and recived a B.S.E. degree in mathematics from U.A. Fayetteville in May 1957.

From May 1957 through mid 1960 Jim served in the U.S. Army (Massachusetts, Korea, Texas)

For the next six years he was mathematics teacher and high school principal at Greenbrier Public Schools, Greenbrier, Arkansas.

Jim married the former Linda Bailey of Damascus, Arkansas in 1961.  They have a son Steve, born in 1964.  Steve has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is an associate professor at the University of Southeastern Oklahoma.  Their daughter Susan was born in 1967.  Susan has a husband, two children, a masters degree in special education, and teaches in the Conway public school system.  Him and Linda are members of Second Baptist Church of Conway.

He received a M.S.E. degree from Arkansas State Teachers College (UCA) in 1966 and a M.A. in mathematics from L.S.U. Baton Rouge in 1967.

The following two years, from August 1967 to May 1969 he taught mathematics at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

Jim joined the UCA mathematics faculty in 1969 and has been here since that time (32 years).  He has worn several hats at UCA, full-time mathematics faculty member, UCA’s Coordinator of Continuing Education Credit Programs at Little Rock Air Force Base and the Arkansas Correctional Department and at other locations, and freshman advisor for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Jim is scheduled to retire from UCA on May 15, 2001.


Box 1

File 1 – Correspondence on Book Reviews, 1979-1985

File 2 – Complimentary copy of College Algebra and Trigonometry by Edward D. Gaughan and Carl E. Hall, 1984

File 3 – Correctional Program – Women’s Unit, 1984-1989

File 4 – Correctional Program Correspondence, etc…, 1986-1990

File 5 – math 1360 Correspondence Courses, 1988-1989

File 6 – (NCA) North Central Association Self Study, 1988-1989

File 7 – Accounting – Continuing Education, 1989-1990

File 8 – The White House Millennum Project, February 1999 (From First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton)

File 9 – List of Department Birthdays

End of Box 1
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