Change Log

This page will record any substantive additions or modifications that are required after the publication of this issue of the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin. Email if you have questions.

August 2021

♦ Corrected an error in the Advanced Placement (AP) credit table for AP Statistics. Note that credit already awarded will stand. (2021-08-09|jag)

October 2019

♦ Corrected course prefix H ED 3123 to HSC 3123 Medical Terminology (2019-10-08|sm)

December 2017

♦ Corrected course number in the list of Journalism electives JOUR 4332 to JOUR 4333 (2017-12-20|sm)

October 2017

♦ Corrected list of electives for the General Writing minor (2017-10-28|jag)

March 2017

♦ Corrected statement of required hours in the Planning and Administration track of the Environmental Science program (2017-03-27, 2017-04-20|jag)

January 2017

♦ Updated MIS GIS sub-concentration curriculum to reflect GIS changes in the Department of Geography (2017-01-29|jag)

December 2016

♦ Added UCA Core attribute of C to FACS 3311 and deleted Core attribute C from FACS 3456 (2016-12-20|sm)
♦ Added a new course page for courses bearing the ACAD (Academic Success) prefix (2016-12-06|jag)

November 2016

♦ Corrected misprint of UCA Core attributes relating to PSYC 4340 in section 3.1 on the Psychology and Counseling page (2016-11-21|sm)
♦ Corrected subject prefix for PRLS 3V21 in the School of Communication programs page (2016-11-07|jag)
♦ Added UCA Core attributes of I and C to SOC 3321/ANTH 3321, attribute Z to CRIM 4360 and attribute R to MGMT 3340 (2016-11-3|sm)
♦ Deleted UCA Core attribute R from ACCT 3320 and MIS 3321 (2016-11-3|sm)
♦ Changed prerequisite from MATH 4372 to MATH 3311 for MATH 4373 Regression Analysis (2016-11-3|sm)
♦ Added two new courses to the BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology NMT 4100 Senior Seminar and NMT 4440 Fundamentals of Computed Tomography (2016-11-3|sm)

October 2016

♦ Created BIOL 3V50, 4V55, 4V90, effective Spring 2017, to replace BIOL 3150, 4155, 4390, and 4490 (see BIOL courses) (2016-10-26|jag)
♦ Corrected errors in the description of the English minor (2016-10-24|jag)
♦ Updated information about the post-baccalaureate Dietetics Internship (2016-10-24|jag)
♦ Clarified/updated mathematics requirements for the Computer Science major (2016-10-14|jag)
♦ Changed MDT 4108 course title from Seminar I to Lab Fundamentals (2016-10-14|sm)
♦ Changed HONC 4320 course title from Honors Thesis to Honors Capstone (2016-10-14|sm)
♦ Added new course CHIN 2350: Intermediate Conversational Chinese (2016-10-11|sm)
♦ Added new course ANTH 4370: Internship (2016-10-11|sm)

September 2016

♦ Updated description of WRTG 4385 in the Writing courses page (2016-09-28|jag)

August 2016

♦ Incorporated changes resulting from the reorganization within the College of Fine Arts and Communication – see the College page and the pages for Film, Theatre, and Creative Writing and Communication (2016-08-11|jag)
♦ Clarified description of CHEM 1301 (2016-08-10|jag)
♦ Updated the Nursing page (2016-08-08|jag)

July 2016

♦ Converted existing courses SPAN 3398 and 3698 to the variable-credit SPAN 3V98 in the Spanish course page and program page (2016-07-22|jag)
♦ Updated Nursing programs’ accreditation status (2016-07-21|jag)

June 2016

♦ Updated bulletin to allow BBA degree seeking students to minor within the College of Business (2016-06-13|sm)
♦ Corrected UD UCA Core annotations in the History course page (2016-06-09|jag)

May 2016

♦ Added information about the new concentration in Mandarin Chinese to the Languages LLC page (2016-05-28|jag)
♦ Updated information for the Minor in Sports Psychology (2016-05-27|sm)
♦ Added information about the new TESOL minor to the Languages LLC page (2016-05-27|jag)
♦ Added information about the new Data Science track to the Mathematics page (2016-05-25|jag)
♦ Added information about the new Health Psychology minor in the Psychology and Counseling page (2016-05-25|jag)
♦ Updated prerequisites for NUTR 4321 and NUTR 2310 (2016-05-24|sm)
♦ Added new courses HIST 1375: FYS in Diversity in World Cultures and HIST 2360: From Stonehenge to Popish Plots: A History of England to 1688 (2016-05-24|sm)
♦ Added new course FREN 4396: Topics in Francophone Cultures (2016-05-24|sm)
♦ Updated Department of Exercise and Sports Science (formerly Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education) page to reflect new department name and new course prefix (2016-05-23|jag)
♦ Added newly converted PETE (formerly KPED) courses to the PETE Courses page (2016-05-23|jag)
♦ Populated the EXSS (formerly KPED) Academic Courses page (2016-05-23|jag)
♦ Populated the EXSS (formerly KPED) Activity Courses page (2016-05-22|jag)
♦ Added new course WRTG 1374: FYS in Diversity in Creative Works (2016-05-19|sm)
♦ Added required course ART 4372 for the BA in Art: Art History Emphasis (2016-05-18|sm)
♦ Added required course JOUR 1123 to Journalism Major (2016-05-18|sm)
♦ Revisions to the BBA MIS Major (2016-05-18|sm)
♦ Added course CSCI 4357: Programming Mobile Devices (2016-05-17|sm)
♦ Corrected electives lists for minors in French, German, and Spanish (restored FREN 2330, GERM 2330, SPAN 2330, inadvertently omitted) (2016-05-02|jag)

April 2016

♦ Minor updates to the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (2016-04-24|sm)

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