Gender Studies Minor

Director: T. Duncan (PhD), Chair of Philosophy and Religion
Irby Hall 118
Phone: (501) 852-2641

[1] Purpose

The gender studies minor allows students to examine such issues as the biological and social bases of gender, changes in conceptions of gender over time, and the impact of gender on both society and individual lives. It is designed to enrich understanding of gender issues for both men and women through a cross-disciplinary perspective. Students will critically examine a broad range of gender categories to investigate topics in sexuality, social life, politics and culture, the world of work, literature, the arts, philosophy and religion. The minor encourages in students a spirit of inquiry that will prepare them to function effectively and as integrated human beings in a diverse and rapidly evolving society in which gender differences play an increasingly important part. It is recommended for all students pursuing careers in education, journalism, business, public affairs, the arts, the humanities and the social sciences.

[2] Requirements

Eighteen hours of course work are required, chosen from the following; at least one course must be taken from each area.

Area 1, Biological Perspectives (minimum of 3 hours)

BIOL 2405 Human Anatomy and Physiology (prerequisite BIOL 1400 or BIOL 1440)
H ED 3305 Human Sexuality
H ED 4395 Contemporary Health Concerns – Women
H ED 4396 Contemporary Health Concerns – Men

Area 2, Humanities (minimum of 3 hours)

ART 3365 Women in Art
ENGL 3315 Gender and Language
ENGL 3325 Advanced Readings in World Literature (gender topic)
ENGL 4304 Studies in English and American Literature (gender topic)
HIST 4308 American Women’s History
PHIL 2360 Gender, Race, and Class: Philosophical Issues
PHIL 3343 Philosophy of Sex and Love
PHIL 3345 Feminist Philosophy
RELG 3330 Religion and Gender

Area 3, Social and Behavioral Perspectives (minimum of 3 hours):

ECON 4380 Seminar in Economics (gender topic)
PSYC 3321 Developmental Psychology (prerequisite: PSYC 1300)
PSYC 3342 Psychology of Women (prerequisite: PSYC 1300)
SOC 3350 Marriages and Family or SOC 4351 Family Diversity (prerequisite: SOC 1300)
SOC 3361 Gender Roles (prerequisite SOC 1300)
SOC 4342 Stratification (prerequisite SOC 1300)
COMM 3303 Gender Communication
COMM 3307 Interpersonal Communication