Academic Life and Advising

Dept Sp14 F15 107The faculty and staff in the Department of Sociology want to offer guidance to students in their searches for fulfilling and successful personal and academic lives. In this light, we have assembled this useful information.

• I’m thinking about declaring a major or minor in the department.  What should I do?  Stop by the department to make an appointment to speak with an advisor or call the Sociology Department office at (501) 450-3178.

Important:  Once you have decided that Sociology is the right department for you, be sure to notify Academic Advising to declare your major or minor.  (You will find a link to Academic Advising by clicking on the MY UCA tab within myUCA.)  After we have received official notification from Academic Advising we can then assign you an advisor.  This process may take up to a week, so be sure not to wait until the last minute.

• Why do I need advising?   Advising is about more than registering for classes.  Check out the Advising Center info below for a good picture of why advising is important.

• Do I need to meet with my advisor every semester?  Yes.  Your advisor must release an advising “hold” on your account every semester before you may register.

• What should I do before I meet with my advisor to talk about registration or course requirements?  In advance of the meeting: (1) review departmental and university requirements, (2) use the check lists for the major and UCA general education program (see our “Program Description” for forms) to check off completed courses and those in progress, and (3) prepare a list of issues you would like to discuss.


At least one week before pre-registration you will need to meet with your advisor to release your advising hold. Please be prepared when you meet with your advisor.  Bring an unofficial transcript from myUCA along with a check sheet marked with the classes that you have completed and note the classes in which you are currently enrolled.  This will expedite the advising process.

• How do I find my course history and other academic information?  Follow the link below.

• How do I register online?  Follow the steps below.

• How can I keep track of my courses and other responsibilities?   Create a master calendar where you write down all your class times and other responsibilities.  Don’t forget to write down specific times to study and dates for exams and other assignments.

• I am a senior.  What do I need to do to prepare for graduation?  (1) Check the Academic Calendar on myUCA for the deadline to apply for graduation.  (2) Go to the Registrar’s desk in McCastlain Hall and pick up a graduation application and printed course history.  (3) Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your graduation plans. (4) Bring all graduation paperwork to this advising meeting.