Program Director, Professor, and Dean: Dr. Stephen Addison (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), / 450-3199

[1] Program Purposes

The multidisciplinary program in Cybersecurity is designed to produce graduates who can identify, assess, and manage cyber threats.

[2] Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Cybersecurity requires successful completion of 120 hours, including (1) the UCA Core: complete 39 hours to meet lower-division UCA Core requirements and complete upper-division UCA Core requirements using major, minor, or elective courses (see the UCA Core requirements); (2) degree requirements; and (3) major requirements outlined below. This program does not require a minor.

Abbreviation Key – UCA Core Program

[2.1] Program Requirements and the Lower-Division UCA Core

The following program requirements also fulfill requirements within the lower-division UCA Core:

MATH 1491 Applied Calculus or MATH 1496 Calculus I
MGMT 2301 Business Communications
PSCI 1330 US Government and Politics (American History/Government)
PSCI 2300 Introduction to International Relations (Social Science)

[2.2] Required Cybersecurity Core (54 credit hours)

CSCI 1470 Computer Science I
CSCI 1480 Computer Science II
CSCI 2320 Data Structures
CSCI 2335 Networking
CSCI 3330 Algorithms
CSCI 3360 Database Systems [UD UCA Core: C]
CSCI 4300 Operating Systems
CSCI 4305 Linux/UNIX Systems
CSCI 4315 Information Security [UD UCA Core: R]
CSEC 2300 Introduction to Cybersecurity
CSEC 3300 Introduction to Number Theory and Cryptography
CSEC 4490 Cybersecurity Capstone [UD UCA Core: Z]
CSEC 3320 Computer Forensics [UD UCA Core: I]
MIS 4355 Project Management [UD UCA Core: Z]
MIS 4361 Cybersecurity Governance and Policy
CSCI 4321 Ethical Implications of Technology [UD UCA Core: D, R] or PHIL 4320 Applied Ethics [UD UCA Core: D, R]
PSCI 3316 Cybersecurity Law and Policy [UD UCA Core: C]

[2.3] Cybersecurity Concentration (12 credit hours)

Students majoring in Cybersecurity will be required to complete one of the following concentrations.

[2.3.1] Cybersecurity Strategic Policy

PSCI 4301 Civil Liberties [UD UCA Core: I]
PSCI 4340 Seminar in Selected Topics: International Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism
PSCI 3369 Cyber Citizenship
PSCI 4388 American Foreign Policy

[2.3.2] Management of Cybersecurity

MIS 3321 Managing Systems and Technology
MIS 4360 Principles of Information Security
MIS 4380 Business Intelligence
MIS 3382 Internship or another advanced course approved by the chair

[2.3.3] Cyberphysical Security

CSEC 4320 Ethical Hacking
CSEC 4335 Network Security
CSEC 4345 Cyberphysical Security
CSCI 3375 Internship in Computer Science or another advanced course approved by the chair

[2.4] Required Mathematics Courses (6 credit hours)

MATH 2311 Elementary Statistics or QMTH 2330 Business Statistics or PSCI 2312 Statistical Methods for Political Analysis
CSCI 2330 Discrete Mathematics for Computing

[2.5] General Electives (9 credit hours)

This degree program requires nine credit hours of general elective coursework.

[3] Course Links

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