Torreyson Library

Associate Professor and Director of the Library: R. Lippard (MLIS), 450-5202

Associate Professor: , J. Riedmuller (MLIS), A. Wilson (MSIS)

Assistant Professors: S. Burks (MLS), R. Le Beau-Ford (MLS), J. Warren (MLIS)

Lecturer II: E. DiPrince (MLS), C. Karafit (MLIS)

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Torreyson Library’s mission is to be the center of intellectual life for the University of Central Arkansas community. Serving as UCA’s “academic town square” and marketplace for ideas, the Library invites all members of our university community to come together, conduct research, study, read, access information, exchange diverse opinions, work collaboratively, and pursue intellectual growth. Torreyson Library is committed to the academic achievement of our students and to the teaching and scholarship achievement of our faculty and staff.