UCA appoints new student ambassadors

The Office of Admissions is proud to announce that 84 UCA students have been selected to serve as 2008-09 UCA Ambassadors. The UCA Ambassadors are students who volunteer their time in the Admissions office by meeting with prospective UCA students in various capacities. UCA Ambassadors serve as campus tour guides, assist at Bear Facts Days, and serve at other special UCA events. The Admissions staff conducts interviews each year to select student ambassadors who are academic achievers, personable and campus leaders. This elite group of students are willing to donate their time to this organization because of their passion for UCA.

The new Ambassadors are: Aaron Killingsworth, Alicia Haflick, Amanda Hickman, Amanda Tyson, Amber Race, Andreya Reed, Angela Brooks, Angela Setliff, Anna Street, Antonia McDonald, Ashley Simons, Ashley Watts, Ashton Barnett, Austin Hudson, Bradley Mullins, Brittany Williams, Britynn Davis, Caitlin Porter, Caroline Timm, Cassie Sweeney, Chris Carter, Damon Borchert, Danielle Atwoode, Dannis Armikarina, Dean Turbeville, Debbie Oluokun, Deborah Sanders, Desiree Paulhamus, Emily Bradley, Emily Clark, Emily Hester, Haley Morgan, Hannah Abbott, Hannah Smith, Heather Bennet, Jamie Mose, Jared Matheney, Jasmine Vanhook, Jessica Bell, Jessica Goodnight, Jill Mann, JJ Holland, Jon Sumners, Jonathan Lauver, Josh Bramlett, Josh White, Julianna Smith, Julie Storing, Katy Freyaldenhoven, Kristen Burk, Kristen Qandah, Kristin Elrod, Kristin White, Krystal Lutz, Kyle Meacham, Kyle Schnebelen, Lauren Foster, Lauren Miller, Leah Jacks, Lindsey Davis, Lindsey Wright, Madeline Phillips, Maegan Thompson, Melinda Wheeler, Melissa Swint, Michael Washingon, Oliver Sobik, Rachel Whitfield, Samantha Newman, Samantha Walker, Shea Crotzer, Shirley Carr, Stephanie Long, Stephanie Sollis, Sunni Hartsfield, Suzette Thornes, Tammy Andrews, Taylor Scott, Taylor Thompson, Tazzmin Maxfield, Tobin Williamson, Tyler Young, Whitley Watson, and Whitney Raney.