Statement from President Houston Davis to students, faculty, and staff

We are aware of a disturbing video that has been shared widely on social media. It involves a hazing incident and racist language and allegedly occurred in the Jonesboro area. Based upon what we have learned, it may involve participants from multiple universities and a high school. There are allegations that one of the individuals involved is connected to UCA. Please know that we are investigating this matter.

At UCA, we will NOT tolerate racism and racist acts such as this. None of our campus community should ever feel unsafe, and I will continue to work hard to ensure everyone is seen, heard, respected, and safe.

Following is the university’s response posted on social media yesterday evening:

We are aware of a recent disturbing video that has been circulating [on Twitter]. This upsetting video does not reflect our core values and mission. We are investigating the matter, and if we determine a UCA student was involved, we will begin student conduct review and proceedings.