Emmery Howard Tipton was a member of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, and was an engineer/top-turret gunner aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress.  He was based in England and made his first mission to drop bombs into enemy occupied Europe on October 8, Nancy, France on April 18, 1944.

Tech/Sgt. Tipton was held in Stalag 17 until the Germans released him on June 2, 1945.  The German surrender occurred on May 7, 1945, but the release of prisoners was a few weeks later.

After returning from Europe Tipton spent a considerable part of his life as a pastor.  He pastured churches in Texas, California, and Arkansas.  He died in 1978 at the age of 58.

His daughter, Darlene Tipton Carson, and her husband, Jim Carson, have worked to preserve the memory of Emmery Tipton by setting up displays of World War II memorabilia at various places around the country. Tipton’s diary is a wealth of information and is contained in his collection of materials.


Box 1

File 1 – Notebook containing Missions information of Emmery H. Tipton during World War II

File 2 – Imprint of fellow POW Dog tags

File 3 – Telegrams regarding the status of of Emmery H. Tipton during World War II

File 4 – Copy of a Letter to the wife of Emmery H. Tipton while a POW, February 14, 1945

File 5 – Photocopy of Awards and Metals

File 6 – Diary of a B-17 Turret Gunner, published in Sun-Times (part I, II, III of IV parts [part IV missing]) February 25, 2000, March 3, 2000, March 10, 2000

File 7 – War on Display, Lob Cabin Democrat newspaper, June 26, 2000

End of Box 1

End of Collection