Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (ILS)

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3380 HISTORY AND PRINCIPLES OF THE LIBERAL ARTS This is a foundation course for the Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies degree and is required of all students in the program. This course covers material from history, philosophy and cultural study of liberal arts education. Discussion and writing are essentials of the course. Prerequisite is 60 hours completed, junior standing. [UD UCA Core: I, R]

4380 SENIOR INTERDISCIPLINARY LIBERAL STUDIES CAPSTONE PROJECT This capstone course is required of all Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (ILS) students, and will serve as a capstone course for the UCA Core program.  Students in the ILS program complete a portfolio of work in the program, which includes one final paper or project that synthesizes their work in the program. This final paper or project will be the result of this course. Students must present this final capstone paper or project to an audience, either on campus or off. In this course students will not only write a capstone paper but assemble their portfolio, and write some reflections on the program as a whole, demonstrating that they have advanced their proficiency in critical inquiry, effective writing and in interdisciplinary inquiry. Prerequisite: Major in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies.  [UD UCA Core: Z]