Change Log


This file will record any substantive additions or modifications that are required after the publication of this issue of the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin. Email if you have questions.

January 2024

♦ Added HIST 4V91 and HIST 4392 to the list of History electives. (2024-01-31|sm)

October 2019

♦ Corrected course prefix H ED 3123 to HSC 3123 Medical Terminology (2019-10-09|sm)

December 2017

♦ Corrected course number in the list of Journalism electives JOUR 4332 to JOUR 4333 (2017-12-20|sm)

October 2017

♦ Corrected the list of electives for the General Writing minor (2017-10-28|jag)

March 2017

♦ Corrected statement of number of hours required for the Planning and Administration track in the Environmental Science program (2017-03-27, 2017-04-20|jag)

November 2016

♦ Corrected subject prefix for PRLS 3V21 in Department of Communication programs page (2016-11-07|jag)

May 2016

♦ Added course CSCI 4357 Programming Mobile Devices (2016-05-17|sm)
♦ Corrected electives lists for minors in French, German, and Spanish (restored FREN 2330, GERM 2330, SPAN 2330) (2016-05-02|jag)

March 2016

♦ Corrected and completed curriculum information in the Nursing program page (2016-03-02|jag)
♦ Corrected typographical error in prerequisites for CSCI 4300 in the Computer Science courses page (2016-03-01|jag)

February 2016

♦ Added LING 3310 to the Linguistics program course list (2016-02-26|jag)
♦ Corrected course number error for CSCI 3275 (formerly 2275) in Computer Science program page (2016-02-23|jag)
♦ Corrected error in the statement related to criteria for suspension in Academic Records, §8.4 (2016-02-10|jag)
♦ Updated the list of MATH courses excluded from fulfilling the BS degree requirement (2016-02-04|jag)
♦ Corrected concurrent enrollment criteria statement in the Admission to the University page (2016-02-04|jag)

January 2016

♦ Removed General Science from the list of programs participating in STEMteach (2016-01-08|jag)
♦ Changed restrictions on completing two majors or two baccalaureate degrees (2016-01-27|sm)

December 2015

♦ Removed UCA lower core designations from department program pages. See the UCA Lower Core Check sheet for a complete listing of all lower core courses. (2015-12-12|sm)
♦ Adjusted transfer credit policy (2015-12-21|sm)
♦ Changed course name for GEOG 3307 to Locational Analysis and Decision Making with GIS (2015-12-21|sm)
♦ Changed prerequisites for MIS 4355 Project Management (2015-12-21|sm)
♦ Changed the Computer Science Minor credit hour requirement from 20 to 18 hours (2015-12-22|sm)

November 2015

♦ Revisions and corrections to Special Education Minor (2015-11-20, 2015-12-08|sm, jag)
♦ Revisions to the B.S.E. in Elementary Education and B.S.E. in Special Education programs (2015-11-20|sm)
♦ Added prerequisites for the EDUC core STEM classes (2015-11-20|sm)
♦ Changed name for ELSE 3308 from Foundations of Inclusive Education to Foundations of Diverse Learners (2015-11-20|sm)

October 2015

♦ Added new Engineering courses: ENGR 1301, ENGR 3311, ENGR 4350, and ENGR 4V03 (2015-10-21|sm)
♦ Added new Digital Filmmaking course: FILM 3310 Cinematography (2015-10-21|sm)
♦ Added new Creative Writing course: WRTG 4372 Novella Workshop (2015-10-21|sm)
♦ Added new Radiography courses: RADG 3900 and RADG 4400 (2015-10-21|sm)
♦ Changed residency requirements for a bachelor’s degree (2015-10-21|sm)

September 2015

♦ GEOG 1400 listed with other UCA Core science courses as excluded from BS special degree requirements (2015-10-16|jag)

August 2015

♦ Corrected UD UCA Core designation for HIST 4301 in the History program and courses pages (2015-08-26|jag)
♦ Corrected course number for Nutrition in the Lifecycle in the Athletic Training program page (2015-08-26|jag)
♦ Corrected admission, retention, and exit GPA requirements for BSE in Kinesiology and Physical Education (2015-08-25|jag)
♦ Added new MIS program, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (2015-08-18|sm)
♦ Linked the renamed Exercise Science program page to the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education page (2015-08-13|jag)
♦ Corrected number of hours stated for the LD UCA Core and Related Requirements for the BSN in Nursing (2015-08-09|jag)

July 2015

♦ Changed title for MGMT 3346 (2015-07-20|sm)
♦ Revised prerequisites for select courses in GEOG, BIOL, CSCI, ENGL, ILS, WRTG (2015-07-20|sm)
♦ Updated policy on minimum hours in residence for honors or outstanding student at graduation from 62 to 60 (2015-07-20|sm)
♦ Corrected required courses list and related requirements list in the major in Health Education (2015-07-15|jag)
♦ Updated program information for the Health and Safety track of the Bachelor of Professional Studies program (2015-07-09|jag)
♦ Updated descriptions of H ED 4300 and 4370 in the Health Education courses page (2015-07-07|jag)

June 2015

♦ Updated accrediting agency name in Admissions page information about transfer credit (2015-06-05|jag)
♦ Updated accreditation information and chemistry requirements in the Nursing program page (2015-06-04|jag)

May 2015

♦ Updated attendance policy language (2015-05-07|jag)
♦ Corrected the number of the Computer Science Internship Course from 3375 to 3275 (change made in 2012) (2015-05-07|jag)
♦ Added UNIV 0390 to the University College Courses page (2015-05-04|jag)

April 2015

♦ Variable-credit course numbers updated throughout the UBulletin (2015-04-14|jag)
♦ Added new Kinesiology and Physical Education courses: KPED 3348, KPED 2320, KPED 1176, KPED 4V99, KPED 4376, KPED 4323, KPED 3353, KPED 3352, KPED 3350, PETE 2220, PETE 2230 and ATTR 1235 (2015-04-10|sm)
♦ Changed course title for KPED 4351 and KPED 3382 (2015-04-10|sm)
♦ Deleted Occupational Therapy (OTHY) courses (2015-04-10|sm)
♦ Revised prerequisite for Accounting course ACCT 4304 (2015-04-10|sm)
♦ Deleted Computer Science courses CSCI 3350 and CSCI 4320 (2015-04-10|sm)
♦ Added new Computer Science course CSCI 3382 (2015-04-10|sm)
♦ Added new Management Information Systems course MIS 4364 (2015-04-10|sm)
♦ Corrected course listing error in the Chemistry program page, §3.2 (2015-04-07|jag)
♦ Published new variable-credit course numbers in the MUS and MUSA pages (2015-04-04|jag)

March 2015

♦ UBulletin 2015–2016 published (2015-03-06|jag)

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