Southern and Arkansas Studies Minor

Dr. Buck Foster, Co-Director, Irby 111, 852-2274,
Dr. Sonia Toudji, Co-Director, Irby 416, 450-5629,

[1] Purpose

The minor in Southern and Arkansas studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the South’s unique history, culture, politics, and economy. Combining course work from English, Geography, History, Political Science, and Sociology, the program will also draw upon the rich resources available locally, including the Old State House Museum, the Ozark Folk Center, and the Faulkner County Museum.

This minor provides students with the background and expertise for a variety of careers in the fields of history, business, journalism, politics, teaching, museum work, and research. Students will study southern issues across a variety of disciplines and will have the opportunity to do independent research and study, internships, or field work.

[2] Requirements

Southern and Arkansas Studies Minor (18 hours)

Choose any six (6) of the following classes for 18 hours.  At least six (6) hours must be non-history.

ANTH 3300 Regional Anthropology (when Ozarks is the topic)
ANTH 3315 Native American Culture

ENGL 4362 Southern Literature and Folklore
ENGL 4380 African and African-American Literature
ENGL 4382 Race in American Literature

GEOG 3380 Geography in Arkansas

HIST 4345 The South to 1865
HIST 4346 The South since 1865
HIST 4355 The Role of Arkansas in the Nation
HIST 3353 African-American History to 1868
HIST 3354 African-American History since 1868
HIST 4330 Civil War and Reconstruction

PSCI 2340 State and Local Government

Students may substitute appropriate courses from any department for one of the classes on this list with the approval from the minor coordinator.

Note: If the coordinator approves, the student may receive three (3) hours credit for one of the following:

HIST 4V91 Independent study in History: Research project to be supervised by faculty member of student’s choice
HIST 4392 Internship in Public History: Appropriate internship with approval from the Southern and Arkansas Studies coordinator and the internship coordinator.