Theodore C. Hood was born at Fort Sam Houston, Texas in the Station Hospital on September 13, 1922, to Staff Sergeant Marion B. Hood, and Mrs. Mary L. Hood, of San Antonio, Texas.  Hood’s father, Marion B. Hood, was a 31-year veteran of the United States Army Medical Department who served two years, six months in the Philippine Islands.  Five months of this time was with the Philippine Scouts as their medical attendant, since they had no medical officer to their unit.  In addition, the elder Hood served with the American Expeditionary Force during World War I in France and was a member of the Army Medical Detachment of the 26th Infantry.  During the war he received numerous awards and was cited for his actions that saved the life of a French Medical Officer during a poison–gas attack by the enemy.  The younger Hood would follow in his father’s footsteps by also becoming a 31-year veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

Chief Master Sergeant Hood’s formal education took place in several different locations including: Hot Springs, Arkansas; Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont; San Antonio, Texas; White Bluff, Tennessee; and back to San Antonio for graduation.  He graduated from high school in San Antonio in 1942.  In August 1942, Theodore C. Hood married Sarah E. Osborn of San Antonio.  In September 1942, Hood joined the United States Army Air Corps at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

Because he had two and one-half years of high school R.O.T.C., Hood did not have to go through basic training.  Two days after joining the Army Air Corps he was on the flight line at Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.

After in-service schools at San Marcos Army Field, Texas; Amarillo Army Air Field, Texas. Las Vegas Army Air Field, Nevada; and Combat Crew B-17 training at Ardmore Army Air Field, Oklahoma; he was transferred via Kearney Army Field, Nebraska to England as a member of the  Eighth Air Force, 306th  Bombardment Group (H) 423rd Bombardment Squadron (H) also known as the “Grim Reaper” Squadron.  In England, Hood was assigned the duty of Flight-Engineer-Top Gunner on a B-17 bomber named the “Solid Sender.”

During Sergeant Hood’s tour with the 306th Bomb Group he completed 35 bombing missions (290 combat hours) over enemy territory between 19 June and 21 November 1944.  During his tour of duty with the Mighty Eighth in England, Hood received the Distinguished Flying Cross, four Air Medals, and the Purple Heart.  Later in is illustrious  career Hood would receive the Bronze Star, Meritorious Medal, Army Commendation Ribbon, Air Force Commendation Medal and thirteen other awards and decorations from the United States Army, United States Air Force, and the Republic of Vietnam.

Following his war-time tour Hood opted to join the Air Corps Reserves.  However, he quickly found that his calling was as a full-time member of the military and re-enlisted after serving only two months in the Reserve Corps.  Hood decided to make a career in what was to be known as the United States Air Force, rising to the rank of Chief Master Sergeant.

Having returned to active duty status, Sergeant Hood would spend his military career at bases within the continental United States, and Alaska, Germany, Japan, and the Republic of Vietnam.  The Air Force assigned him to Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas; Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base, Burns Flat, Oklahoma; Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska; and Little Rock Air Force Base, Jacksonville, Arkansas.  Sergeant Hood’s expertise in the area of aircraft maintenance would eventually earn him a Bronze Star.

His last overseas assignment would be at Nha Trang Air Force Base, Republic Vietnam.  Sergeant Hood would once again distinguish himself as had during World War II. During his assignment in the Republic of Vietnam he would receive several citations including the Bronze Star Medal.  According to Sergeant Hood’s Bronze Star Medal Citation:

Chief Master Sergeant Theodore C. Hood distinguished himself

By meritorious service while serving with friendly forces engaged

In military operations against an opposing armed force in Southeast

Asia from 1 March 1968 to 31 December 1968.  During this period,

he consistently demonstrated his professional ability, sound judgment,

and great enthusiasm to overcome the many involved problems

associated with countering aggression.  His superb performance and

significant contributions assisted materially in the success and

effectiveness of United States military operations in Southeast Asia.

The exemplary leadership, personal endeavor, and devotion to duty

Displayed by Sergeant Hood reflect great credit upon himself and the

United States Air Force.

Sergeant Hood went on to receive the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm, and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.

Upon returning to the United States in 1969, after his assignment to the Republic of Vietnam, Hood was stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base, Jacksonville, Arkansas.  Chief Master Sergeant Hood retired from the United State Air Force while stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base.  His service totaled thirty-one years on active duty, the same as his father, Master Sergeant Marion B. Hood.

Chief Master Sergeant Hood, and his wife, Mrs. Sarah E. Hood, have four children; one daughter, Geraldine L. Ganong, and three sons, Theodore C. Hood, Jr., John B. Hood, and Robert W. Hood.

Chief Master Sergeant Hood passed away Thursday, September 29, 2016.


Box 1

File 1 – The Echo – Sept. 14,  2000 (UCA Student Newpaper) Reception honoring Chief Master Sgt. Theodore C. Hood – WWII Papers

File 2a – Photos of U.C.A. Archives Reception for  Chief Master Sergeant Theodore C. Hood – Sept. 14, 2000

File 2b – Newspaper article –  “Chief Mast Sgt. Theodore C. Hood and others Honored for WWII Service by the French Government” – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – June 2, 2014

File 3 – World War II Honoree Theodore C. Hood

File 4 – Newspaper – Honolulu Star – Bulletin 1st Extra – Sunday, Dec, 7 1941 (please use copy provided)

File 5 – Newspaper Honolulu Star – Bulletin 2nd Extra – Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941

File 6 – Newspaper – The San Antonia Light – Monday, Dec. 8, 1941

File 7 – Newspaper – “The San Antonio Light” Friday, Jan. 2, 1942

File 8 – New York Harold Tribune News paper, Paris – Feb. 22, 1945

File 9 – The Stars and Strips Newspapers Vol. 1 Nos. 129 and 133 – Aug. 11, 15, 1945

File 10-List of Food Parcels for one week – WWII

File 11-Army Airforce Pay Grades – 1944

File 12-Prayer for Nation, President and Armed forces

File 13-Military Order of The Purple Heart

File 14-Warning to all prisoners of War! W.W. II

File 15-Scott Field, Illinois – Radio Operator/Mechanic School  – Army Airforce 1942-43, 1944

File 16-Telephone for U. S. S. Catoctin – 1944

File 17-V-Mail “Victory Mail” from World War II June 24, 1944 – History of V-Mail (by E-Mail – 5/4/2001)

File 18-World War II Statistics

File 19-Miscelleneous Information on the United States Air Force

File 20-Fort Worth Star – Telegram  – Sunday, June 5, 1994 D – Day June 6, 1944 (50 years ago)

File 21-“Thank You America!” Ceremony  – Consul General of France Denis Simonneau Dec. 12, 2001

File 22-Theodore C. Hood – Chronology or Military Service Awards & Decorations

File 23-Theordore C. Hood – United States Air Force, Retired In-Service Professional Training

File 24-Theordore C. Hood’s Combat Tour – 8th Air Force – England – June-Dec. 1944

End of Box 1


Box 2

File 1 – 423rd Squadron “Grim Reapers” Combat Diary 1942-45 396th Bomb Group

File 2 – 306th Bomb Group Summary of Operations  – Oct 8, 1942 to May 1945

File 3 – Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1979

File 4 – The Reich Wreckers: An Analysis of the 306th Bomb Group During World War II by Charles J. Westgate, III – Major, USAF – April 1998

File 5 – Article – 306th Reunion (copied from Reader’s Digest by Andy Rooney

File 6 – Newspapers –  306th Echoes – 1980

File 7 – Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1981

File 8 – Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1982

File 9 – Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1983

File 10-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1984

File 11-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1985

File 12-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1986

File 13-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1987

File 14-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1988

File 15-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1989

File 16-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1990

File 17-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1991

File 18-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1992

File 19-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1993

File 20-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1994

File 21-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1995

File 22-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1996

File 23-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1997

File 24-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1998

File 25-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 1999

File 26-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 2000

File 27-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 2001

File 28-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 2002

File 29-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 2003

File 30-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 2004

File 31-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 2005

File 32-Newspapers – 306th Echoes – 2006

End of Box 2


Box 3

Item 1 – 8th Air Force News – Feb. 1981 – Oct. 1988

Item 2 – 8th Air Force News – Jan. 1988 – Aug. 1995

Item 3 – 9th Air Force News – Feb. 1996 – March 2000

End of Box 3


Box 4

File 1 – Article – View From The Ground from 8th AF News – Jan. 1983 Vol. 9 # 1 (2 copies)

File 2 – Articles Copied from 8th AF NEWS – 1991, 2001, and undated

File 3 – Article (copied from 8th AF News  Feb. 1994 Vol. 1)  The Fog of War by Bill Rellstab, 388BG

File 4 – Article 8th AF News (Aug. 1997) on B-17 and B-24 – Catch 17 and 24 By D. V. Chase, 44th BG (1997)

File 5 – 8th Air Force News Vol. 00 No. 2, 3, 4, – Voice of “The Mighty Eighth” – 2000

File 6 – 8th Air Force News Vol. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 – 2001

File 7 – 8th Air Force News Vol. – No. – 2002

File 8 – 8th Air Force News – Vol. # No. 1 – 2003

File 9 – Correspondence – 8th Air Force – 2000

File 10-The 8th Air Force Memorial Museum Foundation – June, 2000

File 11-Newspaper Article “Liberation, Celebration in Paris” Arkansas Democrat Gazette Sunday, Aug. 21, 1994

File 12-A Partial Summary of 8th Air Force Operations European Theater Aug. 17, 1942 to May 8, 1945

File 13-Target: Germany – The Army Air Forces’ Official Story of The 8th Bomber Commands first year over Europe – Published in Cooperation with Life Magazine by Simon and Schuster, New York, 1943

End of Box 4


Box 5

File 1 – Book – The Incredible 305th: The  “Can Do” Bombers of World  War II by Wilbur H. Morrison – 1962

File 2 – Book – Memphis Belle – by Monte Merric – (Based on Screenplay by Monte Merric) A Major Motion Picture from  Warner Bros. – 1990

File 3 – Readers’s Digest Illustrated Story of World War II – 3rd. printing – 1969

File 4 – Secret Air Missions – Counter Surgery Operations in Southern Europe by Brigadier Gen. (Ret.) Monro MacClosky – 1966

File 5 – Return to England – 1942-1992, The 50th Anniversary (USAAF Reunion)

File 6 – Book – The Stars and Stripes World War II Front Pages – Hugh Lauter Levine Associates, Inc. 1985

File 7 – Book – Stories of The Eighth – An Anthology of The  8th Air Force in World War II – Edited by John H. Woolnough – 1983

File 8 – Book – Targer Ploesti: View from Bombsight by LeRoy W. Newby – 1983

File 9 – Book – Veterans of Foreign Wars Edition Pictoral History of The Second World War Vol. 2 – 1950

File 10-Book – To Heal A Nation by Jan C. Scruggs and Joel L. Swedkow

End of Box 5


Box 6

File 1 – Book – Black Thursday by Martin Caidin – 1960

File 2 – Book – Castles in The Air – The Story of B-17 Flying Fortress Crews of the U. S. 8th Airforce (WWII) by Martin W. Bowman

File 3 – Book – Combat Crew by John Comer – 1988-1989

File 4 – Book – Eyes of Artillery – by Edgar F. Raines, Jr. (on World War II) – 2000

File 5 – Book – The First Five Years of The 8th AF News – Vol. 1 thru 5, Edited by Lt. Col.  John H. Woolnough – 1975-1979

File 6 – Book – The Second Five Years of The 8th AF News – Vol. 6 10 – Edited by Lt. Col. John H. Wooonough – 1980-1984

File 7 – Book – Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley with Ron Powers – 2000

File 8 – Book – Flying Fortress by Edward Jablonsky – 1965

File 9 – Book – Home By Christmas – The Story of US 8th /15th Air Force Airmen at War by Martin W. Bowman – 1987

End of Box 6


Box 7

File 1 – 2 Video Cassette “The Invisivble, Unheard Soldier Voices”  “Pearl Harbor”

File 2 – 2 Videos – “Combat Medics/Bombing of Our Troops at St. Lo, France/Bombing Of London WWII – July 24-25, 1944

File 3 – Video – Sand Storm and War Stories

File 4 – 2 Videos: 1. Korea – “The Forgotten War” and “Truman Fires”  2. MASH – PULASKY – SAPELD – Path To McAuthur” Polka Town Island Infany

End of Box 7


Box 8

File 1 – Active duty C-130 forces; pictures and all information on the C-130 Airplanes

File 2 – Airman Magazine of America’s  Airforce – Jan. 2002-2003

File 3 – Air Force Grade and Insignia

File 4 – Air Force  Times Newspaper – 2000-2004

File 5 – Air Force Magazine Articles Copied – 2000

File 6 – Article Copied from FLAK

File 7 – Articles on Viet Nam War – 1960’s -1970’s

File 8 – Article: The Missing Man Formation

File 9 – Article Copied from The Fall of Fortress by Elmer Bendiner – 10-18-2000

File 10-An Evening Stroll by Virginia Reynolds  (copied) – May, 2000

File 11-The American Air Museum in Britain Official Opening Ceremony – Aug. 1, 1997

File 12-Arkansas Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

File 13-Army and Navy General Hospital/Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center

File 14-Armistice Day 11:00 AM, Nov. 11, 1918 Changed go Veterans Day In 1954 to Honor American Veterans of all Wars

File 15-Aviation Week News Magazine ( Page 8 ) July 3, 2000

File 16-Copy – S/Ldr. Irn C. Patterson, pilot of first B-17 flown from Seattle to England May 1941

File 17-B-36 Bomber Photo and Information

File 18-Bp36 Association – 7th Bomb Wing

File 19-Brochure – Boeing B-29 Super Fortress – 1990

File 20-Bedford WWII Air Field Trail

File 21-Battle casualties – Arnm Air Forces Statistical Digest

File 22-“Camp Pike 1917/Camp Robinson Remembered 1940” – Newspaper Advertising Supplement to The Drop Zone

File 23-Code Names from World War II printed from Internet – 3/ 31/05

File 24-Copies of Pamplets  “TheThurleigh Airfield Museum & “Our Flag”

File 25-Correspondence with Archivist – 2001

File 26-Correspondence with Archivist – 2002-2004

File 27-Dare and Endure: World War II: Acronyms and Organization

File 28-Development of the Army Air Forces – 1909-1945

File 29-“The Doolittle Raid” led by Colonel James Doolittle – 1942

File 30-Dutch Harbor Naval Base, Fort Mears, Aleutian Islands – June 3-4, 1942

File 31-“Enola Gay” – B-29 Bomber that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima,  Japan Aug. 6, 1945, piloted by Gen. Paul Tibbets

File 32-Estimated Numbers of U. S. Nuclear Weapons – Sept. 1997

File 33-“The Face of War” by Ernie Pyle – June 16, 1944 – Correspondent who covered the War in Europe was killed by a Sniper – April 18, 1945

File 34-Global Power News Magazine – Article Copied

End of Box 8


Box 9

File 1 – Honoring Americas Past Video and Booklets

File 2 – How To Display U. S. Flag

File 3 – Japanese Government and Currency

File 4 – July 12th, 1944 Great Britain: The Eighth Air Force flies three Missions

File 5 – “Kriegie Journal Notes (copied) – March 28, 1945”by John Chaffin, 95th  Bomb Group – May, 2000

File 6 – Bio: General Curtis Emerson Lemay

File 7 – Modern Maturity Magazine – Nov.–Dec. 2001 Article on page 44 “Days of Infamy” – Dec. 7, 1941 – How America Copes – Sept. 11, 2001

File 8 – Major U. S. Bases

File 9 – The Mighty Eighty, Information on the 303 BG (H) “Hell’s Angels” and The B-17G Plane

File 10- Copy of Newspaper Articles from Sheridan Press – Sheridan, Wyoming July 18, 1938

File 11-Magazine – NCOA Journal Vol. 25, No. 6 – Serving all current and former Enlisted Members of  The U. S. Armed Forces  – Nov./Dec. 2000

File 12-Newspaper Clippings (Original and Copies provided – 1982-2004 and undated

File 13-Newspaper – Log Cabin Democrat (Memorial Day) Article – “Flying Again” Monday, Page 1 – May 29, 2000

File 14-Newspaper Article – “Remnants of Little America” Museum at Duxford, England – Arkansas Democrat Gazette  – Sunday, Jan. 3, 1999

File 15-NHA Trang, Vietnam – 1968

File 16-Operation Desert Storm

File 17-Rationing during World War II

File 18-Resolution to recognize the American G. I as the Most influential figure of the 20th  Century, House of Representatives  – April 10, 2000

File 19 – Retired Officer Magazine – Articles Copied – 2001

File 20-“Secret Warriors” (Code Talkers of World War I and II) by Martha Davidson

File 21-“Ship blast devastate Texas City, Texas – U. S. Worst Industrial Accident April 16, 1947

File 22-Specification Summary Sheet on the B-57 Airplanes

File 23-“Straight From The Front” by Ernie Pyle, St. Lo France – July 24, 1944

File 24-Stategic Air Command: Mission & History

File 25-United States  Armed Forces: Badges defining rank from lowest to highest rank for Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and the Coast Guard

File 26-TAPS and “Bringing War Dead Home” by Iain Walker

File 27-“Task Force Rock”

File 28-Ted Hood’s Views on the War (WWII) 2004, 2006

File 29-Test Pilot Story from the Reader’s Digest and a Chief Test Pilot Story about a SR-71 In flight  breakup

File 30-“This is Korea, 50 Years later” copied from AARP Magazine – July/Aug. 2003

File 31-Photo – In Memory of Columbia’s Seven (Space Shuttle “Columbia” Exploded on re-entry to Earth’s  Atmosphere – Feb. 1, 2003  (see  M03-4)

File 32-Photos – 5 Color Photos and Specifications for the B-17 Bomber

File 33-Photos of Damaged B-17 Flying Fortress

File 34-Photos of Air Strikes WWII

File 35-Photo – USS New Jersey – last battle ship of U.S. Navy to see Action May, 1968

File 36-U. S. Military Installations Road Map

File 37-USAF Personnel Possibly Alive in Communist Captivity

File 38-U. S. Involvement  in Iraq (War on Terror) Spring 2003

File 39 -Vietnam Memorial Photo

File 40 – Women’s Army Corps – 1942

End of Box 9


Box 10

File 1 – Miscellaneous News Magazine Copies

File 2 – General Custer and 261 Men Massacred (Copy) – July 6, 1876

File 3 – “America the Wonderous”  Life Magazine – A Special Section “The Statute (of Liberty) at 100” – July 1986

File 4 – 9/11/2001

File 5 – Newspaper – Benton Courier – “Book Signing for Book – Party Politics: The American Decay – Sept. 14, 2002

File 6 – Photo of Entrance at Little Rock Air Force Base – 2003

End of Box 10

End of Collection