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[1] Courses in Health Sciences (H SC) for Addiction Studies

3120 PREVENTION PRACTICUM Practical experiences in a prevention resource center under the supervision of a certified prevention specialist. Required for majors in addiction studies (prevention track). Observation, workshops.

3311 ADDICTION COUNSELING: THEORY AND PRACTICE Required. Techniques of individual and family counseling as applied to issues around addictions.

3321 ADDICTIONS: ASSESSMENT, INTERVENTION, AND TREATMENT PLANNING Required. Assessment of addiction disorders as found in the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV-TR) of mental disorders. Intervention techniques and client treatment planning is included.

3331 ETIOLOGY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY OF ADDICTION Required. Influence of psychological, physiological, and socio-cultural factors as they impact addiction will be examined.

4301 BEHAVIORAL ADDICTIONS This course will address common behavioral addictions, comprehensive and ongoing assessment, underlying factors, treatment, and recovery plans, as well as behavioral-specific approaches. Prerequisite: H SC 3315.

4311 GROUP COUNSELING SKILLS Required. The course places special emphasis on counseling the addicted person in a group setting. Counseling models and multicultural issues are addressed. Prerequisite: H SC 2310.

4314 MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING AND ADDICTION Study of multicultural issues to include integration, discrimination, prejudice, privilege, the dominant culture, the social dynamics of conflict, and assimilation. Includes a focus on the application of these issues to addiction counseling. [UD UCA Core: D]

4321 CO-OCCURRING DISORDERS IN ADDICTION TREATMENT This course will address common dual-diagnoses, comprehensive and ongoing assessment, treatment and recovery plans, as well as substance-specific approaches. [UD UCA Core: I]

4322 LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN ADDICTION Required. Legal and ethical issues that confront the addictions professional are identified. Various ethical codes are explored.

4330 FAMILY SYSTEMS AND ADDICTION Required. Addictions in relations to family systems are addressed. Special emphasis is given to imbalances in family systems and adult children of alcoholics.

4380 RESEARCH METHODS FOR HEALTH SCIENCE This course in research methods is designed for clinical and non-clinical health science and health professional students. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to understand the basics of research methods and provide basic instruction on how to develop and complete original research. The course focuses on understanding basic research design, basic statistical analyses, and APA research writing techniques and requirements; and being able to interpret and critique peer-reviewed research articles.

4610 PRACTICUM IN SUBSTANCE ABUSE (300 HOURS) Required. The Practicum experience provides a hands on experience with clients with addictive behaviors. The course is directed by faculty and a supervisor in a placement setting. [UD UCA Core: Z]