Change Log

This file will record any substantive additions or modifications that are required after the publication of this issue of the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin. Email if you have questions.

October 2022

♦ Corrected credit hour information for the BFA in Studio Art (2022-20-18|jag)

August 2021

♦ Corrected an error in the Advanced Placement (AP) credit table for AP Statistics. Note that credit already awarded will stand. (2021-08-09|jag)

April 2021

♦ Updated credit awarded for Computer Science AP scores with ACTS course options (2021-04-21|jag)
♦ Updated CAHSS page to include the college’s mission (2021-04-02|jag)

March 2021

♦ Corrected the Mathematics/Data Science required courses list (2021-03-29|jag)
♦ Updated prerequisite information for ACCT 3320 (2021-03-10|jag)

January 2021

♦ Department of Family and Consumer Sciences changed name to the Department of Nutrition and Family Sciences (2021-01-19|sm)
♦ Corrected course numbers in § and course numbers and total credit hours in §2.2.3 of the Teaching and Learning page (2021-01-14|jag)
♦ Added new course, USCH 4320 (2021-01-13|jag)
♦ Updated prerequisite statement for WRTG 1310 (2021-01-06|jag)
♦ Updated prerequisite statements for MATH 1360 and 1390 (2021-01-06|jag)

December 2020

♦ Added additional information about the definition of a credit hour to the Registration and Credit page (2020-12-30|jag)
♦ Corrected outdated course number in prerequisites for MIS 3343 and 3365 in the MIS course description page (2020-12-04|jag)
♦ Added new courses ACCT 3323 Employment Law, ACCT 4V91 Certifications in Accounting and ACCT 4383 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance for Preparers (2020-12-01|sm)

November 2020

♦ Updated credit hour requirements for the BME degree (2020-11-24|jag)
♦ Updated the list of electives for the Writing Studies track in the BA in Writing (2020-11-24|jag)

October 2020

♦ Removed BIOL 3V85 from the Biology electives list (2020-10-28|jag)
♦ Updated policy concerning Honors Graduates (2020-10-23|sm)
♦ Updated course description for MGMT 4376 New Venture Creation (2020-10-13|sm)
♦ Added three electives for the Marketing Major and Minor (2020-10-13|sm)
♦ Added new courses ART 3345 Printmaking III and ART 3346 Printmaking IV (2020-10-13|sm)

August 2020

♦ Corrected History minor requirements (2020-08-28|jag)
♦ Added Department of Physical Therapy to the College and Departments page (2020-08-08|jag)

July 2020

College of Business page updated throughout (2020-07-14|jag)
♦ Updated Honors in Accounting requirements (2020-07-07|jag)

May 2020

♦ Added the Certificate of Proficiency in Health Coaching to the Health Sciences page (2020-05-31|jag)
♦ Published UBulletin 2020–2021 on May 15, 2020 (2020-05-15|jag)

Page updated: October 18, 2022