Environmental Science (ENVR)

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3410 ENVIRONMENTAL THEORY AND APPLICATION A core course for environmental science majors, and an elective course for biology majors. This course provides an introduction to the environmental problems facing mankind, the scientific, economic, and social bases of these problems, potential solutions, and methodologies of environmental assessment. Prerequisites: BIOL 1441, CHEM 1451, and GEOG 1400 or SCI 3410. [UD UCA Core: D, C]

4410 ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICUM A core course for environmental science majors. This course involves supervised research on environmental problems using modern field collection techniques and methods of data analysis and interpretation. This course requires cooperative research with other students to fully investigate an environmental topic. Prerequisites: Junior standing (or higher) and ENVR 3410. [UD UCA Core: Z]

4465 ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY provides an introduction to the fate, toxicity, and effects of contaminants in ecological systems. This course will focus on the impacts of toxic substances on ecological structures across various levels of biological organization, from individuals to the community and ecosystem level. Students will receive a basic knowledge of both short- and long-term effects of pollution on aquatic and terrestrial organisms and environments. Upon completion of the course, students will have an understanding of the properties and behavior of major classes of chemicals, toxicity testing procedures, concepts and application of ecological risk assessment for regulation, and current issues in the field. Prerequisites: CHEM 1451; MATH 2311, PSCI 3312 OR PSYC 2330; BIOL 2490, or permission of instructor.