The University of Central Arkansas will host a 1960s style “teach-in” on U.S. presidential elections Tuesday, Sept. 20 from 1:40-3 p.m. on the McAlister Lawn.

Students, faculty, staff and the general public can participate in the teach-ins. The rain location is the McCastlain Hall Ballroom.

This faculty teach-in is a non-partisan event designed to allow participants opportunities to discuss the presidential candidates’ positions and policies in a learned fashion. The Campus Election Engagement Project and UCA’s Learning Communities are sponsoring the teach-in as part of Rock the Vote Week Sept. 19-23.

The first teach-in was reportedly conducted at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1965. Classes were canceled, and faculty members held special anti-war seminars for 12 hours. A similar teach-in was held at Columbia University, and other teach-ins followed.

At UCA, 15 professors will facilitate conversation across a range of topics from presidential rhetoric to foreign affairs. They are as follows: 

“Speeches & Tweets”
Monika Alston-Miller, associate professor of communication 

“#BlackLivesMatter: Discussing Racial Justice & Policy”
Taine Duncan, associate professor of philosophy 

“Foreign Affairs: The Burdens of Diplomacy”
Mark Elrod, visiting assistant professor of political science 

“Yes, Education Matters!”
Victoria Groves-Scott, dean of the College of Education
Donna Wake, associate dean of the College of Education

“Your Student Debt”
Doug Isanhart, executive in residence and Lecturer I of management 

“Climate Change is a Hot Topic”
K.C. Larsen, associate professor of biology

“Who Cares about Health Care?”
Peter Mehl, associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts

“The War on Terror”
Mark Mullenbach, associate professor of political science

“Immigration: Building Walls or Building Bridges?”
Michael Rosenow, associate professor of history

“History & the Hostile Election”
Vaughn Scribner, associate professor of history

“America’s #1: The Economy & Jobs”
Thomas Snyder, associate professor of economics

“Politics & the Millennial Student”
Gizachew Tiruneh, associate professor of political science

“Presidential Character & Temperament”
Gary Wekkin, retired professor of political science

“My Rights; Your Rights; LGBTQ Rights”
Julia Winden Fey, director of the Office of Student Success

“Deliberative Democracy: How Voters Make Decisions”
Heather Yates, assistant professor of political science