Programs and Degrees



Major in Sociology–33 Hours

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Minor in Sociology–18 Hours 


Major in Criminology–39 Hours

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Minor in Criminology–21 Hours


Major in Anthropology–33 Hours

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Minor in Anthropology–18 Hours

You may also choose to double major by studying two fields of study within this department.

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If you are declaring a major or minor in sociology, criminology, or anthropology (or changing your major or minor) please complete the online form on the UCA Academic Advising page

Freshmen and sophomores are advised in the Academic Advising Center until they have completed 60 course hours.

Semester schedules may be found on MyUCA, Self-Service, Student, Registration, Look Up Classes, Term, Advanced Search, then choose SOC, CRIM, or ANTH.  (Hint: If you hold down the Ctrl button while choosing categories, you may view them all at once.) Please note that ALL SCHEDULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin

Note: This page provides a general overview of the programs.  Always consult the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin and speak with your major advisor regarding all major and university requirements.