Academic Programs

The following list of academic programs is, by default, sorted alphabetically. Each entry the list includes one or more symbols indicating what kind of program it is: see the Program Type Legend below for the meaning of the symbols. As you can see, a given discipline—say, Management Information Systems—may be a degree/major program, may include one or more concentrations or tracks within the major, and may have an associated minor.

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Program Type Legend

Deg = Degree/major program
Con = One or more concentrations/tracks in a degree/major program
Cer = Certificate program
End = Licensure endorsement (no degree/certificate awarded)
Min = Minor program (no degree/certificate awarded)
Pre = Pre-professional curriculum guidance (no degree/certificate awarded)

Undergraduate Program NameType(s)Award(s)
AccountingDeg MinBBA
Actuarial StudiesMinN/A
Addiction StudiesDeg Con MinBS
African/African-American StudiesDeg MinBA
AnthropologyDeg MinBA, BS
ArtDeg Con MinBA
Art-Studio ArtDeg ConBFA
Asian StudiesMinN/A
Athletic TrainingDegBS
BiologyDeg MinBS
Business Administration (General Business)Deg MinBBA
Cardio Respiratory CarePreN/A
ChemistryDeg Con MinBS
Chinese (Mandarin) (see also Modern Languages)Con MinBA
Coaching EndorsementEndN/A
Cognitive NeuroscienceMinN/A
CommunicationDeg MinBA, BS
Communication Sciences and DisordersDegBS
Computer EngineeringDegBS
Computer ScienceDeg Con MinBS
Creative WritingDeg MinBA
Crime Scene Investigation (CJI Higher Ed Program)Cer DegCP, TC, AAS
CriminologyDeg MinBA, BS
Data AnalyticsMinN/A
Dental HygienePreN/A
EconomicsDeg Con MinBA, BBA, BS
Elementary EducationDegBSE
Engineering Physics [coming soon: for now, see Physics]DegBS
EnglishDeg Con MinBA
Environmental ScienceDeg ConBS
Exercise ScienceDeg ConBS
Family and Consumer SciencesDeg MinBS, BSE
FilmDeg MinBA, BS
French (see also Modern Languages)Con MinBA
Gender StudiesMinN/A
General Education (AA degree)DegAA
General ScienceDeg ConBS
General Studies (BGS degree)Deg ConBGS
Geographic Information ScienceMinN/A
GeographyDeg Con MinBA, BS
Health EducationDeg MinBS
Health PsychologyMinN/A
Health SciencesDeg ConBS
HistoryDeg MinBA, BS
Honors Interdisciplinary MinorMinN/A
Information SystemsDegBS
Innovation and EntrepreneurshipDeg MinBBA
Insurance and Risk ManagementDeg ConBBA
Interdisciplinary Liberal StudiesDeg ConBA
Interior DesignDegBA, BS
International StudiesDeg Con MinBA
JournalismDeg Con MinBA, BS
Kinesiology and Physical EducationDegBSE
Latin American and Latino StudiesMinN/A
Law Enforcement Administration (CJI Higher Ed Program)Cer DegCP, TC, AAS
LinguisticsDeg Con MinBA
Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementDeg MinBBA
ManagementDeg MinBBA
Management Information SystemsDeg Con MinBBA
MarketingDeg MinBBA
MathematicsDeg Con MinBA, BS
Medical Laboratory ScienceDegBS
Middle Level EducationDeg ConBSE
Military ScienceMinN/A
Modern LanguagesDeg Con MinBA
MusicDeg Con MinBA, BM
Music Education [coming soon: for now, see Music]Deg ConBME
NursingDeg ConBSN
PhilosophyDeg MinBA, BS
Physical ScienceMinN/A
Physical Therapy (emphasis in Health Sciences)ConBS
PhysicsDeg Con MinBS
Political ScienceDeg MinBA, BS
Professional StudiesDegBPS
PsychologyDeg MinBS
Public AdministrationDeg MinBA, BS
Public RelationsDeg MinBA, BS
Public Scholarship and Community EngagementMinN/A
Religious StudiesDeg MinBA, BS
Spanish (see also Modern Languages)Con MinBA
STEM Education (STEMteach)MinN/A
Social StudiesDegBSE
SociologyDeg MinBA, BS
Southern and Arkansas StudiesMinN/A
Special EducationDeg MinBSE
Sports PsychologyMinN/A
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL)MinN/A
Teaching and Learning (professional education courses for students in a Secondary Education teacher licensure major)MinN/A
TheatreDeg MinBA, BS
Veterinary MedicinePreN/A
WritingDeg Con MinBA