UCA sees more than eight percent increase for first-time undergraduate enrollment

Freshman numbers surpass 2020, 2019

First-time undergraduate enrollment at the University of Central Arkansas has surpassed fall 2020 and 2019 numbers reaching 1,854 students for fall 2021. 

According to preliminary data released on Sept. 2., first-time undergraduate enrollment increased by 8.1% over fall 2020 first-time enrollment, which was 1,715. Fall 2019 first-time enrollment was 1,840.  

“The COVID-19 pandemic impacted graduating high school students for the last two years, from disrupted learning schedules to the ability to visit campus. These first-time undergraduate enrollment numbers represent the dedicated work of our offices of admissions, advising, student success, orientation and many other teams on campus,” said UCA President Houston Davis. “We are very excited about our incoming class, and we are pleased with the strength of these enrollment numbers.” 

Graduate education at UCA is also seeing significant growth. Fall enrollment in the Graduate School increased 8.2% with 1,861 students enrolled. Much of this growth can be attributed to programs in the College of Business and College of Education. 

The College of Business increased graduate enrollment from 180 in fall 2020 to 230 in fall 2021. This accounts for 27.8% growth for the college’s graduate programs. Of those 50 additional students, 39 are enrolled in the Master of Business Administration degree. 

In the College of Education, graduate enrollment grew by 84 students or 13.9%. The college’s fall 2021 graduate enrollment is 688, while last year’s enrollment was 604. 

Overall enrollment at UCA is 10,109.