General Education (AA Degree)

Advisor: Cheryl Theall,, (501) 450-5149, Harrin Hall 116B

To continue the UCA commitment to provide programs that support the community, the Associate of Arts degree program in General Education serves to recognize academic achievement and establish a milestone in a student’s learning trajectory—whether as the first half of a bachelor’s degree or as a standalone two-year degree.

The Associate of Arts degree

  • Validates the hard work and dedication of UCA students.
  • Provides a strong foundation in the core competencies of the UCA Core, including Critical Inquiry, Effective Communication, Responsible Living, and Diversity.
  • Is fully transferable to other Arkansas institutions of higher education, and, thus, provides credit hours that may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree at UCA or at another institution of higher education.

[1] Degree Requirements

The Associate of Arts in General Education (AA) requires completion of the lower-division UCA Core (38 hours) and at least 22 hours of elective courses (see below) for a total of 60 credit hours.

Mathematics Pathway: First-time, first-year students majoring in General Education enter the Quantitative Literacy Mathematics Pathway and must enroll in MATH 1360 during their first year of study, unless they have been awarded credit that completes their 1000-level math requirements.

For general degree requirements, including the residence credit requirement, see Degree Requirements, § 1.

[1.1] Lower-Division UCA Core (38 hours)

Completion of the lower-division UCA Core satisfies the Arkansas State Minimum Core general education requirement (35 hours) plus three elective hours. See LD UCA Core for specific requirements.

[1.2] Directed Electives (15–22)

Electives not taken in fulfillment of the UCA Core, chosen from lower-division courses with the following course prefixes: ANTH, ART, BIOL, CHEM, COMM, CRWR, CSCI, ECON, ENGL, FREN, GEOG, GERM, HIST, MATH, MUS, PHIL, PHYS, PSCI, PSYC, SOC, SPAN, THEA, WRTG.

[1.3] Institutional Requirements/Approved Electives (0–7)

Electives (may be upper-division) chosen in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.