Pre-Cardio-Respiratory Care

Advisor: Dr. Hubbard (Health Sciences), 450-3194

[1] The Profession

Respiratory therapists, also known as respiratory care practitioners (RCPs) are the health care professionals specially trained for the treatment, management, care and education of patients with heart and lung diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis or sleep apnea. Respiratory care practitioners are trained in the diagnostic evaluation of lung function and therapeutic procedures that help maintain good lung health. They also have the skills to effectively manage life support systems and respond to medical emergencies such as trauma, heart attack, and stroke.

[2] Requirements

Students pursuing a career in cardio-respiratory therapy attend UCA for two years to complete the lower-division UCA Core and pre-clinical requirements and then transfer to a cardio-respiratory program for two years to complete the professional education. Students should contact the cardio-respiratory program they plan to attend for specific information about degree requirements.

The following prerequisite courses should be completed at UCA:

WRTG 1310 and 1320, COMM 1300, PSCI 1330 or HIST 2301 or HIST 2302, SOC 1300, PSYC 1300, ART 2300 or MUS 2300 or THEA 2300, CHEM 1402 or 1450, BIOL 1440, BIOL 2411, BIOL 3406, BIOL 3407, MATH 1390, MATH 2311 or PSYC 2330, HLTH 3123, approved humanities course (3 hours).

Students interested in completing an Associate’s of Arts degree (minimum 60 hours total) should check with their advisor to select appropriate courses that fulfill the LD UCA Core requirements.