Emmery Howard Tipton was a member of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, and was an engineer/top-turret gunner aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress.  He was based in England and made his first mission to drop bombs into enemy occupied Europe on October 8, Nancy, France on April 18, 1944.

Tech/Sgt. Tipton was held in Stalag 17 until the Germans released him on June 2, 1945.  The German surrender occurred on May 7, 1945, but the release of prisoners was a few weeks later.

After returning from Europe Tipton spent a considerable part of his life as a pastor.  He pastured churches in Texas, California, and Arkansas.  He died in 1978 at the age of 58.

This daughter, Darlene Tipton Carson, and her husband, Jim Carson , have worked to preserve the memory of Emmery Tipton by setting up displays of World War II memorabilia at various places around the country. Tipton’s diary is a wealth of information and is contained in his collection of materials.


Box 1

File 1 – Notebook containing Missions information of Emmery H. Tipton during World War II

File 2 – Imprint of fellow POW Dog tags

File 3 – Telegrams regarding the status of of Emmery H. Tipton during World War II

File 4 – Copy of a Letter to the wife of Emmery H. Tipton while a POW, February 14, 1945

File 5 – Photocopy of Awards and Metals

File 6 – Diary of a B-17 Turret Gunner, published in Sun-Times (part I, II, III of IV parts [part IV missing]) February 25, 2000, March 3, 2000, March 10, 2000

File 7 – War on Display, Lob Cabin Democrat newspaper, June 26, 2000

End of Box 1

End of Collection