Change Log

This page will record any substantive additions or modifications that are required after the publication of this issue of the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin. Email if you have questions.

August 2021

♦ Corrected an error in the Advanced Placement (AP) credit table for AP Statistics. Note that credit already awarded will stand. (2021-08-09|jag)

October 2020

♦ Removed BIOL 3V85 from the Biology electives list (2020-10-28|jag)

October 2019

♦ Corrected course prefix H ED 3123 to H SC 3123 Medical Terminology (2019-10-09|sm)

April 2018

♦ UBulletin 2017-2018 moved to its archival home: (this site).

February 2018

♦ Revision to the Statistics requirement for the B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders (2018-02-23|sm)
♦ Added new courses NMT 4101 Medical Terminology and NMT 4102 Medical Ethics and Law to the B.S. in Nuclear Medicine Technology (2018-02-23|sm)

December 2017

♦ Updated Other Required Courses in the Nuclear Medicine Technology program page to reflect a change in clinical-program accreditation standards (2017-12-20|jag)
♦ Corrected course number in the list of Journalism electives JOUR 4332 to JOUR 4333 (2017-12-20|sm).
♦ Corrected prerequisite requirements for LING 4110 (2017-12-18|jag).
♦ Updated prerequisite information for PRLS 4V80 (2017-12-08|jag).
♦ Corrected Area Studies section of the Art department page by removing outdated BFA note (2017-12-01|jag).

November 2017

♦ Added new course ANTH 4V80 Field Archaeology (2017-11-21|sm)
♦ Removed prerequisites for H ED 3305 Human Sexuality (2017-11-21|sm)
♦ Updated list of tests that may be used for qualifying for admission as a high school concurrent enrollment student (2017-11-16|jag)
♦ Updated the list of business minors available to business majors (2017-11-13|jag)
♦ Add information about the required Upper-Division Qualifying Assessment (UDQA) to the Department of Music page (2017-11-13|jag)
♦ Updated creative writing courses’ subject prefix to CRWR in the English major and minor (2017-11-02|jag)

October 2017

♦ Corrected list of electives for the Writing Studies minor (2017-10-28|jag)
♦ Added UCA Core Communication attribute to MGMT 3315 International Business Communications (2017-10-18|sm)
♦ Added new course HIST 4372 Pan-Africanism, Anticolonialism & African Unity (2017-10-18|sm)
♦ Changed required course for the Professional Writing Track in the BA in Writing (2017-10-18|sm)
♦ Changed course number MGMT 3385 to MGMT 4385 Safety and Motor Carrier Policy (2017-10-17|sm)
♦ Revised prerequisites for the major in Elementary Education K-6 and the major in Special Education K-12 (2017-10-18|sm)
♦ Removed courses CSCI 4395, CSCI 4195 and CSCI 4295 (2017-10-17|sm)
♦ Revised biology major requirement for BIOL 3V85 Undergraduate Research (2017-10-17|sm)
♦ Added new course HIST 1376: FYS Historical Perspectives on Responsible Living (2017-10-17|sm)
♦ Minor corrections to prerequisites for FILM courses (2017-10-03|jag)

September 2017

♦ Clarifications added to the Academic Clemency policy and process (2017-09-18|jag)
♦ Corrected Exercise Science Requirements for new tracks in the BS in Exercise Science (2017-09-15|jag)

August 2017

♦ Corrected requirements for the STEMteach tracks in the Mathematics program page (2017-08-11|jag)
♦ Replaced Applied Physics track with the Engineering Track in the Physics and Astronomy page (2017-08-01|jag)
♦ Name change in the Writing program (the General Writing track has become the Writing Studies track) (2017-08-01|jag)

July 2017

♦ Update the Computer Science page to include the newly approved BS in Computer Engineering (2017-07-31|jag)
♦ Updated Nuclear Medicine Technology program page to reflect BHCLR requirements (2017-07-31|jag)
♦ Updated Exercise Science tracks: Clinical Exercise Science and Pre-Athletic Training (2017-07-07|sm)
♦ Updated course descriptions in Linguistics and World Languages (2017-07-03|sm)

June 2017

♦ Corrected elective lists for the Marketing major and minor (2017-06-22|jag)
♦ Updated course numbers and credit hours in the GIS sub-concentration for the MIS major. (2017-06-16|sm)

May 2017

♦ Published (2017-05-15|jag)

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