African/African-American Studies

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[1] Courses in African/African American Studies (AFAM)

1330 INTRODUCTION TO AFRICAN AND AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES This course is a requirement for students majoring or minoring in African/African American Studies and will introduce them to the study of African and African American literature and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. Satisfies the UCA Core lower-division requirement in Inquiry and Analysis – Fine Arts/Humanities. The course format is lecture/discussion.

4105 SENIOR INTERDISCIPLINARY CAPSTONE PROJECT Capstone course required of all African/African-American Studies majors completing the program.  Students complete a senior research and writing portfolio, including two final essays that integrate and build upon the skills and knowledge they have acquired in earlier coursework in the major.  Students must present their work at a conference or symposium.  Discussion, research and writing, oral presentation.  Prerequisite: 24 hours in African/African-American Studies coursework. [UD UCA Core: Z]