Physical Therapy

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[1] Courses in Physical Therapy (PTHY)

4183, 4283, 4383 DIRECTED STUDY IN PHYSICAL THERAPY Directed elective study of a particular topic in physical therapy. Methods of instruction include readings and discussions and other methods agreed upon between instructor and students. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

4190 TOPICS IN PHYSICAL THERAPY: INTERNATIONAL STUDIES SEMINAR Topics in physical therapy with relation to various aspects of international health systems. Students will compare the US health care system and physical therapy services with those of other countries. Instruction includes lectures, discussion, networked (requiring computer), readings and local field trips. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

4290 TOPICS IN PHYSICAL THERAPY: INTERNATIONAL STUDY FIELD TRIP Study in a selected country to enhance knowledge of the health care systems and culture through organized field trip experiences. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

Other physical therapy undergraduate courses are inactive.