Pre-Dental Hygiene

Advisor: Dr. Hubbard (Health Sciences), 450-3194

[1] The Profession

Dental hygienists perform various oral health procedures on patients, and they educate patients and the public on good oral hygiene. Common clinical services performed are cleaning and polishing teeth, exposing and developing radiographs, applying topical fluoride and sealants, and recording medical and dental histories. In addition to clinical services, the hygienist educates patients on good oral hygiene and nutrition for health promotion and disease prevention.

Dental hygienists are employed in the offices of general or specialty dentists; military, state, or federal health agencies; schools; industry; and sales of dental products.

[2] Requirements

Students pursuing a career in dental hygiene attend UCA for two years to complete the lower-division UCA Core and pre-clinical requirements and then transfer to a dental hygiene department for two years to complete the professional education. Students should contact the dental hygiene program they plan to attend for specific information about degree requirements.

The following prerequisite courses should be completed at UCA:

WRTG 1310 and 1320, COMM 1300, PSCI 1330 or HIST 2301 or HIST 2302, SOC 1300, PSYC 1300, ART 2300 or MUS 2300 or THEA 2300, CHEM 1402 or 1450, BIOL 1440, BIOL 2411 or 3420, BIOL 1410 and 2410 or BIOL 3406 and BIOL 3407, MATH 1390, approved humanities course (3 hours).

Students interested in completing an Associate’s of Arts degree (minimum 60 hours total) should check with their advisor to select appropriate courses that fulfill the LD UCA Core requirements.

Apply to the dental hygiene clinical program during the spring semester of the sophomore year. The dental hygiene program at UAMS will only start a candidate in its program at the beginning of the fall semester.