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[1] Courses in Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)

1370 INTERIOR AND APPAREL CONSTRUCTION I  This course includes principles of construction for both interiors and apparel with emphasis on workroom techniques.

2341 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT A study of the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, and changes of the individual over the life span.

2351 FAMILY RELATIONS This course focuses on issues confronting the family including study of marriage, and single, group, and family living through stages of the family life cycle.

2380 ADVANCED CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION  This course focuses planning clothing needs of the individual or family. Design and construction of garments from synthetic and wool fabrics is included. Prerequisite: FACS 1370.

3173 SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES  Individual work under supervision in any one of the specialization areas of family and consumer sciences.

3302 HOUSING AND INTERIOR DESIGN FOR FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES An overview of the principles and elements of design as applied to housing and interiors, including selecting and maintaining housing and analyzing career paths within the interior design field. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and declared BSE or BS in FCS major or FCS minor. Limited to students with course in degree plan.

3311 RESOURCE MANAGEMENT This course focuses on the decision-making process and management principles applied to consumer activities and personnel management. [UD UCA Core: C]

3318 PARENTING ISSUES This course is a study of the basic principles and skills for parent effectiveness, including application of fundamental tasks and issues in child rearing to unique characteristics and developmental stages of children.

3356 METHODS IN FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES EDUCATION This course will emphasize techniques of teaching, curriculum planning, using instructional technology, guidelines for presentations and educational objectives.

3359 THE BUSINESS OF EMBROIDERY AND TEXTILES This course includes an overview of the entrepreneurial process related to individual and commercial embroidery equipment. Students will plan, design, and execute products for a consumer audience. Prerequisite: FACS 1370 (grade of C or higher).

3360 CONSUMER PROBLEMS IN CLOTHING  A study of the sociological, psychological, and economic aspects of clothing selection; wardrobe management; professional image and apparel evaluation.

3361 INTERIOR AND APPAREL CONSTRUCTION II  This course includes advanced techniques for interior and apparel workroom construction. Prerequisite: FACS 1370.

3372 PERSONAL AND FAMILY FINANCE  A study of consumer problems related to management of family resources and the role of family and consumer sciences in assisting families manage personal finances. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. [UD UCA Core: I, R]

3391 AGING AND THE FAMILY An exploration of family science approaches to identifying services, programs, and family dynamics related to aging adults. Physical, cognitive, and socioemotional aspects of late adulthood through death will be covered. Prerequisite: Successful completion of 45 credit hours toward the degree.

4V30 WORKSHOP (Variable credit: 1-3 credit hours.)  Workshops are planned and conducted to cover varying areas of interests and needs. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

4301 RESEARCH IN FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES The course includes a study of techniques for problem design, analysis, and evaluation in one of the specialization areas of family and consumer sciences. Limited to students with course in degree plan.

4316 WOMEN IN POVERTY  An upper-division course examining women in the United States that live in poverty. Policies and programs that work with women in poverty will be investigated and solutions to issues that stem from poverty will be discussed. Appropriate for FACS majors and minors as well as other majors interested in working with women and families. [UD UCA Core: D]

4317 ADVANCED PERSONAL AND FAMILY FINANCE  An examination of the financial needs of the household at each stage of the family life cycle. Building on foundational personal and family finance concepts, this course takes a more in-depth approach to financial challenges individuals and families may face, including the acquisition and management of financial assets. This course involves managing a simulated investment portfolio and performing basic stock valuations. Prerequisite: FACS 3372 or consent of instructor.

4335 SEMINAR ABROAD: BODY IMAGE AND CULTURE A short-term, faculty-led study abroad program in Florence, Italy. The course includes a study of principles and application of body image and cultural diversity. Appropriate for FACS and NUTR majors and minors. [UD UCA Core: D]

4340 FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE A culmination course for theoretical frameworks, ethical deliberations, and historical foundations in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS). Students will demonstrate academic skills and knowledge through a discipline-specific community service-learning project as they transition from emerging to practicing professionals. Prerequisites: FACS 3356 (C or better) or FACS 3311 (C or better), and Senior standing. [UD UCA Core: Z]

4355 CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT IN FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES EDUCATION This course will focus on curriculum development, planning, and assessment in Family and Consumer Sciences programs. The course examines student organizations, public relations, and collaborations with community involvement programs as important components of the secondary and Cooperative Extension curriculum. Prerequisite: FACS 3356 and declared major in BSE in FACS or BS in FACS, or consent of the instructor.

4450 INTERNSHIP I  Internship I is part of the senior block for candidates in secondary education. The internship occurs in appropriate public school settings where the candidates gain experience in organizing instruction, in creating a productive learning environment, in teaching for student learning, and in achieving professional behaviors. Limited to students with course in degree plan.

4600 INTERNSHIP This course is an internship experience in family and consumer sciences under professional and educational supervision. Internship. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing, consent of instructor, and minimum GPA of 2.5. Limited to students with course in degree plan.

4T90 INTERNSHIP II The Internship II course comprises the final semester of work in the Teacher Education Program. The internship is conducted in public schools in sites and grade levels appropriate to the desired licensure level. Candidates work under the supervision of public school and university professionals. Limited to students with course in degree plan. [UD UCA Core: Z]