UCA announces incoming fall 2023 Honors Scholars

The University of Central Arkansas Honors College has selected 75 incoming first-year students as its newest class of Norbert O. Schedler Honors College Scholars and 39 incoming first-year students for its University Scholars Program.

Chosen from more than 450 applicants, the entering Schedler Honors College Scholars and University Scholars classes of 2023 have an average high school GPA above 4.0 and an average ACT score of 30. The Honors College class includes 107 students from Arkansas and seven out-of-state students.

All members of the incoming honors class were selected using a holistic admissions process that factors in the applicant’s academic performance, writing ability and service and leadership potential. The process, which requires written essays, letters of recommendation, and participation in a daylong orientation and interview for Schedler Honors College applicants, has been held up within the national collegiate honors community as one of the most in-depth admissions processes in the nation.

Acceptance into either program comes with access to supplemental scholarship funding for every student, access to a living/learning community in Jefferson W. Farris Honors Hall and participation in a unique interdisciplinary curriculum. Both programs offer opportunities for service learning, project-based education, collaborative work and undergraduate research.

Students in the Schedler Honors College average approximately 1,000 cumulative hours of community service annually and receive funding support for study abroad and internships. Students who are chosen for this program are often distinguished by an unsatiated curiosity, a desire for exploration, a desire to give back to their community and exhibit broader curricular interests.

Students in the University Scholars Program participate in a unique curriculum that allows them to delve more deeply into courses and focuses on the individual growth and transformation of each student while preparing them to be leaders in their chosen fields. Scholars receive leadership training and undergraduate research support, with the goal of developing them as socially responsible leaders within their profession and community.

The incoming fall class for the Schedler Honors College and University Scholars Program is listed here:

ProgramLast NameFirst Name
University Scholars ProgramAguilar-OrellanaCynthia
Schedler Honors CollegeAshleyMatthew
Schedler Honors CollegeBatesJasmine
University Scholars ProgramBehrensMaleah
University Scholars ProgramBellJonathan
Schedler Honors CollegeBlandKathryn
University Scholars ProgramBresslerMadison
Schedler Honors CollegeBrickEmmet
Schedler Honors CollegeBritmanMya
Schedler Honors CollegeBrookmanSamantha
Schedler Honors CollegeBrooksShelby
Schedler Honors CollegeBrownEmma
Schedler Honors CollegeBurgessAlexandria
University Scholars ProgramBurgessMichael
Schedler Honors CollegeCalderon-MojicaNancy
Schedler Honors CollegeCanneyClayton
University Scholars ProgramCarpenterZoe
University Scholars ProgramChamberlinRachel
Schedler Honors CollegeClarkChloe
Schedler Honors CollegeCremenBrijhen
Schedler Honors CollegeDannerTykira
University Scholars ProgramDavisLarry
University Scholars ProgramDavisShaqunda
University Scholars ProgramDeLaMaterJennifer
Schedler Honors CollegeDiggsAndrew
University Scholars ProgramDixonAdrianna
Schedler Honors CollegeDorerAllison
Schedler Honors CollegeDowConnor
Schedler Honors CollegeFergusonCaleb
University Scholars ProgramFieldsAlexander
Schedler Honors CollegeFlores-HernandezAlexandra
Schedler Honors CollegeFludKaryce
University Scholars ProgramGateleyEmerson
Schedler Honors CollegeGodfreyAva
Schedler Honors CollegeGrahamBrett
University Scholars ProgramGriffithZoe
Schedler Honors CollegeGrishamCade
Schedler Honors CollegeHallMaegan
University Scholars ProgramHansonKaitlyn
Schedler Honors CollegeHardinLayla
Schedler Honors CollegeHardwrickPhillip
Schedler Honors CollegeHargis-TrantinaAiden
Schedler Honors CollegeHarrisHannah
Schedler Honors CollegeHawleyPhoebe
Schedler Honors CollegeHayJackson
Schedler Honors CollegeHayyawiHarith
Schedler Honors CollegeHendersonFaith
Schedler Honors CollegeHuttoBlair
Schedler Honors CollegeJacksonKenna
Schedler Honors CollegeJacksonRebekah
Schedler Honors CollegeJacquesSarah
Schedler Honors CollegeJeffriesKailyn
University Scholars ProgramKaurPrabhjot
University Scholars ProgramKeeterDevon
University Scholars ProgramKeithKinley
Schedler Honors CollegeKillingsworthAbbie
University Scholars ProgramKravitzSpencer
Schedler Honors CollegeLagerSkylea
University Scholars ProgramMaiThanh
Schedler Honors CollegeMarshallJoslyn
Schedler Honors CollegeMasonKameron
Schedler Honors CollegeMaynardFaith
Schedler Honors CollegeMcKennaMorgan
Schedler Honors CollegeMilesLucas
University Scholars ProgramMillerMakenzie
University Scholars ProgramMillikenCooper
Schedler Honors CollegeMitchellEcho
Schedler Honors CollegeMitchellMoriah
Schedler Honors CollegeMooreAmanda
Schedler Honors CollegeMorganTimothy
Schedler Honors CollegeMorphisRobert
Schedler Honors CollegeNickelsonDylan
University Scholars ProgramPageBenjamin
University Scholars ProgramPahuambaIvan
University Scholars ProgramPayneKyle
University Scholars ProgramPhiferEmily
University Scholars ProgramPhillipsDanii
Schedler Honors CollegePrejeanKatie
Schedler Honors CollegePrinceMadalyn
University Scholars ProgramRainsAbigail
Schedler Honors CollegeRandallElizabeth
University Scholars ProgramReedyAlexis
Schedler Honors CollegeRichKira
Schedler Honors CollegeRobinsonLayne
Schedler Honors CollegeRossAllison
University Scholars ProgramRushCaleb
Schedler Honors CollegeSanchezAlejandro
University Scholars ProgramScarbroughRandi
Schedler Honors CollegeSchneiderGiavona
Schedler Honors CollegeSelfBrycen
Schedler Honors CollegeSewardShiloh
Schedler Honors CollegeShaverMiranda
University Scholars ProgramSherrellKylee
University Scholars ProgramSlottLondon
Schedler Honors CollegeSmedleyBrooke
Schedler Honors CollegeSnowFirdaus
Schedler Honors CollegeSpannEliot
Schedler Honors CollegeSundermeierAlyson
University Scholars ProgramTackettHanna
Schedler Honors CollegeTavaresMary
Schedler Honors CollegeTengLily
University Scholars ProgramThomasEmily
University Scholars ProgramTritchEthan
Schedler Honors CollegeVailChristopher
Schedler Honors CollegeWard BrixeyIsabella
University Scholars ProgramWashingtonErika
University Scholars ProgramWellsTaryn
Schedler Honors CollegeWilliamsElla
Schedler Honors CollegeWolffSarah
Schedler Honors CollegeYoungTaya
Schedler Honors CollegeZelkovichCJ
Schedler Honors CollegeZieglerLindsey
Schedler Honors CollegeZimmermanAnita


Established in 1982 by Norbert O. Schedler under the leadership of then-President Jefferson Farris Jr., the Schedler Honors College at UCA has become one of the most full-featured in the nation and is a leader in providing enhanced educational opportunities in a living/learning environment designed to develop students as citizen-scholars.

Now in its sixth year, the University Scholars Program is a four-year honors program that operates alongside the Schedler Honors College. The program was started in 2018 under the leadership of Honors College Dean Patricia Smith and UCA President Houston Davis.